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10/10 19 Invisible Games
            - rogue invisible-camo soldiers in the woods
10/10 Of Mothmen and Militant Nationalists
            - a partnership seminar

10/10 Adrienne Let Go (AO3)
            - M/S 1st time at end of 'all things'

10/10 Agent Diana Fowley The Call
            - 'Per Manum', M calls S from clinic, having trouble 'donating'

11/10 aka "Jake" Annelid
            - M & S investigate giant snow worms in Alaska
10/10 The Case of the Christmas Stalking-Horse
            - S6, M & S attend a Christmas ball
10/10 The Mountain Man
            - Montana, 1865 (historical AU)

10/10 Alli Well-Prepared Shipper
            - a 'shipper interferes: iced tea, sleeping bags, etc.

10/10 Ambress All The Places
            - post-Biogenesis, M at psych ward when S comes to get him

10/10 Analise Lucky Lizzy
            - M & S investigate a haunted silver mine

10/10 Anjou Beating the Darkness Back (AO3)
            - after IW2B movie, reunite w/William
11/10 A Winter's Tale (AO3)
            - M finds another little girl like Emily

8/10 Ecolea Future Winnings: 1-5 Star Trek
            - Voyager rescues Mulder from 300-year stasis on alien ship

Julia Kosatka In the Dark (with Kellie Matthews-Simmons) Star Trek
            - M&S investigate beheadings, Duncan meets Guinan at Joe's and on Ent-D (DM/G)

Rhonda Lake 1. Dogged Determination I: Watched Watchers by
            - Scully helps a stray Dog (MSR) by Dean Koontz
2. DD Interlude I: Linen and Steele
3. DD Interlude II: Grapes of Wrath
4. DD Interlude III: Icy Hot
5. DD II: Hadinio'gwe'oek
            - M & S investigate deadly Indian Spirits
6. DD III: Pandora's Box
            - girl looking for birth-dad, hunted by Consortium
7. DD Interlude IV: Endless Knot
            - The Wedding
8. DD IV: Suffer the Children Vampire Masquerade
            - Mulder suspects vampires in a string of murders
9. DD V: Watched Over
            - The Hyatt kids are kidnapped, M & S help out

Kellie Matthews-Simmons In the Dark (with Julia Kosatka) Star Trek
            - M&S investigate beheadings, Duncan meets Guinan at Joe's and on Ent-D (DM/G)

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