The GDP Series

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Abbreviations: B-Blair, J-Jim, S-Sentinel, G-Guide

AUTHOR: Susan (englishrose2011)
Okay, I give up. The first story (Sentinel 101) has several other stories that belong smack dab in the middle of it (chronologically) - I tried describing the different breaks here, but it was just one big confusing mess. So. Click HERE to go to the page I have created where the first four stories are all spliced together, so that they flow chronologically.

ETA: These stories used to be at but it looks like the author has re-posted most of them at AO3 (plus a few that I haven't read yet!) However, they are not posted anywhere close to the chronological order that I have here, so I've put individual links for each story to make things easier.

GDP 1. Sentinel 101 [my version (1‑4)] The GDP bring rogue B to unbonded J
Learn. Curves 2. 1st Lesson: New Beginning At the hospital (during [#1])
Learn. Curves 3. Lesson 3: First Night first night at the loft (during [#1])
GDP 4. My Name is... (ch 1 Jim) four days after they bond, Jim POV (during [#1])
GDP 5. My Name is... (ch 2 Blair) Blair's thoughts after the bond (doesn't really fit)
GDP 6. The Elevator J goes to dentist, B gets stuck
GDP 7. Sentinel Primer Simon reads about Sentinels & Guides
GDP 8. Living With the Past Wilson tries to blackmail Blair
Learn. Curves 9. 2nd Lesson: New Friends before very end of [#8], J&B return to loft
GDP 10. Outside Looking In B saves a jumper, dinner w/ Caro & William
GDP 11. Happy America's Day one S blames another for sister-G's death
GDP 12. A Little Knowledge Caro & Simon learn things, J becomes S Prime
GDP 13. Forget Me Not a head injury causes J to act strangely
GDP 14. Sentinel Sanctuary J&B visit GDP resort, B taps into his Dark Guide
GDP 15. Be Sure Of Your Sins (pt 1) at the resort, various scenes & GDP Cadet Lash
GDP 16. Sentinel Conference read very beginning only
GDP 17. Rainier University read chapters 1-3
Dark Guide 18. Dark Guide (ch 1-3) S & G in ancient times; Jeme & Blaer are bonded
GDP 19. Sentinel Conference J becomes *Senior* S Prime, B is kidnapped
Learn. Curves 20. The Reclaiming a Dark Sentinel/Dark Guide ritual
GDP 21. All things come around more conference, B finds his mom
GDP 22. Rainier University from ch 4 thru end
Dark Guide 23. Dark Guide (ch 4-end) Jeme & Blaer after the bonding ceremony
GDP 24. Buried in the Past: ch 1 an "incident" in the bullpen
Dark Guide 25-6. The Coming of the Sentinels Jeme's and Blaer's backstories
GDP 27. Echoes of the Past string of murders recalls traumatic event in J's past
Dark Guide 28. The Green Eyed Monster after Dark Guide (mentioned in [#27])
GDP 29. Buried in the Past: ch 2 J & B visit an anthropology dig
Learn. Curves 30. Lesson 4: The Birthday Party Blair's birthday
Dark Guide 31. Cry of the Panther Jeme & Blaer and the Darkest Bonding
GDP 32. Christmas Wishes J & B's first Christmas
GDP 33. Destiny from B's birth to the future
GDP 34. The Making of a Dark Guide Blair meshes with his Dark Guide persona
GDP 35. Be Sure of Your Sins (pt 2) Lash returns, Dark Bond occurs
GDP 36. Holding a mirror up B has flashback to Pet Barnes
Dark Guide 37. Love & Lies: 1-3 Jeme & Blaer sent on Clan errand that goes wrong
Dark Guide 38. The Grand Gathering: 1 & 2 The gathering of the Clans
Dark Guide 39. Guided Fury: 1 & 2 another DG pair; J&B become Clan Primes
GDP 40. Sentinel Christmas J & B's 2nd Christmas
GDP 41. Fevered Dream B dreams of an alternate reality
GDP 42. The Woman a woman threatens J&B's bond
by Lindmere 43. Guide War: 1-4 occurs sometime a few years after Susan's series
??. Double Edged Sword
??. The Learning Curve of Commander Dan Slater
??. the Games People Play
by Sorka Sentinel-Guide Research ProjectR AU rebuttal: Guides control the Sentinels (Jim/Blair)

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