DISCLAIMERS: Regarding the stories suggested on this page -
I liked them when I read them, so if they suck just assume
I was in a weird mood that day . . .

Regarding the content of the stories - These stories are mostly
slash and/or deserving of an R-NC17 rating.
*No* DM/RR or DM/J here, but lots of DM/M and others.

General-audience stories can be found HERE.

NOTE: I have most of these stories archived as plain 'txt' files.
(charset UTF-8 encoded)
If you would like one or more sent to you,
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Click on for a detailed list of stories
when a series is exceptionally large.

Astrochick's Richie/Methos Series
~ very long, very good, the reading list is a must...

Chaos Chronicles by Eng (HLQC)
~ incredibly long, impossible to summarize, not for the faint of heart.

Immortal Nations series by MacGeorge & Maygra 7/23 (AO3)
1. The Cutting Edge
~read this one if you want, but all you really need to know is that a crazy Immortal woman captures DM in the 1800s and tortures him using his own knife, until he eventually takes her head with that same knife - a bone-handled knife with the initials DML on the hilt.
2. Endgame
~ Darius & M's plan to end the Game
3. Checkmate 7/23
~ quick Epilogue to 'Endgame'; potential DM/M implied
4. Event Horizon
~crossover with 'Scandal', main character is Olivia Pope. I never watched Scandal, so can't recommend this one either.
5. United Nations, Divided Souls 7/23
~ post-Apocalypse 22nd century, the Cherokee Nation vs the Eastern Dawn. Lots of graphic torture and angst. Also, if you haven't read Eng's Chaos Chronicles, you will likely find Sean MacLeod's existence VERY confusing.
6. Penance 7/23
~ DM goes looking for Revas's kids while Methos is off hunting Bar Abbas. Eventually, finally, DM/M.

Killashandra - Sanctuary 8/10 (AO3)
~ After Hlr: Endgame, DM shows up at M's (DM/M)

Misconceptions (AO3)
~ surprisingly well-written Methos-is-pregnant story (DM/M)

Tenaya's Tantilizing Tales (AO3)
1. Tainted Love, 2. Secrets of Darkened Hearts 10/08
(Forever Knight x-over) DM/M, M/LaCroix
~ LaCriox comes for M, to feed and to remember

What If by Tessa Rae 11/06 (AO3)
~ every Methos episode rewritten as DM/M

The Seventh Dimension Highlander Archive
Ladonna King (Sleeps With Coyotes) - Still-Heart 3/08
~ Post-Not To Be, M&DM visited by old Egyptian jackal gods

Lillian Wolfe & Taselby - 1. Of Sound Mind and Body 6/08 (AO3)
~ UST, M gets very sick when sprayed by gypsy perfume
Lillian Wolfe - 2. All Things Being Equal 6/08
~ DM/M; who was behind the perfume?

macGeorge - Wolf/HolyGround series 9/09 (AO3)
1. Wolf at the Door
~ DM/M, new Immie Nick Wolfe needs a teacher
2. Holy Ground
~ 20 yrs later, M & DM's relationship hits some snags

Merry Lynne - Cycles I & II (AO3)
- I: Resolution 6/08
~ Gen, DM & M reconcile after Horsemen episodes
- II: Intervention 6/08
~ DM/M, immediately after 'Resolutions', Cass is Hunting Methos

Mona Ramsey - Poetry Series 10/08
~ poetry themed vignettes about DM/M relationship

1. e.e. cummings 1 & 2  
2. Russell 1 - Meaning
3. Auden 1 & 2
4. Thomas 1 - Touch
5. Rilke 1 & 2

Suze - Rewind, Fast Forward, Play 10/08
~ DM "courts" M after jumping him doesn't work

Viccy - 1. The Matchmaker 6/08
~ DM/M, CM & Adam rescue DM from a cult; CM's PoV
2. The Hunt 6/08
~ 'Matchmaker' from Methos' PoV

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