Queen of Swords

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Episode 3: Fever

Written by Scott Kraft
Directed by Paolo Barzman
Aired: 10-21-00
Transcript revised: 7-16-06


Zzickle's Notes:

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Cast List:

Tessa Alvarado - Tessie Santiago
              our heroine

Marta - Paulina Gálvez
              Tessa's gypsy servant

Dr. Robert Helm - Peter Wingfield
              the town doctor

Col. Luis Montoya - Valentine Pelka
              the bad guy

Cpt. Grisham - Anthony Lemke
              Montoya's lackey

Queen of Swords - Tessa's alter ego

Vera Hidalgo - Elsa Pataky
              the don's young wife

Enrique - Jesus Temiño
              a peasant farmer

Pira - Irene Gonzalez
              Enrique's sick wife


Enrique's Farm

[Pira coughing]

Enrique - Here, try and drink.

Pira - I'm so cold.

Girl - Mama? [lays blanket on Pira]

Enrique - I'm going for the doctor.

Pira - Enrique, Enrique, we have no money.

Enrique - Shh, don't worry. He's a good man. He'll come. I'll be back in no time.

[Enrique opens door, Grisham & soldiers waiting outside]

Grisham - By the orders of Colonel Luis Rimera Montoya, you are required to military service as a loyal . . . et cetera, et cetera, et cetera . . . Take him away.

Enrique - No! No! [pulls away from soldiers, tries to run]

Soldier - Halt!

Grisham - Are you disobeying orders already?

Enrique - Sir, please, my wife is sick with the fever.

Grisham - Well, so are half my men. You think you'd be my first choice?

Enrique - I can't leave my children to starve.

Grisham - Well, you're breaking my heart here. Bring him.

[Enrique tries to run, soldier lasso's him]

Pira - No, Enrique!


Santa Helena: street

Soldiers - Keep moving! Move! Come on. Hey! Get those men over there!

Montoya - Soldiers, Grisham? Where? Surely you don't mean this motley crew of peasants?

Grisham - I did the best with what I had, sir.

Montoya - I know the feeling . . .

Marta - Tessa, look . . . marigolds. This might help the fever.

Tessa - [looking out into street] Enrique?

Enrique - Please, colonel. What kind of an animal drags a man from his sick wife and hungry children?

Montoya - Presumably, the same kind that allows one to assault his commander.

Grisham - You're a soldier! [hauls Enrique to his feet] Now act like one. [Tessa & Marta walk up] Ladies.

Tessa - Good day, colonel.

Montoya - Senorita Alvarado.

Tessa - Colonel, I know that man. Surely he can't be guilty of any crime.

Montoya - Heavens, no, senorita. These happy few, this "band of brothers," is replenishing the ranks of our army.

Tessa - You mean those farmers?

Montoya - The fever has depleted our ranks, and the Queen of Swords remains a plague on us all.

Tessa - You took the words right out of my mouth.

Montoya - Where I used to send one man to collect the taxes, now I must send three. I sympathize with the peasants' plight, but she is to blame for all their suffering. Adios. Beunos dias, senorita.

Tessa - Beunos dias, colonel. [Montoya leaves] Montoya says it's all the Queen's fault.

Marta - Maybe he's got a point.

Tessa - I don't think so.

Marta - The Queen gives the peasants hope.

Tessa - And?

Marta - Hope is a dangerous thing to give desperate people.

Tessa - So what do you expect me to do? Nothing?

Marta - No. I expect you to accept responsibility for your actions and Montoya's reactions.

Tessa - Fine. Then I'll come back tonight and free Enrique.

Marta - And turn him into a deserter? Then he'll never be able to return home to his wife and family.

Tessa - First you tell me to be responsible, then you tell me to do nothing.

Marta - What I'm telling you is this is a problem that cannot be solved with a sword.


Santa Helena: courtyard

Grisham - [boxing with Enrique] Come on! Fight back! Come on, come on, you baby, fight back! Fight back! Defend yourself! You called me an animal in front of my commander? [throws punch, Enrique falls] Pick him up. Now remember, you've got to keep your guard up. [throws another punch, Enrique falls again] Who else wants a piece? Huh? [points to another 'recruit'] You? [turns, sees Tessa] Senorita.

Tessa - I'm sorry, captain. I didn't mean to interrupt.

Grisham - No, no. Come on! Go wash your colonel's horses. All of you!

Tessa - I've come to ask for a favor.

Grisham - You've come to ask a favor of me?

Tessa - A small personal request.

Grisham - It's personal? Would you pass me that, please. [points to towel]

Tessa - Here you are, captain.

Grisham - Thank you. Now, what could a simple soldier like myself possibly have to offer the daughter of a wealthy Spanish don? Pass my shirt too, please? Now, what was that favor?

Tessa - I'd like you to release Enrique to me.

Grisham - What do you want with trash like that?

Tessa - My hacienda needs workers. Enrique's as strong as a mule.

Grisham - Just how bad do you want that favor?


Montoya's Office

Dr. Helm - Breath deeply. [Montoya takes deep breath] Again. [Montoya inhales again]

Montoya - Where is my medicine?

Dr. Helm - It's gone.

Montoya - Gone!? Gone where?

Dr. Helm - To the sick, oddly enough.

Montoya - You treat peasants before you treat your dying commander?!

Dr. Helm - You're not dying, colonel, at least not today. I can't even be sure you have the fever yet.

Montoya - Don't you dare turn your back on me!

Dr. Helm - I will make some more medicine, and you can have it as soon as it's ready.

Montoya - You just remember this: your duty is to me and to me alone.

Dr. Helm - Death does not play favorites, colonel . . . and neither do I.

Montoya - As you rightly say, doctor, death is nobody's servant. You, however, are. Guard!

Guard - Sir.

Montoya - Escort the doctor to his office and see that he stays there.

Dr. Helm - You're arresting me?

Montoya - No. I am retaining you as my private physician. The medicine you make is for me alone. Do you understand? I don't give a damn who else dies.


Enrique's Farm

Pira - What's happened to Enrique?

Marta - Don't worry. He'll be home soon. Senorita Alvarado is talking to the capitan. She'll get medicine from the doctor. [to herself] And perhaps she'll spare a pinch for me as well.


Santa Helena: store

Vera - Why is it I can never find the shade of blue I dream about?

Tessa - It's aways like that.

Vera - Maybe I should buy black. Everyone is getting sick. Maybe I'll be next.

Tessa - Impossible. You've never looked healthier or more beautiful.

Vera - You think the way I look comes easy? But you know, I work very hard.

Tessa - The women envy you, but it's the men who really appreciate you. I was talking to Captain Grisham . . .

Vera - Yes, so I heard.

Tessa - It was about my worker, Enrique.

Vera - You show a great deal of concern for a peasant.

Tessa - It's just that I can't afford to lose him now, and I know how much the captain respects your concerns.

Vera - Very impressive the way he fights, no? Like an animal.

Tessa - I hadn't noticed.

Vera - That's hard to believe.

Tessa - I was just asking him a question, Vera.

Vera - Right. About your worker.

Tessa - Do you think you could speak to the captain about Enrique?

Vera - I'm sorry, it's too late now. You should have come to me first. You should wear more red, Tessa. It will make you look less pale.


Dr. Helm's Office

Soldier - Colonel Montoya wants you.

Dr. Helm - I'm working.

Soldier - It's not a request. [points gun at Dr. Helm]

Dr. Helm - Does the colonel want me in attendance or in a coffin, hm? [takes gun & dumps it into a bowl of water] Thank the colonel for his invitation. [Soldier pulls out a sword] Would you like to lose your sword as well? [Soldier resheaths sword & leaves] Tell him I'll look in as soon as I can.


Montoya's bedroom: evening

Montoya - Open the window.

Grisham - It's open.

Montoya - Open it more! I'm burning up.

Grisham - Yes, sir.

Montoya - [coughing] Where is the doctor?

Grisham - [looks out window] He's crossing the street right now.

Montoya - About time. Did you tell him to hurry?

[Man in street knocks Dr. Helm on head, steals medicine. Grisham aims gun]

Montoya - I'll be dead before that medicine arrives.

[Grisham pauses before firing, then aims to miss]

Montoya - [when Grisham fires] Idiot! Are you trying to kill my doctor.

Grisham - It's the Queen of Swords! Get after her! [to Montoya] She's attacked the doctor and stolen the medicine.

Montoya - My medicine?


Santa Helena: street, next morning

Marta - [reading poster] 500 reales for the Queen of Swords.

Tessa - Who says she stole it?

Man - Capitan Grisham. He saw her.

Old Man - (??) (something in Spanish)

Tessa - They can't actually believe I stole that medicine!

Marta - Their children are sick. Their wives are dying

Tessa - But they know I'm not a thief!

Marta - They have to blame someone . . . and the capitan gave them you.

Tessa - Grisham . . . again! Marta? What is it?

Marta - Nothing. I stumbled . . .

Tessa - Marta, you're burning up.

Marta - We're standing in the sun.

Tessa - Oh my god, you have the fever.

Marta - I'll be fine.

Tessa - I'm taking you home to bed.

Marta - To bad it wasn't the Queen who stole the medicine.


Enrique's Farm

Enrique - So how do you feel now?

Pira - The doctor's medicine is strong.

Enrique - Hm. See, I was right. He is a good man.

Pira - But . . . Capitan Grisham?

Enrique - I told him I couldn't let anything happen to my beautiful family, but I promised to get back to the barracks by nightfall.

Pira - What will I do without you?

Enrique - Shh. I'll be back before you know it.

[outside, Enrique draws water from the well]

Grisham - [on horseback] You know what we do to deserters, don't you? [Enrique runs] Hiyeah! [chases Enrique] You've got something I want.


Alvarado's hacienda

Marta - Leave me be.

Tessa - When I had whooping cough, you sat with me day and night for a month.

Marta - I had a choice?

Tessa - And then, when I had scarlet fever, you didn't sleep for three days.

Marta - You were delirious, how could you remember?

Tessa - Marta, you've taken care of me my whole life.

Marta - That's my job.

Tessa - Now it's my turn. So be good.

Marta - Stubborn, fool-headed girl.

Tessa - Shh, quiet. I'm trying to think. Grisham told everyone that the Queen stole the medicine. Why would he lie?

Tessa & Marta - [together] Montoya.

Tessa - Of course. He blames the Queen and gets all of the medicine for himself.

Marta - Where are you going?

Tessa - Call me a thief . . . and a thief I will be.


Enrique's Farm

Grisham - Where is it? Where's the medicine you stole?

Enrique - I didn't steal it. It was the Queen!

Grisham - Where is it?

Enrique - Over there.

Grisham - Get it then.

Enrique - [getting pouch from hay] Sir, she's my wife. And my daughter may be next. Any man would do the same. [grabs scythe & attacks Grisham]

Grisham - Oh, you're a fool. [shoots Enrique] Now your wife's a widow.

Pira - No, Enrique!

Grisham - He died of the fever, you understand? You should be careful for your family. I understand this fever is very . . . contagious.


Montoya's bedroom

Montoya - [mumbling in his sleep] Queen . . . the Queen of Swords . . .

[QoS rides to Santa Helena, enters Montoya's bedroom]

Montoya - Grisham? Do you have it?

QoS - [places sword point against Montoya's throat] How are you feeling, colonel?

Montoya - Oh, it's you. So you've come to gloat, eh?

QoS - I've come for the medicine.

Montoya - [tries to laugh] You took it.

QoS - No more games.

Montoya - Look at me. Do I look well to you? Am I not the picture of health?

QoS - So you don't have it?

Montoya - Do you think I'd be lying here in a pool of my own sweat if I did? I'm dying, you fool!

QoS - So who did Grisham see?

[Montoya pulls gun from under pillow, aims at QoS, QoS salutes Montoya with sword, exits out window]

Montoya - [fires gun] The Queen of Swords! Get her!

[QoS fights soldiers/guards on balcony]

QoS - The trick is to not look down, senor. [Soldier falls, more fighting, QoS jumps on horse & escapes]


Alvarado's hacienda

Tessa - Marta? Marta? [sees Marta sleeping at table] Marta?! Marta. Marta.

Marta - I'm still here.

Tessa - What are you doing out of bed?

Marta - In a bed, in a chair, what does it matter?

Tessa - Montoya didn't have the medicine.

Marta - I know.

Tessa - How do you know?

Marta - Because whoever has the medicine is already dead.

Tessa - What is that supposed to mean?

Marta - Don't ask me. Ask the dead. [tosses Death tarot card onto table]


Santa Helena: street

Pira - Thank you for coming, Senorita Alvarado.

Tessa - Pira? What happened?

Pira - Enrique's dead.

Tessa - I'm so sorry. How?

Pira - The fever.

Tessa - But I saw him yesterday. He seemed fine.

Pira - It happened quickly.

Tessa - But it was only a day.

Pira - I tell you, senorita, it was the fever.

Tessa - There's something else.

Pira - [sees Grisham ride up] There is nothing else. Please let me bury my husband.

Grisham - [to Tessa] Senorita. [rides off]


Dr. Helm's Office

Dr. Helm - There's a sound that's made when a knuckle encounters wood. It's customarily used before entering. Don't know if you've ever heard of it - it's called "knocking."

Tessa - Really, doctor? I must try it sometime. How's the medicine coming?

Dr. Helm - Slowly. [moves Tessa out of the way] Excuse me.

Tessa - By all means. I love to watch men at work.

Dr. Helm - Senorita, I am extremely busy.

Tessa - Yes, I can see that, but my servant is ill. How long before you have more medicine.

Dr. Helm - A few days, allowing for interruptions.

Tessa - Will that be soon enough? I mean, how long does it take the fever to kill?

Dr. Helm - Five days, as long as you're healthy to begin with.

Tessa - So a healthy man . . . woman . . . couldn't become sick and die overnight?

Dr. Helm - No, senorita. Five days, not overnight. If you die overnight, then it's probably because you wasted the time of a very busy doctor! Now good day.

Tessa - Thank you, doctor. You've been most helpful.


Grisham's Quarters

Tessa - Captain? Captain Grisham? [enters & begins searching for the medicine, eventually hears noise, Grisham comes in] Hello, Captain Grisham.

Grisham - Senorita. Well, I must say I certainly never expected you to come.

Tessa - Well, I was a bit delayed. Enrique's funeral, you know

Grisham - Oh, yeah. Yeah, it's sad. To die just like that [snaps fingers] right after I release him. Just as you asked. You know what? I could swear we had a bargain.

Tessa - Please, Captain Grisham, um, it would be disrespectful to the dead.

Grisham - All the more reason to seize life.

Tessa - But not on an empty stomach, of course!

Grisham - What, you're sad . . . and hungry?

Tessa - Captain Grisham, a lady likes to be . . . romanced. Music, wine, dinner, flowers . . .

Grisham - Senorita, I know all about romance. [leans forward to kiss Tessa, Dr. Helm's office explodes]

Tessa - What was that?

Grisham - Bad timing.


Santa Helena: street

Dr. Helm - [stumbling out of his office] Get water! Come on! Come on! Give it to me! More, more! Keep them coming! [Tessa tries to run into burning office] No, senorita! It's too dangerous!

Tessa - The medicine!

Dr. Helm - It's gone!

Grisham - Be careful with your chemicals, doctor.

Dr. Helm - There was nothing in there that would cause an explosion.

Grisham - Well, I guess we'll just call it an unlucky accident, then. Excuse me.

Dr. Helm - Keep them coming! Bring them!

Grisham - [to people helping] Fast here, aren't we?


Alvarado's hacienda

Marta - [in bath] Aah! That's cold!

Tessa - [pouring water into bath] We've got to bring your fever down.

Marta - By freezing me to death?

Tessa - I underestimated Grisham. I'm sure he has the medicine.

Marta - But Montoya's sick. How does that make sense?

Tessa - Well, if the colonel dies, who's next in line? I'm going to get the medicine.

Marta - Grisham won't give it to the Queen.

Tessa - He will if I put a blade to his neck.

Marta - The man is many things, but a coward is not one of them.

Tessa - [handing Marta a glass] Drink that.

Marta - What is it?

Tessa - Lemon grass, hesperidin.

Marta - Dios Mio . . . what parts?

Tessa - I've seen you make it a thousand times.

Marta - How much hesperidin?

Tessa - Half a teaspoon?

Marta - No more, or you'll have me sweating like a pig.

Tessa - Marta [reaches around Marta to take rose from vase] . . . even when you're sick, you're a genius. But for Grisham, [dips petals in glass] I'll need something stronger.


Santa Helena: cafe

Grisham - To a woman as beautiful as her rose.

Tessa - How could I be so lucky? A warrior *and* a poet.

Grisham - And who knows, one day soon . . . maybe a colonel.

Tessa - And Montoya?

Grisham - He's very ill. It doesn't look good.

Tessa - How tragic.

Grisham - Well, one man's tragedy is another man's opportunity. [leans forward to kiss Tessa]

Tessa - [blocks lips with rose] Spoken like a true colonel. Ambition becomes you. [kisses Grisham, dumps powder from rose blossom into wine cup] To ambition.

Grisham - [takes glass] To us. [drinks] To my quarters. Let's go.

Tessa - Patience, captain. Good things come to those who wait.

Grisham - I don't want to wait anymore.

Tessa - I don't either. Although, you can learn so much about a woman by watching her dance. Don't you agree?


Dr. Helm's Office

[Dr. Helm looking at burned office, finds fuse plug on floor]


Santa Helena: cafe

Tessa - [dancing for Grisham] May I help you, captain? [waves hand fan at him] It's a warm afternoon, no?

Grisham - Yeah.

Tessa - What do you think about my dress?

Grisham - It would look better on the floor.

Tessa - I wore this to the Fiesta de San Isidro. The king himself stopped to talk to me. I'm so rude. Let me get you some more wine.

Grisham - Yeah.

Tessa - Are you feeling alright, captain? [feels Grisham's forehead] Oh, you're burning up. I hope you don't have the fever!

Grisham - Excuse me. Hold that thought. [leaves]


Montoya's Office

Montoya - It's a fuse plug. Very nice. You got me out of my death bed for this?! [coughs]

Dr. Helm - I found it in the rubble of my office. It's proof that the place was deliberately burned.

Montoya - Why would anyone want to burn down your office, doctor?

Dr. Helm - To stop me from making any more medicine. You're not dying of fever, colonel. Someone is killing you with it. Who wants you dead?

Montoya - Many want me dead. But most are dogs who would not dare turn on their master.

Dr. Helm - All it takes is one.

Montoya - [looking at fuse] One who is familiar with military explosives.


Santa Helena: street

[Grisham gets on a horse, rides off. Dr. Helm follows on another horse. QoS watches both leave from rooftop.]


Abandoned Mine

[Grisham retrieves medicine from hiding place]

Dr. Helm - [walks up behind Grisham, throws fuse plug at Grisham's feet] Care to return that to your personal collection, captain? You have enough medicine there to treat a dozen people. You can be first.

Grisham - This is the colonel's private supply.

Dr. Helm - I think we both know that the colonel will never see that powder.

Grisham - Okay. Okay. [raises hands] Doctor, are you armed.

Dr. Helm - Only with information. The colonel knows everything. And, as his personal physician, I can assure you that he will live plenty long enough to see you hang. Now, a smart man would cut his losses and bide his time.

Grisham - Well, doctor, a smart man [pulls gun, turns, points it at Dr. Helm] wouldn't try to be a hero without a gun.

Dr. Helm - Why don't you just give me the medicine and we can all live through this.

Grisham - Why don't I just pull the trigger and I live through this?

QoS - [leaps from above mine, lands on Grisham] Won't the colonel be happy to find you've had his medicine all along.

Grisham - Happier to find your head.

[QoS & Grisham swordfight]

QoS - You've been practicing, captain.

Grisham - I'll bury you next to Montoya. [more fighting, Grisham grabs medicine from the ground.]

QoS - Your life or the medicine. [Grisham throws bottle into the air, fighting continues]

[Dr. Helm sees Grisham's gun on ground, Grisham disarms QoS, Dr. Helm picks up gun]

QoS - Shoot him.

Grisham - [chuckles] No.

QoS - Shoot!

Grisham - He won't shoot me. He's a healer. He's not a killer. Not like me. [raises sword to deliver killing blow]

[Dr. Helm shoots at sword, breaking it, QoS knocks Grisham down, holds sword to his throat.]

Grisham - I guess that leaves you on top.

QoS - [pulling Grisham up by his hair] Get up.

Grisham - Gently. [to Dr. Helm] How'd you do that?

Dr. Helm - Just lucky, I guess.

Grisham - Yeah, I'll say. [QoS throws Grisham into store room, bars door]

QoS - [takes bottle from Dr. Helm, pours out some powder] For a friend.

Dr. Helm - Thank you.

QoS - And you. That was a remarkable shot, doctor.

Dr. Helm - I'll send you my bill in the morning.


Santa Helena: courtyard

Montoya - [from balcony] Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention? To a man who risked his life to make sure everyone received . . . what was that concoction, doctor?

Dr. Helm - Salicylic acid . . . from willow bark.

Montoya - Doctor Helm . . . whose bark is much better than his bite. [crowd laughs] Music!

Grisham - Sir.

Montoya - Ah, capitan. Another hero in our battle against the epidemic.

Grisham - There's something I need to explain to you.

Montoya - My fever has passed, and my brain is clear. I know everything, Grisham.

Grisham - You can't possibly believe --

Montoya - -- you are an animal, after all. But you are my animal. And I hold your leash. This was your one and only mistake. The next time you stray too far, I will take that leash, and I will strangle you with it.

Grisham - Yes, sir.

Dr. Helm - Senorita.

Marta - The doctor informs me that it was actually the Queen of Swords who recovered the medicine for him.

Tessa - The Queen of Swords?

Dr. Helm - Yes.

Tessa - Is that true?

Dr. Helm - Yes, it is.

Tessa - But I thought she was the criminal.

Dr. Helm - Who knows what goes on in her mind?

Tessa - Come on, doctor. What do you think?

Dr. Helm - I think it's best never to rush to a diagnosis. Ladies. [Dr. Helm leaves]


End of "Fever"

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