Abbreviations: M-Methos, R-Richie Ryan, DM-Duncan MacLeod, Q-Quickening

AUTHOR: Kristine Larsen a.k.a. Astrochick

1. The 1001st Regret R/M slash R seduces M after a freak Q
2. Silence & Tears R/M slash neither can stop thinking about what happened
3. Gilgamesh Redeemed Misc. Hlr M loses his memory after taking a Q
4. Ouroboros Misc. Hlr Enkidu gives "Archangel" a different ending
5. Not Enough R/M slash Joe & DM learn of their friends' relationship
6. Baphomet Misc Hlr K'immie performing satanic rituals kidnaps R
7. The Gift R/M slash M gives R an amulet
8. Paradise Denied R/M slash M's thoughts before giving R the amulet
9. The Fool Fool's Journey R invests money in real estate scam
10. The Magician Fool's Journey A mortal kills an Immortal for being a 'sorceror'
11. The High Priestess Fool's Journey A female Immortal recognizes R's scar
12. One R/M slash Enkidu tells R the story behind the amulet
13. The Empress Fool's Journey R meets a woman, but the Game interferes
14. The Emperor Fool's Journey R is forced to take a head on Holy Ground
15. The Hierophant Fool's Journey he goes to Enkidu for help
16. Hysteria R/M slash M talks to himself in Tibet
17. The Lovers Fool's Journey M returns to R after almost a year apart
18. The Chariot Fool's Journey An Immortal from Pompeii hunts M & Enkidu
19. Illusions R/M slash PWP - Joe's bar tries something different
20. Heat of the Moment R/M slash your typical heatwave PWP
21. Strength Fool's Journey M is kidnapped/tortured by an ex-girlfriend
22. The Hermit Fool's Journey R discovers he has Darius' Q
23. Another Rainy Night R/M slash PWP, R calls M on R's birthday
24. Wheel of Fortune Fool's Journey R meets a terminaly ill 15-year-old girl
25a. Phaedrus R/M slash Read part 1 only!
26. Old Man R/M slash R's thoughts on the plane to Greece
25b. Phaedrus R/M slash (Pt 2-end) M invites R to a wedding in Greece
27. In My Soul R/M slash M's & R's thoughts as R flies home
28. Justice Fool's Journey R helps Jennifer Hill when her husband is killed
29. Hanged Man Fool's Journey Joe & R face their pasts: Nam & headhunting
30. Every Rose Has Its Thorn R/M slash M & R are apart at Xmas & miserable
31. Time Stand Still R/M slash M surprises R on New Year's Eve
32a. Death Fool's Journey R buys a motorcycle shop (stop at Epilogue)
33. Seven Nights of Gomorrah R/M slash M is in town for a week
32b. Death Fool's Journey (Epilogue) R meets pre-Immie JC at the dojo
34. Tower Trilogy: Believe R/M slash M & R spend V-day at DM's cabin
35. Temperance Fool's Journey R help's hide Enkidu's Immortality
36. Tower Trilogy 1: The Devil Fool's Journey M takes Cassandra's head
37. Tower Trilogy 2: The Tower Fool's Journey M forces himself on R because of Cass's Q
38. Tower Trilogy 3: The Star Fool's Journey R follows M to Paris & forgives him
39. Tower Trilogy: Worlds Collide R/M slash M & R deal with the emotional aftermath
40. The Moon Fool's Journey Has M been beheaded?
41. Can You Feel the Love Tonight R/M slash Song 1: M thinks while R sleeps
42. I Don't Want to Miss a Thing R/M slash Song 2: R thinks while M sleeps
43. More Than Words R/M slash Song 3: next morning PWP
44. Silhouettes R/M slash POV of R's new Watcher
45. The Sun Fool's Journey JC's first death, Jo learns about Immortals
46. Aunnu R/M slash PWP, M stops by for a few days
47. Intercourse with the Vampire R/M slash R dreams after movie night (R/M/Lestat/Louis)
48. Judgement Fool's Journey everybody's got 'issues' to deal with
49. Secretum Secretorum R/M slash ancient coded manuscript about Immortality
50. Ragtime R/M slash M bounces a drunk customer at Joe's
51. Canis Domesticus R/M slash PWP, R tries to cook
52. Murphy's Law R/M slash PWP, R/M caught by DM at the loft
53. The World Fool's Journey On his 25th b-day, R investigates his past
54. Eternity in an Hour R/M slash M ponders the end of the Game
Richie's Decision SERIES SUMMARY
55. You Not Me R/M slash R has a rape flashback
56. Himsa R/M slash Jo joins the Watchers, then gets stalked by one
57. Ruai R/M slash R makes some decisions
58. Seven Your Desires R/M slash a series of PWP's
59. Skitunge R/M slash a "brat" challenge
60. No Remorse Misc. Hlr JC faces a Challenge and makes a friend
61. Older Than Dirt R/M slash PWP, R teases M about an article on T-rex
62. The Winged Beetle R/M slash M gets jealous of Immie guy hitting on R
63. Na Benu R/M slash M & Jo think R is dead after a Challenge
64. The Star of Inanna R/M slash For Xmas, R gives M a long-awaited gift
65. Angel of Mine R/M slash M's 'morning after' thoughts
66. Do That to Me One More Time R/M slash PWP, R wakes up for a repeat performance
67. The Phallic Menace R/M slash PWP, M & R watch Star Wars: I after Xmas
Whew, time for a breather - may I suggest the following PWPs?
They are set in this universe, but at no specific time. (some are referenced later)
A (rather long) PWP Break SERIES SUMMARY
1. Pavlov's ROGS R/M slash brief PWP snippet about M and beer
2. Licorice For Two R/M slash R eats a cherry Twizzler
3. Lick It Up R/M slash Chocolate Pudding
4. Laughter in the Rain R/M slash Miller's Pond, shrimp cocktail, & a rainstorm
5. Youngblood R/M slash last ice cream cones of the summer
6. The Streak R/M slash R & M streak on a Paris night
7. Games People Play R/M slash naked Twister
8. Nightrain R/M slash cheap wine, purple boxers; R/M at the dojo
9. Done With Mirrors R/M slash M & R visit 'The Pleasure Palace'
10. No Good Deed Goes Unpunished R/M slash R rues accidental match of DM w/ a stripper
11. The One With the Squick Factor R/M slash M complains to AC about his PWP's
12. Red Hot Chili Peckers R/M slash R wears a sock
13. The Velveteen Jacket R/M slash M has R's old green jacket repaired
14. Immortal Pie R/M slash R & M watch American Pie, drink beer
15. Sweet Tooth R/M slash R makes 'homemade' Pearson's nut goodies
16. Slug Love R/M slash R & M watch a documentary on slugs
17. Crazy R/M slash R & M after a 3-day bike show in LA
18. Palaistikos R/M slash Greco-wrestling at the dojo
19. Dynamic Tension R/M slash M 'fixes' R's old weight bench
20. When He Falls R/M slash R is late meeting M, finds him talking to a girl
21. Mind Over Methos R/M slash M challenges R to no touching
22. Loose Ends R/M slash Joe reads through recent 'dead Immortal' files
23. Enter Sandman R/M slash brief PWP snippet - R can't sleep
24. Waxing Poetic R/M slash a heat wave, candle wax & ice
25. Naughty or Nice R/M slash PWP while Christmas shopping at the mall
We now return you to your regularly scheduled series...
68. Ishtar: 1-4 Moonchild Methuselah crystals, *ANCIENT* Immortals
69. Baby I Love Your Way R/M slash R/M continuation of New Year's Eve
70. Ishtar: 5-11 Moonchild more of "Adam" & "Eve", Enkidu's mortal life
71. Mu-Du-Sa R/M slash M & Enkidu reminisce
72. Ishtar: 12-25 Moonchild an ancient prophecy, astronomy stuff
73. Caesar's Folly R/M slash M & R celebrate M's leap year b-day
74. Ishtar: 26-31 (end) Moonchild Rissa's 1st Q, Met-shen (M) born 4016 BC
75. Narcissus: 1-2 Moonchild a blind Immortal and an earthquake
76. Rose On The Grey R/M slash M takes Rissa to Mariah & Isaac
77. Narcissus: 3-8 Moonchild 7 Immies battle the Darkness (M first, R last)
78. Until the Sky Falls Down Onto Me R/M slash R & M accept that they are truly soulmates
79. Narcissus: 9-20 Moonchild M has nightmares, M & R plan a trip to Tibet
80. Wasted Years R/M slash Anniversary PWP
81. Everything You Are R/M slash M intercepts a challenge meant for R
82. Narcissus: 21-22 Moonchild M & R pack, DM stops by
83. Reasons R/M slash M reminisces on the plane
84. Get Your Wings R/M slash PWP, R joins the Mile High Club
85. Narcissus: 23-34 Moonchild M & R travel to Shangri-La
86. Mille Luna R/M slash M thinks about the ring he bought for R
87a. Narcissus: 35-52 Moonchild R takes part in Bhuddist ritual, has a nightmare
87b. Narcissus: 53-103 (end) Moonchild M's past revealed, R meets the blind Immortal
88. Khensu: 1-8 Moonchild Watcher history, Enkidu thinks about Tiresias
89. When Thou Settest in the West Misc. Hlr Enkidu tells R the history of the scarab ring
(doesn't fit well, but with a few tweaks, goes here)
90. Khensu: 9-10 Moonchild Tiresias, Sengh & Kronos
91. I'll Be There R/M slash M takes a Q, R scares away 2nd challenger
92. Khensu: 11-15 Moonchild the attacks on Enkidu's students continue
93. Un Nuevo Mundo,
          Un Crusada Nueva
Misc. Hlr Enkidu remembers a past student
94. Khensu: 16-62+epilogue Moonchild the final showdown between Light and Dark
95. Grace to Grace R/M slash a really old guy talks to a really old tree
96. Ghost of a Chance R/M slash R & M reunite (brief Sentinel x-over: R/Blair)
97. Re Sa R/M slash R unknowingly finds the ring M bought for him
98. Akshobhya's Mirror Misc. Hlr M's first decision to become a doctor
99. One of Us Misc. Hlr While in Boston, R meets a mysterious Tibetan
100. No Apologies, No Regrets R/M slash M & R visit Cape Cod's Provincetown
101. The Heart of Samantabhadra R/M slash R tries to patch M & Jo's friendship
102. Funeral for a Friend R/M slash the fate of that ratty, smelly old sweater
103. Wet R/M slash M does strip dance for R after a week in Paris
104. Angele Dei Misc. Hlr DM has a run of bad (good??) luck
105. Lazarus R/M slash an old friend is resurrected
Finishing up the PWP's SERIES SUMMARY
26. Messiness is Next to ROGliness R/M slash R tries to clean the apartment, M distracts him
27. The Muse-eum R/M slash AC & her muses at an ancient history museum
28. Maximus R/M slash a radio ad for Viagra gets MST'ed
Into the Future SERIES SUMMARY
1. Again R/M slash Valentine's days from 1993-2001 (spoilers)
2. Herenui R/M slash ~10 yrs ahead, a vacation in Bora Bora
3. Crimson Sunset R/M slash ~2020, Joe's funeral

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