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Abbreviations: J - John, R - Rodney

P of W: The Paradox of War and Other Drabbles
WYECYS: What Your Eyes Cannot Yet See and Other Drabbles
2nd P: The Second Prometheus and Other Drabbles

AUTHOR: aadarshinah

Part 1: Pastor

Pastor 1-2. Pastor I / Pastor II "Rising" parts 1 & 2
P of W   9. Lost Engagements Why the Lost City is called 'lost'.
P of W 12. Nothing You Must Become J and Elizabeth talk about rain.
P of W 28. Utterly Undeniable Teyla et al are rescued from the Wraith ship.
Pastor   3. Custodia just before "Hide & Seek"
P of W 29. Certain Magics Teyla, Ford, and J discuss Atlantis.
P of W 30. Why We Suffer "Thirty-Eight Minutes"
Pastor   4. Patres et Filii between "Suspicion" & "Poisoning the Well"
P of W 31. Everything We Believe In J wants the Athosians to stop praying to him.
Pastor   5. Custos just before "Hide & Seek"
WYECYS 39. Win Or Lose Or Die the moment J realizes he's in love with R
Pastor   6. Amici et Amatores before/during/after "Underground"
P of W   1. The Paradox of War R is in love with Iohannes, not John Sheppard.
Pastor   7. Liberator during/after "The Storm"
P of W 33. Ever Present Sora is their prisoner after the storm.
Pastor   8. Fida during/after "The Storm"/"The Eye"
P of W 45. Once Again and Innumerable Times More J does remember his time in stasis.
Pastor   9. Heros during "Letters From Pegasus" & "The Siege" parts 1 & 2
P of W 38. The Sword Was Given The SGC gets Atl's databurst.

Part 2: Martyr

Martyr 1-2. Martyr / Socors during "The Siege" parts 2 & 3
P of W   5. Complexities or Pride R & J talk about the Exodus.
Martyr 3-4. Nomen / Fratres et Sorores between "The Siege" part 3 & "The Intruder"
Martyr 5-9. Advena I-V while everyone is on Earth between "The Siege" pt 3 & "Intruder"
P of W 22. Need in Vancouver at the Millers'
P of W 32. Follies in Vancouver at McDonald's
Martyr 10. Advena VI (see 5-9)
P of W 11. Mixing and Joining and Mingling in Vancouver at the Millers'
P of W 20. To Conquer Cam & Daniel discuss the Ori.
Martyr 11. Heres before/after "The Intruder"
P of W   2. Suit of White before "Duet", Cadman in Atlantis
P of W 15. Shadows Lorne meets Radek.
P of W 36. The Din of Your Breathing J with R/Cadman during "Duet"
P of W 37. The Story They Tell Us J talks to Eliz about Ronon.
Tales Somniati Steven & Elizabeth's relationship
Martyr 12-13. Dei et Viri I / Dei et Viri II "Trinity"
P of W   3. Nothing Collapses after they unseal the aux control room
Martyr 14. Dei et Viri III (See 12-13)
P of W 34. Sticky Leaves In Spring Ronon asks J about Nicolaa.
P of W 43. Live In The Raw Wind J's past: a motorcycle
WYECYS   2. To Live J's past: J & Nicolaa
P of W   4. From Across the Distant Shore immed. after Dei et Viri 3
Martyr 15-16. Socii I / Socii II replaces "The Lost Boys" & "The Hive"
P of W   6. Less For His Plan J wants to promote Cadman.
P of W   7. And The Heavens Above J welcomes the Asgard to Atlantis.
P of W   8. What You Are Eliz is mad at J about the Asgard.
P of W 10. Human Flesh R's PoV of J & Eliz's discord
Martyr 17-18. Socii III / Socii IV (See 15-16)
P of W 13. Means Anything immed. after pt 4
Tales Fratris Filii Sam & Jack's relationship
Martyr 19-20. Socii V / Socii VI (See 15-16)
P of W 14. Conspired J loves his father.
P of W 16. Death or Love J loves Atlantis.
P of W 17. Something of a Delusion J & R talk at lunch.
Martyr 21-25. Legati I-V They find the Aurora.
P of W 21. Sole Survivors R asks about Rory's pods.
P of W 18. Well Suited They bring Rory to Lantea.
Martyr 26-27. Legati VI / Legati VII (See 21-25)
P of W 24. Such a Truth Thor's explanation
Martyr 28. Legati VIII (See 21-25)
P of W 19. Inheritor Of Our Fear An anthropologist has a request for J.
P of W 25. Troublesome People At end of SG1: 9x03 "Prototype", Daniel & Woolsey talk.
P of W 35. You're Here Cadman asks J if he has a call sign.
Martyr 29-31. Fraudator I-III 6 wks after 'Legati'; the Michael arc
P of W 39. One Long Scream R's thoughts on J after meeting his mother
P of W 40. No Price Is Too Great R's thoughts on his relationship with J
Martyr 32-33. Fraudator IV / Fraudator V (See 29-31)
P of W 41. We Are Many Michael's escape, from Atlantis' PoV
Martyr 34. Atlas Aurora 'marries' Lorne.
WYECYS   3. How Ridiculous Evan Lorne background
Martyr 35. Messias I Word gets out that J is an Ancestor.
P of W 42. Distinct Reasons Radek & Evan talk after pt 1.
Martyr 36-37. Messias II / Messias III (See 35)
Martyr 38. Coniurati I J is missing, possibly forced to Ascend.
P of W 44. Able To Flee getting J's blood sample from the infirmary
Martyr 39-40. Coniurati II / Coniurati III Lorne becomes a pastor.

Part 3: Defensor

Defensor   1. Defensor J returns as an Ascended, on parole.
P of W 46. Each Part and Tag J contemplates his Ascended state.
P of W 47. Bad Wallpaper J & Atl discuss paint colors.
Defensor 2-3. Idolon I / Idolon II J tries to come to terms with his Ascended state.
P of W 48. Boundless Power conversation between J & Woolsey
Defensor   4. Manes I SG-1 visits Atl looking for the Sangraal.
Defensor   5. Imperator Ladon Radim gives J an idea.
P of W 50. Time Daniel & Vala in the hologram room
P of W 51. Music McKay & Carter on Odyssey
Defensor   6. Manes II (See 4)
P of W 60. Beyond My Comprehension Daniel gives J a gift, before Odyssey returns.
P of W 52. An Endless Song Odyssey returns from the black hole.
P of W 49. Natural Gift J ponders Terran inhibitions about sex.
P of W 57. Reaffirm Faith John's confederacy charter
P of W 53. Lonely Power Plans for the confederacy move forward.
P of W 54. We Who Dwell song lyrics for Atlantis
P of W 55. Of the Moment J listens to Atl as the sun sets.
P of W 56. The Most Destructive Arsenal J talks to Atl, has doubts about his path.
Defensor 7-9. Daemones I-III Atl makes contact with the Asurans.
Defensor 10. Cor Leonis J talks to Atl after Pt 3.
WYECYS 33. Time - April 17, 2006 Riemann Hypothesis article in Time Magazine
Defensor 11. Angelus I beginning of "McKay and Mrs. Miller"
P of W 58. Computers are Ridiculous R complains about the SGC's dialing program.
P of W 59. Go On. Go On. Jeannie questions the safety of gate travel.
Defensor 12-13. Angelus II / Angelus III Jeannie visits Atlantis.
Defensor 14. Princeps The charter of confederation is signed.
Defensor 15. Alii They send the other Rodney home.
WYECYS   7. Saved At All J loves Earth scifi shows.
WYECYS   1. What Your Eyes Cannot Yet See Vegas!Ancient!John meets Vegas!Rodney.
P of W 61. Let Me Be Empty On sleepy mornings, J can pretend.
Defensor 16-18. Iudex I-III "The Return"
WYECYS   4. Whole Cloth Stuck on Earth, R can't help with J's boredom.
WYECYS   5. Better Than Your Dreams R dreams about J.
WYECYS   6. Invisible Labor Meanwhile, in Atlantis...
WYECYS   9. Inside That Hope J and Lorne after the Expedition has left.
WYECYS   8. Son of the Dawn John has a new nickname.
WYECYS 10. Names about John's nicknames
WYECYS 11. Not Found Aurora is confused and upset about the Expedition leaving.
Defensor 19-20: Exsul I / Exsul II The Expedition has been exiled back to Earth.
WYECYS 12. Turned Skyward Lorne flies Rory to Terra.
WYECYS 13. Reach Out They stop at Midway and examine the Tria.
Defensor 21-25: Exsul III-VII (See 19)
Defensor 26-27: Percontator / Sponsi R and the others are back on Atlantis.
WYECYS 14. They Are Lorne's morning is rudely interrupted.
WYECYS 15. Pretend R learns the meaning of J's 'Icarus' nickname.
WYECYS 16. The Most Important Day Woolsey's father dies.
WYECYS 17. About a Girl Jennifer Keller background
Defensor 28-29. Medici I / Medici II Keller joins the SGC, goes to Atl.
P of W 26. Knowledge during SG1 "The Quest, Pt 2"
P of W 27. Who We Are during SG1 "The Road Not Taken"
WYECYS 18. Not The Victim Anne Teldy background
WYECYS 19. Never Ordinary Rodney tells Carson about the new Expedition leaders.
WYECYS 20. Eleven Minutes J & R PWP
Defensor 30-32: Ascensiones I-III The Sangraal wipes out the Ori... and others.
WYECYS 21. Not Know Any Other Way J wishes he was mortal.
WYECYS 22. One Life Atl is happy about R's 'upgrade', but J is not.
WYECYS 23. Understand Itself R complains about J watching him sleep.
Defensor 33: Ascensiones IV an altercation after J's coronation
WYECYS 24. Drink R & Keller at the coronation party
Defensor 34: Ascensiones V R is confronted by Allina after the party.
WYECYS 25. No Worse Heresy J between 33 & 35
WYECYS 26. The Only Time (skip - repeated in Ascensiones: 3.3)
Defensor 35-36: Ascensiones VI / Ascensiones VII They discover an unintended side effect of R's 'upgrades'.
WYECYS 27. Risen Apes R's thoughts on Alterans and everybody else
Defensor 37: Ascensiones VIII R may die before he can Ascend.
WYECYS 28. Still Breathing R tries to meditate.
WYECYS 29. Godlike Crime Daedalus and Icarus of Roman/Greek myth
Defensor 38-39: Ascensiones IX / Ascensiones X J helps R Ascend (briefly).
Defensor 40-41. Coniunx I / Coniunx II Absolute power corrupts.
WYECYS 31. The Thing We Need Most Lorne has trouble falling asleep.
Defensor 42. Coniunx III (See 40)
WYECYS 30. Major Problems Homeworld Security headquarters
WYECYS 32. Pale Blue Dot Lantea, a cosmically insignificant planet
WYECYS 34. Wired - January 2007 article about Riemann proof in Wired magazine
WYECYS 35. The Atlantic - May 2007 article about J in The Atlantic
2nd P   6. Mistakes Teyla & Kanaan, pre-Asuras-mission briefing
Defensor 43. Haereticus J's ships destroy the Asurans.

Part 4: Exstinctor

Exstinctor 1-4: Exstinctor I-II / Sator I-II the aftermath of J's haeresis
WYECYS 36. Power Lorne & R sit vigil at J's bedside.
WYECYS 37. Terror one of J's coma dreams
Tales Sights Unseen: The Fifth Race J helps (helped) O'Neill during "The Fifth Race".
Exstinctor 5-10. Vir I-VI Radek and Lorne are having weird dreams.
WYECYS 38. Unexpected Carter and R during Vir pt 6
Exstinctor 11-16. Miles I-VI the aftermath of J's amnesia-inducing 'reboot' (circa "Doppelganger")
WYECYS 49. Beyond My Control side story about two OMC Atlantis botanists
WYECYS 56. Disease of Loneliness a look at the new psychologist (after Kate's death)
Exstinctor 17-18. Gubernator I / Gubernator II J left 'puzzle pieces' for them to find when he was Ascended.
WYECYS 40. Blue Putty Sea about Vindicta, before they go to Erecura
WYECYS 41. Loudest (skip - repeated in Gubernator: 2)
WYECYS 42. Living Is So Dear Ronon background
Exstinctor 19-20. Gubernator III / Gubernator IV (See 17)
Tales Satanas more Anne Teldy background, during trip to the Palamede
Exstinctor 21-22. Gubernator V / Gubernator VI (See 17)
Exstinctor 23-24. Magister I / Magister II (See 17)
2nd P 10. Turn of the Tide J's message to R on the USB drive
WYECYS 54. Finishing Chapters Sam & Daniel talk after Magister: 2.
WYECYS 55. Fuss or Consequences Richard Woolsey background, at Midway
WYECYS 57. Destined To Become Lorne's thoughts about J
Exstinctor 25. Natus I R & J at the SGC, following a 'puzzle piece' lead
2nd P   7. Sick J catches a cold on the way to Jeannie's.
2nd P   8. Sleep Madison wakes J & R up the morning after they arrive.
WYECYS 52. Life (skip - duplicated in 2nd P 2: Take Action)
2nd P   5. Take Action Kaleb has been ghostwriting for Wormhole X-treme.
WYECYS 53. Children Very Sad Things happen to the Millers.
2nd P   3. The Secret J & R at a Vancouver police station
2nd P   9. Slices of Death J has trouble sleeping.
Exstinctor 26. The End The author abandons the story but leaves us with a synopsis of what was planned.

Part 5: future drabbles/stories

Tales Inquisitor NCIS x-over around Thanksgiving of "Exstinctor"
Tales Simulacrum from "Fragile Balance": J.C. rejoins the SGC
P of W 23. Descent set during 5x04" The Daedalus Variations"
Tales Consul West Wing x-over: the new Pres is informed about the SG program (before disclosure)
2nd P 1. The Second Prometheus I Rodney McKay biography
2nd P 2. Our Lady of Atlantis Elizabeth Weir biography
2nd P 4. Forgotten Tales I about one of J's ancestors
The remainder are "Written by the Victors" style 'excerpts' from things written after disclosure.
WYECYS 43. Natural Revolutionaries: From Expedition to Confederation I
WYECYS 44. Natural Revolutionaries: From Expedition to Confederation II
WYECYS 45. The Lost City: Lessons From The Atlantis Expeditions I
WYECYS 46. Natural Revolutionaries: From Expedition to Confederation III
WYECYS 47. Systematic Understanding: Reflections on Three Decades of Lantean-Tau'ri Relations I
WYECYS 48. Three Reviews
WYECYS 50. Rising: The Dawn of an Empire I
WYECYS 51. Rising: The Dawn of an Empire II

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