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8/16 Alobear By Reason of Insanity ( 1656715) (AO3)
(Sentinel x-over) - SG1 comes to Cascade tracking a Goa'uld serial killer. (Jack/Daniel, Jim/Blair)


These are all John/Rodney (McShep) stories.

AUTHOR STORY (links are all to AO3 unless otherwise indicated)

5/17 aadarshinah
The Ancient!John 'verse series
Tales From The Ancient!John 'verse series
~ John is an Ancient. The Expedition finds him in stasis when they get to Atlantis. (Click on 'List' for my suggested reading order.)

10/16 aesc Nantucket AU series: 1-60 (with dogeared, sheafrotherdon, Siria)
~ In which John and Rodney live on Nantucket, MA. (Earth AU, no stargate until Pt 43)

9/16 alyjude_sideburns Appearances Can Be Deceiving
~ For want of a pen, a soul was lost. Rodney has a chance to change the past after John is killed on a mission (although I'm not sure how he gets from Area 51 to Pegasus).

9/16 ami_ven Going Steady
~ DADT is repealed. John and Rodney both get hit by a clue-by-four.
8/16 Take My Love
(Firefly x-over) - Rodney hires a Companion (John). (no Stargate)

8/16 Amireal Where Did All the Physics Go?
(ST:TOS x-over) - An Ancient device malfunctions, J&R find themselves aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise.

9/16 apple_pi For the Good of All Mankind
~ Rodney gets a temporarily heightened sense of smell & makes some discoveries.

9/16 astolat Time in a Bottle
~ J & R are stuck in a stasis pod virtual environment of a beach house.
9/16 Transcendental
~ While Weir is in stasis for an injury, R's in charge and comes up with a unique solution to the Genii problem -- locking their stargate.

9/16 auburn Seven Walls series
1. In the City of Seven Walls
~ AR-1 is ambushed by slave traders. John & Rodney end up together as slaves on a desert planet.
2. Ritual
~ Rodney prepares John for the Haralim.
3. Atlantis: I am not Yours
~ Teyla's story.
4. Belonged to Someone Else
~ Ronon's story.
9/16 The Mute Shepherd
~ Post series finale, Rodney wants to propose to Keller. John tries to stay out of it, but staying silent backfires.
9/16 Salt on a Wound series:
1. The Taste of Apples
~ (S1) AR-1 is infected on a mushroom planet, become telepathically connected.
2. Sacrificial Drift
~ J/R 1st time. A trading mission goes horribly wrong when the natives try to sacrifice McKay in order to activate Ancient tech.
3. The Water Grinds the Stone -- SKIP THIS ONE!
4. The Weight of Water -- SKIP THIS ONE!

9/16 Bead Checkmate 'verse
~ An Ancient device turns John into a cat. (shafeshifting fic)

9/16 blackchaps Bound Together
~ Sentient Atlantis makes John her avatar. (S1 rewrite)
9/16 Turn into Something Beautiful
~ John is a Feline - a person with a genetic quirk that allows them to Shift into a big cat - owned by the Air Force. (shapeshifting fic)

9/16 busaikko Control
~ John returns from a mission remote-controlled.

9/16 ca_pierson Dawn will break (with darkmoore)
~ Ascended Ancients rescue John from certain death when Atlantis explodes in hyperspace, send him Quantum Leaping through the multiverse. (mentions the "Gifts" series -- see Leah below)

9/16 cathalin The Price That Life Exacts
~ A year after John goes missing on a routine mission, a surprise discovery gives Rodney hope that he is still alive.

9/16 Cesare Dreaming I'm Alive
~ John has to flee Atlantis when re-exposed to the Wraith retrovirus.
9/16 1. Stars Against the Sun
~ When J & R get together, R is reluctant to reveal his kinks. (BDSM)
9/16 2. Chime the Hour
~ Rodney's stuck on a problem & John forces him to take some time off. (BDSM)
9/16 Pads, Paws and Claws
~ Sometimes John is Rodney's cat. Rodney is nervous about explaining this to Jennifer. (NOT shapeshifting fic)

9/16 copperbadge The Difference Engine
~ John Sheppard's brain-dead body is given a cyborg AI brain.

9/16 crownglass39 Pressure Points*restricted - log in to read
~ John gets a migraine post-3x07 "Common Ground". Rodney helps him. (gen)

9/16 crysothemis Fix (John's PoV, Rodney's PoV)*restricted - log in to read
~ John accidentally becomes addicted to an Ancient virtual sex machine.
9/16 Happy*restricted - log in to read
~ An Ancient device causes Rodney to forget John, giving him a fresh perspective on their friendship.

9/16 darkmoore Dawn will break (with ca_pierson)
~ Ascended Ancients rescue John from certain death when Atlantis explodes in hyperspace, send him Quantum Leaping through the multiverse. (mentions the "Gifts" series -- see Leah below)

9/16 daughtershade Event Horizon Books
~ Rodney is an eccentric bookstore owner; John owns a surf shop. (Earth AU, no stargate)

9/16 Deastar The Tragic, Doomed, and Epic Life and Loves of Elizabeth Jean McKay, Plus Other Interesting Stuff
~ John & Rodney's 12-year-old daughter (from her PoV - a bit silly, but amusing).

9/16 DevilDoll The Happiest Place on Earth
~ The Sheppards and the McKays are both on vacation in Florida in 1984. (high school AU, no stargate) FYI, I was actually in Florida in 1984, for the Discovery launch.

10/16 dogeared Nantucket AU series: 1-60 (with aesc, sheafrotherdon, Siria)
~ In which John and Rodney live on Nantucket, MA. (Earth AU, no stargate until Pt 43)

9/16 dreamwaffles Calling Down the Lightning
~ Rodney is a wizard, which is a death sentence if his powers are ever discovered.

8/16 Elayna High School Confidential series
1. High School Confidential: John
2. High School Confidential: Rodney
3. Manic Monday
4. Come Dancing
  5. Polaroid
6. Never Alone
7. The Last Kisses
~ AU of Xanthe's BDSM universe - J & R meet in HS, then brief moments during their life together.
9/16 The Detective and the Woobie 'verse series
1. The Neighborly Detective and the Tragic Woobie Widower
2. A Promise Made
3. A Perfect Happiness
4. Facts of Life
5. A Woobie Conversation
6. Surprises
7. Drawing a Line
8. Watching the Parade Go By
~ Detective John Sheppard moves in next door to a widower and his young son.

10/16 enigmaticblue If All Else Fails series
1. If All Else Fails
~ The Trust makes its move and Jack implements Operation Phoenix. Atlantis is now an independent colony and refuge for SGC teams fleeing Earth.
2. Tenacity
~ Teal'c rescues O'Neill from the Trust.
3. Keep It Together
~ Jack joins SG1 on Atlantis.
4. Future Like a Promise
~ Cassie on Atlantis.
5. The Road Refuses Strangers
~ Cam & Jon rescue more people from Earth.

5/21 esama Undone Wars
(Harry Potter x-over) - After 3yrs as a Runner, Ronon encounters Harry Potter, who was magically banished post-"Goblet of Fire" to an uninhabited planet in the Pegasus galaxy. (mild HP/Ronon at the very end)

10/16 esteefee Fair Trade series
1. Fair Trade
2. Fairly Competent
3. On a Bad Day
4. Old and New
5. Möbius
6. ∞cubed
  7. Beginnings
8. A Smarter Tradition
9. Chess Game
10. Bean By Bean
11. Wind Arrow
12. First Storm
  13. Quake!
14. In Flagrante
15. 'Tis the Season
16. Punk Intervenes
~ In which John owns a coffee roastery, and Rodney is Customer Zero who will tell him where to stick his beans. (Earth AU, no stargate)

10/16 fiercelydreamed (thedrifter) Unidentified series (also at LiveJournal)
1. Unidentified
2. Coda
3. Canon for Two Instruments
~ Rodney's brain hits ctrl-alt-del, giving him amnesia; since he can't remember his previous life as a physicist, he decides to become a pianist instead. (Earth AU, no stargate) This fic introduced me to Bach's "Goldberg Variations", which I proceeded to fall in love with.

8/16 Icarus Dragonlord
(Dragonriders of Pern x-over) - Benden heir John unexpectedly Impresses a dragon. (no Stargate)
10/16 No More Quasi-Religious Alien Sex Rituals
~ John has to explain an incriminating video.

10/16 igrab Pegasus Non-Verbal
~ Before Antarctica, John had never realized that a mute person could be incredibly, offensively *loud*.

10/16 Isagel Until Love Can Find Me
~ After 5x19 "Vegas", Vegas!John transfers to New Orleans.

10/16 Isis Double Occupancy
~ John gets stuck inside Rodney's head. (written pre-2x04 "Duet")

10/16 Jilly James Option C
~ John & Rodney must undergo a bonding ceremony.

10/16 Kass Brainstormed (with Sihaya Black)
~ rewrite of 5x16 "Brain Storm" - John goes to the conference with Rodney instead of Jennifer.

2/17 keefaq Stained Glass Window (at Speranza's site)
~ Victorsverse fic (See Speranza below)

10/16 kho Santa in a Stetson
~ AU of 2x04 "Vegas" 'verse - John is a bartender.

10/16 LadyRa Four Military Men
(NCIS/Sentinel x-over) - An invite to their 20-yr high school reunion reunites Tony with his geek friends Rodney, Daniel, and Blair. (Gibbs/Tony, John/Rodney, Jack/Daniel, Jim/Blair)

3/17 lavvyan Male Enhancement (at LiveJournal)
~ The original story that led to Taste_is_Sweet's "Scruffy AI" series.
10/16 Two Years After Tomorrow
~ McKay goes back to Earth shortly before Earth is annihilated.
10/16 Who Could Claim the Sky
~ Changelings, wingfic; Wraith rule the world. (fantasy AU, no stargate)

10/16 LdyAnne But for Grace
~ post-2x14 "Grace Under Pressure": sabotage, Trust operatives, a sentient Ancient ship, and a wraith attack
10/16 Stealing Atlantis
~ The IOA announces they are keeping Atl on Earth. John, et al, disagree. (post-series)

10/16 Leah (Taste_is_Sweet) Gifts series (with springwoof & Squeaky)
~ For 10% of Earth's population, like John Sheppard, the ATA gene also gives them Gifts: special abilities that make them admired, envied, and feared.
1. Aegis (by Leah & springwoof)
~ Rewrite of Season 1
2. Bad Dates (by Leah)
~ Lorne's Gift
3. Winking Out (by Squeaky)
~ During/after the seige; a member of Stackhouse's team is killed.
4. Pinpoint (by Squeaky)
~ When Stackhouse's team is missing, Chuck & a new Gifted medic help find them.
5. Enthrall (by Leah & springwoof)
~ Because of his resemblance to a woman's dead husband, Rodney is kidnapped, given amnesia, & bought by her as a thrall.
6 through end -- SKIP THE REST

7/21 LitGal Lord John Sheppard Versus Earth
~ Lord Yu needs a new host, captures John's SG team.
12/16 Not in Kansas Anymore series (NCIS x-over, Gibbs/Tony)
1. Lions and Tigers and Igigi, Oh My
~ Tony had never heard of goa'uld or tok'ra or igigi, and he sure as hell hadn't known Gibbs had a passenger riding around in his head.
2. Lions and Igigi and Wraith, Oh My
~ Tony, Gibbs, and Samas are part of the Atlantis expedition.
3. Lions and Guides and Igigi, Oh My
~ Atlantis must prepare for the possibility of Earth falling to the Ori.
4. Lions, and Boyfriends, and Beds, Oh My
~ Relationship vignettes during a brief respite from trouble on Atlantis. (John/Rodney, Gibbs/Samas/Tony, Weir/Ladon Radim, Radek/OFC, Anne Teldy/OFC, Lorne/Abby)
5. Lions and Plots and Ancestors, Oh My
~ Atlantis' AI is acknowledged, John gets a bit glowy, & Todd has a plan for the Wraith.
6. Lions and Tigers and Snippets
~ Meanwhile, in the Milky Way galaxy....
7/21 The Outside Point of View
~ After Arcturus, Sam sends Rodney a much-needed administrative assistant.

10/16 Luna (lunasky) Failsafes
~ Setting off Atlantis' self-destruct engages a 'Groundhog Day' failsafe, giving them a chance to avoid destruction.

12/16 Mad_Maudlin Tongues of Men and Angels
~ When SG-4 is attacked by Jaffa, Sheppard is rescued by a Tok-ra named McKay.

12/16 maisierita Forget Me Not
~ A planet where criminals are given Treatments that remove their memories and violent inclinations.

12/16 mayachain Our blessings one by one
~ What if David Sheppard picked up his brother at the airport after Afghanistan? (Earth AU, no stargate)
12/16 That Keeps on Giving
also at (1224169)
1. Three gifts Rodney wants to give his team
2. That keeps on giving
~ Rodney's gifts for Ronon, Teyla, and John.

12/16 melagan The Providence of Stars (also at LiveJournal)
~ John & Rodney escape from a secret military facility where doctors are performing illegal medical experiments. (Earth AU, set in 1943; mpreg)

12/16 melannen Oolon Colluphid Was Right
~ The gang needs to have a private conversation but the stargates act as a universal translator. Rodney has a solution.

12/16 mific Beyond Strange
~ An alien virus pandemic (RAITH: Retrovirus-A Infected Trans-Humans) has created fear and paranoia in the US. (Earth AU, set in 2029; no stargate)

7/21 MrsHamill Pegasus Purgatorio
~ McShep stranded in Pegasus, rescue some Runners, then find an awesome alien spaceship.

8/16 Orithain & Rina (Rina9294) Sentinels 101: Right in Front of Me
(Sentinel trope) - Rodney's a Sent w/out a G, then he meets John.
12/16 The Wrong Side of the Looking Glass series
1. Six Impossible Things
2. Yesterday I Was a Different Personv
~ John wakes up in McMurdo on an Earth with no Stargate program. Meanwhile, Rodney wakes up with the wrong John in his bed.

12/16 Pennyplainknits Location, Location, Location
~ John is a realtor; Rodney needs a new place to live. (Earth AU, no Stargate)
12/16 The First Annual All-Atlantis Paper Airplane Championship
~ The first annual Atlantis Fun Day.

5/17 perryvic East or West (with Zaganthi)
~ John goes the other direction when trying to rescue Holland in Afghanistan, ends up as a PoW, and therefore doesn't go to Antarctica or Atlantis.

12/16 Persiflager A Distinct Lack of Glitter
~ DADT is repealed, but not much changes for John & Rodney.

12/16 pir8fancier Damned If You Do, and Damned If You Don't
~ When the IOA detains and tortures Sheppard, Rodney sneaks him off Atlantis and hides him until they can come up with a plan. (post-series)
12/16 It's a Small World After All
~ FUBAR happens on Atlantis, John disappears, & two years later Rodney finds him working at Disneyland. (post-series)
12/16 Last Man Reshuffle
~ Two timelines get confused -- one where "Last Man" happened, one where it didn't. (post-series)
12/16 Sheppard's Law of Martyrdom
~ Rodney proposes to Keller, then starts sleepwalking. (post-series)

12/16 puddleofgoo Divergent Paths: Glimpses of the Future
(Hawaii Five-O x-over) - McKay, a billionaire scientist living on the Isle of Mann, needs a pilot.
(FYI, taking a 6-wk-old kitten to Hawaii is impossible IRL, due to their strict import requirements. Also, pet microchips aren't GPS-capable.)
12/16 The Journey Home series
1. John's Story
2. Rodney's Story
~ John is kicked out of the military after 3x10 "The Return" for disobeying orders. McKay resigns in protest. John goes to work at his family's company; McKay moves into his sister's basement.
1/17 A Life Less Ordinary series (graphic BDSM, porn-with-plot)
1. Leap of Faith
~ After 1x11 "The Eye", Rodney is forced to participate in an alien ritual, leading to revelations for both Sheppard and McKay. (1st time)
2. Dancing on the Edge
~ During/after 1x12 "The Defiant One", R&J explore their new relationship & R's newly discovered sub kink.
3. Deconstructing Doubt
~ After 1x13 "Hot Zone", John battles self-doubt about leading Atlantis' military. Meanwhile, they discover R enjoys the dom/sub dynamic as much as J does.
4. All Play and No Work...
~ Jumper sex... and an entire day of playing with a kinky Ancient sex toy.
5. What Hurts the Most
~ from 1x14 "Sanctuary" through 1x16 "The Brotherhood" -- Chaya throws a wrench into J&R's relationship.
6. Boys Will Be Boys
~ After 2x01 "The Siege", the boys get some vacation time back on Earth & go to Vegas.
7. Long Road Home
~ Preparing for their return to Atlantis, & the Daedalus trip to get there.
8. Song in C Minor
~ 2x04 "Duet, in the LLO 'verse.
9. In Fate's Hands
~ After Lorne & Sheppard are ambushed & tortured offworld, J & R deal with the fallout.
10. The Owned
~ The team is ambushed and sold at a slave market.
11. Chasing Shadows
~ During 2x05 "Condemned" & 2x06 "Trinity" -- John testifies at a court martial on Earth, then he & R reconnect and make a D/S contract.
12. Dance Monkey Dance
~ a series of "milk runs"... which all seem to involve some type of dancing.
13. Bumps in the Road
~ During/after 2x08 "Conversion", in which John turns into a bug.
14. Mind Over Matter
~ A run of bad luck has J & R each separately doubting themselves.
15. What I Did On My Summer Vacation
~ After 2x13 "Critical Mass", a trip back to Earth and vacation at a BDSM resort.

8/16 Quasar273 Criss-Cross series (2-6 are Sentinel x-overs)
1. Cross Product
~ Ancient device switches John w/ alt reality self.. (McShep 1st time)
2. Cross Multiplication
~ Alt!John settles into his own reality's Atl. Jim & Blair are there. (Jim/Blair)
3. Cross Training
~ J&R on Ellison's team, explore Atl, help relocate Genii prisoners.
4. Cross Country
~ more missions for Team Ellison
5. Cross Talk
~ Jim & Blair after Blair's injury in 4
6. Crossing Paths
~ A surprise connection between John and Jack is discovered. (jossed by SGA 'Outcast')
7. Crossed Wires
~ emails from clone-Jack & John to JackPrime

1/17 Rheanna A Matter of Death and Life
~ John's problems started the day they nearly blew up San Francisco and he didn't die. (post-series)
1/17 Gravity
~ While John is in stasis waiting for the solar flare, the Rodney AI makes a discovery. (4X20 "The Last Man")
1/17 Rewind, Reboot, Restore
~ An Ancient device erases 7 years from Rodney's memory.
1/17 Teenage Kicks
~ An Ancient device sends J & R's consciousnesses into their 15-year-old selves.
1/17 The Hard Prayer
~ Post-apocalypse; a year after plague wipes out Earth's population, Sheppard meets another survivor.
1/17 Theory of Everything
~ 'Flowers for Algernon', Pegasus-style, thanks to yet another Ancient device (written *before* 5x06 "The Shrine").

8/16 RosiePaw Lost and Found
(Sentinel trope) - Sentinel John joins Atl expedition, discovers R is his Guide.

8/16 Seaward What Started in a Box series (Sentinel trope)
1. John and Rodney in a box
~ R is Sentinel in secret, aliens trap J&R in a box, they discover they have Sentinel/Guide bond
2. Beyond the Box
~ Ancient device erases R from existence
3. Little Boxes Made of Ticky Tacky
~ alt reality R&J find each other

1/17 seekergeek Surrogate
~ John finds an Ancient facility, power almost depleted, and makes a snap decision in order to give Rodney something he couldn't have. (post-series, mpreg)

1/17 seikaitsukimizu Adrift Part 1: Tabula Rasa (SKIP Parts II & III)
~ What if the cure didn't restore their memories? (4x06 "Tabula Rasa")

2/17 Seleneheart Exile (at Speranza's site)
~ Victorsverse fic (See Speranza below)

11/21 Sentient Cities
Survival + Snippets series
1. Survival [of the Foolish]
2. Survival [of the Bravest]
3. Survival [of the Mean]
4. [No] Survival
5. Survival [of the Worthy]
6. Survival [Methods]
7. Survival [Customs]
~ Sometime post-series, Atl is back in Pegasus when Earth is suddenly destroyed.

1/17 sgamadison Chaos Theory (with the_cephalopod)
~ The real story behind the Rodney/Ronon/Jennifer love triangle. (around 2x05 "The Tracker")
1/17 It's a Wonderful Life, Rodney McKay
~ Rodney has just returned home after installing his hologram program in Atlantis, when he receives some unexpected visitors. (4x20 "The Last Man")
1/17 A Kiss is Just a Kiss
~ Unique use of DH's imdb page.
8/16 A Lesson in Evil
(Sherlock x-over) - AR-1 chases a Wraith across dimensions, gets unexpected help. (Watson's PoV; Johnlock & McShep) - has nods to RDJr movie (Gladstone, sword cane) but overall reads more like a generic version of ACD's characters
1/17 A Modest Proposal
~ Rodney invites John out to dinner, then makes a proposal. (post-series)
1/17 The Spirit of Christmas Yet to Come
(Castle x-over, no stargate) - Rodney is a detective in NYC; John is a mystery novel writer. On Christmas Eve, McKay catches the flu and has a series of dreams/visions.
1/17 Tainted
~ What if all it took was one time for the reverse feeding of the Wraith to be addictive? (AU, post-3x07 "Common Ground" but set before 2x03 "Runner"; BDSM)
1/17 Unfinished Business
~ John falls from a 7th floor ledge on Atlantis. He should be dead, right? (post-series)
1/17 Unforgettable (with the_cephalopod)
~ Those with the ATA gene take a while longer to recover their memories. (post-4x06 "Tabula Rasa")

2/17 shaenie Indelible
~ When Rodney breaks a planet's rules, John takes his corporal punishment, which involves a memory-enhancing tea.

2/17 sheafrotherdon Acidimia
~ John Runs.
10/16 Nantucket AU series: 1-60 (with aesc, dogeared, Siria)
~ In which John and Rodney live on Nantucket, MA. (Earth AU, no stargate until Pt 43)
2/17 No Light and Transient Cause
~ Atlantis' Pegasus allies give an ultimatum: they want the expedition to go back to Earth. AR-1 proposes an alternative. (S5)

2/17 sian1359 Apocalypse Rising
~ An unknown alien force attacks Earth, and Sheppard, on leave in the States, ends up in the middle of things at Area 51. (pre-Atlantis AU)

2/17 Sihaya Black (beledibabe) And Hope
~ John finds the Pegasus equivalent of a genie in a lamp.
10/16 Brainstormed (with Kass)
~ rewrite of 5x16 "Brain Storm" - John goes to the conference with Rodney instead of Jennifer.

10/16 Siria Nantucket AU series: 1-60 (with aesc, dogeared, sheafrotherdon)
~ In which John and Rodney live on Nantucket, MA. (Earth AU, no stargate until Pt 43)
2/17 1. heads, tails
~ 5x19 "Vegas" - how John ended up as a cop in Vegas
2/17 2. How Your Heart is Wired
~ Post-"Vegas", John goes to Atlantis.

2/17 Sorka Missing Scene: An Appreciation fic for 'Written by the Victors' (at Speranza's site)
~ Victorsverse fic (See Speranza below)

2/17 Speranza Learn Something New
~ a physics conference at Berkeley and surfing
2/17 MVP
~ Rodney reads Sheppard's confidential personnel file.
2/17 OK Computer
~ Rodney finds an Ancient VR entertainment program, then John is killed on a mission.
2/17 Sheppard's Law
~ An Ancient device screws with Sheppard's timeline, and it's up to Rodney to keep him from dying throughout his life.
2/17 The Group-W Bench
~ pre-Atlantis, a chance encounter on a US base in Germany.
2/17 War Bride
~ J&R's 1st time backstory, intermixed with a trip to the Sheppard estate
2/17 1. Written by the Victors
~ excerpts from books, newspapers & interviews tell the story of Atlantis' declaration of galactic sovereignty.
2/17 2. Exile by Seleneheart (at Speranza's site)
~ Evan Lorne does his duty and comes back to Earth. (Lorne/Parrish)
2/17 3. Missing Scene: An Appreciation fic for 'Written by the Victors' by Sorka (at Speranza's site)
~ What happened to the Daedalus and Critias.
2/17 4. Key Largo
~ Rodney reminisces about his old mentor, Dr. Faraday.
2/17 5. Stained Glass Window by keefaq (at Speranza's site)
~ 50 yrs later, Rodney's final days.

10/16 springwoof Gifts series (with Leah & Squeaky)
(See Leah above)
2/17 Thousandmother
~ AR-1 discovers an alien race and secrets about the Ancients and Ascension.

2/17 spuffyduds Five Planets Atlantis is Never Contacting Again, or At Least If They Do, They're Sending Another Damn Team, Not John's*restricted - log in to read
~ The title says it all.
2/17 Grounded*restricted - log in to read
~ After learning about the AU timeline from old-Elizabeth, Rodney can't sleep. (post-1x14 "Before I Sleep")

10/16 Squeaky Gifts series (with Leah & springwoof)
(See Leah above)

2/17 Stormheller Hello, I Must Be Going
~ While waiting for reassignment, John goes to a bar & has a one-night stand that changes everything. (pre-Atlantis)

2/17 synecdochic freedom's just another word series
1. freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose
2. and the band's playing hail to the chief
~ After Atlantis, McKay takes a job teaching at a small American university. (AU post-S2-ish)

3/17 Tarlan Bugboy
~ Carson's retrovirus didn't return him to fully human after the Iratus incident. (post-2x08 "Conversion")
3/17 Draconian Measures
~ Continuation of the SG1 10x13 "The Road Not Taken" parallel 'verse.
3/17 Gender Immaterial
~ It takes seeing an openly gay Marine on Atlantis for all the clues to slot into place for Rodney.
3/17 In Pursuit of Destiny
~ McKay ends up trapped on Destiny and it's up to Sheppard to find a way to rescue him. (AU from SGU 2x15 "Seizure")
3/17 The Lonely Sea
(Waterworld x-over) - The Ori destroy Earth by melting the polar icecaps.
11/21 Luminescence
~ Rodney has an epiphany after Jennifer asks him to choose between her & Atlantis. (post-series)
3/17 Momentary Distraction
~ An explosion, and two words from Rodney, give John the courage to deepen their friendship into something more. (post-series)
3/17 Not a Girl Thing
~ Rodney is temporarily turned into a girl on the day he planned to propose to Jennifer. (post-series, genderswap)
3/17 The Perfect Choice
~ Rodney stays at Area 51 instead of joining the Atlantis expedition.
3/17 Sentience series
1. Into the Blue
2. Down to a Sunless Sea
3. City of Dreams
4. Of Time and Distant Stars
5. Oceans of Space
6. Empty Paths Across the Void
7. To Lose It All
~ When the expedition gates to Atlantis, the city's AI allows only the gene carriers to stay.

3/17 Taste_is_Sweet The Fundamental Things
~ J & R are held captive on a decrepit Ancient ship, forced to use a control chair that's giving them both progressive amnesia.
10/16 Gifts series (by Leah, springwoof, & Squeaky)
(See Leah above)
3/17 Keepsakes
~ McKay creates a habitat for bug!Sheppard when they can't change him back. (2x08 "Conversion")
3/17 Scruffy AI series
1. Male Enhancement (The Soul and the Company Store Remix)
--. Male Enhancement by Lavvyan
2. Muscle and Blood and Skin and Bones
3. Another Day Older
4. Iron and Steel
5. Born on a Morning
6. Crash Down -- SKIP
~ Drs. Zelenka & Lee have been working together on an AI robot project. The result: John and Cameron.
3/17 Snakeheads: A Love Story
~ John is leader of an SG team when he becomes the host of a Goa'uld named Mer'deth. (no Atlantis)
3/17 The Spaces Between
~ Ancient communication stones allow the AU McKay from 10x13 and the AU Sheppard from 5x04 to interact. (SG1 10x13 "The Road Not Taken" & ATL 5x04 "The Daedalus Variations")

3/17 Telesilla I Only Want Your Trust series
1. All the Answers Are In Cosmopolitan
2. It Don't Come Easy
3. With You There's No Easy Answer
4. I Really Want To Feel You
5. Got To Pay Your Dues
6. Someone You Could Know
7. What I'd Do to You
8. Carry that Weight
~ After "The Storm", sub John and dom Rodney become involved. (BDSM universe)
3/17 It's Growing Day by Day
~ When an Ancient outpost collapses, burying the Stargate, AR-1 has to travel across a continent to find another way off the planet.
3/17 No Rest At All In Freedom
~ John is kidnapped and 'changed' by a group of cultists. (wingfic)
3/17 The World Breaks Everyone
~ Rodney wakes up in the infirmary, after a mission gone awry, missing 13 years worth of memories.

3/17 telperion_15 The Seventh Circle Of Hell
~ An insular, homophobic people have John whipped and zap his brain to remove his 'unnatural desires'.

1/17 the_cephalopod Chaos Theory (with sgamadison)
~ The real story behind the Rodney/Ronon/Jennifer love triangle. (around 2x05 "The Tracker")
1/17 Unforgettable (with sgamadison)
~ Those with the ATA gene take a while longer to recover their memories. (post-4x06 "Tabula Rasa")

3/17 tigs Of Two Hours
~ Zelenka has a breakthrough in the quiet early morning hours. Fortunately he knows where to find McKay.

3/17 Toft String Theory: A Concerto for Violin in D Minor
~ Rodney is a composer looking for a violin soloist for his concerto. (orchestra AU, no Stargate)

3/17 toomuchplor Dichotomy
~ Rodney plays "Who'd You Rather" with John. (episode tag for 4x16 "Trio")
3/17 The Hold-Out
~ On vacation, Rodney discovers John has been holding out on him. (PWP)
3/17 How Not to Fly series
1. How Not to Fly
2. It Isn't That Amazing
3. Holy Matrimony, Batman
4. Hot Box
5. Things Beyond Your Ken
~ Post-series, John's brother dies in a car accident, leaving his two kids orphaned.

3/17 torakowalski Skin Deep series
1. With Bones Like That
~ John's old college friend shows up one day, inexplicably female. (AU)
2. The One You Believe
~ missing scene, from Carson's PoV

3/17 torch About a lamp
~ (S1) The expedition has a run of fortuitous events... and John's Ancient lamp keeps showing up in Rodney's room.

8/16 velocitygrass Disqualified
(Sentinel trope) - S John & G McKay; sexual relationships are forbidden between Sentinel & Guide. (no Stargate)
5/17 Falling for the First Time
~ What if John and Rodney were in high school together? (high school AU, no stargate; set in more modern times, with smart phones, post-DADT)
5/17 Grounded
~ After spending a decade researching for his book, Rodney has lost his money and home. The grandson of an old friend offers him a place to stay in his boarding house. (AU, no stargate)
5/17 "John"
~ Rodney's mind wanders during sex with Katie. (post-4x09 "Miller's Crossing")
5/17 Knowing
~ Post-series, J & R visit the Millers & John's brother.
5/17 Life After
~ Earth is destroyed (how is not explained) & Atlantis is on its own. J & R grow close as a plan is developed to defeat the Wraith. (S4)
5/17 Like Fine Wine
~ Growing older (but still hot), a brief conversation between J & R. (post-series)
5/17 New Shores
~ Rodney, a scifi author, and John, a chef, both want to buy the same beachfront house in WA. (AU, no stargate)
5/17 Our Own Reality
~ John gets stuck in an Ancient machine that shows him a possible future... with Rodney.
5/17 Protector
~ Atlantis is a walled city in Pegasus, a land threatened by the cannibalistic Wraith. (AU, no stargate)

5/17 whizzy Black Helicopters series (mild UST only)
1. Black Helicopters at Dawn
~ Rodney picks up a transmission while cleaning his giant satellite dish radio antenna.
2. Big Dish Guy
~ prequel ficlet
3. Wrong End of the Rescue
~ John is rescued (J's PoV, during 1)
4. Tensile Strength
~ John's mission to fetch McKay (J's PoV, during 1)
5. Black Mountainside
~ John brings Rodney to the Mountain

8/16 Xanthe BDSM Universe series
1. The Colonel & Dr. Sheppard
(SGA only) - An Ancient device pulls a John & Rodney from a BDSM universe onto Atlantis.
2. Coming Home
(SGA only) - how BDSM J & R got together
3. Hiding in Plain Sight
(SGA/NCIS x-over) - In the BDSM 'verse, NCIS visits Atl to solve a series of murders. (Gibbs/Tony)
4. The First Collar
(NCIS only) - how Tony joined Gibbs' team

5/17 Xela Next Gens series
1. Children of Lantean Design
~ Following a power surge, a group of children (from an alternate universe) appear in Atlantis.
2. Children Dossier
~ stats & short stories about how the children came to be, how their parents reacted, etc.

5/17 Xparrot Out in the Open
~ Post-5x14 "The Prodigal", the team is searching for one of Michael's labs & is caught in an avalanche.

5/17 yin_again Complimentary Colors
~ Rodney is a talented artist; John is working as an art model. (AU, no stargate)

5/17 Zaganthi (Caffiends) East or West (with perryvic)
~ John goes the other direction when trying to rescue Holland in Afghanistan, ends up as a PoW, and therefore doesn't go to Antarctica or Atlantis.

5/17 Zinnith Entangled Particles series
1. Entangled Particles*
2. Common Tangent
3. Cake Story
4. A Little Comfort
5. Thermal Conduction
6. Spatial Separation
7. External Forces
8. Yield Point*
9. Transformation Theory
10. Aviation*
11. Scatter Chart
12. Fundamental Force
13. Migration Patterns
14. Canis Major
15. Hooke's Law*
16. Probability Theory
17. Great Void
18. Coupling Constant
19. Shroedinger's Cat Had It Easy
20. Fractals and Reindeer
21. Concrescence
*restricted - log in to read
~ John is a former Air Force pilot and Rodney is a writer in Sacramento, California. (AU, a few hints of the stargate existing, but J&R don't know about it)


AUTHOR STORY (links are all to AO3)

3/17 Tarlan In Pursuit of Destiny
~ McKay ends up trapped on Destiny and it's up to Sheppard to find a way to rescue him. (AU from SGU 2x15 "Seizure")

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