Episode 15: Promises

Scenes from the DVD set's "Final Shooting Script"
that do not appear in the episode.



MacLEOD - I'll take care of that. [He scoops her up in his arms.]

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RACHEL - [beat] Duncan, this time with you... [beat] It's like stepping into a legend...

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RACHEL - I know who you are, I don't have to know what you are. [beat]

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HAMAD - And get me another car, I can't very well travel in this.

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This scene was not in the original shooting script.

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[The walls of a modest mud-brick VILLAGE, partly crumbled from age and driving sand. In the desert night, little can be seen except a flickering glow -- in the shelter of the wall, MacLeod squats by a small, open fire, cooking a leg of LAMB. As he turns the meat -- A COUGH from the darkness beyond the fire. Then sudden silence. MacLeod's hand goes to his sword.]

MacLEOD - You might as well come out.

[Nothing happens for a moment, then REZA emerges hesitantly from the darkness. Ragged, maybe seventeen, he's a gaunt street-rat with a small dagger in his hand. MacLeod relaxes.]

MacLEOD - (CONT'D) Come. [beat] But lay your knife by the fire.

[Reza hesitates, but hunger overcomes his fear. He squats by the fire, lays his dagger nearby. He's trying not to eye the food, but he can't help it -- he's starving.]

MacLEOD - (CONT'D) My name is MacLeod.

REZA - Reza. Son of Mekti. [re: the dagger] I mean you no harm.

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This line was not in the original shooting script.

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MacLEOD - You are very funny.

REZA - Can I have my dagger back?

MacLEOD - No.

[And OFF Reza, as he lies down on his own roll--]

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KASSIM - We're looking for a boy.

[MacLeod eyes the tough, well-armed soldiers.]

MacLEOD - He must be quite a boy.

KASSIM - [impatient] Have you seen him?

MacLEOD - The world is full of boys. Short, tall, rich, poor... why this one?

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This scene was not in the original shooting script.

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MacLEOD - [smiles] Good thing we're in Paris, then. [a slight bow] One fairy godmother, at your service.

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[MacLeod and Rachel enter a large, sumptuous lobby, typically French eighteenth century with huge chandeliers and gilded walls and ceilings, crowded with politicos in evening dress. ALIYA, a uniformed servant, a young woman from Hamad's country, approaches with a tray of champagne flutes. MacLeod takes two, gives one to Rachel.]

RACHEL - [after a sip] Mm. This is good.

MacLEOD - [teasing] Paris.

RACHEL - [teasing right back] Yeah, but how's the Scotch?

[Hamad spots MacLeod and abruptly abandons a conversation to move towards them.]

HAMAD - Mr. MacLeod. [as he approaches] I am so pleased you have come.

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NASIR - I don't think I'd settle for anything less than a Mercedes for your reward.

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In the shooting script, this scene was set as the teaser, before the opening credits, with Rachel & DM's conversation in the park following the credits. In the Embassy Ball scene, Kassim's uninterrupted line is "In the year 1460, with hordes of Aragon at our gate, I swore to my master..."


[As ON SCREEN we see:
SPAIN, 1460]

[In the square, two GUARD'S BODIES lie crumpled, their bodies fletched with arrows. From outside, the sounds of a desperate BATTLE: clashing swords, the screams of fighting and dying men fill the air. Town by town, the land of the Moors is falling under the invading hordes of Ferdinand and Isabella.]

[CLOSE - A HEAVY WOODEN GATE, the main entrance to the Courtyard. Suddenly the gates BURST OPEN as -- BOADIN AL DENEB himself stumbles into the courtyard. Fortyish, dignified, the grey-bearded SULTAN of the city is wounded, hunched over in pain. He is being helped, half-carried by the Immortal KASSIM -- Al Deneb's loyal bodyguard and Captain of the Guard. On one of Kassim's arms is a small SHIELD with several ARROWS embedded in it. He uses his body to shield his master as they flee the disaster outside the walls. Behind them, two of Al Deneb's remaining GUARDS fight a running battle with three WARRIORS on their heels. They fight well, but the invaders are precise, impassive, implacable fighting machines.]

[As one GUARD falls with a cry -- ANGLE - KASSIM as he lowers Al Deneb by a columned wall, and turns back to the battle. He winces in pain -- glances at an ARROW embedded in his thigh. With barely a BEAT, he SNAPS OFF the shaft, and charges the invaders.]

[ANGLE - THE GATE as the invaders circle the last Guard. As one attacks from the front, the other slips behind, kills him with a quick thrust. As the Guard falls -- KASSIM is on them. Flooded with rage, he dances UNDER one invader's blow -- BACKSTABS him -- and with a vicious swing of his curved sword, drops the other one. Even as they fall, Kassim lunges to the GATE just as MORE INVADERS arrive. He shoulders the great gate shut -- slams the huge bar into place. Almost immediately, the sound of HAMMERING on the door. Kassim falls back, exhausted -- the gate can't hold, all he's gained is a few moments of time, and he knows it. He turns back to Al Deneb.]

[NEW ANGLE as Kassim kneels by Al Deneb, props him up against a fountain. The Sultan is breathing hard, in great pain but his wits are still clear.]

AL DENEB - The devil has a new name, Kassim. And those are his demons.

[Kassim doesn't answer. He carefully removes the Sultan's HAND from his chest, and sees buried in the robes there an arrow. ON KASSIM, knowing it's a mortal wound. Kassim reacts with a surge of desperate rage.]

KASSIM - Guards... GUARDS!

[He starts to rise -- Al Deneb catches his sleeve. His manner is calm, matter of fact -- he wants to comfort Kassim.]

AL DENEB - Kassim... There are no more guards.

[They both know it's true. Kassim sinks down beside Al Deneb. He is pained, almost in tears -- the ruler he loves is dying, and the empire is dying with him. Al Deneb sees his friend's face.]

AL DENEB - (CONT'D) No need for sorrow. I don't fear death.

KASSIM - [stubbornly] Only God can say who is to die.

AL DENEB - [ARCHES in pain, then tries to force a smile] I think He just spoke to me. [beat] The arrow, Kassim... remove the arrow.

[Kassim stares. He knows ripping out the arrow would only speed death, and cause more pointless agony.]

KASSIM - My lord, no...

AL DENEB - [with force] Would you have me die with an infidel's shaft in my body?

[Kassim's eyes well with tears. He grasps the arrow, pulls -- Al Deneb gasps in sharp agony as the arrow comes out. Kassim flings it aside. Al Deneb slumps back, bathed in sweat. A booming CRASH from the gate: the invaders are battering down the door. ANGLE - The gate as the large wooden bar begins to splinter. BACK TO SCENE - Kassim turns, hand going for his sword--]

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[Al Deneb is fading fast. Feels it. The POUNDING at the gate grows louder.]

AL DENEB - One more task, old friend.

[Kassim takes Al Deneb's hand.]

KASSIM - Name it.

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KASSIM - His only claim to power is the barrel of a gun.

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In the shooting script, this scene ends with DM dragging Reza away after the line about camel jokes.

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KASSIM - You should know more than any. [beat] There is an order to things. The laws of God and man must prevail.

MacLEOD - Against what?

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RACHEL - I'm ready for that dance.

[OFF MacLeod's face as he whirls her away into the crowd.]

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[Rachel is at the table writing postcards. MacLeod sits next to her, disconsolately drinking tea.]

RACHEL - My nieces are going to love this story. Arabic potentates, a fancy-dress ball, the dashing hero.

[She gives him a quick kiss on "hero." He barely responds.]

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MacLEOD - [beat] I have to go out for a while.

RACHEL - Duncan... [There's a beat while he waits for her inevitable questions.] I shouldn't have looked.

[It's not what he expected. He moves to her, tries to explain:]

MacLEOD - Rachel, it's complicated.

RACHEL - I know what guns are for.

MacLEOD - I can't explain.

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[Kassim's eyes go to a curtain off to the side and behind Hamad. BEHIND THE CURTAIN: MacLeod stands concealed in a hallway, hidden by the curtain. He watches as--]

[MACLEOD'S POV - FROM BEHIND THE CURTAIN: Kassim carefully arranges the table, guiding Hamad to a chair in front of MacLeod's hiding place, putting Nasir off to the side, out of the line of fire. The Guards take up positions against the wall. MACLEOD closes his eyes and takes a breath. This is hard. He forces himself to raise the weapon. Has a clear shot at Hamad's head. KASSIM looks over at MacLeod's hiding place with an impatient look. Sees THE GUN BARREL poking out from behind the curtain. MACLEOD'S POV - SLO MO - Hamad, in profile, turns to say something to Nasir.]

HAMAD - [distorted] The wine must be French.

[The sound is distorted, MacLeod's own heartbeat and breathing drowning out any other sounds. MACLEOD can't do it. Not in cold blood. KASSIM realizes MacLeod is backing out. Hamad notices Kassim's strange expression and turns back to see what he's staring at.]

HAMAD - What is it, Kassim?

[Then Hamad sees THE GUN peeking out from behind the curtain. MacLeod still doesn't fire.]

HAMAD - What is this! Guards!

[HAMAD ducks down as his Guards rush to the table. Kassim, seeing that MacLeod isn't going to fire, screams out in anger.]

KASSIM - Damn you!

[KASSIM pulls out his own gun and takes aim at Hamad. But it's too late. The moment has been missed. THE TWO GUARDS pull out rapid-fire automatics and open fire on Kassim. KASSIM goes down, "dead." THE GUARDS head for MacLeod's place of concealment.]



[MacLeod steps hurriedly out of the restaurant and ducks into the shadows as he hears TWO OF HAMAD'S MEN approach. Their guns are drawn and they are wary. MACLEOD presses his back further into the wall as they move closer to him. HAMAD appears in the doorway of the restaurant.]

HAMAD - Anything? [The men shake their heads.] Come... take me home.

[Inches from MacLeod, they turn back and move away. As MacLeod takes a deep breath...]

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Note: The scenes on/in the barge take place after the act break in the shooting script.

[He nods -- that's exactly what's eating at him. She wraps an arm around him.]

RACHEL - Come inside.



[A series of soft dissolves of Rachel and MacLeod in bed making love with the gentleness of discovery and then with fiery passion.]


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MacLEOD - And you won't kill me if I don't fight.

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MacLEOD - What do you think, Inspector?

INSPECTOR - I think there're things you're not telling me. [beat] I think you've probably pissed off some bad people and that you know who they are. [beat] A smart man would tell me the truth so I could protect him.

MacLEOD - I'm sure he would. [beat] Are we finished?

INSPECTOR - Go on... get out of here. [beat] For your sake I hope I get them before they get you.

[MacLeod looks at the Inspector and walks out. The Inspector calls after him.]

INSPECTOR - (CONT'D) Where will you be staying?

MacLEOD - I don't know.

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KASSIM - It is Hamad who should be dead, not Nasir.

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[Kassim lets out a war cry and comes at MacLeod, who instinctively deflects the first few blows. MacLeod backs around the table, using the furniture to his advantage, keeping Kassim at a distance.]

MacLEOD - Let it go, Kassim. I'm not your enemy.

[Kassim won't hear it. He climbs over the table and engages MacLeod in close quarters. They grapple, hands locked around one another's wrists, keeping their swords out of play. MacLeod manages to slam Kassim against the wall and break away. Kassim slashes at him, and MacLeod parries. The billowing silk hangings are getting slashed to ribbons with every cut of the swords. A small woven rug slips under MacLeod and he almost loses his footing, barely manages to deflect a blow. Kassim tries to press the advantage, reaching down to pull the carpet out from under MacLeod's feet. But MacLeod seizes the moment -- when Kassim bends over, MacLeod catches him with a kick in the face and Kassim goes down. MacLeod steps on his sword and stands over him, the katana raised. Kassim's head is his. But:]

MacLEOD - (CONT'D) No. I didn't want this.

KASSIM - Damn you, MacLeod! You can't even win with honor.

MacLEOD - I won't kill you. [He steps back, allowing Kassim to rise. It's over.] Go.

KASSIM - This changes nothing. [beat] I promise you, we will meet again.

MacLEOD - No more promises, Kassim.

[Kassim storms out of the demolished restaurant.]

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MacLEOD - If I can get her hull patched, I can fix the rest.

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RACHEL - When Kassim took me, I wasn't afraid. I knew you'd come for me. I knew you'd always come for me.

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