You Go To My Head

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AUTHOR(S): J_Baillier (a Scandinavian anesthetist) & 7PercentSolution

1. Grey Mattersby J_Baillier
~ Neuroanaesthetist John Watson meets the new neurosurgeon at King's College.
2. Cerebral Approachesby J_Baillier
~ Dr Jim Moriarty makes an appearance.
3. Blood Thicker Than Waterby J_Baillier
~ One year later, John finally gets to meet Sherlock's brother.
4. Rejection Slipby 7PercentSolution
~ John & Sherlock attend a charity dinner with the journal editor who has rejected Sherlock's paper for publication.
5. Take Heartby J_Baillier
~ John signs up for a second tour in Afghanistan.
6. Scar Tissueby J_Baillier & 7PercentSolution
~ John has scarcely recovered from his Afghanistan tour when Sherlock is injured at work, putting their already strained relationship to the test.
7. Causalityby J_Baillier
~ While John battles killer viruses, resistant bacteria, and fears over his own health, Sherlock meets a ghost from the past.
8. Feedback Loopsby J_Baillier
~ John tries to deal with his sister, and Sherlock is forced to take on a neurosurgical trainee. (cameo appearance by Dr Irene Adler w/slight associated references to 2x01)
9. Patient Communicationby 7PercentSolution
~ A patient wants to speak with Dr Holmes alone, man to man.
10. Where the Streets Have No Nameby J_Baillier
~ S&J go on a working vacation in Africa to get away from the bureaucracy of the NHS.
11. By A Thousand Cutsby J_Baillier & 7PercentSolution
~ Events at Christmas lead Sherlock to seek therapy.
12. Family Medicineby J_Baillier
~ Violet and George Holmes have devastating news to deliver.
13. Prognosisby J_Baillier
~ flashback story to Sherlock as a med student
14. Wide Awakeby J_Baillier
~ The stakes are high for our doctors as they allow a BBC film crew into the operating room.
15. Christmas 2.0by J_Baillier
~ Christmas in Zurich goes much better.
16. Off Pisteby J_Baillier & 7PercentSolution
~ Ski trip after Christmas.
xx. Plagues and Locustsby J_Baillier
~ side story not in series: covid-19 story
17. Differential Diagnosisby J_Baillier & 7PercentSolution
~ flashback story to Sherlock's 4th year of med school & Sebastian Wilkes
18. With You in Spiritby J_Baillier
~ Sherlock has travelled to Canada without John.
19. Connecting Suturesby J_Baillier & 7PercentSolution
~ Sherlock is offered a prestigious research position at GOSH.
20. Unnatural Selectionby J_Baillier
~ Violet Holmes has a medical procedure she refuses to share with Sherlock. (okay, maybe this series *is* just a teensy bit S4 compliant)
21. In Sickness and In Healthby J_Baillier
~ John's tonsillectomy.
22. First, Do No Harmby J_Baillier
~ Sherlock's career and sanity are compromised by a case that ends up on the nation's front pages.
23. Morphogenesisby J_Baillier
~ Sherlock is the keynote speaker at the Cambridge Neuroscience Seminar.

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