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12/21 clotpolesonly Merlin Ambrosius, King of Carthis series ( 1234540) (AO3)
1. To Be A King
2. Tempting Fate
3. One Small Step For Man, One Giant Leap For Manservants
~ Merlin discovers Balinor was a crown prince when he is asked to claim his father's throne.

12/21 leashy_bebes The Wrong Avalon (AO3)
(DrWho crossover) - Eleven takes the newly married Ponds to Hotel Avalon for their honeymoon; they find Arthur was sent there by Merlin's misguided 'spell'. (Amy/Rory, only very slight hints of Merlin/Arthur)

9/22 mollrach13 Allow One to 'See' (AO3)
~ A spell traps Arthur's soul outside his sleeping body. In this ghostly form, unseen and unheard, he gets an interesting insight into Merlin and just how much Camelot needs the man.

9/22 PeaceHeather Bought and Sold (AO3)
~ Arthur is kidnapped by slavers and it's up to Merlin to rescue him.
9/22 Rend and Rebuild (AO3)
~ One wrong move in the heat of battle changes everything. Merlin is a sorcerer, and Arthur has stabbed him.
9/22 These Ghosts Might Be Mine (AO3)
~ After his death, Arthur wakes up ten years in the past with a chance to fix things.

9/22 RileyWilliamsJr The Immortal and the Revenant (AO3)
(Harry Potter crossover) - Merlin helps Harry when the Dementors attack in Little Whinging (in OotP), then joins him at Hogwarts and helps to defeat Voldemort.

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