Episode 17: The Immortal Cimoli

Scenes from the DVD set's "Final Shooting Script"
that do not appear in the episode.



LINA - When your father, [crossing herself] may God rest his soul, and I sent you away to college in the states we thought you'd come home an engineer... a doctor... but what? What did you become..?

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[Lina moves about the room, not looking at Danny. It's as if she's speaking to someone else.]

LINA - I talk to my friends... they have grandchildren. On Sunday after church they come to visit. They say to me. "What's Danny doing?" For six years I've been lying to them and myself. [beat] No more. Face it, Danny, it's not going to happen.

DANNY - [hurt] Don't say that.

[Lina looks around the room. It's as if she's making up her mind.]

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These lines were not in the original shooting script.

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[For a moment, nothing. Just blackness. Then, fading in from the left field of consciousness, the keening of his mother is heard.]

TRUCK DRIVER - (O.S.) I tried to stop... It wasn't my fault. I never saw him. Did somebody call an ambulance?

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This line was not in the original shooting script.

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MARCO - You? Retired? [knowing] No one really leaves the circus, Amanda, you know that. It's what keeps us alive.

AMANDA - Speak for yourself, Marco.

MARCO - [negotiating] You just name it. Trapeze, highwire, horses... I'll find a spot for you.

AMANDA - Thanks, Marco, but I'm not looking.

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In the shooting script, the flashback scene takes place before this one. Amanda's line to transition to the flashback isn't in the shooting script.

MACLEOD - If he doesn't get his act together, the kid's gonna be dead. [MacLeod watches him go.]

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JEAN-PHILIPPE - Was it Rousseau or John Locke who said man is master of his own fate... his own destiny? [beat] You are not responsible for me... I am. It's time for the student to leave.

MACLEOD - That's the teacher's decision, not the pupil's.

JEAN-PHILIPPE - I think I am. [beat] You've taught me much, what else can there be? One more trick? It's time to let go...

[MacLeod looks at him a LONG BEAT, then nods. Jean-Philippe mounts up, looks at MacLeod fondly. He extends his hand in farewell, and MacLeod takes it.]

JEAN-PHILIPPE - I'm going to fine... [beat] I had a good teacher.

[He salutes and rides off. MacLeod watches, conflict on his face. Does he really believe Jean-Philippe is ready?]

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The episode's closed captions indicate that Molly is speaking the added line about the 'big, ugly brute'. However, in the scene, it is Annie who appears to be talking animatedly to Molly about something different. (Her lips don't match "Molly's" words.) The response "No, really" sounds like a different voice, not "Molly" or Annie. As none of these lines are in the shooting script, it is impossible to tell who is actually speaking to whom.


[MacLeod steps in the tavern. The place is crowded and noisy. He looks around for Jean-Philippe, but doesn't see him. He makes his way through the crowd to the BARKEEP.]

MACLEOD - Has Jean-Philippe been in tonight?

[The Barkeep shrugs. MacLeod looks over at MOLLY and ANNIE sitting at one table. Annie and Molly share a giggle.]

ANNIE - MacLeod... How about buying two pretty girls a drink while you wait for him?

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MACLEOD - Why? What had he done to you?

CASE - Done?

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DANNY - The guy killed your friend!

MACLEOD - But what he said made sense. He may have even been right.

[Danny is shaken, starting to get desperate.]

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CASE - It's a test of faith.

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MACLEOD - I'm sorry, Danny.

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[As she speaks, we hear various voices from the crowd shout their congratulations to Danny. His UNCLE TONY, a gruff man of 50, approaches. He grabs Danny in a bear hug.]

UNCLE TONY - That's my boy. [He points to a surly young man across the room.] Your cousin Joey always said you were a bum, but me, I always believed.

DANNY - Thanks, Uncle Tony. [Danny moves toward his mother.]

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DANNY - I just want her to be proud of me, just for a while. [beat] Then I'd fade away, but at least she'd have that. Her son would be a headliner.

AMANDA - Fifteen minutes of fame. [beat] Then you're dead. Forever.

DANNY - [beat] It would almost be worth it.

AMANDA - You don't mean that.

DANNY - I should've been dead weeks ago, when I stepped in front of that truck.

[His eyes well up with tears. She hesitates, then puts a sympathetic arm around his shoulder, holds him.]

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MACLEOD - Maybe he can go to Vegas.

AMANDA - You gonna take on every Immortal that comes his way? Look, I feel bad for Danny, but this is his problem.

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This action and corresponding line were not in the original shooting script.

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[Danny swallows. He remains calm.]

DANNY - I've been expecting you.

[The Immortal cocks his head, stares a BEAT.]

IMMORTAL - Do we know each other?

DANNY - No. But I knew you'd come.

[Danny draws his sword. He hardly knows how to hold it. The Immortal swings. Danny parries a couple of blows -- but it's clear he doesn't have a chance. The third blow sends his sword clattering away on the cement, leaving him defenseless. Danny doesn't look surprised -- hardly seems frightened. All this was inevitable. As the Immortal lifts his sword, Danny has a strange light in his eyes.]

DANNY - It doesn't matter. I did it.

IMMORTAL - [beat] What?

DANNY - I'm the Immortal Cimoli. [beat] I always will be.

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AMANDA - They love us.

[They do. As the applause dies, a low DRUMROLL begins. Amanda moves to the board, lies against the outline. As MacLeod locks her arms in place...]

MACLEOD - I haven't thrown a knife in public in 70 years. I might miss.

AMANDA - I'll heal.

[He slips her blindfold in place.]

MACLEOD - Just remember, this was your idea.

[He spins the board. As Amanda starts to ROTATE, faster and faster -- MacLeod steps back to his mark, takes a knife, lines up for the throw. Amanda spinning. The AUDIENCE grows hushed. He aims. The DRUMROLL picks up. As he winds up and lets the first knife fly we...]


[We hear a loud GASP and then--]

AMANDA - [voice-over, reproachful] MacLeod...

MACLEOD - [voice-over] Told you.

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