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Without exception, these are *all* Jim/Blair stories.

Alyjude Crossroads B & S leave J to fish, wreck on mt
1. Everything's Jake B moves out, befriends 4 yr old Jake
2. We Gather Together, Thanksgiving 3 weeks after Everything's Jake
3. We Gather Together, Christmas & Chanuakah The gang celebrates the holidays
4. Bestest, Most Perfectedness Vally Times Card Ever Jake makes cards for J & B
5. Fireworks swim lessons for Jake, 4th of July
6. Junior Guppy Jake & Corky hunt a beast
7. The Big Five (at author's site) Jake's birthday
8. A Day at the Zoo (at author's site) Kindergarten field trip
Emily Brunson Detour J put in asylum before finding B in pilot
Francesca The Nature series: 1-29 A rocky start, then weird stuff happens
Griffin Khakis J/B from khaki pants POV
Lanning Cook Call Him a Dog POV of Vice cop, temp partner to Jim
Legion 1. Storm Signs Trilogy (Quantum Leap) Sam rights a wrong for J & B (Sam/Al)
2. (see Toshua below)
3. Panther Tales by saraid The original story, if you're interested
Bid Him Come, Bid Him Go AU, J moves into loft haunted by B
Conjugations SAR plague ruins world, J&B regroup
Quack J&B help protect actor from stalker
Reset (Matrix x-over) B is aware when Matrix resets
Natalie L Coming Home B, in coma, talks to J on spirit-plane
Resonant Waking Blair buys an unusual alarm clock
Rhidopon Society Strange World B is tricked into bond w/another Sent.
Romslinger Harbor of My Heart AU: B is a cop, J is living on the streets
Russet McMillan The Body Thief a killer steals Jim's body from him
Sorka Turn Upon a Dragon's Wing Pern crossover - J & B as dragonriders
Sentinel-Guide Research Project GDP AU: Guides control the Sentinels
Toshua 2. From Simon Banks' Incredible Tales missing scene from 'Storm Signs'

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