Episode 6: The Zone

Scenes from the DVD set's "Final Shooting Script"
that do not appear in the episode.




[MacLeod is talking to one of the residents of the Zone.]

MacLEOD - I'm looking for a man named Canaan.

[The man shakes his head in response and hurries off. Charlie arrives.]

CHARLIE - Don't feel bad, nobody's talking to me either.

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CHARLIE - It's just that people down here don't trust Uptown folks a whole lot.

MacLEOD - [looking around] I can't see that they have a lot of reason to.

CHARLIE - Well, what do we do now?

MacLEOD - You go back to the dojo. I'm gonna talk to my friend.

NOTE: Next scene with DM and Joe takes place in a park in the Shooting Script.

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Anyone else notice that MacLeod changes clothes suddenly in the middle of this scene? He's wearing a long-sleeve blue v-neck, then suddenly in the Eurominutes part, he's wearing a white T and a leather vest.

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The last two lines were not in the original shooting script.

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CHARLIE - I'm getting to hate this place. I didn't spend this much time here when I lived here.

MacLEOD - I told you, you didn't have to come . . .

CHARLIE - Hey, if you're dumb enough to come here, least I can do is be dumb enough to keep you company.

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[Charlie nods and moves around a corner after Tio. MacLeod starts to walk away from the building. He gets a few yards when . . .]

CANAAN - [offscreen] Hey, man. Where you going?

[MacLeod turns slowly and finds -- Canaan and three men moving through the door of the building toward him. A couple others step out of the shadows behind him.]

MacLEOD - You knew I was here.

CANAAN - You can't leave us alone, can you?

[MacLeod backs away and finds himself on the --]



[MacLeod springs into action, cutting a swath around him with kicks and punches.]


CHARLIE - [as Tio moves away from him] I just want to talk to you, man.

[Tio just keeps moving. Charlie reacts to the noise he hears and runs toward it.]


[A large man makes a move on MacLeod. MacLeod blocks the man's punch and kicks him. Canaan steps in as if from nowhere and brings a baseball bat up in a vicious shot that catches MacLeod on the chin. In slow motion, MacLeod goes up and over the edge of the pier, dropping into the dark murky water. Canaan and his people watch as the water calms quickly. There are no bubbles, no signs of life. Canaan smiles, turns and heads off back down the pier.

Charlie, on the side of the pier, hidden, watching. He's broken up, sure that MacLeod's dead.]

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CHARLIE - I don't think so. [beat] You think Canaan'll show up?

MacLEOD - If the word's out on the street, he'll probably hear about it.

CHARLIE - It's not gonna make him real happy.

MacLEOD - I didn't think it would.

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