Queen of Swords

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Episode 8: Honor Thy Father

Written by Durnford King
Directed by Brian Grant
Aired: 11-25-00
Transcript revised: 12-18-08


Zzickle's Notes:

I don't own Queen of Swords - if I did, *all* the episodes would have had Dr. Helm in them! The contents of this transcript are taken directly from the episode (with help of closed captions), to the best of my ability.

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Cast List:

Tessa Alvarado - Tessie Santiago
              our heroine

Marta - Paulina Gálvez
              Tessa's gypsy servant

Dr. Robert Helm - Peter Wingfield
              the town doctor

Col. Luis Montoya - Valentine Pelka
              the bad guy

Queen of Swords - Tessa's alter ego

Churi - Gael Garcia Bernal
              son of dead Indian shaman

Raul - Ramon Camin
              army deserter


Indian Burial Grounds

Soldier1 - It's all here. Montoya will be very pleased.

Soldier2 - Beautiful. A few days ride and we're home.

Soldier1 - Not yet. We still need this.

Soldier2 - That mask?

Soldier1 - The priest is dead. He won't miss it.

Churi - Aaaaeeeeeyaaaah! [jumps on Soldier1]

Soldier1 - Get him off me! Get him off of me!

[Soldiers pull Churi up, Soldier1 punches Churi, Soldiers leave]

Churi - [on ground] Mai . . . mai . . . matenem! (sp)


Santa Helena: stable

Tessa - A few too many onions for breakfast, senor?

Raul - Did you bring the gold?


Road to Santa Helena

[Soldier1 and Soldier2 in wagon, Churi catches up on foot, climbs into wagon]

Soldier1 - Armand, behind us!

[Churi dumps Soldier2 out of wagon, knocks Soldier1 out, throws locked chest out of wagon, jumps down, tries to open chest, Soldier2 fires gun, aims again, Churi is gone]


Santa Helena: stable

Raul - What's this? Pencil and paper?

Tessa - Write it down.

Raul - What kind of trick is this?

Tessa - I need evidence for the Spanish court.

Raul - I'm a deserter. I risked my life coming here.

Tessa - [pulls out a leather pouch] Ten gold reales. Write it down. Who murdered my father?

Grisham - [from outside] Stop!

Soldiers - Stop!

[Raul hides, Churi runs into the stable]

Grisham - He's in the stable. [enters stable, sees Tessa] Well, look who we have here. Search the place.

[Soldiers go toward Raul's hiding place]

Tessa - Not there. [points to Churi's hiding place] There.

Soldier - I got him.

Grisham - Now get him out of here. Get him out of here. [Soldiers leave with Churi] This is an awfully dangerous place for a lady, all alone.

Tessa - This is where I learned to ride. When I was a child, my father kept horses here.

Grisham - Well, that was a long time ago, senorita. You'd do better to think about our future, than your past. [leaves]

Tessa - Raul? Raul? Raul?! [finds hole in stable wall] Damn.


Santa Helena: street

Tessa - [sees Raul walking away down the street] Wait! [starts to follow]

Dr. Helm - Ah, senorita.

Tessa - I'm sorry, I'm in a bit of a hurry.

Dr. Helm - You never told me that you were leading a double life. But don't worry, your secret is safe with me.

Tessa - I'm sure I don't know what you mean.

Dr. Helm - Your new career as a crime fighter.

Tessa - Obviously, the good doctor is a little confused. Too much sun, perhaps.

Dr. Helm - Wasn't it you who helped Captain Grisham get his man earlier today?

Tessa - Oh, that. Yes. He was a thief.

Dr. Helm - He was an Indian shaman who tracked Montoya's soldiers for over a hundred miles.

Tessa - He attacked and nearly killed two soldiers.

Dr. Helm - Who robbed his father's burial ground. True, he was only trying to reclaim a stolen artifact.

Tessa - I didn't . . .

Dr. Helm - No, but I suppose he is just a thief. Who cares if he's beaten within an inch of his life? He'll be conscious enough when Montoya hangs him.


Grisham's Office

Raul - [slapped by soldier] Go to hell.

Grisham - No, Raul, hell's for deserters.

Raul - I'm not a deserter.

Grisham - You're right. You're just a fool, which is why you tried to steal this money and run.

Raul - I already told you, I didn't steal it.

Grisham - Then where did you get the ten reales, hm? You know, you are lucky that Montoya wants to use you as an example, or I'd be drenching my boots in your blood right now. [to soldiers] Get him out of my sight. The man's a disgrace to the uniform.

Raul - No! No, wait! Wait!

Grisham - Tomorrow, that man does double duty.


Montoya's Office

[Montoya takes jewelry box from hidden room, exits room, pushes bookcase closed. The Shaman's mask is seen on a shelf in the hidden room.]


Santa Helena: courtyard

Vera - Colonel, I'm so flattered with your invitation.

Montoya - No, senora. After hours hunched over a desk, it is lovely to find oneself out in the fresh, open air once more. And in the company of a beautiful woman.

Vera - [laughs] [Montoya motions Vera to sit at a small table] Thank you. [both sit]

Montoya - I have something to show you. [opens jewelry box]

Vera - [takes out a gold necklace] It's beautiful.

Montoya - And it's yours.

Vera - Mine? Surely not. What did I do to deserve such a gift?

Montoya - Nothing. Not yet.

Vera - I see.

Montoya - No, no. It is nothing tawdry, I assure you. All I ask in return is a little information.

Vera - And what makes you think I have such information?

Montoya - You don't . . . yet. But I have great confidence in your abilities, my dear. You have such great assets, Vera.


Alvarado's hacienda

Tessa - Raul's in jail. I have to get ready.

Marta - But if you go to him as the Queen, asking about Tessa's father . . . Raul is not an idiot.

Tessa - I don't care.

Marta - Tessa.

Tessa - No, Marta. I need to know. Was he all alone?

Marta - Who?

Tessa - Papa. When he died, did he suffer? Did he call my name

Marta - Tessa, don't torture yourself like this.

Tessa - But that's what it is. Every day that goes by that I don't know how, or who, is torture.

Marta - The spirit world is very close tonight.


Santa Helena: jail

Churi - [chanting repeatedly] Temte montra kunai matenem. (sp)

Raul - [from next cell] Quiet! You're enough to drive a man crazy.

[Churi stops chanting, wind blows through the jail, stirring up dust. Wind dies, Churi begins chanting again]


Alvarado's hacienda

Marta - [reading cards] Someone dies for their sins.

Tessa - Who dies? Raul?

Marta - [looks around] Do you hear it?

Tessa - Just the wind.

Marta - A voice. Matenem. Matenem. A wounded soul crying out for help.

Tessa - Papa? Is it papa?

Marta - One more. [turns over next card] The High Priestess. Mother and Spirit.

Tessa - What does this mean?

Marta - It means you are due some divine inspiration.


Santa Helena: jail, next morning

Guard - Who are you?

QoS - [dressed in nun's habit] Sister Maria. I've come to pray with the condemned man.

Guard - Sorry.

QoS - You would deny these men salvation?

Guard - Nobody sees the prisoners. Orders are orders.

QoS - Then prepare your soul to join theirs in the everlasting fires of hell. May God and the worms have mercy on you. [turns to leave]

Guard - Sister . . . wait.


Raul - It's too late, Sister. Keep your prayers to yourself.

QoS - You might be surprised in the power of the Word, my son.

Indian - Two spirits . . . one body . . . two faces.

QoS - Poor creature's raving. I must pray immediately. [drops rosary] Oh dear.

Guard - I'll get them. [bends down, QoS whacks guard over the head with her Bible]


Grisham - [walks into jail] Corporal? [sees empty cells] Guards! Prisoner escape! [shoots at QoS in habit on horse] Get out here now! [QoS throws dagger at soldier on balcony] It's a disguise! Go! Go! What are you waiting for?! [Soldiers yelling, more gunshots, QoS & prisoners escape on horses, Grisham finds QoS tarot card on ground]


Outside Santa Helena

[QoS has shed nun's habit, now brings horse to stop]

Raul - What are you doing?

QoS - We need to rest the horses. [to Churi] Are you alright?

Raul - Grisham didn't miss.

QoS - [to Churi] Why didn't you say something? [helps Churi off of his horse]

Churi - Your spirit is strong enough for both of us.

Raul - Let him die!

QoS - Get off your horse and help me!

Raul - He's just a savage. You're problem. [clicks to horse and rides off]

QoS - Raul! Come back here!


Santa Helena: street

Montoya - [to jail guard] You confused the Queen of Swords with a nun?! Are you blind as well as stupid?

Guard - I tried to stop her, sir, but . . .

Montoya - But?! But what?!

Guard - She said God would punish me, sir.

Montoya - God has punished us already by granting you life. A situation that I may soon remedy. Now go!

Grisham - [rides up, dismounts] We lost them.

Montoya - You will note the complete lack of surprise on my face.

Grisham - I have men on every road and if she's still around, we're going to find them.

Montoya - One thing puzzles me. Why Raul, hm? I can understand her helping the savage. It would appeal to her natural sense of justice, but Raul? A deserter and a thief?

Grisham - Why does it matter?

Montoya - Everything she does matters to me. Where did Raul say he got the money from?

Grisham - He said he stole it.

Montoya - Not from a peasant. Ten reales is more than these people would see in a lifetime.

Grisham - I don't know . . . a don or his wife?

Montoya - So why has it not been reported, hm? Find the answers to these questions, Grisham, and I think we may have the Queen of Swords.


Alvarado's hacienda

Churi - [awakens to see Tessa leaning over him] Angel?

Tessa - Hush, don't try to talk.

Churi - I failed. I am dead.

Tessa - You're not dead.

Churi - Mask?

Tessa - What mask?

Churi - Matenem. Father.

Marta - [enters with bowl of water] So, he's awake.

Churi - Please help. Our fathers cry for justice.

Tessa - Our fathers? We can't wait any longer. I've got to take him to Dr. Helm.

Marta - The doctor will save him.


Dr. Helm's Office

Vera - I have this pain, Dr. Helm.

Dr. Helm - If you would turn around, please.

Vera - No, over here. Yes, and shortness of breath. My heart seems to flutter so fast . . .

Dr. Helm - And how long have you had these symptoms?

Vera - Oh, they come and go, depending on what I am doing . . . who I am with. [Dr. Helm takes Vera's hand] Warm hands.

Dr. Helm - [opens pocket watch] Just relax. [takes pulse]

Vera - I hear you've been keeping busy lately. First that wild man who attacked the soldiers, then the deserter. What was his name?

Dr. Helm - It's normal.

Vera - Raul, I think. I hear they found ten gold reales in his pockets. Where do you think he got that much money?

Dr. Helm - Open wide. [places tongue depressor in Vera's mouth]

Vera - I ohn oh ee aah koo eh ahyeng eh oo ah ee-ee eh? [Dr. Helm pulls tongue depressor back out] I don't suppose he happened to mention anything when you were treating him?

Dr. Helm - Who?

Vera - Raul. About where he got the gold. [both hear noise from back of office] Oh, what was that?

Dr. Helm - Excuse me, senora. [gets up, opens door to back room, looks in, shuts door] You may do up your blouse, senora. You'll have to excuse me.

V - But my heart, doctor?

Dr. Helm - It's nothing a little quiet time at home with your husband wouldn't cure. Good day, senora. [Goes into back room, QoS and Churi are there] Hell of a day. First beaten and then shot. [to QoS] I suppose you're responsible for this.

QoS - If he'd stayed in prison, doctor, he would have hung tomorrow.

Dr. Helm - Hand me that cloth. So your solution is getting him shot, is it?!

QoS - He's alive.

Vera - [from front room] Everything alright in there?

Dr. Helm - Uh, nothing to worry about, senora. I'll check in with you tomorrow. [returns to examining Churi] This wound's infected. Why was it left so long?

QoS - Grisham and his soldiers. We've been on the run all night.

Vera - [from front room] Do I hear a woman's voice?

Dr. Helm - [rushes to door, opens it and sticks his head out] Oh, Senora Hidalgo. Still here, I see.

Vera - Naughty man. Are you trying to hide something from me?

Dr. Helm - Uh, yes I am, as a matter of fact. A soldier with severe intestinal dysfunction.

Vera - Hm, I see.

Dr. Helm - Obviously, I'd rather spare you the odor, not to mention the unsightly discharge, but if you insist, just be careful not to get any on your shoes.

Vera - Good day, doctor. [turns to leave]

Dr. Helm - Good day, senora. [closes door and turns, QoS is gone]


Alvarado's hacienda

Marta - How is he?

Tessa - [still in QoS outfit] Still breathing.

Marta - He's in good hands.

Tessa - I've never met such a smug, arrogant . . .

Marta - Complicated . . .

Tessa - You want him? You can have him. [sits down and pulls off mask. Raul at window sees Tessa is the QoS] And you know who he blames for all of this, of course. Me. [Raul runs off] Marta? What is it?

Marta - [goes to window, sees Raul running off] We have a problem.


Grisham's Quarters

Girl - Come on, Marcus. Come back to bed.

Grisham - Get dressed. See you next week.

Raul - [brought up to window by two soldiers] Capitan, I can explain.

Grisham - You're just like a bad smell, aren't you?

Soldier - We caught him on the main road, captain.

Raul - I swear, I wasn't running away.

Grisham - Then here's a tip. Next time you escape from prison . . . keep running.

Raul - But I have valuable information.

Grisham - Kill him.

Raul - No, wait! Wait!

Grisham - And put his head on a pike as a warning to others.

Raul - You kill me and you'll never know who the Queen of Swords is.


Dr. Helm's Office: back room

[Churi wakes, groans]

Dr. Helm - That's more like it.

Churi - Where's the moon?

Dr. Helm - It's up in the sky, where it usually is.

Churi - No. How long did I sleep? [tries to sit up]

Dr. Helm - What do you think you're doing?

Churi - The mask.

Dr. Helm - You'll reopen your wound.

Churi - Nothing matters without the mask.

Dr. Helm - Montoya has the mask. Along with whatever else they could get to.

Churi - The new moon grows close. If I don't return the mask to my father's grave . . .

Dr. Helm - Is that what this is about? [sudden wind whistles through open window]

Churi - His spirit. It sighs with sadness. Soon it will starve. Die forever.

Dr. Helm - The only spirits I know come in bottles. Men are flesh and bone, nothing more. When they die, they die.

Churi - You know that is false. You know. But still (??) why.


Santa Helena: street

Montoya - [to Raul in stocks] Fifty pieces of gold?

Raul - The Queen's cost you a lot more than that already.

Montoya - Your first instinct was right, Grisham. Kill him.

Raul - Wait, colonel. A week from now, a year. How much would you pay then to be rid of her?

Montoya - Are you trying to bargain with me? Do you have any idea of who I am?

Raul - One of the conspirators in Don Alvarado's murder, just like it says in my signed confession.

Grisham - He lies. He can't even write.

Raul - And in my signed confession, I beg forgiveness for helping chase down Don Alvarado to have him shot in cold blood.

[Grisham pulls a sword and holds it to Raul's neck]

Montoya - At ease, Grisham. [Grisham lowers the sword] And in this confession, I suppose it names every man involved. [Raul nods] Where is it?

Raul - A friend has it. And if anything happens to me, he'll make sure it's delivered to the royal court.

Montoya - Ha. Check and mate. Talent like this should have made you a sergeant years ago. [walks a short distance away with Grisham]

Grisham - You can't be serious. You actually believe this?

Montoya - Of course not. When faced with death, a man will say anything. Precisely why torture is so unreliable.

Grisham - Then just let me kill him.

Montoya - But any chance of getting the Queen, no matter how slim . . .is a chance worth taking. Don't worry, capitan. There's plenty of time for killing later.

Grisham - [to soldiers] Let him go.


Alvarado's hacienda

Grisham - [pulls gun on Raul] Good bye.

Raul - What are you doing?

Grisham - Senorita Alvarado lives there.

Raul - Exactly.

Grisham - So, you are telling me that a spoiled little rich kid beat my best men? Hm? Made fools of Montoya's soldiers? I don't think so.

Raul - There's only one way to find out.

Grisham - [bursts through doors into sitting room, sees Tessa and Marta tied up in chairs] Free the women.

Tessa - Captain, it was awful. The Queen of Swords took us all by surprise. She's furious because I helped capture the shaman.

Raul - No, it's her. I saw her. She's the Queen.

Tessa - What?! You saw the Queen of Swords enter my home and you ran like a coward?!

Grisham - Take him outside. I'll finish him myself.

Raul - Bitch! You know the truth. You want me to scream it from the hilltops?

Tessa - [slaps Raul] How dare you come into my home and make these accusations!

Marta - You called my mistress a thief. I will cut off your hands!

Grisham - No, senora, please!

Tessa - [takes dagger out of desk drawer, gives it to Raul] Take me.

Raul - [puts dagger to Tessa's neck] Drop your weapons, or she dies.

Grisham - [draws gun] Not a chance.

Marta - Please, capitan, he has her life in his hands.

Grisham - Drop them.

Marta - I beg you, do not be the reason my lady dies.

Raul - You move, she dies. [Grisham lowers his gun, Raul hauls Tessa outside] Where's the gold?

Tessa - Tell me who killed my father.

Raul - If I die, my secret dies with me. Remember.

Tessa - Please, tell me.

Raul - I'll be back for the gold later. [pushes Tessa away, runs to horse]

Grisham - Senorita!

Tessa - Captain! Ooooh. [pretends to faint into Grisham's arms]

Grisham - [to soldiers] Get after him!


Dr. Helm's Office: back room

[Dr. Helm discovers Churi missing, finds blood on windowsill]


Alvarado's hacienda

[Tessa is washing a horse by the stables]

Marta - How could you have taken such a chance! He might have slit your throat.

Tessa - Raul needs money. That's why he wouldn't kill me, and that's why he'll be back.

Marta - You have much more faith in Raul than I have. Why are you washing the horse now?

Tessa - Because if I don't do something, I'll go crazy from waiting.

Marta - Nonsense. Let your groom do it.

Tessa - I gave him the night off, along with the other workers.

Marta - Is that wise?

Tessa - I don't want any interruptions when Raul comes back this time. Marta, I came so close to the truth.

Marta - Too close, maybe, when the truth comes with such a price.

Tessa - Are you trying to tell me something?

Marta - Yes. Your bath is getting cold. Come inside. [goes back in]

Tessa - Right after I get him to bed. [pats horse]

Raul - Hey!

Tessa - Raul, what are you doing?

Raul - [points gun at Tessa] Just a little insurance. Not that I don't trust the lovely senorita. Or should I say . . . Her royal majesty, the Queen. Are you afraid, senorita? You should be. I want the gold, now. All of it.

Tessa - Don't worry. I'll keep my end of the bargain. Fifty gold reales.

Raul - The lovely senorita has much more than that.

Tessa - We had a deal!

Raul - Maybe you don't care if your gypsy witch dies, too.

Tessa - I saved your life!

Raul - Whoohoo, she's got a temper. Look at her cheeks. They're on fire. Yes, it kind of looks good on you.

Tessa - What the hell do you think you're doing?

Raul - Maybe I can make you more angry! [backs Tessa up, Tessa hits him, flees, struggle ensues]

Tessa - Get off me!

[Raul pulls a sword, Tessa grabs a wooden pitchfork]

Raul - So, you want to know how your father died? [exchange parries] Like a stuck pig.

Tessa - What?! [more fighting]

Raul - Begging for mercy. Crying like a baby.

Tessa - Liar! [fighting continues]

Raul - Don Rafael Alvarado died a coward.

Tessa - No.

Marta - Tessa!

[fight ends with Tessa stabbing Raul in the chest with tines of pitchfork]

Tessa - [drops pitchfork] Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. Raul? Raul! Who killed my father?!

Marta - Tessa.

Tessa - Who killed my father?!

Marta - Tessa, he's gone.

Tessa - Nooo. [begins crying, then stands up]

Marta - Where are you going?

Tessa - If my father can't have justice . . . then maybe someone else can.


Santa Helena: courtyard

[Dr. Helm sneaking around outside, finds blood left on statue by Churi, finds Churi trying to get into Montoya's apartments and almost fainting from wound]

Dr. Helm - [pulls Churi down and out of sight of soldiers] Shhh. Persistent little bugger, aren't you?

Churi - You will help me?

Dr. Helm - Well, the way I see it, I've got two choices. I either help you, or I watch you commit suicide. [looks around, sees rope noose hanging from scaffold] Stay right here.


Dr. Helm's Office: back room

[QoS enters, sees that Churi and Dr. Helm are both gone, finds blood spot on windowsill.]


Santa Helena: courtyard

Dr. Helm - [looking for spot to throw the rope over the balcony, hears noise, hides, grabs guard from behind & chokes him into unconsciousness] Dream well.


Montoya's Office

[Dr. Helm rummages through desk drawers, goes to bookcase, starts looking at books]

QoS - [puts sword against Dr. Helm's neck, turns him around to face her] Let me guess, stop by to borrow a book?

Dr. Helm - And since when did that become a capital offense?

QoS - I had to make sure it was you.

Dr. Helm - Well, it is, and I don't need your help.

QoS - I'm not here for you. I'm here for Churi.

Dr. Helm - Oh, and, um, just out of curiosity, why the hell do you give a damn about him?

QoS - Why does a respected doctor suddenly turn to a life of crime? I'm amazed you made it this far alive.

Dr. Helm - Well, I'm sorry to disappoint you.

QoS - Do you even know what you're doing?

Dr. Helm - [pulls on book, swings bookcase outward] You tell me.

QoS - You're full of surprises, doctor. [follows him into hidden room]

Dr. Helm - Give me that dagger. [picks lock on bars protecting shelves of treasures]

QoS - Where'd you learn to do that?

Dr. Helm - You tell me your secrets, I'll tell you mine.

QoS - Maybe next time.

Dr. Helm - [takes mask off shelf] Let's get out of here.

[Dr. Helm & QoS come out of hidden room, surprise guard coming into office]

QoS - Get down. [Dr. Helm ducks, QoS throws dagger, kills guard]

Dr. Helm - [checks guard] He's DEAD!

QoS - And you're alive. The guards are coming . . .

Dr. Helm - I'm supposed to thank you for this?!

QoS - Get out! Find Churi. Get out! [shoves Dr. Helm out onto balcony]

Montoya - Who's there? [finds QoS hiding behind the door] Leaving so soon?

QoS - Apparently not. [Swordfight begins]

Montoya - [follows QoS out onto balcony] Death by moonlight. How romantic.

QoS - I bet you say that to all the girls.

Montoya - Adios, my Queen.

QoS - Adios, colonel. [salutes, jumps from balcony onto horse, rides off]

Montoya - Damn you!


Dr. Helm's Office

Dr. Helm - You're strong. That's what saved you.

Churi - Not my strength. Yours.

Dr. Helm - Hmph.

Churi - [looks up over Dr. Helm's shoulder] And hers.

Dr. Helm - Put your shirt on. *ed note: shirt? what shirt? we have yet to see this guy wearing a shirt! - ahem, sorry* [to QoS] Montoya's men are looking for you everywhere.

QoS - Not in town, they're not.

Dr. Helm - That soldier you killed . . .

QoS - He was trying to shoot you.

Dr. Helm - You don't ever have permission to kill for me.

QoS - I thought I was saving your life.

Dr. Helm - By taking another. Who the hell do you think you are? Only God has the power of life and death.

QoS - God and doctors.


Indian Burial Grounds

Churi - [places mask back on shaman's body] Peace now, Father. [to QoS] The spirits of both our fathers sing tonight. They sing, "Beware the truth. It is a scorpion dancing at your feet." They say, "Step carefully, my angel."


End of "Honor Thy Father"

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