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Episode Guide:

7/25/101x01: Study in Pink (serial killer suicide pills) 1/1/143x01: Empty Hearse (Underground bomb)
8/1/101x02: Blind Banker (Chinese smuggling cypher) 1/5/143x02: Sign of Three (wedding)
8/8/101x03: Great Game (Moriarty's 5 pips) 1/12/143x03: His Last Vow (Magnussen)
1/1/122x01: Scandal in Belgravia (Irene Adler) 1/1/164x00: Abominable Bride (1895 dream)
1/8/122x02: Hounds of Baskerville (self-explanatory) 1/1/174x01: Six Thatchers (Mary's past/AGRA)
1/15/122x03: Reichenbach Fall (Moriarty's endgame) 1/8/174x02: Lying Detective (Culverton Smith)
12/24/133x00: Many Happy Returns (teases SH's return) 1/15/174x03: Final Problem (Eurus)

Sherlock's BBC websites
(archived by the Internet Wayback Machine)

Written Spoilers

5/21 Basingstoke Fairy Tale of Regent's Park series
1. The Regent's Park Regulars pre-S3
2. The Unexpected Wings pre-S3
3. The Long Paddle pre-S4
~ Collection of short stories about a swan and a duck in Regent's Park.

5/21 bendingsignpost A Study in Sherlock
pre-S3 1x01
~ Alt 1x01 ending: John goes with the cabbie.

2/22 chappysmom Phoenix Rising series
1. Like a Phoenix
2. Phoenix Rising
3. Phoenix Shell
3858228 AO3
2013-20 4x03
(Harry Potter crossover) - 20 yrs after the Battle of Hogwarts, S1 John & Sherlock investigate a locked-room murder in Little Whinging. Part 2 covers seasons 2-3 (Sherlock's "fall" & Magnussen) in this combined universe, and part 3 tackles Eurus.

9/21 esama Detective Stories
pre-S3 2x03
~ After 2x03, John meets a woman with terminal cancer & starts writing detective stories for her 3-yr-old daughter.
5/21 Friend
pre-S3 none
(Harry Potter crossover) - 5-y-o Sherlock finds a skull buried in the woods.

5/21 etothepii Level 65 Paladin Looking for Group
pre-S2 none
~ John meets Sherlock in an online game. (AU/alt meeting)

1/22 Fangs_Fawn An Innocent Man
1836175 AO3
pre-AB 3x02
~ AU S3 where Moriarty also framed John and he ends up in prison while Sherlock is gone.

7/21 GoldenUsagi Most Ghosts Are Idiots series
pre-S3 1x01
1. Most Ghosts Are Idiots
2. An Experiment in Terror
3. Haunting for Dummies (and Geniuses)
~ Sherlock is haunting 221B when John moves in. (AU/alt meeting)

8/21 metisket Beautiful Ideas
pre-S2 1x01
~ 1x01 from Mike Stamford's PoV.

8/21 scifigrl47 The Secret Identity of John Watson
3711453 AO3
pre-S2 S1
~ PoV of Samantha as she dates John Watson and has girls' nights with her friends.

11/21 songlin Random Numbers
pre-S3 S2
~ A collection of moments in the relationship of asexual!Sherlock and straight!John.

9/21 TardisIsTheOnly
The mind is its own place series pre-S3
1. The Mind Can Make a Heaven of Hell, a Hell of Heaven none
2. Moriarty's Mistake 1x03
~ Lucifer gets bored in hell and decides to be mortal for a while. Lucifer!Sherlock, Michael!Mycroft, John is still John. Has a very brief 'Good Omens' cameo.

5/21 verityburns The Green Blade
2494960 AO3
pre-S2 S1
~ Serial killer casefic.

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