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AO3 - Archive of Our Own - https://archiveofourown.org/
7D - The Seventh Dimension Highlander Archive - http://www.seventh-dimension.org/ (defunct*)
QC - Highlander Quill Club (HLQC) - http://7parabian.com/ (defunct*)
Goss - The Gossamer Project - http://fluky.gossamer.org/
ff.net - Fanfiction.net - http://www.fanfiction.net/

*defunct archives can still be found via the Internet Archive Wayback Machine

DM - Duncan MacLeod
CM - Connor MacLeod
M - Methos
A - Amanda
RR - Richie Ryan
Cass - Cassandra


1/04 Alice‑in-Stonyland Just Maybe AO3R, 7D 4x11
- Alexa applies for a job at Joe's
1/04 1. The Journal AO3R,7D 4x18
- A year after her death, M finds Alexa's journal
1/04 2. Remembering You AO3R,7D 4x18
- M visits Alexa's grave, reads from her journal

1/03 Alis Marahet series: I-XI 7D (IX, X) 5x18
- an old friend of M's makes RR's life interesting
(VI & X are x-overs with 'The Sentinel')

1/03 Amand-r Heat Goes to Cold 7D finale
- 2nd person - a day in the life of Methos

Arvy Futures Past (X-F/Hlr/Forever Knight/Star Trek x-over)
Chronologic order: 1-7, 10, 9, 11, 8
Goss 6x11
- Scully's cancer makes her Immortal & Mulder's Immortality is triggered by a vampire attack

2/04 Tiffany Baer I Think They Are Trying to Tell Me Something 7D 6x11
- M gets a surprise when he watches tv

2/04 Suzie Bagley 1. Paradox (X-F/Stargate/SeaQuest x-over) 7D finale
- Immortal Scully is dying, can SG1 help?
12/10 2. Parallel (X-F/Stargate/SeaQuest x-over) finale
- an alternate reality device causes big problems

2/04 Cathryn Bauer Caverns 7D 4x11
- M takes Alexa to Carlsbad

BBC Hold Still QC 5x09
- the ending is bizarre, but Sadie's a hoot

2/04 Kirsten Beall Mystery Highlander Theater 3000 7D 6x02
- MST3K x-over, DM is forced to read 'Dragonia' on the SoL

7/04 Teresa Coffman The Better Part of Valor AO3,7D,ff.net 6x11
- During Indescretions - M, Joe, & Amy
7/04 The Three Pound Eight Ounce Warrior AO3,7D,ff.net 6x02
- a cat's POV, M visited by Ahriman

1/06 Crys Chessman Chronicles - the adventures of a W turned Immortal
(Forever Knight, X-Files, JAG, Tom Clancy)
1. New Immortal in Town
2. Doing the Right Thing
3. Hunter of Watchers
4. Traveling
5. Helping the Newcomer
6. My Nightlife in Toronto
7. A Wedding & Decision
8. In the USSS
9. Tracking Them Down
10. Moral Q's & A's
11. Trouble in DC
12. Hunt, Home, and Harm
13. Harm's Decision
14. Killers in the Night
15. Haven
7D finale

Dawn Cunningham 1. Welcome Back
2. Long Journey Back
AO3, ff.net
AO3, ff.net
- Season 6: thanks to Kronos, RR isn't dead

4/03 Maygra de Rhema A Gathering of Angels (Touched by an Angel x-ver) 7D 5x12
- the Angels are sent to Seacouver, post-CaH/Rev

5/08 Cameron Dial 1. Terminal Report 7D, ff.net 6x11
- Amy Thomas writes Morgan Walker's closing report
1/04 2. The Tongues of Men and Angels 7D, ff.net 6x11
- Cochrane comes after DM, Post-'Indiscretions'
1/04 3. Permutations 7D 6x11
- Alternate ending - M takes Cochrane's head
1/04 4. In Silence and Tears 7D finale
- Post-'Not To Be', M & Joe argue
1/04 5. Generations 7D finale
- Joe is kidnapped, M and Amy go to the rescue

4/03 Tasha
Cat's Eyes AO3, 7D 5x09
- M & RR visit the SGC (SG1 x-over)
1. Dividing of the Ways
2. Discoveries
3. Disclosures
- Richie and his twin brother Chris change the Game

2/04 Ecolea Dream As If You'll Live Forever 7D Endgame
- morality vs ambivalence: the US gov chooses the winner
2/04 Changing of the Guard: 1-5 (SG1 x-over) 7D: 1, 2, 3 5x12
- Adam Pierson's recruited by SGC: Ancients, time travel, etc

11/10 Marina Frants Kid Fears 7D 2x04
- Epilogue to "Free Fall"
11/10 Moments of Weakness 7D5x18
- RR in 2057 w/dying wife

1/06 Mary Galasso 1. Balance 7D 6x02
- from Joe's new assignment (DM) to Ahriman
1/06 2. Dead Man 7D 5x18
- follows Joe after Archangel
1/06 3. Bench Press 7D 5x18
- Joe is used as bait to catch M
1/06 4. Reconciling the Books 7D 6x02
- DM's new W verifies Joe's account of Ahriman
1/06 5. Accounts Payable 7D 6x11
- M is kidnapped & it's DM & Giles to the rescue
1/06 6. Resting Place 7D 6x11
- final showdown with Claude

11/03 Trudy A. Goold A Gift of Swords 7D, QC, ff.net 5x12
- M makes 3 swords for DM's birthday

Janeen Grohsmeyer Faery Child AO3,QC,ff.net 4x03
- DM finds a child Immortal in 1820s
The Physics of Quickenings AO3,QC,ff.net 5x12
- a scientific Watcher report
7/10 1. The Highland Foundling 5x01
- CM brings Cass baby DM, she takes him to Mary & Ian
7/10 2. The Solstice Sun ff.net 5x01
- same story but from CM's view instead of Cass's
7/10 Wild Mountain Thyme AO3, ff.net Hlr 3
- CM and Alex meet in Scotland during 'Highlander 3'

12/06 HonorH Way of the Witch 7D 5x12
- Cassandra's version of Horsemen eps
12/06 1. Time Stands Still 7D 4x11
- 'Timeless' from Alexa's POV
12/06 2. He Sleeps 7D 4x14
- M sleeps & Alexa sketches him; Alexa's POV
12/06 3. Sunrise Over Santorini 7D 4x14
- M & Alexa watch the sun rise; M's POV
12/06 4. Keeping Company 7D 4x14
- Amanda & Alexa during 'Deliverance'

Indigo 1. Furies QC 5x01
- Ceirdwyn is haunted by a ghost
2. Changes QC 5x12
- Ceirdwyn's story of Marcus Constantine

1/08 Kay Kelly Awakening AO3,7D,ff.net 5x12
- Dec 31, 2001; RR & DM *both* thought they'd killed the other

2/08 Misha Kimbril 1. Trouble Me 7D 2x12
- after "Under Color", Monica meets RR
2/08 2. Shelter Me 7D 2x12
- 'Trouble Me' from RR's PoV
2/08 3. Speak to Me 7D 2x12
- Monica's PoV again, they travel to Rio

Julia Kosatka In the Dark (w/Kellie Matthews-Simmons) Goss 3x22
- (X-Files/ST:TNG x-over) M&S investigate beheadings,
DM meets Guinan at Joe's and again on the Enterprise (DM/G)

5/08 Sheila Marie Lane Mike's Story 7D S3
- DM introduces CM to Amanda, they have drinks at Joe's

1/08 Kristine Larsen Duncan MacLeod and the Stone Chicken 7D finale
- Monty Python x-over, 'Archangel' meets 'Holy Grail'

5/08 Gillian Leeds 1. Between Love and Obsession 7D 5x12
- M falls for pre-Immie Celtic dancer
5/08 2. Between Heaven and Hell 7D 5x16
- Is M going crazy or did someone spike the beer?

5/08 Merry Lynne Last Call AO3, 7D S5-ish
- CM explains discrepancies between movies & series
5/08 Resolution AO3, 7D 5x16
- DM & M reconcile after Horsemen episodes

macGeorge Endgame AO3, 7D, QC 5x12
- Darius & M's plan to end the Game
(for 'Immortal Nations' series, click HERE)
Princess of the Universe AO3, 7D, QC 4x05
- DM helps A solve a software theft

8/09 Joanne Madge Larkangel / Avatart / Armachedder, the Ultimate Cheese 7D 6x02
- Parodies of 'Archangel' / 'Avatar' / 'Armageddon'
8/09 To Be... Original? / Not! 7D finale
- Parodies of 'To Be' and 'Not To Be'

8/16 Marbleglove 1. A Square Peg in a Round Hole AO3, ff.net 5x12
- (SG1 x-over) Methos encounters clone-Jack, ends up at the SGC.
1/24 2. Smooth as a River Stone ff.net 5x12
- (SG1 x-over) Epilogue: Thousands of years later.

8/09 Michelle Lynn Martin The Witness 7D 3x08
- CM & DM in Toronto: Scott Hayden IDs CM after a Q, Mulder & Scully investigate, & Sam leaps into Schanke
(Forever Knight / X-Files / Starman / Quantum Leap
with a dash of MacGyver, Probe, & Battlestar Galactica)

Kellie Matthews-Simmons In the Dark (w/Julia Kosatka) Goss 3x22
- (X-Files/ST:TNG x-over) M&S investigate beheadings, DM meets Guinan at Joe's and again on the Enterprise (DM/G)

11/10 Sandra McDonald Tough Guy AO3R 2x04
- follows RR fr. "Gathering" until moves in w/ DM
11/10 A Tale of Two Tessas AO3R 2x04
- S1, Tessa's niece visits Seacouver
12/10 Obligations 4x20
- follows DM & RR from Tessa's death to Annie Devlin
11/10 Seeds ff.net 2x07
- Where do baby Immortals come from?
12/10 When Immortals...
Gather: the gang at a Highlander convention S4
Celebrate Christmas: Christmas party 5x08
Go Job Hunting: 'Hlr: The Series' is cancelled finale

8/09 Beck McLaughlin 1. Winterborne 7D Raven
- post-war gov't creates cyber-Immie clones
8/09 2. Interlude 7D Raven
- M & DM raid the Winterborne labs
8/09 3. Mayfair 7D Raven
- DM held hostage in France by anti-Immie group

4/09 Melina Even Better AO3, 7D Raven
- Michelle from 'Rite of Passage'

4/09 Mina Not To Be: The Lost Ending 7D finale
- Humor, Fitz describes real 'world with no DM'

Mistress Mousie Soulmates QC S5-ish
- Methos & Jazz

2/09 Angela Mull Different (Sentinel x-over) 7D none
- Beheadings in Cascade (original Immortals only)
2/09 1. Scars 7D 2x02
- RR's past, during "The Gathering"
2/09 2. Lead You Home 7D 2x04
- RR between 'Scars' & "Family Tree"
2/09 3. Flood 7D 2x04
- after "Family Tree", RR shares his past w/DM & Tessa

1/09 Sharon M. Palmer Archangel: The Musical 7D 5x18
- musical parody script
1/09 1. Comes a Motorcyclist 7D 5x11
- RR helps M during 'Comes a Horseman'
1/09 2. Revelations Version 6.8 7D 5x12
- RR helps M & DM take out the Horsemen
1/09 3. The Ransom of Richard Redstone Revisited 7D 5x13
- Instead of DM, M helps RR with Marina

Kat Parsons Might Have Been 7D 4x14
- Universe 2: AU, DM & Tessa adopt a 9-yr old Richie.
1/09 Winter Descending 7D 2x04
- RR escorts Tessa to artiste party, hijinx ensue
1/09 1. Belle 7D 3x16
- RR meets Little Old Lady Immortal Belle
1/09 2. It's a Wonderful Highlander 7D 3x16
- written long before 'To Be' & 'Not To Be'
1/09 3. Great Exaggerations 7D 3x19
- Belle is hunted by a K'Immie

1/09 Quicksilver Myth of Methos AO3,7D,ff.net finale
- what if Methos really was evil all along?

8/10 Kevin Robnett 1. A Dish Served Cold (Star Trek X) AO3 4x13
- RR aboard the USS Intrepid
8/10 2. Finding Oneself (Star Trek X) AO3 4x13
- RR reunites with DM to investigate Iconian relics. (What's up with the Iconian/Stargate Ancients parallel?)

11/03 Selena
(Tanja Kinkel)
Death and the Maiden AO3, 7D, QC 5x12
- Cass's life w/the Horsemen & her escape
5/08 1. Incubus AO3, 7D, QC 5x18
- after "Archangel", M meets Cass in Scotland
5/08 2. Transferences AO3, 7D, QC 6x11
- Amy Thomas investigates events of 'Incubus'
5/08 3. Once Out of Nature AO3, 7D, QC finale
- Cass & M destroy lab studying Immies

J Sylvan Xavier: A Hunt in Hiroshima AO3,QC,ff.net 3x14
- St. Cloud finds a victim of Hiroshima bomb

5/08 Tenaya The Quick and the Dead (Forever Knight x-over) AO3, 7D 4x10
- LaCriox comes for M, to feed and to remember
6/08 Three Jacks, Queen High AO3, 7D 4x20
- "Till Death" - when did Gina figure things out?

terra ignus The Goatherd 7D, QC Hlr 1
- last Immie is a mountain goatherder

s. volk Lost Horizon AO3, QC 4x22
- Adam Pierson visits Tibet

D.L. Witherspoon Restoration Series:
5/08 1. Called To Rise AO3, 7D finale
- Constantine takes a DQ, M & DM must stop him
5/08 2. Twilight of the Dawn AO3, 7D Raven
- Christmas after 'Called to Rise'
5/08 3. Boats Against the Current AO3, 7D Raven
- M kills some Immortals and plays the piano
5/08 4. Memory Rut AO3, 7D Raven
- M has nightmares, remembers some of his past
5/08 5. What Lies Within AO3, 7D Raven
- M battles a demon from his past
5/08 6. Becoming: part 1-4 (AO3: Pt1, Pt2, Pt3, Pt4) AO3, 7D Raven
- Final showdown between M and Mael

5/08 Dana Woods A Brief Commercial Interlude 7D S5-ish
- M teases Joe about Brita water commercial

5/08 Lori Wright Prima Donnas and Secrets 7D 6x10
- Sentinel x-over, an assassin targets Claudia Jardine
Life in Wartime 7D, QC 4x22
- What led Horton to start the Hunters?

   Xenon - The Methos (& Kronos) Journals 3/31/11
~ M & K from their first meeting thru the horsemen episodes and beyond.
(listed chronologically on author's site)

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