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Regarding the content of the stories - These are Jim/Blair stories. There're more of them out there than anything else, and if you've seen the show, it's pretty obvious why.

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5 Senses
            ~ virtual slash seasons 5-7,
            ~ Blair becomes police consultant (not an officer)

Archive Of Our Own (AO3)


8/16 Alobear By Reason of Insanity
            - (SG1 x-over) SG-1 come to Cascade tracking a Goa'uld serial killer. (Jack/D, Jim/B)

Alyjude Crossroads
            - B & S leave J to fish, wreck on mt
Everything's Jake series
1. Everything's Jake
            - B moves out, befriends 4 yr old Jake
2. We Gather Together, Thanksgiving
            - 3 weeks after Everything's Jake
3. We Gather Together, Christmas & Chanuakah
            - The gang celebrates the holidays
4. Bestest, Most Perfectedness Vally Times Card Ever
            - Jake makes cards for J & B
5. Fireworks
            - swim lessons for Jake, 4th of July
6. Junior Guppy
            - Jake & Corky hunt a beast
7. The Big Five (author's site)
            - Jake's birthday
8. A Day at the Zoo (author's site)
            - Kindergarten field trip

Emily Brunson Detour
            - J put in asylum before finding B in pilot

Francesca The Nature series: 1-29
            - A rocky start, then weird stuff happens

Griffin Khakis*restricted - log in to read
            - J/B from khaki pants POV

10/16 LadyRa Four Military Men
            - (NCIS/SGA x-over) an invite to their 20-yr high school reunion reunites Tony with his geek friends Rodney, Daniel, and Blair. (Gibbs/Tony, John/Rodney, Jack/Daniel, Jim/Blair)

Lanning Cook Call Him a Dog
            - POV of Vice cop, temp partner to Jim

Legion 1. Storm Signs*restricted - log in to read
2. Eye of the Storm*restricted - log in to read
3. Facing the Storm*restricted - log in to read
            - (Quantum Leap x-over) Sam rights a wrong for J & B (Sam/Al)
4. (see Toshua below)
5. (see saraid below)
Bid Him Come, Bid Him Go*restricted - log in to read
            - AU, J moves into loft haunted by B
Conjugations*restricted - log in to read
            - SAR plague ruins world, J&B regroup
Quack*restricted - log in to read
            - J&B help protect actor from stalker
Reset*restricted - log in to read
            - (Matrix x-over) B is aware when Matrix resets

Natalie L Coming Home
            - B, in coma, talks to J on spirit-plane

8/16 Orithain & Rina Sentinels 101: Right in Front of Me
            - (SGA x-over) Rodney's a Sent w/out a G, then he meets John.

8/16 Quasar273 'Criss Cross' series (2-6 are Sentinel x-overs)
            1. Cross Product, 2. Cross Multiplication, 3. Cross Training,
            4. Cross Country, 5. Cross Talk, 6. Crossing Paths, 7. Crossed Wires
            - (SGA x-over) Ancient device switches John w/ alt reality self (J/R 1st time); Jim & Blair are on alt Atlantis

Resonant Waking
            - Blair buys an unusual alarm clock

Rhidopon Society Strange World
            - B is tricked into bond w/another Sent.

Romslinger Harbor of My Heart*restricted - log in to read
            - AU: B is a cop, J is living on the streets

8/16 RosiePaw Lost and Found
            - (SGA x-over) Sentinel John joins Atl expedition, discovers R is his Guide.

Russet McMillan The Body Thief
            - a killer steals Jim's body from him

saraid 5. Panther Tales
            - The story that inspired 'Storm Signs'

8/16 Seaward What Started in a Box series (SGA x-over)
            1. R is Sentinel in secret, aliens trap J&R in a box, they discover they have Sentinel/Guide bond
            2. Ancient device erases R from existence
            3. alt reality R&J find each other

Sorka Turn Upon a Dragon's Wing*restricted - log in to read
            - Pern crossover - J & B as dragonriders
Sentinel-Guide Research Project*restricted - log in to read
            - GDP AU: Guides control the Sentinels

Toshua 4. From Simon Banks' Incredible Tales
            - missing scene from 'Storm Signs'

8/16 velocitygrass Disqualified
            - (SGA x-over) (no Stargate) S John & G McKay; sexual relationships forbidden between Sentinel & Guide

Susan's GDP series - The Guide Development Program (AO3) 2-25-07
   As I said on my main Sentinel page - these stories claim to be non-slash. Emphasis on "claim".

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