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DISCLAIMERS: Regarding the stories suggested on this page -
I liked them when I read them, so if they suck just assume
I was in a weird mood that day . . .

Adult stories (i.e. Jim/Blair slash) can be found HERE.

NOTE: I have most of these stories archived as plain 'txt' files.
(charset UTF-8 encoded)
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Click on for a detailed list of stories
when a series is exceptionally large.

Sentinel Virtual Seasons:

    Black Panther Productions

    (archived by the Internet Wayback Machine)
    ~ virtual seasons 5-7, Blair joins the force

    Faux Paw Productions

    ~ virtual seasons 5-6, Blair joins the force
    ~ some 'episodes' contradict each other

Other Sites:

    Wolfpup's Den

    - Cindy Combs (updated 4-11-22)

    ~ Sentinel/MacGyver series

    Sheila Paulson

    1. Sentinels 8/16

    - (SG1 x-over) Blair is recruited to help SG-1 on a mission with an Incan Sentinel

    2. The Limits of Trust 8/16

    - (SG1 x-over) post TSbyBS, Blair goes to work at the SGC

    3. Nor Iron Bars a Cage 8/16

    - (SG1 x-over) a Goa'uld infiltrates the SGC

    Archive Of Our Own (AO3)

    - englishrose2011 (Susan) - Guide Development Program series - (updated 4-11-22)

    GDP AU / Dark Guide - Ancient Tales AU
    WARNING: although these stories frequently proclaim that the Sentinel-Guide bond is NOT sexual, it could be argued that 'they doth protest too much'. Just so's ya know...

    - LitGal - Dark, Still Water 8/16

    - (SG1 x-over) SG-1 encounter Jim & Blair in Cascade during 'Murder 101' & SG1 S3, Teal'c's PoV

    The Seventh Dimension Highlander Archive (Highlander crossovers)

    - Alis - Marahet series: I-XI 1/03

    - Richie meets an old friend of Methos.
    (stories VI and X are the Sentinel crossovers)

    - Angela Mull - Different 2/09

    - Beheadings in Cascade

    - Lori Wright - Prima Donnas and Secrets 5/08

    - MacLeod helps Jim & Blair protect Claudia Jardine.

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