Queen of Swords

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Episode 20: The Dragon

Written by Durnford King
Directed by Terry Ingram
Aired: 5-19-01
Transcript revised: 4-24-10


Zzickle's Notes:

I don't own Queen of Swords - if I did, *all* the episodes would have had Dr. Helm in them! The contents of this transcript are taken directly from the episode (with help of closed captions), to the best of my ability. Special thanks to the twins for help with Spanish translations.

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Cast List:

Tessa Alvarado - Tessie Santiago
              our heroine

Marta - Paulina Gálvez
              Tessa's gypsy servant

Dr. Robert Helm - Peter Wingfield
              the town doctor

Col. Luis Montoya - Valentine Pelka
              the bad guy

Queen of Swords - Tessa's alter ego

Master Kiyomasa - Burt Kwouk
              a samurai priest

Kami - Sung Hi Lee
              Kiyomasa's student

Armando - Darrell D'Silva
              a bandit

Miguel - Fernando Moraleda
              a bandit, Armando's son?

Marco - Domingo Beltran
              another bandit


Beach near Santa Helena

Kami - Brown and barren . . . I miss the green forests of home.

Kiyomasa - The voice of our ancestors draws us here for a reason, Kami. Japan cannot exist in isolation forever. We must learn what we can about this new world, before it devours us.

Kami - But look around. What could this land possibly teach us?

Kiyomasa - See there? Where the earth is rich, the flower blooms with ease and learns nothing about itself. But where the soil is sandy and dry, it must struggle to life with all its being.

Kami - And so comes to know the strength and power of its true self. I know, but . . .

Kiyomasa - You are sorry you left the temple? Dragged across the ocean by a foolish old man.

Kami - I don't think you're foolish, Master. Where you lead, I am privileged to follow.


On road to Santa Helena

Armando - Look at the way they're dressed. I smell money. An old man and a young girl? Easy pickings.

Armando's son - I want the girl.

[Bandits laugh]

Armando - She's yours . . . after. My gift to a good son. Mount up. It's time to hunt.


Kami - What is it, master?

Kiyomasa - The earth speaks. Tell me, what does it say to you?

Kami - [places her hands on the ground] Horsemen. Coming fast.

Kiyomasa - And your center? Does it speak?

Kami - A dragon roars. Danger. Coming for us.

Kiyomasa - Then we must be prepared.

[Bandits ride up, dismount]

Armando - Your money and your jewels . . . if you want to live.

Kiyomasa - [bows] You are welcome to share in what little we have.

Armando's son - I'll take a little of this. [walks toward Kami]

[fighting begins between the bandits and the two travelers, Kami slices the son's stomach with her sword]

Armando - No! [pulls gun, shoots Kiyomasa]

Kami - Master! [is knocked unconscious]

Armando - Damn her!

Bandit - Someone's coming!

Armando - Give me a hand. [Bandits carry Armando's son away]


Marta - Esta te gusta? Para un (??bandana??). [trans: Do you like this? For a bandana.]

Tessa - Aha, que bonita. [trans: Aha, that's pretty.] 'Dale, caballito, let's go. [trans: Hurry up, horse]

Marta - Silk from the Orient . . . such a luxury. Mmm. So soft. It's hard to imagine it comes from worms.

Tessa - Thank you, Marta. Now every time I wear it, I'll have that image in my mind. What's that ahead? Whoa. [climbs out of wagon and goes to Kami's still form] Marta!

Marta - [at Kiyomasa's side] It's too late.

Tessa - He's dead?

Marta - Only his body. Ancient soul - strong in life, stronger after death.

Tessa - We need to get her to Doctor Helm.


Dr. Helm's Office

Tessa - How is she?

Dr. Helm - She's unconscious still.

Tessa - [notices tattoo on Kami's arm] What's that?

Dr. Helm - It's Japanese. I think it's Shorinji kempo.

Tessa - What?

Dr. Helm - They're a cult of warrior priests.

Tessa - Priests? But she's a woman.

Dr. Helm - Well, they admit females. They're the only sect that do.

Tessa - You're full of surprises, doctor.

Dr. Helm - Yeah, they teach their women to fight like men.

Tessa - Sounds like a strange place indeed. Doctor? I think she's coming around.

Kami - [wakes up and throws Dr. Helm across the room] Yaaah!

Dr. Helm - Aaah.

Kami - Touch me again and you die.

Tessa - No one's going to hurt you.

Dr. Helm - No, no. I'm a doctor. You shouldn't be on your feet. You've had a blow to the head . . .

Tessa - [to Dr. Helm] Are you alright?

Dr. Helm - . . . as have I.

Kami - Master Kiyomasa?

Tessa - The man who was with you?

Kami - Where is he?

Tessa - I'm sorry.

Dr. Helm - I'm afraid his wound was fatal.

Kami - Liar. Liar! [runs out]

Dr. Helm - Oooh. [falls to the ground]

Tessa - Oh! Doctor!


Santa Helena: street

Kami - [running down the street] Master! Master?! Master!! [runs up to some of Montoya's soldiers] Where's my master? My master, where is he?

Soldier - You're a feisty little one.

[Kami fights soldiers off, Montoya watches from his apartments until one soldier picks up a gun]

Montoya - [comes down the stairs to the street] Put that weapon down! How dare you treat an honored guest in such a manner. [backhands soldier, bows to Kami] Please forgive the crudeness of my men. I will see that they pay for this insult later.

Kami - Who are you?

Montoya - I am Colonel Luis Montoya, commander of this garrison.

Kami - Commander?

Montoya - In your culture, I would humbly be called shogun.

Kami - [bows to Montoya] Then it is I who must apologize for this disturbance.

Montoya - Not at all. Your display was quite illuminating.

Kami - I am looking for my master.

Montoya - I am afraid to have to tell you that his spirit has flown to join those of his celestial ancestors.

Kami - No, it can't be.

Montoya - I have taken the liberty and had his body placed in our house of prayer.

Kami - Thank you. I am most grateful.

Montoya - Would you like to follow me?


Santa Helena: church interior

Kami - [performing burial rituals] So you may only see beauty on your journey to the next world. So you hear only music.


Flashback: earlier that day

Kiyomasa - We are on the edge of a great adventure. Are you not afraid?

Kami - My only fear is that I will not serve you well.

Kiyomasa - You cannot help but serve me well. It is who you are.


Santa Helena: church interior

Kami - Kiyomasa-san, I beg your forgiveness. It was my duty to protect you, but I failed. [sobs] I am unworthy.


Colonel Montoya's Office

Kami - Master Kiyomasa was the only family I've ever known.

Montoya - You feel responsible for your master's death? You believe you have shamed your ancestors?

Kami - It's true.

Montoya - Guilt. It's a terrible thing to have to live with.

Kami - Then I shall not live.

Montoya - Forgive me, but is it not far more honorable to confront your enemies, than to retreat into death?

Kami - You know the way of the samurai.

Montoya - I do not presume to have the wisdom of your late master, but one thing I do know. It is not you who should die for this, but the killers.


Doctor Helm's Office

Dr. Helm - Ok, no more dancing for him. [soldiers limp and hobble out]

Tessa - Feeling better, Doctor Helm?

Dr. Helm - Better than them. I will say one thing - she's good for business.

Tessa - She's a menace. I mean, what she did to those men is criminal. I'm surprised Colonel Montoya hasn't arrested her yet.

Dr. Helm - Yes, he does seem to be taking an unhealthy interest in her, doesn't he?

Tessa - Hmm.

Dr. Helm - I wouldn't be surprised to see him wearing a kimono the next time he reviews the troops.

Tessa - [laughs, swats Dr. Helm on head with rolled up paper] You are cruel.

Dr. Helm - No, but really. I mean, anyone else beats his soldiers to a pulp and he's measuring them for a noose.

Tessa - I see what you're saying. You're afraid Colonel Montoya has plans for the young lady. Someone of her skills would be of great use to him.

Dr. Helm - Certainly, she can fight, but she's still only one girl.

Tessa - All alone in a strange land.

Dr. Helm - Yeah, it must be very frightening.

Tessa - You're not suggesting she stay with me, are you, doctor?

Dr. Helm - No, not at all.

Tessa - Although it might be best to keep her away from the colonel.

Dr. Helm - Yes, that certainly wouldn't hurt.

Tessa - Would be the decent thing to do. You know, that's a great idea, Doctor Helm. I hope you feel better. I'm going to go invite her immediately. [Tessa leaves]


Montoya's Living Quarters

Montoya - I have something for you. A gift. [hands Kami a katana and bows] One work of art for another. Over the years, I have assembled a modest collection of weapons. [pulls out a leather satchel and opens it] It would be a great honor for me if you were to use these to fulfill your sacred obligation.

Kami - [pulls a throwing star out of the bag] Where can I find the bandit?

Montoya - Those men are just pawns in a game. It is their master you seek.

Kami - Where can I find him?

Montoya - What makes you think it is a man?


Bandit's Hideout

Armando - It's your time, boy. Make what peace you can.

Armando's son - I'm scared.

Armando - My son lived like a man. He will die like one. But I promise you, she will pay. I will avenge your death ten times over.


Santa Helena: courtyard

Kami - [throwing the stars at a target] They will do.

Montoya - It is always exciting to see such skill in one so young, but the Queen of Swords will not be an easy conquer.

Tessa - Hello, colonel. How nice to see you.

Montoya - Senorita.

Tessa - [to Kami] Are you ready?

Montoya - You are going with her?

Kami - Tessa saved my life. She was kind enough to ask me to be her guest.

Montoya - But I thought --

Tessa - -- That it would be inappropriate for a young lady to be in town without a chaperone?

Montoya - Yes, of course.

Kami - You know where to find me.

Montoya - Indeed, I do. [bows to Kami] Senorita.

Tessa - Colonel.


Road to Alvarado's Hacienda

Tessa - The colonel's an interesting man, isn't he? You two look like you were getting along quite well. Did he have any new information on the bandits who attacked you? Is something wrong, Kami?

Kami - A dragon roars.

Tessa - Dragon?

Kami - They're coming.

Armando - Damn her! The girl's mine! You can do what you like with the other!

Kami - Stop the carriage!

Tessa - No, Kami! They have guns. You saw what happened to your master. Kami, get down! Kami, no! You'll be killed. No!

Kami - [throws star at Armando who falls from his horse] Stop! We have to go back!

Bandit - Armando! Armando!


Tessa - We lost them.

Kami - A true warrior does not run from her enemy.

Tessa - Whatever you say, but save it. Let us get you home safely. How did you know we were being followed?

Kami - I didn't.

Tessa - [picks up one of the stars] Then what are these for?

Kami - The revenge of my ancestor. I will need them to kill the Queen of Swords.


Hilltop above Alvarado's Hacienda

Kami - You intrude on my peace.

Tessa - Kami, if I've done anything to insult you --

Kami - I had a chance to revenge my master's death and you stole it from me.

Tessa - I understand. My father was also murdered.

Kami - And what have you done about it?

Tessa - Kami, revenge is not --

Kami - Are his killers dead?


Flashback to "Honor Thy Father"

[Raul pulls a sword, Tessa grabs a wooden pitchfork]

Raul - So, you want to know how your father died? [exchange parries] Like a stuck pig.

Tessa - What?! [more fighting]

Raul - Begging for mercy. Crying like a baby.

Tessa - Liar! [fighting continues]

Raul - Don Rafael Alvarado died a coward.

Tessa - No.

Marta - Tessa!

[fight ends with Tessa stabbing Raul in the chest with tines of pitchfork]

Tessa - [drops pitchfork] Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. Raul? Raul! Who killed my father?!

Marta - Tessa.

Tessa - Who killed my father?!

Marta - Tessa, he's gone.

Tessa - Nooo. [begins crying]


Hilltop above Alvarado's Hacienda

Tessa - No.

Kami - Why do you allow them to go free? It was a simple question.

Tessa - Don't judge me. You don't know anything about me.

Kami - You follow the way of the mouse. I follow the way of the dragon. And don't ever get in my way again.


Santa Helena: outdoor cantina

Bandit - [laughing with other bandits, grabs girl by the arm] Tequila. The whole bottle.

Girl - Money first. [bandit hands her a coin] What is this?

Bandit - What difference does it make? It's silver.

Soldier - [snatches coin] It's Japanese! Where the hell'd you get it? Come with me.


Colonel Montoya's Office

Montoya - Interesting coin. You get to Yokohama often? You expect me to believe that you found this?

Bandit - I did, colonel. I swear. [Montoya says nothing] Okay, I stole it.

Montoya - From the old man?

Bandit - Yeah.

Montoya - And you murdered him.

Bandit - Not me! It was . . . Armando.

Montoya - Did the girl see him?

Bandit - Yeah.

Montoya - You must tell me the whereabouts of your hideout. I need to talk to Armando.

Bandit - Are you crazy? He-he'll kill me.

Montoya - And what makes you think that I will not?


Bandit's Hideout

Montoya - Armando! I am Colonel Luis Montoya. I come in peace. There is no need for theatrics. I only want to talk.

Armando - Ha! You must think I'm a complete fool to believe that.

Montoya - On the contrary, I think you are very smart. Smart enough to realize that if I wanted you dead, your blood would be flowing by now. [soldiers on horseback appear on the surrounding hills] Be a good fellow and put that thing away before someone has an unfortunate accident.

Armando - What's this about?

Montoya - You play your cards right and I could make you a wealthy man.


Alvarado's Hacienda

Tessa - [putting on the Queen's outfit] I'm not going to hide.

Marta - Hide? Did I say hide?

Tessa - What would you call it?

Marta - I would call it just . . . not being around. She fights, she prays. That's all she knows.

Tessa - I can't just stand by and let Montoya use her.

Marta - Tessa, the cards tell me she's not alone.

Tessa - That's impossible. Only two people were on that ship and one of them is dead.

Marta - She has guides. Ancient and powerful.

Tessa - [picks up one of the tarot cards] And dead.

Marta - Her blood is samurai. She will not allow herself to fail. She will die first.

Tessa - I'll find the man that murdered her master and it'll all be over.

Marta - What if she finds the Queen of Swords first?

Tessa - Then we have a problem.


Bandit's Hideout

Montoya - To earn my 100 reales, you have to convince her that you are following the Queen of Sword's orders.

Armando - Me? Follow a woman?

Montoya - If she does not blame the old man's death on the Queen --

Armando - She killed my son! I want that girl dead!

Montoya - I understand you grief, senor. You will have your just revenge.

Armando - Good. Cause that's all I care about. And I want 200 gold reales. Relax. You are not the only one who can pretend to be something he's not.

Montoya - You should not presume too much in our relationship, senor.

Armando - [laughs] It was a compliment, colonel. You are a master of deception.

Montoya - It is true. I am.

Armando - Before we go, I have some unfinished business. [aims gun at the bandit]

Bandit - No. [Armando shoots him]

Montoya - He said you would kill him if he led me to your camp.

Armando - First time he's been right in years.


QoS - [to lookout bandit] Did you kill the old man?

Bandit - No. It was Armando.

QoS - Then where is he?

Bandit - Montoya took him.

QoS - Why didn't Montoya take you?

Bandit - I don't know. [tries to rush QoS]

QoS - [knocks bandit out] Sweet dreams.


Doctor Helm's Quarters

Dr. Helm - [taking a bath, still sore from Kami's attack earlier] Aaah. Ooooh. Mmm. [startled by more water being poured into the tub] Oh! What the hell are you doing here?

Kami - I came to apologize.

Dr. Helm - Apology accepted. Now if you don't mind, I'm taking a bath.

Kami - In my country, it is common for men and women to bathe together.

Dr. Helm - That's a charming custom, I'm sure, but we don't do that here.

Kami - I need your help.

Dr. Helm - As long as it doesn't involve me standing up . . .

Kami - Can you tell me where I can find the Queen of Swords?

Dr. Helm - I don't know. No one does. Why?

Kami - She killed my master.

Dr. Helm - Who told you that?

Kami - Colonel Montoya said she ordered it.

Dr. Helm - And you believe him?

Kami - He is shogun.

Dr. Helm - Kami, you must be careful what he tells you. Men who love power will often lie to protect it. I highly doubt the Queen of Swords had anything to do with the death of Master Kiomasa. [Kami stands and walks behind him] What are you doing? [she starts kneading his shoulder] Aaah.

Kami - Kappo is a healing art. It is used by samurai after battle.

Dr. Helm - Lucky them. Aaah. [Kami leaves quietly] Hm, the pain's gone. How did you do that . . . ?


Montoya's Office, next morning

Montoya - Who told you that the Queen of Swords was not involved? Never mind. Guards! Bring in the prisoner. [Kami starts to draw her katana] Please, please. First listen to what he has to say, then act. Who ordered you to rob and kill the travelers?

Armando - It was the Queen of Swords. We were following her orders.

Kami - What orders?

Armando - She said you were carrying gold. If you resisted, we were to kill you. She would kill us if we failed.

Montoya - Hang him.

Armando - What'd you say!? Montoya! [Guards haul him off]

Montoya - You are welcome to attend if you wish. So there you have it. The confession of a condemned man.

Kami - I am satisfied.

Montoya - Well, is there anything else I can provide for you?

Kami - Only a horse, Montoya-san.


Alvarado's Hacienda, outside

Marta - The colonel can't be trusted.

Kami - I heard it from the bandit's lips.

Marta - The colonel could have forced him to lie.

Kami - I appreciate your concern, but the time for words has passed.

Marta - Make sure your passion doesn't cloud your judgment.

Kami - The voice of a thousand ancestors cry out for vengeance.

Marta - Are you sure it's their voice you hear? Or is it your own anger talking?

Kami - How dare you speak to me of these things? You know nothing of them.

Marta - You are not the only one with ancient teachers.

Kami - I must go.

Marta - Be careful when you look for the dragon. Hopefully it's not inside you.

Kami - I will seek out the Queen of Swords. Only one of us shall live.

Marta - Kami, before you seek vengeance, first seek the truth.

[Kami rides off]

Marta - Montoya has woven his spell well.

Tessa - The only way to convince her is for Armando to tell her the truth.

Marta - What are you going to do?

Tessa - Arrange a stay of execution.


Santa Helena: street

Armando - This is a mistake!

Soldier - Yours.

Armando - I demand to see Montoya. I kept to my part of the deal!

Soldier - Start running.

Armando - Why? So you can shoot me in the back?

Soldier - No . . . your head. [Armando takes off]

[QoS stops soldiers from firing, fights them, knocks them out, goes after Armando, Kami sees her ride off]


Dr. Helm - Hey, do you know what you're doing?

Kami - It's what I have to.

Dr. Helm - The Queen of Swords is Montoya's enemy. She's not yours.

Kami - She is a demon that has clouded your mind.

Dr. Helm - Montoya's soldiers have been trying to kill her for months. Now they're using you to do it.

Kami - She's freed the man who killed my master.

Dr. Helm - Kami, if you allow yourself to be Montoya's assassin, you do great dishonor to your master's memory.

Kami - You have been kind to me, but you must step aside.

Dr. Helm - Or what? You'll kill me too?

Kami - Don't tempt me, doctor.

Dr. Helm - Kami. Kami!

Montoya - Ah, Doctor Helm. Why am I not surprised to find you here?

Dr. Helm - I was just giving someone the benefit of a second opinion.

Montoya - You perform a vital service for this community. However, your propensity for good deeds is becoming just a little irritating. Stick to medicine, Doctor Helm, so that we may all continue to benefit from your skills. Guards!

Soldier - Sir?

Montoya - Escort the good doctor to his office.

Soldier - Yes, sir.

Montoya - You are looking tired. Take the rest of the day off.


Hills near Santa Helena

QoS - No sign that we were followed, but the day's still young.

Armando - What are you going to do if someone turns up?

QoS - That is a problem. If I let you go, Kami will track you down and kill you . . . or Montoya will track you down and kill you.

Armando - You've got to be kidding.

QoS - Either way, you have the life expectancy of a dewdrop.

Armando - So you're going to leave me tied like this!?

QoS - Hm. How much did Montoya pay you?

Armando - What are you talking about?

QoS - To finger me for the murder. I'm curious. How much am I worth to him these days.

Armando - A hundred gold reales. And a hundred more to come.

QoS - Two hundred reales? Is that all?

Armando - [laughs] You think I should have asked for more?

Montoya - Well, considering that he wasn't planning on paying you anyway . . . I think you could have gotten twice as much.

Armando - Really?

QoS - Armando, I don't know how you survived all these years.


[Kami tracks QoS, finds her and Armando]

QoS - You've been lied to. You just don't know by whom. Montoya tells you one thing, everyone else says something different.

Kami - [nodding at Armando] Not everyone.

QoS - Why don't you listen to what he has to say before one of us dies.

Kami - Why? So he can lie to protect you? Whatever happens today, you die.

Armando - Don't count on it!

[QoS and Kami swordfight while Armando frees his bound wrists and ankles]

QoS - [sees Armando attempt to attack Kami] Behind you! [QoS throws a dagger into Armando's chest]

Kami - You saved my life.

QoS - Montoya lied to you.

Kami - And because of me you were falsely accused.

QoS - It's not the first time that's happened.

Montoya - [rides up with soldiers] Thank you, Kami. I shall forever be in your debt for leading me here.

Kami - You deceived me.

Montoya - Kill them both. [soldiers fight the two girls, Montoya draws pistol and fires but hits one of the soldiers instead] Idiot.

QoS - Drop the pistol, colonel. You'll be dead before you reload.

Montoya - Sad, but true, I'm afraid. It seems you ladies have me at a disadvantage.

QoS - As usual.

Montoya - Until we meet again. Ladies. [rides off]


Hills near Santa Helena

QoS - Where will you go?

Kami - I will finish my master's work.

QoS - Back in the east?

Kami - Master Kiyomasa was right. The world is coming to Japan. We cannot hide from it. I will see this vast land of yours and let it teach me what it can. [hands short sword to QoS]

QoS - It's beautiful.

Kami - The master gave it to me. The dragon is a symbol of our order. Its roar represents the power of the physical; its fire, the wisdom of the unseen. It will bring you good luck.

QoS - Thank you. If you ever need anything . . .

Kami - There is one thing.

QoS - Name it.

Kami - If you see Tessa Alvarado, please tell her that I apologize.

QoS - For what?

Kami - She offered me nothing but kindness. I was rude and selfish.

QoS - Don't worry. I'm sure she understands. [They bow to each other and Kami walks off]


End of "The Dragon"

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