Queen of Swords

Episode Transcripts


Episode 15: Runaways

Written by Toby Roberts
Directed by George Mendeluk
Aired: 2-24-01
Transcript revised: 12-18-08


Zzickle's Notes:

I don't own Queen of Swords - if I did, *all* the episodes would have had Dr. Helm in them! The contents of this transcript are taken directly from the episode (with help of closed captions), to the best of my ability.

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Cast List:

Tessa Alvarado - Tessie Santiago
              our heroine

Marta - Paulina Gálvez
              Tessa's gypsy servant

Dr. Robert Helm - Peter Wingfield
              the town doctor

Col. Luis Montoya - Valentine Pelka
              the bad guy

Queen of Swords - Tessa's alter ego

Cpt. Charles Wentworth - Simon MacCorkindale
              a sea captain

Camilla Wentworth - Amber Batty
              the captain's wife

Jeffrey - Tunde Oba
              a slave

Agatha - Yasmin Bannerman
              Jeffrey's sister

Sgt Gomez - Darius Davidauskas
              has a pretty sister


Beach near Alvarado Hacienda

Jeffrey - Hurry! Hurry!

[Wentworth fires gun]

Agatha - [shot in leg] Aah!

Jeffrey - Agatha! Now what?!

Camilla - Damn him!

Agatha - Run, Jeffery!

Jeffrey - I'm not leaving you!

Camilla - Jeffrey, there's nothing we can do.

Agatha - Be free . . for me.

Camilla - Come on!

Jeffrey - I'll be back for you, little sister.

Wentworth - Stupid girl.

Agatha - I'm sorry, sir.

Wentworth - Not yet, you're not. Where are they going?

Agatha - I don't know.

Wentworth - Well, they won't get far. Take her back to the ship. [sailors grab Agatha, who cries out in pain] Harm her any more and you'll pay for it! [to himself] I'll have you both, dead or alive.


Santa Helena: courtyard

Montoya - Kidnapped?

Wentworth - Taken at gunpoint by my own slaves!

Montoya - The menial classes just cannot be trusted these days, can they?

Wentworth - I shot one of them. Clipped her on the leg.

Montoya - Whilst I understand your concern for your wife's safety, senor, I really do not see how this concerns me.

Wentworth - Need I remind you, colonel, that this town is under your jurisdiction. My wife's safe return is entirely your responsibility.

Montoya - When I have time, I will look into the matter.

Wentworth - I should tell you, sir, that I am an ex-officer of the king's navy.

Montoya - And perhaps I should tell you, sir, that England and Spain really have never been the best of friends. Now, if you'll excuse me . . . [Wentworth takes out pouch of money, sets it on the table] I hope you do not think I am a man who can be bought.

Wentworth - Certainly not.

Montoya - The honor of my office is sacrosanct. As military commander here, I am impervious to bribery.

Wentworth - Well then, just consider it a gift. A mark of esteem between one officer and another.

Montoya - In that case, it is very kind of you. I shall be happy to initiate a search for your wife.

Wentworth - I knew that you would.

Montoya - Just as soon as I have finished my lunch. Good day.


Alvarado's Hacienda

Marta - Tessa? [sees Jeffrey in kitchen] Who are you? Thief! Stop!

Tessa - It's rude to run away from a lady when she's talking to you.

Marta - He's a thief.

Tessa - Let's see what you tried to steal. [takes bag] Food?

Marta - Just food?

Camilla - Please, we meant no harm.

Tessa - If you were hungry, why didn't you just ask?

Camilla - What if we need more than food?


Santa Helena: stable

Montoya - How is he?

Dr. Helm - Look, this is really not my field.

Montoya - Believe me, doctor, if there were a veterinarian within one hundred miles of this pueblo, he would be here. In this case, I have to make do with you. Such a noble stallion. Did you know that he is descended from royal stock? Is he in very much pain, do you think?

Dr. Helm - The abdomen is very distended. But it might just be an intestinal blockage.

Montoya - You are talking about constipation. I am worried about whether he has colic. It could be fatal.

Dr. Helm - Look, I am doing the best I can! Did you hear a rumor about a woman being shot on the beach?

Montoya - A runaway slave. It is none of our concern.

Dr. Helm - Well, is she alive?

Montoya - Apparently, yes. So, doctor, do you think he will recover?

Dr. Helm - I've given him some castor oil. Now we just have to wait and see.

Montoya - Castor oil? Is that the best you can offer?

Dr. Helm - As I keep trying to explain to you, my forte is with patients of a two-legged variety.

Montoya - Then perhaps I should remind you to be a little bit more greatful, doctor. I have just sent you a client.

Dr. Helm - The woman from the beach?

Montoya - No, no. A sea captain. A compatriot of yours, actually.

Dr. Helm - And what's this ship captain's problem?

Montoya - Apart from being English, you mean?


Dr. Helm's Office

Dr. Helm - Look at the size of that thing. That is a very nasty boil.

Wentworth - Yeah, that's the least of my troubles. These damn slaves. You look after them, you feed them, you treat them like human beings, and they just run off! Whatever happened to gratitude to me?

Dr. Helm - What indeed.

Wentworth - Damnit! You know what I mean. They cost me hundreds of sovereigns. I thought it was a good investment. Now I'm just sick about it.

Dr. Helm - You must be very worried about her.

Wentworth - What? You mean my wife? Oh, kidnapped at gunpoint and all that. Yeah, terrible. You know what, Helm? These slaves can be treacherous. You have to maintain a constant vigilance.

Dr. Helm - Perhaps I should have a look at the girl that was shot.

Wentworth - Her? Good Lord, no. Just a flesh wound.

Dr. Helm - It could turn septic, though. [Wentworth scoffs] But surely if you feed and water these people, you want to be sure they can work properly.

Wentworth - Yes, but how much is it all going to cost? There are limits.

Dr. Helm - For you, captain, I'll make a special offer. It shouldn't cost more than to treat a sick mule.

Wentworth - Splendid, splendid, then we have a deal.

Dr. Helm - [holds out wooden dowel] You may want to bite down on that.

Wentworth - No, don't worry about me. A navy man can stand a little pain. [screams as Dr. Helm lances the boil]


Alvarado's Hacienda

Jeffrey - I should never have left her!

Camilla - There was nothing you could do.

Tessa - Colonel Montoya's soldiers are tearing the town apart looking for you.

Camilla - Me?

Tessa - Your husband claims you were kidnapped . . . by your slaves.

Jeffrey - That's a lie!

Camilla - I was the one who helped them to escape.

Jeffrey - What have you heard about my sister?

Tessa - Nothing. I'm sorry.

Camilla - My husband's a monster.

Jeffrey - I'm done talking.

Camilla - [to Tessa] Please, let me take care of this. [follows Jeffrey outside] What are you doing?

Jeffrey - I'm going back.

Camilla - It's too late for that!

Jeffrey - I won't desert Agatha again.

Camilla - There's nothing you can do. We have to think, Jeffrey. We have to plan.

Jeffrey - Like you planned our escape? Tell me, did you plan to free us, or to escape from your husband?

Camilla - You can't fight them all.

Jeffrey - Then I'll die.

Camilla - Don't!

Jeffrey - I believed in you. You said this would work.

Camilla - You have your freedom! Don't throw it all away!

Jeffrey - My freedom is nothing without Agatha! [mounts horse]

Tessa - He's going back for her, isn't he?

Marta - Brave. But foolish.

Tessa - Take care of Camilla.


Wentworth's Ship

Agatha - I've never been treated by a doctor before.

Dr. Helm - Then it's my priveledge to be the first. How's that feel?

Agatha - Better. Have you heard anything about my brother?

Dr. Helm - You just worry about getting enough sleep. I'll ask around. I'll see what I can find out. What's you name?

Agatha - Agatha.

Dr. Helm - I'm Robert. Robert Helm.

Agatha - My mistress spoke of a Robert Helm.

Dr. Helm - Is that so?

Agatha - She was engaged to him.

Dr. Helm - What's your mistress's name?

Agatha - Camilla.

Dr. Helm - Camilla? And Wentworth?

Agatha - Not here, sir. We best talk below.

Dr. Helm - Okay, let's go.


Alvarado's Hacienda

Camilla - I must do something.

Marta - Senorita Alvarado has gone to find help. Please be patient.

Camilla - Jeffrey's right. I am to blame for all of this.

Marta - You're not responsible for the blood on your husband's hands. [hands Camilla a cup of tea] This will calm you.

Camilla - There must be some law in this territory.

Marta - The only law in Santa Helena is Colonel Montoya.

Camilla - Good. Then I'll talk to him. He'll help.

Marta - Our colonel helps no one but himself.

Camilla - But there is no one else.

Marta - The colonel is a dangerous man.

Camilla - Yes, but not as dangerous as my husband.


Wentworth's Ship

Sailor - [sees Jeffrey climb onboard] Hey! [Sailors and Jeffrey struggle, Wentworth comes out]

Dr. Helm - Hey! What the hell do you think you're doing?

Wentworth - Disciplining my property, Dr. Helm.

Dr. Helm - Not with me on board, you don't.

Wentworth - [motions to sailors to restrain Dr. Helm] Where is my wife?

Dr. Helm - You stop this now!

Wentworth - You stay out of this! Where is my wife!?

Agatha - Oh God, no!

Wentworth - Ah, Agatha, my dear. What perfect timing. [aims gun at Agatha] Now Jeffrey, perhaps you will remember. Where is Camilla?

Dr. Helm - Don't!

Jeffrey - She's hiding in a hacienda in the country.

Wentworth - I will count to three. One!

Jeffrey - It belongs to a woman.

Wentworth - Two.

Dr. Helm - [breaks away from the sailors, attacks ] You sonova bitch! [Wentworth hits Dr. Helm in the stomach] Aarg.

Jeffrey - Her name is Tessa Alvarado.

Wentworth - Ah. Three. [whacks Dr. Helm on back of neck with the butt of his gun] Take them both below. [sailors drag Jeffrey and Agatha off] Prepare the longboat. We will find my wife and we will flog some respect into her. In the meantime, you can throw this piece of garbage overboard.

Sailors - Aye aye, Captain. [lug unconscious Dr. Helm to the side & throw him into the water]

QoS - [sees Dr. Helm dumped overboard from cliff above ship, dives into water to rescue him, helps him up onto beach] Come on, almost there.

Dr. Helm - [coughs] Aah. [reaches for wound on back of neck]

QoS - Oh God, that looks nasty.

Dr. Helm - Yeah, don't tell me I should see a doctor.

QoS - It could be worse. You could have drowned.

Dr. Helm - I owe you my life. Again.

QoS - So, what's Wentworth got against you?

Dr. Helm - Ooh, Camilla.

QoS - What?

Dr. Helm - I've got to get to my horse.

QoS - What about her? Where are you going?

Dr. Helm - Wentworth knows Camilla's at the Alvarado hacienda. I have to get there before he does. Hey, hey! Where are you going?

QoS - I just remembered I have a few errands to run. Are you alright to ride by yourself?

Dr. Helm - I don't know.

QoS - Great. See you around.


Montoya's Office

Montoya - Am I to understand that these slaves did not kidnap you?

Camilla - No, colonel. I organized their escape.

Montoya - How charitable of you. And you did all of this without informing Senor Wentworth?

Camilla - There's no reasoning with that man. I beg you, protect us from him.

Montoya - I am the military governor here. Domestic disputes do not fall under my jurisdiction.

Camilla - Colonel, please . . . If not as a man of the law, then as a man of honor.

Montoya - Personally, I find slavery a barbaric institution, but I have no authority on your husband's ship. However, here in Santa Helena, my authority is law.

Camilla - Then you'll help us?

Montoya - First thing's first. I will arrange a room for you at the hotel. For your own safety, of course. Guard?

Guard - Si, colonel.

Montoya - In a few moments, escort this lady to the hotel. Guard her room until you are relieved. You will be out of danger there until I can investigate this situation more thoroughly.

Camilla - But you will do something to help Jeffrey and Agatha?

Montoya - Don't worry. You can place their lives in my hands. I will do everything I can.

Camilla - God bless you.

Montoya - And you, senora. [to guard] See that no one enters her room. And of course, see that no one gets out.


Alvarado's hacienda

Tessa - Why didn't you stop her?

Marta - What did you want me to do, shoot her? She's a very determined woman.

Dr. Helm - [knocking on door] Senorita Alvarado?

Tessa - Dr. Helm.

Marta - I will tell him you are not here.

Tessa - No! It's alright.

Dr. Helm - Senorita, hurry! Please!

Marta - [opens door] Dr. Helm.

Dr. Helm - Where's Camilla?

Tessa - Dr. Helm! What an unexpected surprise. You're looking rather damp. Is it raining?

Dr. Helm - I'm looking for Camilla Wentworth.

Tessa - Oh, isn't she beautiful. I'm so impressed at how she keeps herself so pretty living at sea.

Dr. Helm - Where is she?!

Tessa - She went to go see Colonel Montoya.

Marta - Right. She was very determined.

Dr. Helm - Montoya's the last person she should go to.

Tessa - Dr. Helm, may I ask why you're so concerned? Is the lady a friend of yours?

Dr. Helm - You might say that. She was once going to be my wife.


Marta - [later, in kitchen] What are you doing? You are better with a sword than with a paring knife. Dr. Helm said he was *once* going to marry her, not that he still is.

Tessa - [cutting up potatoes] I don't care about Dr. Helm. What makes you think I care about Dr. Helm? I don't know what I feel, Marta. I just think it's funny that I'm gonna risk my life to save her. So she can be with him?

Marta - If he is meant to be with her, there is nothing you can do.

Tessa - Is he meant to be with her?

Marta - You are the only one who seems to be so sure of it. Now, go do your job, and leave me to mine.


Outside Colonel Montoya's Office

Tessa - Colonel! Oh, colonel!

Montoya - Ah, Senorita Alvarado.

Tessa - Didn't you hear me calling?

Montoya - You must forgive me. My mind was elsewhere.

Tessa - I'm looking for a friend of mine. Camilla Wentworth? I don't suppose you know where she is?

Montoya - Please, take a seat.

Tessa - Thank you.

Montoya - As a matter of fact, I do. And it is a very curious situation.

Tessa - I don't understand.

Montoya - Well, you see, senorita, her husband claims his wife was kidnapped by slaves. However, Senora Wentworth claims it was she who was responsible for organizing the slaves' escape.

Tessa - Well, colonel, if I can help clear anything up . . .

Montoya - And strangely, once more I find you at the center of intrigue.

Tessa - Well, it's true they ran to my hacienda. Probably because it's so close to where their boat landed.

Montoya - How fortunate for them. Now, if you'll excuse me, senorita.

Tessa - Perhaps I should drive her back to my hacienda.

Montoya - Really, senorita, I think you have done quite enough already.

Tessa - I was thinking . . . she might want to freshen up. You know, before she sees her husband.

Montoya - I have already thought of that. Which is why Senora Wentworth is enjoying the luxurious hospitality of our lovely hotel.

Tessa - Why, colonel, it looks like you've thought of everything.

Montoya - Senorita. What a lovely thing to say.


Colonel Montoya's Office: sometime later

Wentworth - I demand that you take me to the hacienda of this Alvarado woman immediately.

Montoya - You know Senorita Alvarado?

Wentworth - I have it from a man who is facing certain death that she is holding my wife hostage.

Montoya - You should be careful whose word you take, senor. In my experience - quite extensive - a man facing death is apt to say many things. Few of them reliable.

Wentworth - I am willing to take that risk.

Montoya - Sir, did I not give you my word, as one officer to another, that I would look for your wife?

Wentworth - After your damned lunch.

Montoya - Well, it is now long after my damned lunch, and I have your wife.

Wentworth - Where? I insist upon seeing her.

Montoya - Yes, of course. But first of all, we should discuss one outstanding matter: the subject of my expenses.

Wentworth - How dare you, sir! Are you trying to hold me ransom?

Montoya - No, no, no. I was merely going to suggest an exchange. You see, I have something that you want, and you have something that I want.

Wentworth - What could I possibly have that would interest you?

Montoya - It has come to my attention that you have two cannons aboard your ship.

Wentworth - Correct . . . What?! You want my cannons?

Montoya - Only one of them. [Wentworth scoffs] Surely your beloved wife would be worth the sacrifice.

Wentworth - Alright. Done, Colonel Montoya. Now take me to my wife.

Montoya - Guard!

Guard - Yes, sir.

Montoya - Prepare a transport wagon for one cannon.

Guard - Si, colonel.

Montoya - Onward, senor . . . to wedded bliss.


Santa Helena: alley by hotel

QoS - [to horse] Easy boy. [climbs from horse's back to rooftop near soldier] Yoo hoo. [punches soldier, knocking him through window into hotel room]

Camilla - Who are you?

QoS - It doesn't matter. You have to trust me.

Camilla - Trust you?!

QoS - Please, it's important.

Camilla - Dressed like a bandit, you break in and attack one of the guards who is supposed to be protecting me.

QoS - Protecting you? He's keeping you prisoner.

Camilla - Prisoner? Me? You're talking nonsense.

QoS - Colonel Montoya is using you.

Camilla - That's where you're wrong. I'm under the protection of Colonel Montoya.

QoS - Okay, I'm wrong. Is there another guard outside?

Camilla - Yes, there is, and if you don't leave immediately, I'll call him in.

QoS - Go on. I dare you.

Camilla - Guard! Help! [Guard comes in, QoS jumps from behind door to choke him with her whip] Look out! [Guard falls to the ground] What now? Are you going to attack me next?

QoS - Camilla, it's all right. I'm a friend of Robert Helm.

Camilla - Robert?

QoS - We don't have much time.

Camilla - Robert's here in Santa Helena?

QoS - Quick.

Camilla - How can he be here of all places? I just don't understand him at all.

QoS - Join the club. [grabs Camilla's arm and pulls her out the door]


Santa Helena: street

Montoya - Your wife is in the hotel.

Wentworth - Since when?

Montoya - I have done everything possible to make sure she's comfortable.

Wentworth - I won't tolerate trickery, you know. If one hair on her head has been harmed, our deal is off

Montoya - Calm yourself, capitan. As one military man to another, you have my word. The last time we spoke, the lovely Mrs. Wentworth was in fine health and spirits.

Wentworth - [sees Dr. Helm walk up] How the hell did you . . .

Dr. Helm - You seem surprised to see me, Wentworth.

Montoya - You two know each other?

Wentworth - A passing aquaintance.

Dr. Helm - Is that what you call attempted murder?

Wentworth - Ha, ha. Come now, you exaggerate.

Dr. Helm - Surely you haven't forgotten: a crack on the head, a dip in the ocean. Ring any bells?

Montoya - How intriguing.

Dr. Helm - Yes, people do the strangest things. [punches Wentworth in the face, knocking him down]

Montoya - As you correctly said, doctor, people can be very unpredictable.

Dr. Helm - This man is a savage. He treats his people like animals. I'll wager his wife wasn't abducted at all. I bet she ran!

Wentworth - Mind your own business.

Dr. Helm - Camilla O'Brien is my business.

Wentworth - How dare you insult my wife! [lunges at Dr. Helm, they wrestle onto the ground]

Montoya - [chuckles] Guards. [Guards pull Dr. Helm and Wentworth apart.] [To Dr. Helm] Have you completely lost your senses? I am shocked, shocked, doctor! Capitan Wentworth is a fellow countryman of yours, and an ex-officer of the British navy.

Dr. Helm - Yes, but he is no gentleman!

Montoya - I must insist, doctor. Control yourself. [to Guards] You two . . . take him to my office.

Dr. Helm - [to Wentworth] This is not over, sir.

Montoya - Most regrettable. Our doctor is very hotheaded. Well - for an Englishman. Personally, I blame the sun. Shall we? As you can see, capitan, I have ensured absolute and strict secuity . . .

Guards - [yelling] The Queen! [QoS and Camilla ride out into street on horse]

Montoya - Don't just stand there, you idiots! Stop them!

Dr. Helm - Camilla!

Camilla - Robert!


Outside Santa Helena

Camilla - He definitely saw me.

QoS - Of course he saw you. He called you by name.

Camilla - But did you see him smile? I think he was happy to see me.

QoS - Do you think there might be a better time for this?

Camilla - We were engaged once. When Robert left the army to become a doctor, my father called him a coward and a disgrace.

QoS - Dr. Helm is neither of those things.

Camilla - Father broke the engagement and made me marry Charles-bloody-Wentworth. Charles presented himself to society as a brave and honorable sea captain.

QoS - But he was a slave trader.

Camilla - You must take me to Robert.

QoS - We can't go back to town.

Camilla - I must see him.

QoS - No. It's too dangerous.

Camilla - Then I'll go without you.

QoS - He means that much to you?

Camilla - I was foolish enough to lose him once . . .I won't lose him again.


Montoya's Office

Dr. Helm - You lock me up, and you let Wentworth go.

Montoya - I can see how to a layman my methods might appear a little controversial, even radical.

Dr. Helm - How about downright illegal?

Montoya - Please, doctor, I did this for your own protection.

Dr. Helm - My own protection!?

Montoya - How many times have you said to me in the past, 'An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure'?

Dr. Helm - But in this case the disease is already well established.

Montoya - I am dealing with a very delicate international situation here.

Dr. Helm - Yes, and I am dealing with human life. Wentworth shot an innocent girl!

Montoya - Whatever the rights and wrongs of the issue, she is his property.

Dr. Helm - That is beside the point!

Montoya - Is it? Those slaves kidnapped his wife.

Dr. Helm - Why would they do that, colonel?

Montoya - Presumably as a ransom for their freedom.

Dr. Helm - And have they made a ransom demand at any time in this?

Montoya - Stay out of it, doctor. That is not a recommendation. That is an order.


Dr. Helm's Office

QoS - The door's locked. You'll be safe here.

Camilla - Everything in this room, it's just so much like Robert.

QoS - Well, the real thing will be coming along soon.

Camilla - He's still very handsome, don't you think?

QoS - In an English sort of way. [exits out back door]

Dr. Helm - [enters through front door] Camilla. [Dr. Helm and Camilla embrace and kiss] It's been so long.

Camilla - I made some bad decisions.

Dr. Helm - Yeah, I met him.

Camilla - I had no choice, Robert. You remember Father. He was . . .

Dr. Helm - It's all right. It's all in the past now.

Camilla - I'm not going back to him. You don't know him.

Dr. Helm - You don't have to.

Camilla - You don't understand. He'll kill me.

Dr. Helm - It will be all right.

Camilla - It'll never be all right.

Dr. Helm - Whatever happens, I will protect you, I swear.

Camilla - How? He's relentless. Robert, the only thing that will stop him is death.


Montoya's Office

Wentworth - Then tell me, colonel, just whose damn fault is it? She was in your custody, in your hotel, guarded by your soldiers.

Montoya - She had committed no crime, and therefore she was not in custody.

Wentworth - Ah, but a crime was committed. I witnessed it, and I want to know what the hell you're going to do about it.

Montoya - Certainly, I intend to attempt an investigation. If I can find five minutes in the day which are free from your infernal interference. As the husband of the woman allegedly kidnapped, could you tell me how she came to me of her own accord?

Wentworth - Oh, now just you wait a moment!

Montoya - And may I remind you, sir, that lying to the authorities is a very serious offense indeed. Both a few moments ago, and earlier, when you said your wife was kidnapped, she was not. However, I am a just man. My only interest is to see the happy couple once again reunited. You shall have each other, and I shall have my cannon.

Wentworth - It's a little late for that, don't you think? This Queen of Swords has rather spoiled your part of the bargain.

Montoya - Not at all. I shall have your wife at the beach by tomorrow's sunrise. And you know what I expect in return.

Wentworth - Very well. Deliver my wife and you will have your cannon. [leaves]

Montoya - Sergeant Gomez . . .

Sgt Gomez - Yes, sir.

Montoya - Is your very pretty sister here?

Sgt Gomez - Si, colonel. Ramona . . .? [Ramona walks in]

Montoya - Well, well, well. Good afternoon, Mrs. Charles Wentworth.


Beach: night

Marta - [helping QoS pull boat into water] You can't do this alone. There is too many of them.

QoS - There's no one else.

Marta - I'll go with you.

QoS - And risk being seen with me?

Marta - It's dark. Who'll know?

QoS - What's wrong, Marta? I've done this before.

Marta - What are you thinking about? Right now? Tell me.

QoS - Camilla.

Marta - And?

QoS - And the doctor. Marta, do you think . . .

Marta - I think you'll be dead by morning if you don't concentrate on your job tonight.

QoS - [sighs] Yes, ma'am.

Marta - Don't mock me, Tessa.


Wentworth's Ship: night

Jeffrey - Who are you?

QoS - Where's Agatha?

Jeffrey - Below.

QoS - [untying Jeffrey] Get her to the rowboat. Don't worry. I'll cover you. I'm a friend.

Sailor - Who goes there? [QoS starts fighting with him]

Jeffrey - [to Agatha] Hurry, the boat's over here.

Sailor - Captain Wentworth, they're escaping! [QoS knocks down more sailors]

Wentworth - Have you ever considered a career in the circus?

QoS - Not when there are clowns like you around.

Wentworth - The last time we met, you ran off before we were formally introduced.

QoS - I take it you have that effect on most women.

Wentworth - Where is my wife?

QoS - Philedelphia? [Wentworth aims gun, QoS swings down on rope, knocks Wentworth down, dives into ocean]


Beach: morning

Agatha - [sees Montoya and others coming down beach] Jeffrey!

Jeffrey - We can't outrun them.

Montoya - I think this is a case of discretion being the better part of valor, no?

Agatha - Jeffrey, we've lost. [soldiers restrain Jeffrey and Agatha]

Montoya - What fate takes away with one hand, it so often bestows again with the other. Ah, this is going to be a beautiful day. Sergeant!

Sgt - Yes, sir!

Montoya - Prepare the gallows.


Santa Helena: street

Wentworth - After your last fiasco, colonel, how can you be so sure that they will both show up before my slaves are hanged?

Montoya - Do not worry, they'll be here. The Queen cannot resist the lure of justice. And your wife will come to rescue the slaves. After all, she has proved her loyalties once before.

Tessa - [walking up] Colonel.

Montoya - Senorita.

Tessa - Don't tell me, another hanging? Oh dear, anybody I know?

Montoya - I sincerely hope not. These people kidnapped this gentleman's wife.

Wentworth - Captain Charles Wentworth, ma'am. I saw them take my wife with my own eyes.

Tessa - Captain Wentworth? Why I had the pleasure of entertaining your wife at my hacienda recently.

Wentworth - Aha, so you are Senorita Alvarado.

Tessa - I must say, Camilla didn't seem kidnapped to me. As a matter of fact, she was in excellent spirits.

Montoya - Alas, she has now vanished, and will be unable to corroborate your testimony.

Tessa - But if she's free, how could she have been kidnapped?

Montoya - Might I suggest, senorita, that you be very careful what you say. You too could be considered part of the conspiracy.

Tessa - Me?

Montoya - She was at your hacienda.

Tessa - Is there no hope for them?

Montoya - If only the captain's wife would appear, then the truth could finally be known.

Tessa - Provided anyone's still interested in it. Good day, colonel.


Dr. Helm's Office

Camilla - He has to die, Robert. There's no other way.

Dr. Helm - I do many things, Camilla, but murder is not one of them.

Camilla - Well, it wouldn't be the first time.

Dr. Helm - We were at war!

Camilla - I'm so sorry, Robert. But surely the life of three is worth the life of one.

Dr. Helm - I will not murder him. You know, maybe your father was right, maybe I am just a coward.

Camilla - You were never a coward. [turns and grabs scalpel off table]

Dr. Helm - Hey! [takes scalpel away] Wait here.

Camilla - Where are you going?

Dr. Helm - Just be ready to ride.


Santa Helena: street

Dr. Helm - [to guard holding Agatha] Hey, (??Kenshaw??), how's that shoulder of yours? Any more trouble? [knocks Kenshaw down, wrestles with Jeffrey's guard, QoS shoots gun from the guard's hand, Dr. Helm knocks him down] I had the situation under control!

QoS - You men always say that.

Jeffrey - [to Dr. Helm] God bless you.

Agatha - Thank you!

QoS - There's some horses at the stables. Take them and go to the ship.

Dr. Helm - Camilla's still in my office.

QoS - I'll deal with her. Just get those two to the beach.

Dr. Helm - Alright. [to slaves] Let's go. Let's go. Go!

Wentworth - [running up to unconscious guards with men following] What happened here? [sees QoS riding off] Go. Tell Montoya the Queen is heading for the beach.

Man - Yes, sir.

Wentworth - [sees Camilla] I'll join him later. Camilla! [runs over and grabs her] How dare you humiliate me!

Camilla - Please, Charles, I beg you . . .

Wentworth - When you left my ship, you lost the right to beg. [backhands Camilla, Camilla pulls out scalpel, Wentworth wrestles it from her & holds it to her throat] Till death do us part.

QoS - The scalpel's such a messy divorce.

Wentworth - [pushes Camilla away & reaches for his sword] Then how about a sword? [Wentworth and QoS swordfight]

QoS - [slices Wentworth's arm] That was for Agatha. [slices arm again] And that was for Jeffrey.

[fighting continues, until Camilla grabs ceramic pot and cracks it over Wentworth's head]

QoS - Nicely done.

C - I've wanted to do that since the day we were married.

QoS - Let's go. Dr. Helm is waiting.



Montoya - You appear to be a little late, capitan.

Wentworth - [sees ship in distance, sailing away] What has happened to my ship?

Montoya - At least you have not lost everything.

Wentworth - [sees sailors tied up in rowboat] First you lose my wife, then you lose my slaves, and now you have lost my ship?!

Montoya - And the Queen has lost my cannon and left me with you. A poorer trade I cannot imagine!


Cliff above Beach

QoS - I wonder where they'll go.

Dr. Helm - Anywhere they want.

QoS - Camilla's a fine lady.

Dr. Helm - Yes, she is.

QoS - So why didn't you go with her?

Dr. Helm - I had my reasons.

QoS - Maybe one day you'll tell me what they are.

Dr. Helm - Maybe you already know.

QoS - I have to go now, doctor.


End of "Runaways"

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