Episode 18: Pharaoh's Daughter

Scenes from the DVD set's "Final Shooting Script"
that do not appear in the episode.



NEFERTIRI - But you're Immortal?

MacLEOD - I don't want your head.

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Shooting Script scene ends with "Nefertiri gathers up her courage and steps into the car."

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MacLEOD - Except you don't need the sun.

[Nefertiri puts the clock down, unimpressed.]

NEFERTIRI - In Egypt we always had sun. [She picks up an unlit lamp.] And what is this?

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NEFERTIRI - It's warm . . . but there's no flame. [She puts it down, sees a small vacuum cleaner by the wall.]

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MacLEOD - It's a vacuum. [off her look] For cleaning up dust.

NEFERTIRI - Why? Surely you can afford slaves?

MacLEOD - They're . . . out of fashion these days.

[The phone rings. Nefertiri looks around for the source of the ringing. MacLeod gestures towards the phone.]

MacLEOD - Probably Maurice.

[MacLeod pushes the speaker button on the phone.]

MAURICE - [on phone] Hello? Anybody home? This is Maurice . . . Duncan? You there?

[Nefertiri moves behind a chair, wide-eyed, expecting someone to appear.]

MacLEOD - It's coming from the phone.

NEFERTIRI - [beat, staring] He's too fat to be in there.

MacLEOD - His voice travels into the machine. He's not really here. [beat] Yes, Maurice.

MAURICE - [on phone] Listen, I was just about to open a bottle of champagne.

[Nefertiri moves closer, looks at the machine in wonder. We hear a cork pop. Nefertiri jumps back, startled, and laughs.]

MacLEOD - No, Maurice.

[MacLeod and Nefertiri exchange a look.]

MAURICE - [on phone] You're sure?

MacLEOD - We're busy.

MAURICE - [on phone] I was afraid of that. You could always call me tomorrow.

MacLEOD - [firmly] Goodbye, Maurice.

[MacLeod toggles the phone off.]

MacLEOD - [with a smile] I think Maurice likes you.

[Nefertiri looks at MacLeod and smiles -- this world is starting to amuse her.]

NEFERTIRI - It's good to know men haven't changed.

MacLEOD - Are you tired?

[She looks directly at him, again the small knowing smile enters her expression.]

MacLEOD - [pointing] It's up there. [beat] I'll take the couch.

NEFERTIRI - The man who saved me from bandits doesn't have to sleep on the couch.

MacLEOD - Let's take this one step at a time. [beat] I think tomorrow you're going to need some clothes.

NEFERTIRI - That would be nice. [beat] And, if you don't mind -- [beat] A sword.

[MacLeod and Nefertiri share a look.]

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MacLEOD - [points toward the back room] Behind those curtains. [beat, explaining] It's the custom here.

NEFERTIRI - Then it's a silly custom . . .

[Nefertiri grabs the dress and heads for the curtains. MacLeod turns to the staring clerk.]

MacLEOD - New here.

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[Nefertiri, in a dress and high-heels, tries to walk. Though at first she's wobbly, she quickly masters the technique.]



[Heads turn as MacLeod and Nefertiri, a knockout in her new clothes, walk down the street. As they cross a small street toward MacLeod's car, they pass a traffic cop.]

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NEFERTIRI - [looking around] I keep wondering how we got here.

MacLEOD - It's a very, very long story.

NEFERTIRI - [looking at the Obelisk] Maybe you could teach me . . .

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NEFERTIRI - Many men have chosen to love me.

MacLEOD - To love you, Nefertiri, I'd have to know you for more than two days.

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Scene ends when MacLeod leaves.

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CONSTANTINE - In the beginning it was a democracy. A paradise. [beat] Then we became lazy, complacent. We conquered nations so slaves could do our work for us. [beat] We stopped learning. We stopped remembering.

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MacLEOD - And if I challenged you?

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CONSTANTINE - I will fight if I have to. [beat] And I still remember how.

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CONSTANTINE - Mark Antony is dead. And so is your queen.

NEFERTIRI - Oh, no . . . No, she's not! She can't be. Octavian said she would continue to rule.

[Constantine moves toward Nefertiri, but she brandishes her sword, keeping him at a distance.]

CONSTANTINE - She couldn't manipulate him like she could Mark Antony.

NEFERTIRI - Impossible. No man could refuse her.

CONSTANTINE - Octavian could.

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MacLEOD - Darius was killed by men like Victor.

CONSTANTINE - Nothing stays a secret forever. Especially Immortality.

MacLEOD - I didn't know you knew Darius.

CONSTANTINE - He was my greatest enemy. And later a good friend.

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ANGELA - I still don't understand what happened in the museum.

CONSTANTINE - It was all a misunderstanding.

MacLEOD - The worst arguments are often between the best of friends.

CONSTANTINE - [looks at Nefertiri] Not to mention the oldest.

ANGELA - [raises her glass and looks at Nefertiri] To old friends, then.

MacLEOD - [toward Angela] And new ones.

[Everybody drinks. Constantine places his hand on Angela's. She looks at him adoringly. Nefertiri takes it all in.]

ANGELA - [to Nefertiri] Marcus never told me how you two met.

CONSTANTINE - That's ancient history.

ANGELA - It can't be that long ago.

NEFERTIRI - You'd be surprised.

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ANGELA - Very good. It's one of his students.

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These lines were not in the original shooting script.

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