Episode 3: Sins of the Father

Scenes from the DVD set's "Final Shooting Script"
that do not appear in the episode.



These extra scenes are not explicitly in the original shooting script.

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[MacLeod smiles. As he picks up his next ball -- BUZZ. He tenses, quickly scanning the park.]

[MACLEOD’S POV - THE CROWD - Just the usual afternoon collection of old Frenchmen, mothers with their children, lovers kissing... nothing out of the ordinary.]

[ON MACLEOD - The BUZZ is gone now. A disturbed MacLeod slowly turns back to the game. He throws his ball. Good shot. He looks to George, finds him suddenly pensive.]

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MACLEOD - Just for today.

[ON THE CROWD: Still lingering in the background, watching MacLeod and George, are Malloy and O'Keefe. They exchange a silent signal, move off as--]



[MacLeod and George move to George's car.]

MACLEOD - [with a playful smile] Stay out of trouble.

GEORGE - [returning the smile] How much trouble can a man my age get into?

[George opens the door to his Mercedes, gets in. MacLeod turns to go when it happens again... BUZZ...]

[ANOTHER ANGLE - At the end of the block, a tall, beautiful FEMALE IMMORTAL (ALEX) darts quickly out of sight. MACLEOD moves after her, but she's gone.]

[MACLEOD'S POV - THE STREET - It's empty, too. MacLeod is troubled. He looks over to George in the Mercedes.]

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In the shooting script, this scene takes place after Grant talks to Duncan, and follows immediately into Alex confronting Grant in his car.

ALEX - [looks up] He's coming.

[Max composes himself with difficulty, puts the car into gear.]

MAX - Be careful, Alex.

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ALEX - [beat] I was twenty-eight the first time I died.

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[Alex reaches for a dagger and is about to stab herself.]


[As Cameron grabs her, they fall to the ground. They struggle over the dagger. Cameron pins her beneath him.]

CAMERON - (CONT'D) What are you doing?!


[Cameron feels Alex's muscles tense below him.]

ALEX - Get off me!

CAMERON - I won't let you hurt yourself.

[Alex strains to release herself, but Cameron has her out-leveraged. She's trapped, pinned underneath him.]

ALEX - Cameron! Let me go!

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This scene is not in the original shooting script. (Apparently this episode ran short.)

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[David's dead body lies where it fell. Alex lies nearby, as TWO STORM TROOPERS, rush the room. They survey the massacre. One Trooper walks around the room, gives the place a quick once over. He stops in front of the sink cabinet, the boy's hiding place. His buddy calls to him from the door...]

TROOPER - (O.S.) Everybody's dead.

[The Trooper at the sink looks down. HIS POV - THE CABINET - The door is slightly ajar.]

TROOPER - (O.S.) (CONT'D) Come on. Let's go.

[The Trooper pauses for an agonizing beat... then decides to give up his search. They both exit.]

[ANGLE ON - THE CABINET DOOR - Slowly, tentatively, the door creaks open. Young Max sticks his head out. The coast looks clear. He emerges into a nightmare. His father and Alex, both dead. Overwhelmed, he drops to his knees between the two bodies, sobbing uncontrollably just as ALEX COUGHS. Her eyelids flutter. Max can't believe it. She's coming back to life! Alex COUGHS again, opens her eyes, sits up slowly. He's amazed... and horrified.]

YOUNG MAX - Alex! You were dead!

[Alex gently reaches out to him, smiling.]

ALEX - No, no...

[He jerks away in abject terror.]

YOUNG MAX - You were dead! [gibbering hysterically] I saw I saw I saw I saw...

[Alex lunges for him, draws him close. She looks over his shoulder at the carnage around her -- David lying in a lifeless heap -- it's too much. She can't hold it in any longer. And soon her own sobs drown out Max's. He hears Alex crying, feels her body shake against his. He pulls away from her, surprised. This is not the strong resistance fighter he knows. Alex sees Max's concern, realizes she has to be strong. She quickly wipes the tears out of her eyes, steels her heart.]

ALEX - It's alright. See? I'm alive. Now we have something to do. Something for your father.

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MACLEOD - And what do you do when you're not helping Max?

ALEX - [matter-of-fact] I help other people.

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Note: Grant is named Carl in the shooting script.

CARL - Time to go for a swim in the river. [to Thugs] Check 'em for vests first. [to MacLeod and Alex] And maybe this time you'll stay dead.

[MacLeod and Alex share a look only they can fully appreciate.]

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Note: Grant is named Carl in the shooting script, and this scene takes place in a parking structure, not a warehouse.

[Carl pushes Max in and shuts the door. He crosses to the driver's side as -- MACLEOD'S SEDAN arrives on scene, squealing around the corner, narrowly missing a concrete pillar.]

[CARL turns toward the car, sees Alex and MacLeod behind the wheel. He decides to leave Max and hoof it, dashes off in the other direction between the parked cars.]

[THE SEDAN skids to a stop, Alex jumps out and takes off after Carl on foot. MACLEOD guns his engine and squeals into reverse. He backtracks around a corner, fishtailing wildly, attempting to head him off on the LOWER LEVEL as Carl emerges from the down ramp, Alex in hot pursuit behind him. Carl veers left but sees MacLeod's car SCREECHING toward him. Without looking, he careens back the other direction, legs pumping madly. He doesn't see the VAN barreling down the ramp right for him.]

[MACLEOD HONKS his horn, tries to warn Carl. CRUNCH! Too late. CARL hits the hood of the van at top speed and flies through the air. He lands with a THUD on the roof of a parked car. MacLeod pulls up just as Alex gets to the body. One look tells them both -- Carl is dead.]

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ALEX - Don't make him a saint, MacLeod. The man was a thief.

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ALEX - Or, my... friend, David, used to say, "A mensch tracts und gut lachts."

MACLEOD - "A man strives and God laughs."

[They share a look.]

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