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    etothepii - Sic Gorgiamus Allos Subjectatos Nunc series (AO3) 5/21

    1. Sic Gorgiamus Allos Subjectatos Nunc
    2. Woe and Arachnids
    3. Your Body Before Me

    (BBC Sherlock x-over) Johnlock
    ~ John's mum was an Addams & John and Harry are not 'normal'. Sherlock eventually learns John's secret.


    sgamadison - The Spirit of Christmas Yet to Come (AO3) 1/17

    (SGA x-over, no stargate) McShep
    ~ Rodney is a detective in NYC; John is a mystery novel writer. On Christmas Eve, McKay catches the flu and has a series of dreams/visions.


-- General-audience stories are HERE. --

    Aeolist - Before it Breaks series (AO3) 10/21

    1. Before it Breaks; 2. Clarity in Cardiff; 3. On Differences and Doubts

    ~ The gap closes before 10 can take Rose and Meta-10 to Bad Wolf Bay. (explicit Rose/Ten/TenToo)

    maskedfangirl - The Letter in the Wall (AO3) 5/21

    (Sherlock x-over, ties BBC to ACD) Johnlock.
    ~ A week after John & Sherlock go missing, Mrs. Hudson finds a letter from 1888 addressed to her. (I *hate* Weeping Angels)

    tenscupcake - Electrostatic Potential (AO3) 11/21

    ~ Bad Wolf gives Rose & 10 a Happily Ever After. (explicit Rose/Ten)


    Alex51324 - Tony Stark Meets an Extremely Unimpressed Time Traveler, or, Thomas Barrow Makes a Surprisingly Good 21st Century Butler (AO3) 2/22

    (Avengers x-over) Tony/Thomas
    ~ A Spatio-Temporal Disturbance sends Thomas Barrow to 2013.

DRAGONRIDERS OF PERN (books by Anne McCaffrey)

    Icarus - Dragonlord (AO3)*restricted - log in to view 8/16

    (SGA x-over) McShep
    ~ Benden heir John unexpectedly Impresses a dragon.

    Sorka - Turn Upon a Dragon's Wing (AO3)*restricted - log in to view 4/03

    (Sentinel x-over) Jim/Blair
    ~ J&B are dragonriders.


-- General-audience stories are HERE. --

    ami_ven - Take My Love (AO3) 8/16

    (SGA x-over, no stargate) McShep
    ~ Rodney hires a Companion (John).


-- General-audience stories are HERE. --

    tenaya - Dark Love series (AO3) 10/08

    1. Tainted Love; 2. Secrets of Darkened Hearts

    (Highlander x-over) DM/M, M/LaCroix
    ~ LaCriox comes for M, to feed and to remember.

GROSS POINTE BLANK (movie) / Sherlock (BBC)

-- General-audience stories are HERE. --

    TardisIsTheOnlyWayToTravel - Maybe one of these days you can let the light in 9/21

    (BBC Sherlock x-over) Johnlock
    ~ John is an assassin who decides to attend his 20-yr HS reunion.


    puddleofgoo - Divergent Paths: Glimpses of the Future (AO3) 12/16

    (SGA x-over) McShep
    ~ McKay, a billionaire scientist living on the Isle of Mann, needs a pilot.
    (FYI, taking a 6-wk-old kitten to Hawaii is impossible IRL, due to their strict import requirements. Also, pet microchips aren't GPS-capable.)

HIS DARK MATERIALS (books by Philip Pullman) / Sherlock (BBC)

    AxeMeAboutAxinomancy - The Utmost Edge of Hazard series (AO3) 9/21

    1. Unsettled; 2. Snowlight

    (BBC Sherlock x-over) Johnlock
    ~ Someone has created a drug that is addictive to daemons.


    ignaz - A Modest Proposal and Involuntary Commitment series (AO3) 2/22

    1. A Modest Proposal

    ~ After 3x10 'Merry Little Christmas': House forged Wilson's signature on prescriptions, and now Wilson will be forced to testify against him, sending his best friend to jail. But spouses can't be forced to testify against each other... and New Jersey has just legalized same-sex unions.

    2. Involuntary Commitment

    ~ House heads to rehab. Things go pretty much as well as you'd expect.

    simoneallen - Son of Mine (AO3) 8/21

    (BBC Sherlock x-over) established Johnlock, first-time House/Wilson.
    ~ Sherlock learns House is his biological father, travels with John to meet him.

    The YouTube fanvid that inspired the story.


-- General-audience stories are HERE. --

    Hircine_Taoist - Caging the Devil series (AO3) 12/22

    1. Caging the Devil; 2. Knowing the Devil

    ~ At end of S3, Cain kidnaps Lucifer & Chloe and holds them captive. (explicit Deckerstar in part 2)

LORD OF THE RINGS (Jackson movies)

-- General-audience stories are HERE. --

    Secret Diaries - pervy hobbit-fanciers unite! 3/03

MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe)

-- General-audience stories are HERE. --

    Alex51324 - Tony Stark Meets an Extremely Unimpressed Time Traveler, or, Thomas Barrow Makes a Surprisingly Good 21st Century Butler (AO3) 2/22

    (Downton Abbey x-over) Tony/Thomas
    ~ A Spatio-Temporal Disturbance sends Thomas Barrow to 2013.

    Madz616 - Harry Potter and the Man of Iron series (AO3) 8/23

    Harry Potter and the Man of Iron 1 & 2

    (Harry Potter x-over) Tony/Harry
    ~ Harry & Tony meet and end up together during the events of the first two 'Iron Man' movies.

MATRIX (movie) / Sentinel

    Legion - Reset (AO3)*restricted - log in to view 4/03

    (Sentinel x-over) Jim/Blair
    ~ Blair is aware when the Matrix resets.

MERRY GENTRY (series by Laurell K. Hamilton) / Merlin (BBC)

    astolat - The Crown of the Summer Court (AO3) 12/21

    (BBC Merlin x-over) explicit Merlin/Arthur
    ~ The Summer Court needs a new king, and one of the candidates is Merlin.


-- General-audience stories are HERE. --

    LadyRa - Four Military Men (AO3) 10/16

    (SGA/Sentinel x-over) Gibbs/Tony, John/Rodney, Jack/Daniel, Jim/Blair
    ~ An invite to their 20-yr high school reunion reunites Tony with his geek friends Rodney, Daniel, and Blair.

    LitGal - Not in Kansas Anymore series 12/16

    (SGA x-over)
    See my Stargate page for details.

    Xanthe - BDSM Universe series (McShep, Tony/Gibbs) (AO3) 8/16

    (SGA x-over)
    See my Stargate page for details.


    Bad_Faery - The Essence of Life (AO3)*restricted - log in to view 5/23

    ~ Unhappily married to Gaston, Belle calls on Rumplestiltskin to give bring life to her barren womb. His price is not what she expects. (explicit Belle/Rumple, AU)

PACIFIC RIM / Sherlock (BBC)

    J_Baillier - 1. Drift Compatible (AO3) 4/22

    (BBC Sherlock x-over) Johnlock, telepathy
    ~ A washed-out hero struggling with his past and a prodigy who wants nothing to do with his family legacy cross paths at the Chard's Rift Shatterdome. Set after "Pacific Rim Uprising" but knowledge of the PR movies is not necessary.

    2. At The Edge of Our Hope - stories inspired by "Drift Compatible" series (AO3)

    1. Best Served Cold --> SKIP THIS ONE!!!
    2. Drift Incompatible (by 7PercentSolution) 4/22

    - Ranger Lee asks Ranger Holmes for advice

    3. Kiss Your Sassafras (by elldotsee) 4/22

    - PWP in elevator after killing a kaiju

    4. The Unexpected Threat 4/22

    - COVID-50 epidemic hits Chard's Rift

    5. I Heard The Bells on Christmas Day 4/22

    - Christmas at Chard's Rift Shatterdome

PRIDE & PREJUDICE (Jane Austen) / Sherlock (BBC)

    i_ship_an_armada - TMoaG Universe series (AO3)*restricted - log in to view 9/22

    1. The Measure of a Gentleman

    (BBC Sherlock x-over) - A Pride & Prejudice John & Sherlock, where the laws governing same sex relationships and how they are seen in the Regency Era is not an issue *at all*.

    2. Collection

    ~ Short story after TMoaG.


-- General-audience stories are HERE. --

    The Last Measure of Devotion by Sue Walker (Sam/Al) 8/06

    ~ Al sacrifices everything to bring Sam home.

    Legion - Storm Signs Trilogy (Sentinel x-over, Sam/Al) 1/06

    1. Storm Signs (AO3)*restricted - log in to view
    2. Eye of the Storm (AO3)*restricted - log in to view
    3. Facing the Storm (AO3)*restricted - log in to view

    ~ Sam (as himself) rights a wrong for Jim & Blair.

    1b. From Simon Banks' Incredible Tales by Toshua (AO3)

    ~ missing scene from 'Storm Signs'

    4. Panther Tales by saraid (AO3)

    ~ The original story, if you're interested (Sentinel only, no QL)

SIXTH SENSE / Sherlock (BBC)

    darcylindbergh - De profundis (AO3) 7/21

    (BBC Sherlock x-over) Johnlock
    ~ Sherlock Holmes sees dead people. John spends most of the story as Schrödinger's cat.


-- General-audience stories are HERE. --

    Yours_Truly_Commander_Shepard - Enough (AO3) 5/23

    ~ RoS fix-it: Rey & Ben join forces. (explicit Rey/Kylo)

WATERWORLD (Costner movie) / SGA

    Tarlan - The Lonely Sea (AO3) 3/17

    (SGA x-over) Mcshep
    ~ The Ori destroy Earth by melting the polar icecaps.

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