Episode 5: An Eye for an Eye

Scenes from the DVD set's "Final Shooting Script"
that do not appear in the episode.



According to the shooting script, the ring MacLeod picks up is "the gold ring Annie tried to get from Tommy's finger". The ring can be seen on Tommy's left hand after he is killed, but nowhere in the episode OR the shooting script is Annie shown trying to get the ring.

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ANNIE - And you're a pig who cares more about his own fat ass than our people.

O'HARA - [has to restrain himself from striking her] Don't talk to me about our people. How many of our people have you murdered?

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[MacLeod, alone, stands near a desk, his mind a thousand miles away as he gazes at a picture of himself and Tessa. MacLeod's face, time cuts, various angles as the mix of memories and loss twist inside him. Finally it's too much. He suddenly turns and hammers his fist into the wall with explosive force.]

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CHARLIE - I knocked . . . thought I heard someone say something.

MacLEOD - Not to you.

CHARLIE - [looks around - MacLeod's the only one there] Right. [beat, hesitates]

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[In a clearing by an expanse of water, MacLeod and Richie train with swords.


A) as MacLeod guides Richie through the basic moves:
MacLeod is patient. Richie is focused intently, absorbing it all.

B) MacLeod shows Richie various sword-fighting stances: en garde, attack, defense, etc. Richie mirrors his moves.

C) MacLeod demonstrates various moves. Then . . .


Richie thrusts -- MacLeod parries the blow, knocks Richie's sword down, then whirls, bringing his sword around in a lightning-fast slice that stops well short of Richie.

Richie copies the move, whirls around -- and falls on his ass.

MacLeod smiles. Richie grits his teeth and gets up, determined to do it right.


as Richie and MacLeod perform this same move, over and over. Finally Richie does it perfectly, throws MacLeod a challenging look. Macleod nods his approval.]

RICHIE - Let's rest. [Exhausted, he lowers his sword.]

[MacLeod suddenly charges, roaring a full battle-cry as he comes at Richie, sword raised and swinging hard. It's a sudden, terrifying attack. Richie instinctively raises his sword, parrying MacLeod's attack. They dual seriously, MacLeod giving little quarter and Richie using everything he's learned. The strain shows on Richie's face, but he holds his own.

MacLeod lunges at Richie, but this time Richie sees it coming. He strikes MacLeod's sword down, then whirls around in the move MacLeod has taught him, bringing his sword back at MacLeod with deadly speed -- it's all he can do to stop it bare inches before MacLeod's body.

Richie looks at MacLeod, breathing hard, freaked at just how close he came. MacLeod backs off, lowers his sword.

Richie warily watches for another surprise attack. MacLeod looks at him sternly, then . . .]

MacLEOD - [with a smile] Take a break.

[Richie rests his hands on his thighs, still winded, worn out.]

RICHIE - Why are we practicing the same move over and over again?

MacLEOD - Because it's her favorite attack. It's your best shot at stopping her, and it's all I have time to teach you.

RICHIE - What happens if she tries something else? [MacLeod's face registers the doubt and fear he feels for Richie.] 'Nuff said.

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CHARLIE - I was in the SEALS, MacLeod . . . And I've seen internal injuries before!

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CHARLIE - Watch closely. I'm going to show you a patented DeSalvo attack.

[They pull down their masks. Charlie attacks. Richie falls back, defending -- then Charlie makes his "killing" thrust. Richie uses MacLeod's technique: knocks Charlie's Kendo sword down -- then whirls around, connects hard, and knocks Charlie back on his ass.

Charlie sits up on the mat, lifts his mask and stares at Richie in surprise.]

CHARLIE - Where the hell did you learn that?

RICHIE - [shrugs] My 'hood.

[Charlie stares at him suspiciously.]

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The final scene in the loft was not in the original shooting script.

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