Episode 9: Run for Your Life

Scenes from the DVD set's "Final Shooting Script"
that do not appear in the episode.



This scene is described in the shooting script, but none of the actual dialogue is written out.

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[MacLeod jumps out of the truck and dashes for the stunned victims, cutting the first two loose.]

MacLEOD - Get out of here! Run!

[When he turns to the third, he is confronted by the staring eyes of Carl as the mutual BUZZ hits both of them. MacLeod slashes his bonds and Carl opens his mouth to speak but Billy Ray interrupts them from behind--]

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The 'drug problem' quip is not in the shooting script.

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CHARLIE - [beat] It was a joke, MacLeod. I didn't really expect an answer.

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[As Carl exits the alley, not running but not wasting any time, he hears a whistle, looks over to see Ricky standing beside Charlie's jeep. Carl trots over and slips behind the wheel, starts to hotwire it as Ricky moves down the block to keep watch.]


[MacLeod and Charlie come around the corner toward Charlie's car. The driver's door is ajar, but before they have the chance to realize what this means, their attention is caught by Ricky standing lookout, who whistles shrilly at their approach.]

[At the whistle, Carl, who was crouched under the dash, hidden by the door, rises. He sees Charlie and MacLeod approaching. MacLeod instantly feels the BUZZ.]

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[Charlie slows, growing winded.]

MacLEOD - Forget it. We'll never catch him. We're after the Roadrunner.

CHARLIE - [spots the walkway] Up there.

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MacLEOD - It definitely has its advantages.

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MacLEOD (O.S.) - See anything you like?

RICKY - [looks up, surprised] You got a problem?

MacLEOD - No, but I've got a friend who does. Somebody tried to steal his car.

RICKY - That's too bad.

MacLEOD - You wouldn't know anything about it?

RICKY - Nope.

MacLEOD - Or the guy who did it. He's twenty-eight, built . . . Moves like one of the guys in the Nike commercials.

RICKY - [too quickly] Sorry.

MacLEOD - Sorry, you don't know him? Or "sorry" you aren't going to help me?

RICKY - Sorry, I just got into town. My Lear jet was having engine trouble, so iI had the pilot land to check it out.

MacLEOD - Your Lear jet.

RICKY - That's right. [beat] Gotta get back to the airport. [moves off]

MacLEOD - Hey . . . [Ricky turns.] You know how to whistle?

RICKY - Nope.

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[A young black woman, Darleen, is at the counter. Carter and Kenny, in full uniform, hold up a xeroxed picture of Carl and another of Ricky.]

DARLEEN - What is it?

CARTER - Someone we're looking for. You seen this guy? Name's Carl Robinson. Or this one . . . Ricky Price.

DARLEEN - No, I haven't.

CARTER - [with a look] Right.

[Carter turns away. Kenny smiles at the woman, almost apologetically.]

KENNY - Sorry to bother you, ma'am.

[She nods, softening from his politeness. Turns back to her work as they leave.]

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MacLEOD - It's not about black and white this time, Carl. It's about you being Immortal.

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