Episode 8: Revenge of the Sword

Scenes from the DVD set's "Final Shooting Script"
that do not appear in the episode.


Episode director Clay Borris plays the 'movie director'.

VOICE (O.S.) - Cut! Tail slate!

[Jimmy holds the pose as a slate comes into view and is clapped.]

ANOTHER VOICE (O.S.) - 'Revenge of the Sword', 42-Apple, Take 3.

[The slate disappears. Jimmy relaxes as Charlie opens his eyes.]

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MacLEOD - Look, why can't you just wait until the police investigate?

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[A few people are working out as MacLeod, now dressed in a sport coat and slacks, is on his way out.]

CHARLIE - [urgently cuts him off and dogs his path, brushing at MacLeod's jacket] Nice, MacLeod . . . Not on me, but on you, bellissimo!

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CHARLIE - Now he's famous and people jump when he talks . . .

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MacLEOD - And the rest was history?

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MacLEOD - So do I. Who else can answer my questions?

LAO - [feigning annoyance] Who else asks as many as you?

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The 'James Bond' quip is not in the shooting script.

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LEONG - Why?

MacLEOD - It's a secret.

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LISA - I think you can probably do anything you wanted to do. [looks around the room] So, what do you do when you're not watching out for my star?

MacLEOD - I keep busy . . .

LISA - [beat; casual] With Mrs. MacLeod . . .

MacLEOD - There is no Mrs. MacLeod.

LISA - [lifts a cup from the sink, drops it back] Didn't think so. [beat] I'm not married either . . . [beat; awkward] It's been months since I've even gone out with anybody. [beat] You like Mexican food?

MacLEOD - [with a smile] Is this how you get people to sign contracts?

LISA - No . . . actually . . . I'm trying to ask you for a date. [beat] I've been working so damn hard, I almost forgot how it's supposed to happen . . .

MacLEOD - How what's supposed to happen?

[She slowly leans up, eyes closed, bringing her lips to his in a hesitant kiss. MacLeod responds, but lightly. Lisa breaks off reluctantly and looks at him, wondering if she blew it, made a mistake. MacLeod looks into her eyes.]

MacLEOD - I wouldn't worry . . .

LISA - About what?

MacLEOD - [smiles] You didn't forget.

LISA - I know, you're not interested.

MacLEOD - I didn't say that. I just think some things are worth waiting for.

LISA - You mean you want to get to know me first?

MacLEOD - [smiles] Too old fashioned for you?

LISA - No. [beat, smiles] I kinda like it.

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JIMMY - And lose the movie?

MacLEOD - You like being a hero to the kids, don't you. Having them look up to you.

JIMMY - It's not just about me, or the Tong. [beat] I make it, they know they can, too.

MacLEOD - Make it as what, Jimmy? A guy looking over his shoulder, wondering when the truth will come out? Because it always does.

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MacLEOD - The thing I heard about Hollywood is that they pay you like a king, but they treat you like hell to make up for it.

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