Episode 22: Counterfeit
Part Two

Scenes from the DVD set's "Final Shooting Script"
that do not appear in the episode.



MacLEOD - I was in the neighborhood . . . I thought I'd come by to say hello. [beat] To tell you how I was doing. [beat] Not so good.

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MacLEOD - I got your message. I thought you were done with Paris.

DAWSON - I thought so, too.

[MacLeod sees how edgy Dawson is. He nods at his own barge along the river.]

MacLEOD - Why here? Why not the barge?

DAWSON - Because they're probably watching it.

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RICHIE - You're saying some of Horton's guys are still around?

MacLEOD - [watching Dawson carefully] That's not what he means. [quietly] How do you access these accounts?

DAWSON - Thumb print.

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RICHIE - Say he is alive . . . what's he come back for?

MacLEOD - My head, your head . . . It's enough that he's alive.

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RICHIE - [pissed] You won't let it go, will you? [beat] Horton killed Pete. If he was his guy, why did he do it?

MacLEOD - I have a feeling we'll find out.

[Frustrated, Richie turns, walks away off the bridge.]

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These lines were not in the original shooting script.

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(instead of "Flashback - Paris, 1983 - apartment bedroom")
NOTE: This scene is used in 4x04 Leader of the Pack


[We pan down from a streetlight to MacLeod, kneeling on the dark pavement, cradling Tessa's dead body. (NOTE: this scene is to be shot and matched as an extension of Tessa's death scene in THE DARKNESS). On MacLeod's face, his anguish, his loss -- slowly, tenderly, he closes her eyes.]

[Angle -- Richie lying nearby, "dead." He coughs, spasms -- then opens his eyes. He sits up, puts a hand to his bullet-damaged chest, at first in pain -- then in growing wonder, as the pain disappears. He looks over, sees MacLeod.]

RICHIE - Mac... Mac, I'm still alive... [beat] It's going away!

[MacLeod barely glances at Richie -- all his being focused on Tessa, his voice comes as if from a great distance.]

MacLEOD - Give it another minute... [beat] You'll be fine.

[Richie gets to his feet, awed, the truth hitting him like a bolt.]

RICHIE - Then... I'm one of you... I'm an Immortal, like you!

MacLEOD - [quietly] You always were.

[Richie stands, awed by the dawning realization that he's one of the Immortals, halfway between laughter and tears.]

RICHIE - Unbelievable. You knew all along, didn't you?

[Then he stops -- sees MacLeod bending over Tessa -- and the horror of the shooting comes back. He moves toward MacLeod, his voice charged with hope:]

RICHIE - Tessa too...? Is she...?

[Close -- MacLeod -- He doesn't move for a long beat -- just looks at the love that lies in his arms, still as a crushed dove. When he finally shakes his head, his voice is a whisper so lost that we can barely hear it.]

MacLEOD - No.

[And as Richie falls to his knees beside MacLeod, his eyes rimming with tears, MacLeod puts his hand out to comfort him. As we push in on MacLeod's face...]

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[MacLeod and Tessa have just made love, and MacLeod sits on the bed, wearing jeans and an unbuttoned shirt, looking subdued as Tessa fiddles with her hair.]

TESSA - I can't believe it. This was all straight an hour ago . . . [teasing] And it's all your fault, Duncan MacLeod.

[She turns to smile at MacLeod -- then sees his subdued look. She moves to him with the uncertainty of a new lover.]

TESSA - Did I say something wrong?

[He shakes his head, takes her hand reassuringly.]

MacLEOD - Everything you say is perfect.

TESSA - Duncan, I've known you long enough to see when something's wrong. What is it?

[MacLeod hesitates, then looks into her eyes.]

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In the original script, this scene ends with Lisa's question.

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In the original script, "Flashback - Paris, 1983 - apartment bedroom" occurs here.

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DAWSON - Does it hurt much?

RICHIE - [coughs, manages a weak stab of sarcasm] And Mac says . . . you got no . . . sense of humor.

DAWSON - [flustered] What should I do?

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LISA - [looks confused, uncertain] Maybe this is all wrong . . .

[She starts to turn away -- he pulls her back.]

MacLEOD - Lisa, I don't know what this is, but I'd like to see what it could be.

LISA - [looks at him searchingly] Are you sure? Because if something's happening with us, I want to make sure it's with me.

MacLEOD - If it happens, it'll be with you.

[They lock eyes.]

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RICHIE - Mac, think about it. Lisa looks like Tessa . . . Horton shows up . . .

MacLEOD - [stops, looks at them] You checked her out, didn't you?

[Richie and Dawson exchange a brief, involuntary glance. Dawson hesitates, then nods.]

MacLEOD - [tight] So tell me, Dawson . . . how'd she do?

DAWSON - There is a Jean Milon buried at Pere-Lachaise. And he did have a daughter, Lisa. [beat] She checked out fine . . . [beat] But so do you, MacLeod. You know records can be fixed . . .

MacLEOD - I know I can't sit here and do nothing.

RICHIE - What if he's using her?

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LISA - I'll let you know in a minute.

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LISA - I know you can move fast, Duncan. [beat] So can I, so don't try it.

MacLEOD - I wasn't about to.

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