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AUTHOR STORY (links are all to AO3 unless otherwise indicated)

9/22 0hHeyThereBigBadWolf
(The Black Sun's Daughter)
For Want of a Nail ( 6318545)
~ Merlin is raised as a half-brother to Leon to protect him from Uther and Cenred.

12/21 astolat The Crown of the Summer Court
(Merry Gentry crossover) - The Summer Court needs a new king, and one of the candidates is Merlin. (explicit Merlin/Arthur)

12/21 Clea2011 The Frog Prince
~ A curse intended for Uther hits 15-yr-old Arthur instead, turning him into a disfigured freak.

12/21 Cori Lannam (corilannam) Awake (with phoenixacid)
~ post-series; Arthur is only awake one day every year as he and Merlin await their destiny on Avalon.

12/21 Destina The Long Shadow
~ series finale fix-it: Merlin refuses to accept prophecy and destiny, uses Sidhe magic in the lake to return Arthur to life.

12/21 dreamlittleyo Such a Life, a Heart, a Mind as Thine
~ Arthur inadvertently triggers an ancient soul-magic ritual, but he does not face the consequences alone. (set during S2)

9/22 ella_bane A Warlock's Worth*restricted - log in to read
~ When a visiting prince sets his sights on Merlin, Arthur is not amused.

9/22 elysiumwaits In Relief
~ Merlin & Arthur encounter a magical amulet shortly after Arthur has learned about Merlin's magic. (short story)

1/22 Footloose Unstoppable Superweapons series (Art by mushroomtale)
1. Evil Overlord, Inc.
2. Evil Overlord, Inc. the Next Chapters
3. Fanart and Fanmix: Evil Overlord, Inc.
4. Evil Overlord, Inc. Official Website
~ modern magical setting. Merlin is a recent college grad, broke and jobless. Arthur has a dead-end clerical job in MI5. Then Merlin's friends create a Craigslist ad...

12/21 katherynefromphilly We Begin Again series
1. And like the cycle of the year, we begin again
2. Our Destinies Our Own
3. ever onward, through magic, through love
4. The word you're looking for is consort
~ Picks up where the series ends, in the flash-forward to modern times. Merlin is still waiting for Arthur to reappear... and finally, he does. Merlin helps Arthur navigate the modern era, which involves cell phones and basically an entirely new language... and openly gay relationships. Which makes Arthur realize a few things. And they also have to stop the threat that caused Arthur to return in the first place.

1/22 mischiefmanager Where I'm Meant To Be
~ post-finale; Merlin is teaching Medieval history in London and drives to his cabin by Lake Avalon at the end of term, where Arthur suddenly reappears. (Merlin is a huge Harry Potter fan. Also, I like this story's theory about the prophecy of Arthur's return.)

12/21 phoenixacid Awake (with Cori Lannam)
~ post-series; Arthur is only awake one day every year as he and Merlin await their destiny on Avalon.

1/22 Polomonkey A Song From Far Away series (Art by mushroomtale)
1. A Song From Far Away
2. Fanart and Fanmix: A Song From Far Away
~ AU: Arthur is captured by an enemy king who commands a group of sorcerers and a fearsome dragon. Then Arthur meets Merlin, a fellow captive whose magic has been bound to Cenred's will.

1/22 rebbeile Where Legends Lie (Art by realproof)
~ AU: A young warlock in modern-day Camelot finds himself transported back in time to the Camelot of the Pendragons.

1/22 Skitz_phenom Weighty and Troublesome Things
~ After Arthur's death at Camlann, Merlin is given the chance to go back in time and "fix" everything.

1/22 TheAvalonian The Patter of Tiny Feet on Cold Stone Floors ( 4339640)
~ Merlin uses magic to help Arthur & Gwen conceive a child, but the parentage doesn't exactly go as planned. (story is complete as is - a sequel is mentioned but was never written)

1/22 unpossible Magical Bloody Sex Assassin series
1. Gadarene
~ When Uther's madness began to affect Arthur after Uther's death, Agravaine become Regent. Then Arthur saves a slave boy from his uncle's clutches, unknowingly setting destiny back on its rightful path.
2. Dragon Lord (additional scenes)
- Ch 1 takes place near the end of Ch 19, after they stop for the night
- Ch 2 takes place after Ch 20
- Ch 3 takes place around the end of Ch 21 / during Chs 22-26
3. Young Lion (additional scene)
- takes place during Ch 23, after the knights all enter Morgana and Gwen's room.

1/22 versaphile Of Faith and Hope and Love
~ 4x07 AU: Morgana takes Merlin after kidnapping Gaius, and Arthur is determined to rescue him, but in the process he ends up discovering ALL of Merlin's many secrets.
1/22 MAP: Atlas of the Kingdoms of Albion
~ NOT A STORY. Maps and info about the Kingdoms of Albion as well as demographics and travel times by foot, horseback, etc.

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