Episode 7: The Return of Amanda

Scenes from the DVD set's "Final Shooting Script"
that do not appear in the episode.



This song (written by Eva LaPierre, producer Ken Gord's wife?) was not in the shooting script. The shooting script merely describes Amanda singing an unspecified song in the opening scene.

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MacLeod's lines here were not in the original shooting script.

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AMANDA - Seems like ages to me.

MacLEOD - You haven't answered my question.

AMANDA - You're too suspicious, Duncan. The truth is, I can't resist traveling. It's the only way to acquire culture . . . [As she says this, she lifts a small art object off a table. Richie takes it away in the same move and replaces it. He doesn't trust her a bit and he wants her to know it.]

RICHIE - [smart-ass] No kidding. [beat] What museum did you come to rip off?

AMANDA - You're behind the times, Richie. The museum business is history.

RICHIE - So I guess you're into banks or something.

AMANDA - [contains her annoyance, flashes an insincere smile] I'll try to ignore that. After all, you're one of us now.

RICHIE - You mean us Immortals . . . or us thieves?

[MacLeod can't quite hide a smile as Amanda turns to Richie, genuinely baffled a bit.]

AMANDA - You really don't trust me, do you?

RICHIE - What makes you say that? [to MacLeod] I'm out of here, Mac. [He starts to go and looks at Amanda.] Trouble.

AMANDA - Nothing he can't handle. [beat] Or hasn't already. [Richie shoots her a look as he exits. Amanda turns back to MacLeod, pouting as she picks up a coin from the desk.] Mac, you trust me, don't you?

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This scene of the flashback was not included in the shooting script.

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AMANDA - Why can't we play house for thirty or forty years? Just for the hell of it.

MacLEOD - It's just not the right time. [He continues walking. She hurries to catch up.]

AMANDA - Tessa?

MacLEOD - She's one reason.

AMANDA - [changes gears] I respect that, MacLeod, I really do. But don't you think it's best to put these things behind you?

MacLEOD - No.

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The dialogue is identical here, but it is much clearer in the shooting script that Werner and MacLeod have never met before.

MacLEOD - I wouldn't do that if I were you. Even the children here are watching.

[Werner whirls fearfully to face MacLeod. In his full-length leather coat, his hard face, he could be secret police. They stare at each other for a tense beat. Then . . .]

MacLEOD - It's cold out this time of year.

WERNER - [carefully] A good season to travel.

[Another tense beat, then they both smile, a mix of relief and pleasure as they clap each other by the shoulders.]

WERNER - Thank God you made it.

MacLEOD - Getting into Berlin is easy. It's getting out that's going to be the hard part.

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[MacLeod sighs. He's not going to get away easily.]

MacLEOD - The Koenigsberg . . . but trust me, I don't plan to be there much.

AMANDA - I can wait.

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WERNER - [looks at MacLeod a beat, then nods] All right. The crossing near Luven. Ten o'clock.

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AMANDA - It was such a terrible accident . . .

RUTGER - [smiles coldly] Accident? Oh, no, Fraulein . . . I shot him. Believe me, it was no accident.

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MacLEOD - Watch and listen. This is laughing. [feigning a laugh] Ha . . . ha . . . ha. This is smiling. [smiles broadly] See, there's a difference.

AMANDA - Okay, why were you smiling?

MacLEOD - Can't a guy just smile?

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PALANCE - You're a three-time loser. Unless you want to see your grandchildren through a visiting cage . . .

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