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there's no one particular pairing here.

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Mirror of Maybe by Midnight Blue
            - Harry/Snape, but don't let that deter you . . .
            - Also, it's not completed (but still worth reading). . .

*grey/blue - online archive of all current chapters.
*Yahoo group: Mirror_of_Maybe (must become a member, which is free)
*Archive of Our Own (restricted - log in to view)

The story is under FILES, in the folder "The Mirror of Maybe" - scroll down past all the 'Cookie' folders.

The Shoebox Project by ladyjaida and dorkorific 1/06
            ~ While spring-cleaning, Lupin finds a shoebox full of memories...
              ...The Marauders' years at Hogwarts (eventually Sirius/Remus)

ac1d6urn (Acid) & Sinick (AO3)
            1. The Price of Magic 2/13
                    ~ Magic was destroyed when Harry died defeating Voldemort.
                      Now Harry's ghost is haunting Snape. (Harry/Snape)

            2. Commonplace Magic 2/13
                    ~ PoM AU, Uni student H meets S while working at the Cheshire Cheese.

Alchemia and Bugland
            - The Bittersweet Potion series 11/12
                    ~ A cat story (Harry/Snape)
                     1. A Bittersweet Potion
                     One Shot: Apothecary (between chapters 14 & 15 of BP)
                     2. Procul His
                     3. Purification
                     4. The River
                     5. Family
                     6. Rite of Passage - Unfinished WIP!

Anna Fugazzi
            - Bond 4/11 ( (AO3)
                    ~ AU 7th-year; Harry & Draco get hit by a marriage-bond curse.
                    ~ (The premise may sound corny but this story is amazing.)

CorvetteClaire (
            1. Thicker Than Blood
                    ~ (HP/DM), Draco is injured during Hogwarts siege,
                      Harry is bonded to him to keep him alive.

            2. Adamant and Starlight
                    ~ Draco mysteriously returns after being kidnapped.
                      What happened to him while he was missing?

Jordan Grant
            - Owned 6/12 (AO3R)
                    ~ post-DH, ancient magic forces Harry to claim Draco as a slave
            - Cambiare Podentes: 1. Invocare, 2. Madurare 2/13 (AO3)
                    ~ a new prophecy reveals Harry must bind himself as a slave to Snape in order to defeat V

Maya 3/14 (
            If You've A Ready Mind
                    ~ (HP/DM), Draco is Sorted into Ravenclaw instead.
            Quality of Mercy
                    ~ (DM/CharlieW, mild HP/DM), Post-HBP, Narcissa asks
                      H to find & protect D, who has Slytherin's locket.

            1. The Way We Get By
                    ~ D PoV, D & H are aurors, become partners.
            2. Drop Dead Gorgeous
                    ~ (HP/DM), H PoV, Harry learns something unexpected about
                      his bloodlines, tries to cope with Veela powers.

pir8fancier 3/14
            On One's Knees (AO3)
                    ~ (HP/DM), before epilogue of DH; Draco is out of Azkaban
                      on parole, Harry is a Healer at St. Mungo's.

            1. Lettered (AO3)
                    ~ (HP/DM) Draco starts writing notes to Harry in 7th year.
            2. Lush Life (AO3)
                    ~ ~25 yrs later, Harry & Draco reconnect
            3. Home Again, Home Again (AO3)
                    ~ Harry is kidnapped

            - Induction 3/14 (AO3)
                    ~ (HP/SS) S secretly hypnotizes H to make him more cooperative in
                     learning Occlumency (H eventually figures it out & uses it to defeat V)

            - Incurable 3/14 (AO3R)
                    ~ non-magic AU; (HP/DD), abused by the Dursleys, H arrives at
                     Hogwarts boarding school after 4 yrs at St. Brutus'.

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