Queen of Swords

Episode Transcripts



Written by James Thorpe
Directed by Norma Bailey
Aired: 6-2-01
Transcript revised: 12-18-08


Zzickle's Notes:

I don't own Queen of Swords - if I did, *all* the episodes would have had Dr. Helm in them! The contents of this transcript are taken directly from the episode (with help of closed captions), to the best of my ability.

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Cast List:

Tessa Alvarado - Tessie Santiago
              our heroine

Marta - Paulina GŠlvez
              Tessa's gypsy servant

Dr. Robert Helm - Peter Wingfield
              the town doctor

Col. Luis Montoya - Valentine Pelka
              the bad guy

Queen of Swords - Tessa's alter ego

Cpt. Grisham - Anthony Lemke
              Montoya's lackey

Don Gaspar Hidalgo - Tacho GonzŠlez
              a wealthy man

Vera Hidalgo - Elsa Pataky
              the don's young wife

Rosa - Maria del Carmen Ruiz
              being treated for headaches


Road near Santa Helena

QoS - [fighting with Grisham and soldiers] Three down . . . one to go. [to Grisham] Why don't you just give up?

Grisham - Because your head's still attached to your shoulders.

QoS - [Knocks Grisham down & briefly pins his blade with her foot] Sloppy work, captain.

Grisham - You know, I've changed my mind.

QoS - About what?

Grisham - I think I'm going to cut out your tongue before I cut off your head. That way I won't have to listen to you whine, bitch, and complain. [Grisham attacks again, ends with QoS's sword against his neck] Oh great.

QoS - Come on. [backs Grisham up to a large rock] You know, a man in your position should really choose his words more carefully.

Grisham - What position? [QoS flicks her sword down between his legs] Oh.

Vera - [who has been watching the fight from horseback] Marcus! Marcus! [to QoS] What do you think you are doing? How dare you attack an unarmed man? [Vera beats at QoS with her parasol]

Grisham - Vera, get out of the way!

QoS - Vera, get back! Get back!

Grisham - Damn it, go! Go! [Grisham smacks his sword against the horse's rump, causing it to rear]

Vera - Easy, boy. Easy.

QoS - I just want the gold!

Vera - Marcus! Marcus! Aah!

Soldiers - It's the Queen! Get her! [Soldiers shoot at her, but QoS gets away]

Grisham - Vera. [sees Vera lying unconscious on the ground, runs to her side] Oh, God. Come on, sweety. Come on. It's me. [sees cut on Vera's temple] Uh-oh.


Santa Helena: courtyard

Montoya - Come, come, senor. Surely you are exaggerating.

Hidalgo - You have seized over twenty thousand acres of land, all in the last six months.

Montoya - All for non-payment of taxes, I might hasten to add.

Hidalgo - Of course, I understand these matters completely.

Montoya - How perceptive of you.

Hidalgo - But, some of the other dons are not as understanding.

Montoya - But they have you to look to for guidance and support. If anyone can calm them, it is Don Gaspar Hidalgo.

Hidalgo - But I might be more convincing if I had something at stake.

Montoya - I'm afraid you are losing me.

Hidalgo - If I was part of the bigger picture . . . say perhaps, a partner.

Montoya - My partner?

Hidalgo - Oh, not my idea, you understand.

Montoya - Perhaps this is one of your lovely wife's suggestions?

Hidalgo - Come to think of it, Vera did mention something - [Grisham rides up carrying Vera and leading her riderless horse]

Grisham - Come on! Give me a hand! Give me a hand here! [to soldiers] Take the horse. Take her.

Hidalgo - Oh, my God, my petal!

Grisham - Carefully.

Hidalgo - She's been attacked?

Grisham - I don't know if attacked is exactly the right word.

Hidalgo - Who did this? Did this thing?

Montoya - Indeed, capitan, who would want to destroy one of God's loveliest creatures?

Grisham - Well, um . . .

Hidalgo - I'm shocked!

Grisham - [pulls out tarot card left by the QoS] It was the Queen of Swords.

Hidalgo - We must take her to the doctor. Come on. Hurry. Hurry. Hurry!


Alvarado's hacienda

Tessa - [changing out of QoS outfit] I didn't get the gold.

Marta - The gold? You're lucky you got away with your life.

Tessa - But the Garcias can't pay their taxes without the Queen's help.

Marta - I know that.

Tessa - And Montoya *will* take their hacienda.

Marta - You mustn't blame yourself.

Tessa - [sighs] And I had the gold in my hand. Till Vera showed up. Now she's hurt.

Marta - Poor girl. Grisham sleeps with her, then he uses her. Bastard.

Tessa - Well, this is one time I can't wait to see him get what's coming to him. [puts on bodice] Help me. I have to go into town.


Dr. Helm's Office

Dr. Helm - I'm doing everything I can, senor.

Hidalgo - Doctor, I don't care what it costs. I'm rich and I'll pay you anything. Just make her better.

Dr. Helm - I understand, senor. Your wife's case is very unusual. There are no broken bones to mend. Vera's in a coma.

Hidalgo - So . . . I am supposed to just . . . wait?

Dr. Helm - It's up to her now. She may wake up at any moment.

Hidalgo - Or she may not wake up at all. [bends and kisses Vera on the cheek]


Santa Helena: street

Montoya - People wonder why I keep raising taxes. It takes all my resources to fight this demon from hell.

Tessa - You're saying the Queen of Swords attacked Vera!?

Montoya - Imagine, assaulting innocent women. What next? Kicking small children?

Tessa - How horrifying. Now, did you say Vera told you all this?

Montoya - No, no. The creature's still unconscious.

Tessa - I'm sorry to hear that.

Montoya - Doctor Helm is attending her. Apparently, he is hopeful.

Tessa - Thank God. But if Vera can't speak, how do you know it was the Queen of Swords?

Montoya - Capitan Grisham. Saw the attack with his own eyes.

Tessa - Really, colonel, I must say . . . it's hard to imagine that one woman -

Montoya - Remember, senorita, she is no woman. She is an evil spirit who threatens the very destiny of this whole pueblo.

Tessa - Well, colonel, at least we can take comfort in knowing that men of honor, such as yourself and the gallant captain, are here to protect us.

Montoya - [nods toward church] Even now, Grisham is giving thanks for his narrow escape.

Tessa - Really?

Montoya - Mm-hm.

Tessa - Hm.

Montoya - Shall we?


Santa Helena: church interior

Grisham - Okay, look. I know we haven't exactly been on the best of terms or anything lately, but I've got a little favor to ask.

QoS - Your prayers are answered. Here I am.

Grisham - Great. [Tries to stand]

QoS - Ah! Care to make a donation?

Grisham - Not really.

QoS - Remember who's watching. Want to make a good impression, don't you? Just on the off chance that you're not going to burn in the eternal fires of hell.

Grisham - Well, anything would be better than today.

QoS - You lied and blamed me for Vera's accident. Were you praying for forgiveness?

Grisham - Yeah, sure. Okay.

QoS - Or is it because if she dies, you'll be guilty of murdering a don's wife.

Grisham - You see, either way, you take the heat. So from where I'm sitting, believe it or not, it's kind of a win-win situation.

QoS - You really are a bastard.

Grisham - Yeah. [whistles, soldiers run in] Kill her!

QoS - Come on, come on, gentlemen . . . two against one? What kind of odds are those for a lady? [fights her way past the soldiers and Grisham] So long, gentlemen.

Grisham - Son of a bitch! [remembers where he is] Sorry.


Colonel Montoya's Office

Hidalgo - The Queen was a thing of wrath. Defiling our church. And still she escapes.

Montoya - Believe me, sir, I share your outrage. If I'd had my way, I would not have had a mere twenty men chasing the Queen, I would have had two hundred.

Hidalgo - Then you must get two hundred! Get a thousand!

Montoya - Are you sure that is what you want?

Hidalgo - Are you mad? Even now, my petal lies at death's door. Track the Queen down. Kill her. I don't care what it takes.

Montoya - Then act, senor. [holds out quill pen] Take up this sword and smite our enemy.

Hidalgo - What is this?

Montoya - It is a document granting me the power to declare martial law.

Hidalgo - Martial law?

Montoya - Just imagine. Every able-bodied man - rancheros, farmers - all conscripted into my army. And all with one aim in mind; death to the Queen.

Hidalgo - I'll need to gather a council of dons.

Montoya - Now is not the hour for hesitation.

Hidalgo - But to grant one man such power . . . there are many questions.

Montoya - You are wrong, Gaspar. There is only one. How much do you love your wife?


Santa Helena: street

Montoya - And I owe it all to the Queen. Because of her attack on Senora Hidalgo, I will have an army of hundreds. The entire town will be in the palm of my hand. Even the dons will have to bend to my power now.

Grisham - The vein in your neck's popping again.

Montoya - Always the killjoy, huh?

Grisham - Okay, let me ask you something. Um, hypothetically speaking, of course --

Montoya - Oh, dear. I always get nervous when you use words of more than three syllables.

Grisham - Okay, let's just say, you know, for arguments sake, that uh . . that the Queen didn't really attack Vera.

Montoya - Now why on earth would I want to do that?

Grisham - Well . . . well, because Vera just might wake up and tell the truth.

Montoya - Which would be?

Grisham - Well, that . . . that I was trying to get to the Queen of Swords, and that her horse got in the way and then she kinda got . . . thrown . . . sort of.

Montoya - You.

Grisham - Look, you know, I didn't mean for her to get hurt or anything.

Montoya - You fool. Just when things were so beautifully set in motion.

Grisham - Hey, what's the worse that could happen here? I mean, really . . .

Montoya - Ah well, let us just consider that, shall we? Hypothetically speaking, to employ Capitan Grisham's phrase of the week, Senor Hidalgo finds out. You are branded at least a coward, perhaps even a murderer. My commission is revoked. I am sent back to Spain in disgrace!

Grisham - Alright! Alright, I get the picture.

Montoya - Unless . . .

Grisham - Okay, I'll bite.

Montoya - Unless the lovely Vera does not wake up.

Grisham - Oh, no, hey, come on. You're not going to kill her, are you?

Montoya - No, no, no. Of course I'm not going to kill her.

Grisham - Good.

Montoya - You are.

Grisham - [sighs] Great.


Doctor Helm's Office

Rosa - [knocks on office door] Doctor Helm, are you in?

Dr. Helm - [opens door] Rosa.

Rosa - Hello, doctor. May I come in?

Dr. Helm - Come in.

Grisham - [sneaks in back door to Vera's bed while Dr. Helm is talking to Rosa] Vera. Vera? Vera. Okay, what to do . . . [tosses pillow on Vera's face] Okay . . . [pushes hand on pillow for a few seconds] No. [stops pushing, Vera starts coughing. Grisham pulls pillow away. Vera wakes up, spitting out feathers.]

Vera - Marcus?

Grisham - [puts pillow behind Vera's head] Here you go, sweety.

Vera - Ooh, where am I?

Grisham - You're in the doctor's office. You were badly hurt.

Vera - Why do I have . . . feathers in my mouth?

Grisham - You're sick. You're very sick.

Vera - I remember now. I was on my horse.

Grisham - [Looks through doctor's bottles, picks one] Here, take this. It'll help you sleep, okay? [gives Vera the contents] A little more, little more, little more . . . oh, that's good.

Vera - But I just woke up.

Grisham - I know, but you're very sick.

Vera - It was you! [Vera falls back, unconscious]

Grisham - Sweety, it was either drug you or kill you. Just call me a romantic. [kisses Vera on forehead, looks at bottle.] Laudanum.


Montoya's Office

Montoya - Something tickles my curiosity. Which part of 'kill her' did you not understand?

Grisham - We don't want to kill her, not really.

Montoya - No, I do. Really.

Grisham - We just want her silenced, right?

Montoya - So Capitan Grisham's master plan is, what? To keep her drugged for the next fifty years?

Grisham - No, just for a few days. I mean, by that time, when she wakes up it will be too late. You'll have the town under your control and everybody in it.

[knock on door]

Montoya - Not now! [Hidalgo enters]

Hidalgo - Colonel.

Montoya - Ah, Senor Hidalgo. Always a pleasure.

Hidalgo - Captain.

Grisham - Senor.

Hidalgo - The dons have voted. You have your martial law.

Montoya - A wise decision.

Hidalgo - Our men are at your disposal, immediately.

Montoya - And with my leadership and their help, I shall catch the Queen and kill her. [Hidalgo nods] Oh, by the way, how is your lovely wife . . . any change?

Hidalgo - Sadly, there has been no improvement.

Montoya - Tragic.

Grisham - Yeah.

Montoya - [looks at Grisham] Truly tragic.



[Soldiers are grabbing workers and loading them into a wagon.]

Grisham - Come on ladies, get in the back of the wagon. We're going for a little ride.

Man - But we are farmers!

Grisham - You're not farmers anymore. You're soldiers. Think of it like a promotion. [QoS whips rifle out of soldier's hands] Well, well. Bravo! Well done.

QoS - You're next.

Grisham - I don't think so. [to men] Do nothing. [QoS jumps off roof into pile of hay] You know, I'm not really in the mood.

QoS - You're not going to fight me?

Grisham - Look. [motions toward nearby hills] It's the dawn of a new day. Rancheros, soldiers, farmhands, and each one with a bullet with your name on it.

QoS - Yeah, well, don't buy any flowers yet.

Men - [riding up on horseback] Yah! It's the Queen of Swords!

[QoS jumps on her horse and rides off, men in pursuit.]

Grisham - Ah, martial law. It's a beautiful thing. Let's go! Hyah! [rides after QoS with more men]


Alvarado's hacienda

Tessa - Ah! Take it easy!

Marta - [brushing out Tessa's hair] What do you expect? You have a tree growing in your hair.

Tessa - Well, you try rolling down a hundred foot gully without ruining your hair. [sighs] There must have been a dozen of them. Just came up out of nowhere.

Marta - Maybe it's time you went back to Spain.

Tessa - What are you . . .ow!

Marta - Stay still. Just for a vacation.

Tessa - I don't need a vacation.

Marta - The Queen does. Everywhere she goes, they will be looking for her. And it's not just Montoya's soldiers anymore.

Tessa - Tell me about it. Every ranchero within twenty miles is in on the game. But running away is not the answer.

Marta - Don't think of it as running away. Think of it as just . . .

Tessa - I know! A vacation. If only Vera would wake up. She knows the Queen didn't attack her.


Dr. Helm's back room

Vera - [still lying on exam table, beginning to come awake] Mmm. Marcus?

Grisham - Ah, ah, ah, ah. Not yet. Ok, sweety? Not yet. [holds vial of laudanum to Vera's lips] Just take a bit. Just take it. [hears a door shut in the front, turns around to see Dr. Helm walk in] Hi, Doc.

Dr. Helm - What the hell are you doing?

Grisham - Who, me?

Dr. Helm - [deadpan] No, I was talking to the lady in the coma.

Grisham - Oh. [beat] Ahhhh, humor. Part of that famous bedside manner of yours, huh?

Dr. Helm - Answer the question.

Grisham - Well, I was, uh . . . I was just passing by so I figured I'd check on Vera, you know.

Dr. Helm - Sneak in through the back door, did you?

Grisham - Well, you were busy with your patients. I didn't want to disturb you.

Dr. Helm - [giving Grisham a look] That's very considerate. [puts on stethoscope and examines Vera]

Grisham - Guilty as charged. How's she doing?

Dr. Helm - On the off chance that you *are* genuinely concerned: there's been no change.

Grisham - Hm. Well, you're the doc, huh? I guess that's why you get to wear this fancy . . . microscope.

Dr. Helm - Stethoscope.

Grisham - Yeah, whatever.

Dr. Helm - [opens back door] Thank you for coming.

Grisham - Ok. Well, uh, it looks like you've got everything fairly under control here, so I'll just . . . be on my way. [walks out the door, Dr. Helm gives him a 'helpful' push] I'm going, I'm going.


Alvarado's Hacienda

Sergeant - Company! Halt! [Montoya climbs out of carriage]

Tessa - Colonel, what a pleasant surprise. But I'm afraid you find me unprepared for visitors.

Montoya - You will be relieved, then, to hear that this is not a social call. You are aware, senorita, that I have been obliged to declare martial law.

Tessa - Oh, yes, I've heard. Poor colonel. So much responsibility resting on your shoulders. Ah! It gives me shivers just thinking about it.

Montoya - Which is why I come to you for support.

Tessa - Me?

Montoya - Your rancheros will join hundreds of others as conscripts to my army.

Tessa - An army? What for?

Montoya - To find the Queen, and to end her reign of terror.

Tessa - But if you take my men, I'm left all alone . . . with no protection from her.

Montoya - In times of crisis, we must all make sacrifices.

Tessa - I beg you . . . don't ask this of me. I would hate to refuse a request from my colonel.

Montoya - It is not a request. It is a military order. You have twenty-four hours to comply. You either hand over your men, or you hand over the deed of your land. It is up to you. Adios. [gets back in carriage and departs.]


Marta - [to haciendaís workers] Just take courage. Iíll ask Senorita Alvarado. [walks over to Tessa] The men want to know what they should do.

Tessa - Tell them they should keep working.

Marta - What about Montoyaís order?

Tessa - What about it?

Marta - Shouldnít we at least play along for now?

Tessa - No.

Marta - It might buy us a few days.

Tessa - Marta, I wonít put myself in a position where I might have to fight my own men.

Marta - What are you going to do?

Tessa - [climbing into buggy] I havenít got a clue. All I know is that Veraís the key to this whole mess. And weíre running out of time. [drives off]


Dr. Helmís Office

Dr. Helm - [to Rosa] Are you sure thereís been no improvement?

Rosa - No, doctor.

Tessa - Doctor? Oh, Iím sorry. Hello, Rosa.

Rosa - Tessa.

Dr. Helm - Senorita Alvarado. Are you ill?

Tessa - Me? No, I came to check on Vera.

Dr. Helm - [to himself] You and half the rest of the town.

Tessa - Beg your pardon?

Dr. Helm - Thereís been no change. Now, if youíre not ill, I have a patient here who is and who needs my help. Rosa, please sit down.

Tessa - Of course, how rude of me. Iíll just wait right over here until youíre finished.

Dr. Helm - [sighs] Um, now, Rosa . . . exactly how much of the laudanum did you take?

Rosa - Just what you told me. [hands Dr. Helm a bottle labeled "Laudanum"]

Dr. Helm - And the headaches?

Rosa - The pain . . . is still bad. I didnít sleep at all.

Dr. Helm - [to himself] How is that possible?

Rosa - Maybe your medicine doesnít work.

Dr. Helm - An ounce of laudanum would knock out a person twice your size. [uncaps the bottle and sniffs the contents, pauses, sniffs them again, tastes it with his finger.]

Tessa - Something wrong, doctor?

Dr. Helm - Itís water. [gets up and goes into the back room]

Tessa - Doctor? [follows him] Is everything alright?

Dr. Helm - [looks at bottles on shelf, turns to Vera, leans over and sniffs at her face] Son of a bitch. Iíll kill him!


Grishamís Quarters

Dr. Helm - You broke into my office and drugged Vera Hidalgo. You gave *laudanum* to a coma patient. Are you completely insane?!?

Grisham - Too much coffee this morning, doc.

Dr. Helm - [grabs Grisham by the shirt and pulls him to him to his feet] You keep your damn hands off my patients, or by God, I swe . . .

Grisham - [sticks dagger point under Dr. Helmís chin] Youíre wrinkling my shirt.

[Dr. Helm smiles, lets go, then punches Grisham. They fight, Grisham grabs his gun, Dr. Helm knocks him out into the street, the gun flying to the side. They continue trading punches]

Montoya - Gentlemen, gentlemen. [Dr. Helm and Grisham continue to fight, rolling around on the ground. Montoya sees the gun and kicks it toward them] Oops. Clumsy me.

[Dr. Helm and Grisham both see the gun and lunge for it]

Grisham - [grabs the gun and points it at Dr. Helm] Go ahead, doc. Give me an excuse. Get up.

Dr. Helm - [climbs to his feet, looks at Montoya] This sad excuse for a human drugged Vera Hidalgo. He could have killed her.

Montoya - Doctor, what you are saying is most alarming.

Dr. Helm - Well, what are you going to do about it?!?

Montoya - Guards! Seize the doctor.

Dr. Helm - What?

Montoya - Escort him forcibly to the jail.

Dr. Helm - Has everone gone crazy?! What the hell are you arresting me for?

Montoya - Quite simply, my conscience commands it.

Dr. Helm - Oh, I canít wait to hear this one. [struggles against the guards as they pull him toward the jail]

Montoya - [walking next to the guards] You are a civil servant operating under a state of martial law. I am commander of the army. I cannot allow the ravings of one unhinged individual to jeopardize the safety of the whole community.

Dr. Helm - I donít know what youíre up to, Montoya.

Montoya - Youíre words sting, but I cannot say that they shock. You have a history of resistance and protest. It is well known.

Dr. Helm - All right. Iím sure on some far distant horizon, this has some point, so letís just get to it, shall we?

Montoya - Merely that treason is an offense punishable by hanging.

Dr. Helm - Treason?

Montoya - So before you go about publicly accusing my Capitan of the Guard, reflect on that. [motions to gurads to take Dr. Helm into the jail]

Dr. Helm - No! You . . . you . . . [to guards] Get off me!


Night - Jail

[QoS jumps from roof onto soldier guarding the door to the jail]


Night - Dr. Helmís Office - back room

QoS - [picks up bottle off shelf] Dr. Helm said it was this.

Marta - Ah.

QoS - Translation, please.

Marta - Itís worth a try. [pours some of the bottleís contents into Veraís mouth] Ephedra is a powerful stimulant. Letís see if it counteracts the drug.

QoS - Itís not working.

Marta - I can see that.

QoS - So give her more.

Marta - Dangerous. Too much and her heart couldnít take it.

QoS - So we failed.

[Vera moans]

Marta - Oh, ye of little faith.

QoS - Do you think we can move her?

Marta - Like a sleepwalker. Give me a hand.

Vera - [still out of it] Someone needs a good spanking!

QoS - Marta!

Marta - Donít worry. The herbs are working.

Vera - La la la la la la [QoS clamps her hand over Veraís mouth]

Marta - [listening for signs that Vera was heard] Thereís nothing.

QoS - Nothing? Okay.

Marta - A few hours and she will be back to her old self. [They load Vera into the wagon]

Vera - My, my, Senor Doctor. There is a large avacado.

QoS - Marta, what the hell was in those herbs?

Vera - La la la.

Grisham - [hears Vera singing] What the hell? Vera? Vera?!?

QoS - Go! Iíll meet you at La Luna canyon. Get going! Now! [Marta drives off with Vera]

Grisham - Vera! [sees them drive off] Damn it! [turns and finds QoSís sword pointed at him.]

QoS - Iím afraid the doctorís in jail right now, but if youíve come for a physical . . . bend over and cough.

Grisham - Whereís Vera?

QoS - Vera went to see a man about an avacado.

Grisham - What?

QoS - Long story.

Grisham - So what are you going to do now? Are you just going to kill me in cold blood?

QoS - Why not?

Grisham - Well, for starters, itís not your style.

QoS - Ah, I hate it when youíre right. Turn around.

Grisham - You know, weíve done this before.

QoS - I know. Come on, you know the drill. [Grisham turns around, QoS whacks him on the back of the neck with her sword pommel]

Grisham - [turns back around, hand to his neck] Ahh! Hey, what are you . . . [QoS punches him out, and rides off to meet Marta]


Morning - canyon

Marta - You made it. I was beginning to wonder.

QoS - I had to take the long way around. Those ranchero patrols are sweeping every hill, every canyon. [sighs] Howís Vera?

Marta - Sheíll be awake in a moment.

QoS - Better leave her with me. I donít want her to see us together.

Marta - Right. [climbs onto horse] And you . . . be careful of the patrols.

QoS - Donít worry. I intend to.

Vera - [sits up in the back of the wagon] Oh, my head. [looks around] Whatís going on? Every time I wake up, Iím in a different place. [sees QoS] You!

QoS - Congratulations. Youíre awake.

Vera - Oh. [winces] Whereís Marcus?

QoS - You mean the guy who drugged you?

Vera - Why would he do that?

QoS - To keep you quiet. So the whole town could think that *I* attacked you.

Vera - But you didnít attack me.

QoS - Well, we both know that, but nobody else does.

Vera - Oi, I . . . I donít understand anything. Whatís going on?

QoS - Vera, Santa Helena is under martial law. Dr. Helmís in jail and in danger, and your husbandís been tricked into giving up his power.

Vera - Gaspar? No!

QoS - All because Grisham lied. But you can put a stop to it.

Vera - If Marcus thinks he can get away with this . . .

QoS - Good girl. Thatís the attitude I was looking for.

Vera - Oh, my head. [climbs into front seat of the wagon] Iím fine.

QoS - Your haciendaís a half a mile up the road. I canít risk running into your rancheros.

Vera - Leave everything to me. [urges horses forward]

QoS - Vera? The roadís that way.

Vera - I know that. [turns wagon around and drives off]


Colonel Montoyaís Office

Montoya - That is wonderful news, Gaspar. I am delighted to hear that your wife has recovered.

Hidalgo - And to know the Queen of Swords didnít attack my petal. That she only fell from her horse.

Montoya - What are you trying to say?

Hidalgo - The dons agreed to martial law only because they believed your captainís story. Now that we know it was . . .

Montoya - Somewhat less than accurate.

Hidalgo - Exactly. That is why I must ask for our document back.

Montoya - And with all due respect, I regret that I cannot comply.

Hidalgo - What? How --

Montoya - The dons have intrusted me with a great responsibility. To casually cast their concerns aside would be an insult.

Hidalgo - This is outrageous.

Montoya - Please tell the dons that their colonel, as always, continues to have only their best interests at heart. Corporal?

Corporal - [from outside the door] Si, colonel.

Montoya - [opens the door] See Don Hidalgo safely to his buggy, and [to Hidalgo] do give my regards to your lovely wife.

Hidalgo - [as door closes in his face] I warn you, colonel, you have not heard the last of this.


Balcony outside Montoyaís Office

Montoya - Did you hear that?

Grisham - Vera lied to her husband. What a woman.

Montoya - And she will never be able to tell him the truth, without incriminating herself.

Grisham - So I guess weíre golden then, right?

Montoya - Not quite. There is still one person who could rain on my glorious parade.

Grisham - Well, the Queen of Swords, but . . .

Montoya - No. The doctor. If Helm were to speak, Iím afraid people might listen. And since your lies and deception got me into this situation . . .

Grisham - Ok, ok, then what do you want?

Montoya - The doctor has been looking a little pale of late, have you noticed? Perhaps . . . a walk in the country?

Grisham - A little sunshine, huh? A little fresh air.

Montoya - A little restorative bullet to the head.

Grisham - Yup.

Montoya - It might work wonders for us all. Hm. [walks off]

Grisham - [smiles] Just a little bullet to the head.



[Dr. Helm is on foot, hands tied behind his back, Grisham is on a horse, herding Dr. Helm forward. Two soldier, also on foot, follow.]

Dr. Helm - I realize weíve had our differences.

Grisham - Differences? Doc, I hate your guts. You hate mine.

Dr. Helm - Oh, come on, captain. Youíre not stupid enough to commit murder for Montoya.

Grisham - Murder? Me? [dismounts] No, no, no, no. Youíve got it all wrong. You see, the Queen of Swords is the one thatís going to kill you. And just in case they donít believe me, Iíve got a couple witnesses. [nods toward soldiers] Biased as they may be.

Dr. Helm - I take it back. You really are that stupid.

Grisham - [pulls gun and cocks it] Start walking, doc. Come on. [soldier shoves Dr. Helm away from them] Come on! If you want, you could try to run. You never know . . . I might miss you. [QoS rides up, throws boleros at Grishamís gun, knocking it from his hands, then strikes down a soldier] Kill her! [other soldier knocks QoS off her horse, they fight] Look what I found. [Grisham holds Dr. Helm at gunpoint] Drop your sword, and he doesnít die.

QoS - You only have one bullet left. Wouldnít you rather shoot me?

Dr. Helm - Are you crazy? Run!

Grisham - Shut up, doc! You know, sheís got a point here. I could always shoot her, then slit your throat later, right? [to QoS] Thank you. [moves gun to point at QoS]

[Dr. Helm, who has freed his hands from the ropes, attacks Grisham, who pushes him to the ground]

Grisham - [pulls out sword] Son of a bitch! [QoS attacks Grisham, they swordfight] Thatís good. [more fighting, QoS plays with Grisham, Grisham feigns injury, then lunges and disarms QoS] Itís the oldest one in the book.

QoS - Cheap shot.

Grisham - Yeah, you fell for it. Looks like the tables have *finally* turned.

QoS - Sure looks that way.

Grisham - What a shame. Any last requests?

QoS - As a matter of fact, yes. Blood is so hard to get out of lace. Do you mind if I duck before the doctor shoots you?

Dr. Helm - Surprise. [points gun at Grisham] Look what I found.

QoS - [takes Grishamís sword] You wonít be needing this anymore.

Grisham - You know, one of these days, you guys . . . [shuts up when Dr. Helm pushes gun against his face]

QoS - Careful. Your getting a twitch in one eye. You may want to see a doctor about that.

Dr. Helm - Have a nice walk back to town.


Above Canyon

[Dr. Helm and QoS on horses]

QoS - You saved my life, doctor.

Dr. Helm - Just returning the favor. And now Iím going to make sure that bastard, Grisham, gets whatís coming to him.

QoS - Iím not so sure he should.

Dr. Helm - Why?

QoS - Vera.

Dr. Helm - You said she was back safely with her husband.

QoS - Her husband who doesnít know anything. You expose Grisham, you expose Vera . . . and their affair. Imagine what that would do to her life . . . her whole world.

Dr. Helm - So Grisham and Montoya just keep on getting away with it.

QoS - All I can say is you hold Veraís life in your hands. Again.

Dr. Helm - Youíre an amazing woman.

QoS - Thatís not an answer.

Dr. Helm - Maybe some loves should be kept secret.


Grishamís Quarters

Grisham - Aw, come on. I said Iím sorry.

Vera - For what?

Grisham - Iím sorry I caused your accident.

Vera - And?

Grisham - And Iím sorry I lied to you about the Queen of Swords.

Vera - And?

Grisham - Aw, come on . . . okay. All right. [to himself] Stupid little game. [to Vera] Look, Iím sorry for drugging you. Now canít we just forget about the whole thing? [Vera moves away from him] Aw, give me a break, here. I was under a lot of stress.

Vera - Why didnít you say so? I know just the thing to relax you.

Grisham - You do? See, now thatís a little more like it, right? Finally.

Vera - But first, you must stop this martial law.

Grisham - What? How?

Vera - Tear up the paper. The one Gaspar signed.

Grisham - I canít do that.

Vera - Then I tell Gaspar what really happened.

Grisham - You wouldnít do that.

Vera - I wonder what will happen to an officer who assaulted and drugged a donís wife?

Grisham - Okay, okay.

Vera - Thatís my good little capitan.


Santa Helena: street

Tessa - Poor colonel. You were having so much fun.

Marta - Your army was getting so big.

Tessa - It was all so exciting.

Montoya - Mark my words. The dons will regret their actions. The Queen of Swords is still a blight on all our lives. But be assured, I will not rest until I see her head on a pike in the village square. Good day.

Tessa - Good day.

Marta - Heís right. It is a good day.

Tessa - No more martial law.

Marta - The colonel is (??).

Tessa - Grisham and Vera are back together again.

Marta - With her husband none the wiser. [they laugh]

Tessa - Dr. Helmís back in his office.

Marta - Everythingís back to normal.

Tessa - Normal? Well, as good as itís going to get.


End of "Betrayed"

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