Episode 7: The Lamb

Scenes from the DVD set's "Final Shooting Script"
that do not appear in the episode.



These lines were not in the original shooting script.

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KENNY - Fishing?

FRANK - Fishing... and being Immortal. [beat] When you have a shot to live a thousand years, you need all the patience you can get.

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KENNY - Promise?

FRANK - Promise. [hands the rod back]

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[Kenny tries, half-expecting to fail -- but the cast is good, and he beams with childish excitement.]

KENNY - I did it!

FRANK - [a touch of pride] The kid's a natural.

[Frank retrieves his rod, filled with an almost parental pride. Suddenly Kenny's rod bends as a fish strikes.]

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These lines were not in the original shooting script.

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MacLEOD - Richie's coming over. [beat, to Kenny] He'll be here any minute. So you'll be fine. Just don't let anybody in but him, okay?

KENNY - 'Kay.

[MacLeod claps Kenny on the back, and they head for the door.]

ANNE - See you, Kenny.

[Kenny waves. But as they turn... his face changes, shows a very grown-up interest as he zeros in on... Kenny's POV -- Anne, as his eyes pan up her long legs, lingering, ending on her behind, swaying in the slinky dress as she walks.]

MacLEOD - [O.S.] Oh, Kenny...

[Kenny snaps out of his leer, quickly regains his innocent look as MacLeod turns back to him.]

MacLEOD - There's some videos by the TV.

KENNY - Thanks.

[MacLeod reacts a beat to Kenny's look but Kenny is close to THAT age -- MacLeod lifts and lowers the elevator door, and as they disappear from sight, Kenny's smile wipes off. He moves into the kitchen and pulls open the fridge. There are a few old-fashioned glass Coke bottles, some bottled water, and a couple of bottles of beer. Kenny reaches unhesitatingly for a beer, pops the top, and takes a swig as he flops on the couch, plops his feet on the table. And off his face--]

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In the shooting script, this scene ends with Kenny storming off.

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KENNY - [shrugs] Because. [off MacLeod's look]

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RICHIE - I'll clean it up and we'll get back to work.

[He steps into his shoes and moves to pick up the glass. He crouches down, head bent, the nape of his neck exposed and vulnerable.]

RICHIE - You'll see, you'll get the hang of it. I didn't know how to fight either until Mac taught me. You have to keep at it.

[Over his shoulder we see Kenny moving up on him, silently -- he takes the sword down from the dojo wall.]

[Close -- Kenny raising the sword, getting ready to strike. Just as he's about to decapitate Richie, we hear a door slam O.S. Kenny looks around sharply.]

[MacLeod walks into the room to find Richie cleaning up the spilled soda, Kenny standing behind him.]

MacLEOD - Hey, guys. What's up? [He smiles and ruffles Kenny's hair.]

KENNY - [forced cheer] Richie's teaching me to fight.

MacLEOD - How's it going?

[Kenny's smile shows a trace of strain.]

KENNY - Great.

[And off his face: FADE OUT.]

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ANNE - [casual] I know I'm early, but I thought I'd come by and see if Kenny felt like doing something before we went out.

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KENNY - I don't have a board.

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[Recovered from the Quickening, Kenny hurries to the street. A cyclist, maybe twelve, approaches on a bicycle. Kenny smiles -- exactly what he needs. As the cyclist passes, Kenny pulls the boy off, sends him sprawling. Kenny rights up the bike, mounts it -- and rides off, looking for all the world like any regular ten-year-old.]

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