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I was in a weird mood that day . . .

Regarding the content of the stories - These are mostly Johnlock slash.

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maskedfangirl - The Letter in the Wall 5/21 (AO3)
            (DrWho crossover, ties BBC to ACD) A week after J&S go missing, Mrs. Hudson finds a letter from 1888 addressed to her. (I *hate* Weeping Angels *shudders*)


SHERLOCK (Downey movies)

sgamadison - A Lesson in Evil 8/16 (AO3)
            (Stargate Atlantis crossover) AR-1 chases a Wraith across dimensions, gets unexpected help (Watson's PoV, McShep)



Episode Guide:


1x01: Study in Pink (serial killer suicide pills)
1x02: Blind Banker (Chinese smuggling cypher)
1x03: Great Game (Moriarty's 5 pips)
2x01: Scandal in Belgravia (Irene Adler)
2x02: Hounds of Baskerville (self-explanatory)
2x03: Reichenbach Fall (Moriarty's endgame)
3x00: Many Happy Returns (teases Sherlock's return)


3x01: Empty Hearse
3x02: Sign of Three
3x03: Last Vow
4x00: Abominable Bride (ACD dream)
4x01: Six Thatchers
4x02: Lying Detective
4x03: Final Problem

Sherlock's BBC websites
(archived by the Internet Wayback Machine)

AUTHOR STORY (links are all to AO3 unless otherwise indicated) Written Spoilers

5/21 1electricpirate More Things Than Are Dreamt Of series
 1. you are a paradigm
 2. to see you shift
 3. as I let you rewrite gravity
pre-S3 none
            (Harry Potter crossover) - John is (reluctantly) a wizard, Mycroft is (apparently) omniscient, and Sherlock is (surprisingly) oblivious.

5/21 AbbyBanks Crossfire pre-S2 1x01
            - S is kidnapped as bait, learns BAMF!John is more than he seems (Johnlock kiss at end)

5/21 AmandaDBone Dustfall pre-S3 none
            - A/B/O origin story: maroon dust falls from the sky, changing ppls biology. (Alpha-John, Omega-Sherlock)

5/21 antietamfalls Speaker for the Bees pre-S4 S1
            - Johnlock in a world where S was born deaf

5/21 AwkwardAnnie Suite for Violin and Clarinet pre-S3 1x02
            - John finds an old clarinet in a charity shop (Johnlock kiss at end)

5/21 barrowjane The Autumn Moon is Bright pre-S2 S1
            - J (& his sister) are werewolves/shapeshifters. AU/alt-S1.

7/21 BeautifulFiction All Things Inherit pre-S3 1x01
            - 12% of the population are Mactiri - people with the ability to shapeshift into wolves at will. AU/alt-101
7/21 Electric Pink Hand Grenade pre-S3 none
            - even Sherlock's migraines are extraordinary (only very minor references to 2x01, otherwise no specific spoilers)
7/21 The Gilded Cage pre-S3 S1
            - Omegas are rare and owned by the wealthiest of high society Alphas. Casefic: Alpha junkies in London are mysteriously dying. Alpha!John/Omega!Sherlock (no Moriarty)
7/21 Midnight Blue Serenity pre-S3 S1
            - S bartends at a nightclub to catch a serial killer; J joins him as a bouncer
7/21 Skeleton Key pre-S3 1x02
            - Sherlock gets his tongue pierced but won't tell John why
7/21 The Stars Move Still pre-S3 S1
            - Faust: Sherlock sells his soul. AU S1/magical realism; demons exist
7/21 Their Great Reward pre-S3 none
            - a blizzard and power cut on Boxing Day (Johnlock kisses)
7/21 To Light Another's Path pre-S3 1x03
            - Sherlock gets sick with flu, plus casefic

5/21 Blind_Author Semper Fidelis pre-S3 S1
            - John & 'Anthea' become fugitives when Moriarty frames them (Johnlock, Mycroft/'Anthea')

7/21 Chryse The Frost Is All Over pre-S4 S2
            1800s AU. S is the young son of an Earl. J is a junior groom at the estate's stables. Sir James Moriarty has dastardly plans for the Empire. (Teenlock) some allusions to S2, including Irene Adler
5/21 A Waste of Breath pre-S3 2x01
            - J realizes he's in love w S after S becomes involved w an abusive Moran... plus lots of fun casefics (post S1 w/ only brief mention of Irene)

5/21 coloredink Lacuna pre-S2 1x03
            - J gets amnesia and doesn't remember living with Sherlock
5/21 Unconventional Decor pre-S2 1x02
            - Sherlock wants to know why John never sleeps in Sherlock's bed

7/21 darcylindbergh De profundis 2017 1x01
            (6th Sense crossover) - Sherlock Holmes sees dead people. John spends most of the story as Schrödinger's cat. AU/alt-101

7/21 earlgreytea68 John Watson's Twelve Days of Christmas pre-S3 1x01
            Christmas movie tropes story: J is broke, S offers $ to pretend to be his bf for Christmas at the Holmeses'. AU/alt-101
7/21 Saving Sherlock Holmes pre-S3 2x02
            John meets Sherlock at Eton. (Teenlock School Saga) AU/Pre-S1 w/S1 & a few S2 refs.

7/21 emmagrant01 Mightier Than pre-S3 2x01
            Sherlock once tried to learn how to swallow swords. For some reason, John can't let this go. PWP

5/21 esama Magnificent pre-S3 none
            (Harry Potter crossover) - Harry may occupy a minor role in the Ministry, but he *is* the Ministry (Mycroft/Harry, set pre-S1)
5/21 Whispers in Corners pre-S4 S1
            (Harry Potter crossover) - Master-of-Death Harry Potter finds himself in an AU, becomes a “medium” (using the Gaunt ring) to pay the bills (Mycroft/Harry)

5/21 etothepii Show Me How to Stop Running pre-S2 1x02
            - John was bitten by a werewolf in Afghanistan; Sherlock was born as one.
5/21 Sic Gorgiamus Allos Subjectatos Nunc series
1. Sic Gorgiamus Allos Subjectatos Nunc
2. Woe and Arachnids
3. Your Body Before Me
pre-S2 none
            (Addams Family crossover) - J's mum was an Addams & J and H are not 'normal'. S eventually learns J's secret.
5/21 things you don't tell me series
1. you need someone to take care of you (but I know it won't be me)
2. it's easier this way
3. everything you won't tell me (is mapped in your scars)
pre-S2 none
            - BDSM!AU: Sherlock is a sub but acts like a dom. (explicit Greglock, then Johnlock)

7/21 Evandar The Soldier pre-S3 1x01
            Captain John Watson meets Sherlock Holmes in Afghanistan, and ends up marrying him there. AU/alt-101

7/21 flawedamythyst Follow My Voice pre-S3 2x03
            - After Sherlock's return, John is injured and in a coma. (contains Hollywood Medical Science)
5/21 Horse and Carriage series
1. Horse and Carriage
2. Rings and Paperwork
3. Touch and Feel
4. Tension and Relaxation
5. Wine Stains and Waistcoats
6. Beds and Bees
7. Respect and Affection
8. Sleep and Understanding
9. Crime and Commitment
10. Bigots and Allies
11. Exhaustion and Gratitude
12. Paris and Permanence
13. Hearts and Flowers
14. (SKIP this one)
pre-S2 1x03
            - Sherlock wants John to marry him for hospital visitation rights (asexual!Sherlock/John, Mystrade in pt 5 & mentioned in pt 12)

7/21 Hisstah Secrets and Revelations series
 1. Secrets and Revelations
 2. Consequences and Repercussions
 3. Brief Interlude
pre-S3 S1
            - (Sentinel trope) Sherlock is an Alpha Sentinel; John is an Omega Guide pretending to be a low-level-empath Beta. Then the London Sentinel Tower learns John's secret and comes for him. AU set post-s1; explicit A/B/O Johnlock.

7/21 Jupiter_Ash Tennis series
1. A Study in Winning
2. The Great Git
3. A Study in Doubles
4. The Importance of the Second Serve
 5. A Study in End Points
pre-S3 S1
            - The one where S & J are professional tennis players at Wimbledon (and later, Toronto's Rogers Cup). Only S2 spoiler is Irene Adler's appearance (no S2 episode plot spoilers)
I recreated the tournament draws for Wimbledon and the Rogers Cup, to go with "Winning" and "Doubles" - they are HERE.

5/21 Kate_Lear L'Instinct Suffit pre-S2 none
            - S speaks French during sex (Johnlock PWP)

7/21 khorazir The Horse and his Doctor pre-S4 S2
            - retired wildlife vet cares for injured stallion named Sherlock, discovers he is more than he appears (AU, magical realism)

7/21 Kryptaria Northwest Passage pre-S3 none
            - John is a Canadian, living in a remote cabin in Alberta after Afghanistan.

7/21 LapisLazuli Breathe You In pre-S3 1x01
            - (Sentinel trope) AU 1x01, John is openly an Omega and secretly a Guide. He meets Sherlock Holmes, indifferent Alpha and remarkable Sentinel. They get a flatshare. Explicit A/B/O Johnlock.

7/21 lifeonmars Left pre-S3 S1
            - AU S1, magical realism: everyone has a 'knack'... unless they are left-handed

7/21 Linpatootie Two Coffees One Black One with Sugar Please series
 1. To Sleep, Perchance to Smother Your Flatmate with a Pillow
 2. An Epiphany is Just a Fancy Way of Realising You're an Idiot
 3. Crocodiles and Cannibals and Putting Things in Sherlock's Hair
 4. The Sum of Us (Mostly Calculated by Everybody Else)
pre-S3 S1
            - Sherlock wants to study the effects of sharing a bed on sleep quality. (no Moriarty; eventual Johnlock)

5/21 maskedfangirl The Letter in the Wall pre-S2 none
            (DrWho crossover, ties BBC to ACD) - A week after J&S go missing, Mrs. Hudson finds a letter from 1888 addressed to her.

8/21 MojoFlower Shatter the Darkness (Let the Light In) pre-S3 S1
            - AU 1st meeting, genielock. John finds an old lamp in an antique store. (no specific spoilers except beginning of 1x01 & Moriarty's identity)

5/21 out_there Seventeen Letters pre-S2 none
            - Sherlock changes John's laptop password (gen Johnlock)

5/21 pennydreadful Release pre-S2 none
            - S needs J's help w/ orgasm denial for a case

8/21 philalethia All the Rest 'Verse
 1. All the Rest (of What I Want)
pre-S4 1x02
            Urged by his therapist to meet people, John joins an online fetish site. Eventual Daddy-kink Johnlock. (spoilers for 1x01 and very beginning of 1x02)
8/21  2. Worth Its Weight
            Valentine's Day PWP

8/21 QuinnAnderson With All My Heart pre-S3 1x02
            magical realism: people gain a tally mark on their wrist each time they fall in love (Johnlock kissing)

5/21 rotaryphones Under Control series
 1. Under Control
 2. Down We Go
 3. Command (by cuddles_and_jam - at LiveJournal)
pre-S2 1x03
            - S discovers J has a hypnosis kink & offers to hypnotize him (Sub!John/dom!Sherlock)

8/21 s0mmerspr0ssen Shames and Praises pre-S3 none
            BDSM universe: Sherlock has run off every available dom in London and reluctantly asks Mycroft to find him someone.

8/21 simoneallen Son of Mine pre-S3 none
            (House M.D. crossover) - Sherlock learns House is his biological father, travels with John to meet him. established Johnlock, first-time House/Wilson.
The YouTube fanvid that inspired the story.

5/21 suitesamba Knight Magic series
1. Knight Magic
2. Wandless Magic
3. The Hogwarts Project
4. Fairy Lights and Mistletoe
5. The Buck Stops Here
6. The Day Bus
7. The Brazilian Conspiracy
8. The Case of the (Very) Small Mycroft
pre-S4 3x01
            (Harry Potter crossover) - John discovers Sherlock has deleted magic; both rejoin the magical community. (only briefly mentions Mary)

5/21 Trillsabells The Prize pre-S3 1x03
            - shortly before the 4th serial suicide (in 1x01) would have occurred, a mysterious Event kills most of the world's population.

8/21 Ttime42 Help from my Friends AU series
 1. A Little Help from my Friends
 2. An Afternoon at B
 3. Call and Answer
pre-S4 1x02
            - BDSM universe, case-fic, no Moriarty. Switch!John & sub!Sherlock. Sherlock has just gotten out of an abusive relationship, gets a flatshare with John.

8/21 wendymarlowe Best Assignment Ever pre-S4 none
            - John's current MI6 assignment is to seduce a Tall Posh Git. (AU 1st meeting, BDSM, dom!John)
John and Sherlock's Kinky First Times series
            "John and Sherlock get sexy for the first time and also discover some kinky stuff about each other."
8/21  KFT 6. Sherlock the Hypnotist pre-S4 none
            - John doesn't believe in hypnosis.
8/21  KFT 10. Sherlock Eats pre-S4 none
            - John uses positive reinforcement to get Sherlock to eat.
8/21  KFT 17. Sherlock Is All Tied Up pre-S4 none
            - For a case, J & S visit a BDSM club that J has been to before (dom!John)
8/21  KFT 22. Sherlock Shuts It All Out pre-S4 none
            - experiments with sensory deprivation

5/21 XistentialAngst The Great Sex Olympics of 221B pre-S3 S1
            - J is convinced he knows more about sex than S; S believes the opposite and devises an experiment to prove it. (multiple pairings, leading to Johnlock)

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