Queen of Swords

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Episode 4: Vengeance

Written by James Thorpe
Director by Brian Grant
Aired: 10-28-00
Transcript revised: 12-18-08


Zzickle's Notes:

I don't own Queen of Swords - if I did, *all* the episodes would have had Dr. Helm in them! The contents of this transcript are taken directly from the episode (with help of closed captions), to the best of my ability. Special thanks to the twins for help with Spanish translations.

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Cast List:

Tessa Alvarado - Tessie Santiago
              our heroine

Marta - Paulina Gálvez
              Tessa's gypsy servant

Dr. Robert Helm - Peter Wingfield
              the town doctor

Col. Luis Montoya - Valentine Pelka
              the bad guy

Queen of Swords - Tessa's alter ego

Ramon Aguilera - Freddy Douglas
              an old friend

Don Aguilera - Julio Morales Merino
              Ramon's father

Don Fuentes - Javier Sandoval Alvarez
              another don

Latham - James Innes-Smith
              an assassin

Ian Latham - Edward Hughes
              one of a thousand regrets


Santa Helena: street

[Harvest Fiesta - Montoya playing guitar with musicians, people dancing, children playing]

Tessa - [dancing with Ramon, sees boy & girl run past] Remind you of anyone?

Ramon - Yes. There was a girl . . . about fifteen years ago. Tessa, I think her name was.

Tessa - A lovely child, I'm sure.

Ramon - Horrible creature. She beat me 'til I was black and blue.

Tessa - Only after you pulled her hair.

Ramon - I don't remember that part.

Tessa - Well, it wasn't your hair, was it?


Don - You take your life in your hands, gentlemen. It would be a shame to end our harvest fiesta with one of your feuds.

Aguilera - If anyone dies today, it won't be because of my hand.

Fuentes - Fifty head of cattle I buy from Don Aguilera. Now almost half are dead from disease.

Aguilera - Those cows were healthy enough when I sold them.

Fuentes - You think you can ruin my hacienda?

Aguilera - Have you checked your water? Or your feed?

Fuentes - So now I am to blame?!

Aguilera - You run a filthy ranch. If your cattle die, it's not my fault. [leaves]

Fuentes - This isn't over yet.


Tessa - [to Dr. Helm] Good day.

Dr. Helm - [walking through crowd] Senorita. [sees Don Aguilera] Don Aguilera, you're not enjoying the harvest fiesta?

Aguilera - No, it must be the heat.

[Latham, on rooftop, loads crossbow]

Boy - Hola, senor. Me puede comprar esto? [trans: Hi, mister. Can you buy me this?] [holds up a watermelon]

Aguilera - No, no.

Boy Mire, por favor. [trans: Look, please.]

Aguilera - No, thanks.

Boy - Mire, senor. [trans: Look, mister.]

Aguilera - Go home.

[Latham aims, fires crossbow. Bolt goes through melon, hits Aguilera in the chest.]

Aguilera - Aaah.

[woman screams]

Tessa - Oh my god.

Ramon - Oh, papa, what have they done to you?

Dr. Helm - My office is too far. We'll take him into the church. [men lift Aguilera] Gently, gently.

Tessa - [to Ramon] What are you looking for? What is it?

Ramon - [sees Fuentes] A dead man.


Santa Helena: church

Ramon - Will he live?

Dr. Helm - I'm doing my best.

Tessa - [runs in carrying bandages] These are all I could find in your office.

Dr. Helm - Great.

Ramon - Dr. Helm, will he be alright?

Dr. Helm - The bolt missed his heart by an inch.

Ramon - You didn't answer my question.

[Dr. Helm sighs]

Ramon - [turns away] So be it.

Tessa - [goes after Ramon] Ramon?


Santa Helena: street

Tessa - Ramon, wait. Just let me talk to you, please.

Ramon - My father is a great man. I can't let Fuentes get away with this.

Tessa - You don't know Fuentes did it.

Ramon - Then I'm the only one who doesn't.

Tessa - Where are you going?

Ramon - This is no business of women. Stay out of it.


Santa Helena: courtyard

[children whacking pinata, Montoya supervising]

Montoya - [grabs stick before it hits him] What accuracy! [unties girl's blindfold] Now, remember to tell your father what a wonderful time you had at your Uncle Luis's.

Girl - Si, senor.

Montoya - Now, who's next?

[children clamoring]

Montoya - [sees Ramon in archway] Pardon me, my darlings.

Ramon - You play games while my father fights for his life.

Montoya - My deepest sympathy for your tragedy, but we must protect the innocents, no?

Ramon - Especially those of the richest dons.

Montoya - You are upset. It is understandable.

Ramon - Why is Fuentes not behind bars?

Montoya - Because I have no proof!

Ramon - Proof?!

Montoya - The arrow came from a rooftop. Capitan Grisham and his men are combing the town now for his assailant. [to children] Oh, you are having such fun!

[Montoya lifts boy down from ledge, boy knocks wine bottle to the ground, splashing Montoya's legs]

Montoya - [under his breath] Miserable child.

Ramon - Colonel, either you deal with Fuentes or I will.

Montoya - You will do nothing. Do not worry. The guilty shall be punished.

Ramon - Even if he is one of the most powerful dons in Santa Helena, with influence in the royal courts?

Montoya - Out of respect for your great father, I will pretend I did not hear that

Ramon - If my father dies, it will not be the last blood spilt in this town.

Montoya - On that we are both agreed.


Santa Helena: hotel room

[girl with tea tray knocks on room door]

Latham - What a big tray for such a small girl. [girl gives him the tray, turns to leave] Senorita . . . come on in. [pulls out coin, hands it to the girl]

Girl - Gracias, senor.


Santa Helena: church

Tessa - Interesting choice of weapon, wouldn't you say, doctor?

Dr. Helm - Crossbow? To say the least.

Tessa - Why a crossbow and not a gun?

Dr. Helm - Someone wanted to kill silently.

Tessa - In broad daylight, in the middle of a crowd?

Dr. Helm - But a gun would have revealed his position.

Trssa - Ramon thinks it's somebody Fuentes sent. One of his rancheros, maybe.

Dr. Helm - Not with this. Whoever did this was a professional.

Tessa - An assassin?

Dr. Helm - Uh, if you'll excuse me, senorita.


Santa Helena: street

Tessa - Marta, you heard what Dr. Helm said.

Marta - An assassin, that's what I heard.

Tessa - Who won't stop until he gets the job done.

Marta - Look, the don is well guarded.

Tessa - Marta . . .Ramon and I have been friends since we were children. I can't just wait for it to happen again.

Marta - Tessa . . .

Tessa - Don't worry!

Marta - Why didn't I think of that?


Montoya's rose garden

Montoya - Pruning. It's all about control, really. Without my firm hand, these roses will grow wild. Completely take over the garden. And if there is one thing I will not tolerate, it is anarchy.

Fuentes - You have my word, colonel. I had nothing to do with the attack.

Montoya - Maybe you did, maybe you didn't. I don't intend to be the voice of your conscience.

Fuentes - It's true that Don Aguilera and I had words. I won't deny that.

Montoya - My point is, Fuentes, that it was all just so vulgar. My town, my fiesta, my assassin. Comprehende?

Fuentes - If I wanted to kill Aguilera, I wouldn't do it in public. I'd slit his throat while he slept.

Montoya - Ha Ha Ha. That's what I like to hear . . . discretion. When a garden grows out of control, there is only one way to stop it. [snips rose off of stem]


Santa Helena: hotel room

Soldier - I have orders to search all rooms.

Latham - Yes, of course. After what happened today, we can't be too careful. [Latham closes door]

Soldier - Ugh. [hits floor with a thump]


Santa Helena: street, night

[Latham knocks out guard at church, Dr. Helm is checking on Don Aguilera, Latham aims crossbow through window, QoS comes up from behind & knocks crossbow away with sword. QoS & Latham fight.]

Latham - You're dead.

QoS - You took the words right out of my mouth.

[more fighting, gunfire]

Soldiers - The Queen! Get Captain Grisham! Call out the guards!

Latham - We'll finish this later.

QoS - [hides behind building, unfolds paper grabbed from Latham's hand] Dr. Helm. . .


Santa Helena: outside church, night

Montoya - What is the meaning of this display?

Ramon - These men are from my hacienda.

Montoya - Send them home!

Ramon - One of your soldiers lies dead in the hotel. Two more lie unconscious.

Montoya - I am more than capable of doing the arithmetic.

Ramon - But not of protecting my father.

Montoya - Do not test me, young man, unless you and your men are prepared to suffer the consequences.

Dr. Helm - [coming out of the church] Ramon . . . I am sorry.

Ramon - Papa. Papa! [runs into the church]

Montoya - An unexpected development, doctor?

Dr. Helm - With so much bleeding, there was nothing I could do.

Montoya - Ah well, one more for the angels, hm?


Dr. Helm's Office: night

QoS - [listening to church bells toll] Don Aguilera.

Dr. Helm - It's been a long day.

QoS - I'm sure you did all you could.

Dr. Helm - Look, your sympathy is wasted on me!

QoS - I'm looking for someone. Thought maybe you could help. [holds out paper] Recognize him?

Dr. Helm - [looks at paper] No, who is he?

QoS - Look closer. Are you sure?

Dr. Helm - Positive.

QoS - What about this? [turns paper over to reveal portion of a map]

Dr. Helm - [flashback to battle, cannon roars, man falls] Where did you get that?

QoS - The assassin wasn't after Don Aguilera, was he? He was trying to kill you.

Dr. Helm - You, get out.

QoS - Now that the don is dead, Ramon will stop at nothing to avenge his father.

Dr. Helm - I am not responsible for what Ramon does

QoS - Aren't you? He still thinks Fuentes is behind it.

Dr. Helm - The man you took that from . . .

QoS - Got away.

Dr. Helm - So he's still alive. Well, let Ramon believe what he believes. It's safer that way.

QoS - You can't be serious.

Dr. Helm - This is my business. You stay the hell out!

QoS - It looks like I'm not the only one who hides behind a mask.


Fuentes's hacienda: night

[Ramon sneaks into bedroom with knife]

Fuentes - [from doorway] Just like your father.

Ramon - Bastard! [runs at Fuentes with knife, rancheros grab him]

Fuentes - I am truly sorry to hear of your loss.

Ramon - Go to hell! [struggles to escape]

Ranchero - Not so fast!

Fuentes - As soon as I learned of your father's death, I took precautions. [pulls back blanket to reveal pillows]

Ramon - Murderer!

Fuentes - I give you my solemn word. I did not kill your father.

Ramon - Why should I believe you?

Fuentes - Because it may be your only hope.

Ramon - Blood for blood!

Fuentes - I did not kill your father. [Ramon spits in Fuentes's face] I have a wife, children. You leave me no choice.

Ramon - You can't.

Fuentes - [to Rancheros] Take him away from the hacienda. [to himself] No one can tie this to me.

Ramon - No!

Fuentes - [crosses himself] May God forgive me.


Santa Helena: hotel room

[Dr. Helm breaks into sealed hotel room where soldier was found dead, Montoya sees light from balcony across street.]

Montoya - Hm, what have we here?

[Dr. Helm searches drawers for clues, finds crossbow bolt under bed, papers in chest]

Montoya - [enters with guards] Well, well, Dr. Helm. Looking for anything in particular?

Dr. Helm - As a matter of fact, I thought I might lend you a hand.

Montoya - Oh, indeed? I'm all ears.

Dr. Helm - As a scientist, I'm a trained observer and I thought I might spot something that your soldiers had overlooked.

Montoya - And, uh, any luck?

Dr. Helm - I'm afraid not.

Montoya - Really, doctor, such dedication to your work, and to my investigation, is truly admirable. Almost unbelievable.

Dr. Helm - And the killer, colonel, any progress?

Montoya - Sadly, he too remains a mystery. But never fear. No one can hide from Montoya forever.


Cliffside: morning

Ranchero - You were walking and you slipped.

Ramon - No, please! I'll pay you money! Please!

Ranchero - You should have kept your mouth shut. Any prayers, say them now.

QoS - [riding up] Hiyeah! Hiyeah!

Rancheros - The Queen!

[QoS fights both rancheros, knocks one down, throws other over the cliff]

QoS - [to Ramon] We need to hurry. Fuentes will start looking for his men.

Ramon - You saved my life!

QoS - Come on!

[QoS drops Ramon off in the middle of nowhere]

Ramon - What the hell are you doing?

QoS - This is close enough. You can walk home from here. I want you to listen to what I'm saying. Don Fuentes was telling you the truth. He didn't kill your father.

Ramon - But he was the only one within a hundred miles who had any motive. If it wasn't Fuentes, who was it?

QoS - It was a mistake. An accident. The assassin wasn't aiming at Don Aguilera. Your father just got in the way.

Ramon - What the hell are you talking about?

QoS - It's the truth, I swear it.

Ramon - Not the whole truth.

QoS - It's all you need to know.

Ramon - My father is dead. I want answers!

QoS - I'm sorry.

Ramon - *You're* sorry?!

QoS - Stay away from Don Fuentes. Today I killed a man to save your life. I won't do it again.


Dr. Helm's Office

Tessa - . . . and the Queen of Swords rode off into the hills. I can't believe you haven't heard. I mean, the news is all over town.

Dr. Helm - I've been very busy. Now, your pulse is fine. When did these headaches start?

Tessa - This morning, I think. I wonder what Ramon is thinking right now . . . to come so close to death. I think it's thrilling.

Dr. Helm - That's one way of looking at it. I can find no sign of fever at all, what about these chills?

Tessa - Such agony.

Dr. Helm - Are you in pain now?

Tessa - No, not me. Ramon. I mean, imagine the torment he must be going through.

Dr. Helm - It sounds very foolish to me.

Tessa - I think it's romantic. So young and passionate. Ready to give up his life to avenge his father's death. I'm sure he won't give up until he dies trying.

Dr. Helm - I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to excuse me, senorita.

Tessa - But my symptoms . . . is it serious?

Dr. Helm - Nothing a little sugar water won't cure. [hands her a vial] Now, if you will, I have lots of appointments.

Tessa - Of course. Thank you. [leaves]


Santa Helena: church

Ramon - I've gotten your message. I'm here.

Dr. Helm - Thank you for coming.

Ramon - It's my father's funeral tomorrow. There's a lot to do at the ranch.

Dr. Helm - I promise you, this is important.

Ramon - I'm waiting.

Dr. Helm - Just one more person.

[door opens, Fuentes enters]

Ramon - You! [runs at Fuentes, Dr. Helm pulls Ramon off] I'm still alive, you bastard!

Dr. Helm - And I intend to keep it that way.

Fuentes - You have one minute to explain yourself, doctor.

Dr. Helm - It was me.

Fuentes - You're not making sense.

Dr. Helm - I was the target, not Aguilera.

Ramon - You're crazy.

Dr. Helm - It's the truth. The bolt that hit your father was meant for me.

Ramon - Why --

Dr. Helm - I'm so sorry, Ramon. Your father was killed in the crossfire. If I could change places with him now --

Ramon - Why would anyone want to kill you?

Dr. Helm - Many reasons! But they will go to the grave with me.

Ramon - Why should I believe you?

Dr. Helm - Look at me! Look into my eyes. That's not life you see. That is Death. And Death leaves a trail.


In Canyon

Dr. Helm - [riding horse] Whoa, Whoa. [dismounts, drinks from canteen, hears horse whinny in distance, leaves horse, climbs onto rocks above trail]

[QoS rides past Dr. Helm's hiding place, Dr. Helm jumps at her]

Dr. Helm - Hiyeah! [knocks QoS from horse, ends up on bottom]

QoS - With those kinds of moves, no wonder you're still single.

Dr. Helm - Either slit my throat and get it over with, or take your knee off my --

QoS - All right, all right. [helps Dr. Helm to his feet] What the hell are you doing leaping off rocks?

Dr. Helm - What the hell are you doing following me?

QoS - Tell me why you're leaving town.

Dr. Helm - Tell me who's under the mask.

QoS - I asked first. [Dr. Helm turns away] I'm talking to you.

Dr. Helm - [sighs] This is all your fault.

QoS - Are you looking for something?

Dr. Helm - My horse.

QoS - Your horse?

Dr. Helm - Yes, horse. Equus. Four legs, big head, long tail?

QoS - There's a ranch a few miles west. You can always get a new one there. If, of course, you're still planning on running away.

Dr. Helm - I am NOT running away. [pause] I am walking.


Montoya's Office

Latham - We're wasting time, colonel. Yes or no?

Montoya - You must forgive my manners. I've already forgotten your name.

Latham - I didn't give it. You're obviously not interested in my proposal, so why waste both our time? [gets up to leave]

Montoya - Don't be absurd. Sit, my anonymous friend, sit. After all, as the great bard himself once said, "What's in a name?"

Latham - Do we have a deal?

Montoya - You deliver to me the Queen of Swords --

Latham - And you give me Doctor Helm.

Montoya - [shakes hands] Seems like a fair trade to me.


Above Canyon

QoS - This is beautiful country. I wish we knew where we were.

Dr. Helm - You haven't been here before?!

QoS - It's all new to me. Are you sure this is the only way?

Dr. Helm - Well, if you remember, I suggested the canyon pass.

QoS - I mean leaving town.

Dr. Helm - The only way to stop him is to kill him.

QoS - And you refuse to take a life, even to save your own?

Dr. Helm - I swore an oath. I'm a doctor now.

QoS - That man in the sketch . . . the one with the beard . . . who is he?

Dr. Helm - That man is dead.

QoS - Look. [sees horsemen on opposite ridge of canyon]


Other side of Canyon

Latham - [Looking through spy glasss] Over there. They've seen us.

Montoya - [takes spy glass and looks] Ah yes. How touching. The honor to you, my mysterious friend. Lead us forward into victory.

Latham - First blood is mine! [rides forward]

Montoya - [to soldier] As soon as I have the Queen of Swords, kill that son of a bitch.

Soldier - Yes, colonel.


Above Canyon

QoS - If we've seen Montoya, then he's spotted us.

Dr. Helm - And Latham is with him.

QoS - You think Montoya has sold you out to the assassin?

Dr. Helm - So he could get to you.

QoS - What are you doing?

Dr. Helm - We'll never make it together.

QoS - I'm not leaving you here.

Dr. Helm - Hiyeah! [slaps horse on rump, horse rears]

QoS - Whoa. Easy now!

[Dr. Helm is knocked over the side of the cliff, slides to bottom]

Dr. Helm - Oooh.

QoS - Doctor, are you alright?

Dr. Helm - Go!

QoS - [sees Montoya's men approaching] Damn you. [rides off]

Montoya - After her!

[Montoya and soldiers give chase, Latham remains]

Montoya - Whoa! Tracks are heading west. Leading us away from the doctor. The woman has a good heart. I'll keep it in a jar on my desk. [ride forward again]


In Canyon

Latham - Quickly or slowly? [Dr. Helm turns] How do you want to die?

Dr. Helm - Who are you?

Latham - Vengeance.

Dr. Helm - I don't understand.

Latham - Ian Latham was my brother.

Dr. Helm - Ian . . . ?

Latham - That's it. Now you remember. The man you murdered.

Dr. Helm - That wasn't murder, that was war!


Above Canyon

Montoya - The tracks are still heading west, but now they are not so deep. [looks at canyon] Ah, a little voice whispers in my head. Ride on. I am turning back. Ten reales to the man who kills the Queen of Swords.


In Canyon

Latham - Doctor, huh, killer's more like it.

Dr. Helm - Not any more.

Latham - You think Death is something you can wear one day and not the next? [grabs Dr. Helm by the front of his shirt] Tell me you don't dream of it still. All that blood, and the death. Tell me!

Dr. Helm - [flashback to battle, cannons, men crying out, falling] I can't.


Northern Spain

[Ian folds sheet of paper, Dr. Helm approaches]

Ian - [raises bayonet] Bloody hell, farmer, I almost shot you.

Dr. Helm - [in thick Spanish accent] It's lucky for me you didn't. It is . . . Corporal Ian Latham?

Ian - Do I know you?

Dr. Helm - No, [loses accent, pulls out gun] but I know you.

Ian - And what's this all about, then?

Dr. Helm - The British troop placements you're about to deliver to the French.

Ian - Sorry, mate. You've got the wrong -- [attempts to aim and shoot at Dr. Helm]

Dr. Helm - [shoots Ian] Where are they? Come on, corporal, you're dying!

Ian - Who are you?

Dr. Helm - Lieutenant Robert Helm, of His Majesty's service. [finds map] This is what I was looking for.

Latham - Hey! Hey, you! [shoots at Dr. Helm] Ian! Oh my god. Ian. Ian, it's me. It's your brother.

Ian - Helm . . . [dies]


In Canyon

Latham - My brother was no spy.

Dr. Helm - He was seen talking with the French. He had the documents on him.

Latham - Ian was innocent.

Dr. Helm - I had no choice. I had my orders!

Latham - You know the funny thing about vengeance? It gets sweeter with age. Goodbye, doctor.

QoS - [uses whip to knock crossbow out of Latham's hand] Care to try for two out of three?

Latham - You again. [pulls sword]

Dr. Helm - Not her! It's me you want. Come here, you bastard.

QoS - Doctor! [throws Dr. Helm her sword, Dr. Helm and Latham fight]

Montoya - [rides up while Dr. Helm is fighting] So, you have given the doctor your sword. How brave. And how incredibly stupid.

QoS - So why don't you just kill me?

[Montoya draws sword, QoS snaps whip, uses whip to cut off Montoya's badge]

QoS - Oops.

Montoya - Now I'm really angry.

QoS - Take your best shot. [begin fighting]


Latham - Still have a taste for blood, doctor?

Dr. Helm - Let it go.

[continue fighting]


Montoya - Die, damn you.

[more fighting, QoS knocks Montoya down]


Latham - Die, you bastard!

[Dr. Helm knocks Latham down, points sword at his throat]

Latham - What are you waiting for? You're a killer.

[QoS watches Dr. Helm, Montoya sees fallen crossbow, Dr. Helm knocks Latham unconscious]

[Montoya picks up crossbow, Dr. Helm rests sword against Montoya's neck]

Dr. Helm - Drop the crossbow, colonel.

Montoya - Dr. Helm, have you completely lost your mind?

Dr. Helm - You bargained for my life!

Montoya - Really, I'm sure there has been some misunderstanding.

Dr. Helm - No, colonel, you and I understand each other perfectly. Drop the crossbow.

Montoya - I am sure that we can work something out. If you would just be so kind as to run your sword through the young lady behind me.

Dr. Helm - [lowers his sword] Which young lady is that, colonel?

Montoya - [turns around] Damn her! Damn her! To be so close . . .to smell the scent of her blood.

Latham - [jumps at Dr. Helm] Aaah. [Montoya grabs the crossbow, shoots Latham in the stomach] Aagh.

Dr. Helm - Whoo, you're a complicated man, colonel.

Montoya - Not really. Killers and assassins, they are . . . how you say? . . . a dime a dozen. But where would I find another doctor?

Dr. Helm - Or another horse.

QoS - [riding off with Montoya's and Latham's horses in tow] Adios, colonel!

Montoya - That's my horse! You see? A life for a life. The gods . . . they mock Montoya.

Dr. Helm - It's a long walk back to town, colonel.

Montoya - Yes, so it is. You know, doctor, sometimes I think I am too virtuous for my own good.

Dr. Helm - Don't push it, colonel.


Dr. Helm's Office

QoS - You're either a messy housekeeper, or --

Dr. Helm - I've decided to stay.

QoS - Till someone else comes gunning for you?

Dr. Helm - Something like that.

QoS - I don't suppose there's much point in asking what it was all about?

Dr. Helm - That's back in the past now, where it belongs. I'm glad you came, though.

QoS - You are?

Dr. Helm - I wasn't sure when I'd see you again.

QoS - Am I missing something?

Dr. Helm - Maybe.

QoS - Should I be flattered?

Dr. Helm - Well, that's up to you. [picks up sword] I'm just returning your sword.

QoS - Ah. Thank you, Doctor. [leaves]

Dr. Helm - Oh, by the way . . . [turns to empty room] It's nice to be back.


End of "Vengeance"

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