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DISCLAIMERS: Regarding the stories suggested on this page -
I liked them when I read them, so if they suck just assume
I was in a weird mood that day . . .

Regarding the content of the stories - These are a mixed bag from multiple genres. The one thing they have in common is that they have taken the concept of Sentinels and Guides and run with it.

"The Sentinel"-specific stories are HERE.

NOTE: I have most of these stories archived as plain 'txt' files.
If you would like one or more sent to you,
please let me know: cjspratt at

Archive Of Our Own (AO3)


7/21 Hisstah Secrets and Revelations series
 1. Secrets and Revelations
 2. Consequences and Repercussions
 3. Brief Interlude
            - (BBC Sherlock, Johnlock) Sherlock is an Alpha Sentinel; John is an Omega Guide pretending to be a low-level-empath Beta. Then the London Sentinel Tower learns John's secret and comes for him. AU set post-s1, A/B/O

7/21 LapisLazuli Breathe You In
            - (BBC Sherlock, Johnlock) John is openly an Omega and secretly a Guide. He meets Sherlock Holmes, indifferent Alpha and remarkable Sentinel. They get a flatshare. AU 1x01, A/B/O

8/16 Orithain & Rina Sentinels 101: Right in Front of Me
            - (SGA, McShep) Rodney's a Sent w/out a G, then he meets John.

8/16 RosiePaw Lost and Found
            - (SGA, McShep) Sentinel John joins Atl expedition, discovers R is his Guide.

8/16 Seaward What Started in a Box series (SGA, McShep)
            1. R is Sentinel in secret, aliens trap J&R in a box, they discover they have Sentinel/Guide bond
            2. Ancient device erases R from existence
            3. alt reality R&J find each other

8/16 velocitygrass Disqualified
            - (SGA, no Stargate, McShep) S John & G McKay; sexual relationships forbidden between Sentinel & Guide

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