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8/16 Alobear By Reason of Insanity ( 1656715) (AO3)
(Sentinel x-over) - SG1 comes to Cascade tracking a Goa'uld serial killer. (Jack/Daniel, Jim/Blair)


These are all John/Rodney (McShep) stories.

AUTHOR STORY (links are all to AO3 unless otherwise indicated)

5/17 aadarshinah
The Ancient!John 'verse series
Tales From The Ancient!John 'verse series
~ John is an Ancient. The Expedition finds him in stasis when they get to Atlantis. (Click on 'List' for my suggested reading order.)

10/16 aesc Nantucket AU series: 1-60 (with dogeared, sheafrotherdon, Siria)
~ In which John and Rodney live on Nantucket, MA. (Earth AU, no stargate until Pt 43)

9/16 alyjude_sideburns Appearances Can Be Deceiving
~ For want of a pen, a soul was lost. Rodney has a chance to change the past after John is killed on a mission (although I'm not sure how he gets from Area 51 to Pegasus).

9/16 ami_ven Going Steady
~ DADT is repealed. John and Rodney both get hit by a clue-by-four.
8/16 Take My Love
(Firefly x-over) - Rodney hires a Companion (John). (no Stargate)

8/16 Amireal Where Did All the Physics Go?
(ST:TOS x-over) - An Ancient device malfunctions, J&R find themselves aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise.

9/16 apple_pi For the Good of All Mankind
~ Rodney gets a temporarily heightened sense of smell & makes some discoveries.

9/16 astolat Time in a Bottle
~ J & R are stuck in a stasis pod virtual environment of a beach house.
9/16 Transcendental
~ While Weir is in stasis for an injury, R's in charge and comes up with a unique solution to the Genii problem -- locking their stargate.

9/16 auburn Seven Walls series
1. In the City of Seven Walls
~ AR-1 is ambushed by slave traders. John & Rodney end up together as slaves on a desert planet.
2. Ritual
~ Rodney prepares John for the Haralim.
3. Atlantis: I am not Yours
~ Teyla's story.
4. Belonged to Someone Else
~ Ronon's story.
9/16 The Mute Shepherd
~ Post series finale, Rodney wants to propose to Keller. John tries to stay out of it, but staying silent backfires.
9/16 Salt on a Wound series:
1. The Taste of Apples
~ (S1) AR-1 is infected on a mushroom planet, become telepathically connected.
2. Sacrificial Drift
~ J/R 1st time. A trading mission goes horribly wrong when the natives try to sacrifice McKay in order to activate Ancient tech.
3. The Water Grinds the Stone -- SKIP THIS ONE!
4. The Weight of Water -- SKIP THIS ONE!

9/16 Bead Checkmate 'verse
~ An Ancient device turns John into a cat. (shafeshifting fic)

9/16 blackchaps Bound Together
~ Sentient Atlantis makes John her avatar. (S1 rewrite)
9/16 Turn into Something Beautiful
~ John is a Feline - a person with a genetic quirk that allows them to Shift into a big cat - owned by the Air Force. (shapeshifting fic)

9/16 busaikko Control
~ John returns from a mission remote-controlled.

9/16 ca_pierson Dawn will break (with darkmoore)
~ Ascended Ancients rescue John from certain death when Atlantis explodes in hyperspace, send him Quantum Leaping through the multiverse. (mentions the "Gifts" series -- see Leah below)

9/16 cathalin The Price That Life Exacts
~ A year after John goes missing on a routine mission, a surprise discovery gives Rodney hope that he is still alive.

9/16 Cesare Dreaming I'm Alive
~ John has to flee Atlantis when re-exposed to the Wraith retrovirus.
9/16 1. Stars Against the Sun
~ When J & R get together, R is reluctant to reveal his kinks. (BDSM)
9/16 2. Chime the Hour
~ Rodney's stuck on a problem & John forces him to take some time off. (BDSM)
9/16 Pads, Paws and Claws
~ Sometimes John is Rodney's cat. Rodney is nervous about explaining this to Jennifer. (NOT shapeshifting fic)

9/16 copperbadge The Difference Engine
~ John Sheppard's brain-dead body is given a cyborg AI brain.

9/16 crownglass39 Pressure Points*restricted - log in to read
~ John gets a migraine post-3x07 "Common Ground". Rodney helps him. (gen)

9/16 crysothemis Fix (John's PoV, Rodney's PoV)*restricted - log in to read
~ John accidentally becomes addicted to an Ancient virtual sex machine.
9/16 Happy*restricted - log in to read
~ An Ancient device causes Rodney to forget John, giving him a fresh perspective on their friendship.

9/16 darkmoore Dawn will break (with ca_pierson)
~ Ascended Ancients rescue John from certain death when Atlantis explodes in hyperspace, send him Quantum Leaping through the multiverse. (mentions the "Gifts" series -- see Leah below)

9/16 daughtershade Event Horizon Books
~ Rodney is an eccentric bookstore owner; John owns a surf shop. (Earth AU, no stargate)

9/16 Deastar The Tragic, Doomed, and Epic Life and Loves of Elizabeth Jean McKay, Plus Other Interesting Stuff
~ John & Rodney's 12-year-old daughter (from her PoV - a bit silly, but amusing).

9/16 DevilDoll The Happiest Place on Earth
~ The Sheppards and the McKays are both on vacation in Florida in 1984. (high school AU, no stargate) FYI, I was actually in Florida in 1984, for the Discovery launch.

10/16 dogeared Nantucket AU series: 1-60 (with aesc, sheafrotherdon, Siria)
~ In which John and Rodney live on Nantucket, MA. (Earth AU, no stargate until Pt 43)

9/16 dreamwaffles Calling Down the Lightning
~ Rodney is a wizard, which is a death sentence if his powers are ever discovered.

8/16 Elayna High School Confidential series
1. High School Confidential: John
2. High School Confidential: Rodney
3. Manic Monday
4. Come Dancing
  5. Polaroid
6. Never Alone
7. The Last Kisses
~ AU of Xanthe's BDSM universe - J & R meet in HS, then brief moments during their life together.
9/16 The Detective and the Woobie 'verse series
1. The Neighborly Detective and the Tragic Woobie Widower
2. A Promise Made
3. A Perfect Happiness
4. Facts of Life
5. A Woobie Conversation
6. Surprises
7. Drawing a Line
8. Watching the Parade Go By
~ Detective John Sheppard moves in next door to a widower and his young son.

10/16 enigmaticblue If All Else Fails series
1. If All Else Fails
~ The Trust makes its move and Jack implements Operation Phoenix. Atlantis is now an independent colony and refuge for SGC teams fleeing Earth.
2. Tenacity
~ Teal'c rescues O'Neill from the Trust.
3. Keep It Together
~ Jack joins SG1 on Atlantis.
4. Future Like a Promise
~ Cassie on Atlantis.
5. The Road Refuses Strangers
~ Cam & Jon rescue more people from Earth.

5/21 esama Undone Wars
(Harry Potter x-over) - After 3yrs as a Runner, Ronon encounters Harry Potter, who was magically banished post-"Goblet of Fire" to an uninhabited planet in the Pegasus galaxy. (mild HP/Ronon at the very end)

10/16 esteefee Fair Trade series
1. Fair Trade
2. Fairly Competent
3. On a Bad Day
4. Old and New
5. Möbius
6. ∞cubed
  7. Beginnings
8. A Smarter Tradition
9. Chess Game
10. Bean By Bean
11. Wind Arrow
12. First Storm
  13. Quake!
14. In Flagrante
15. 'Tis the Season
16. Punk Intervenes
~ In which John owns a coffee roastery, and Rodney is Customer Zero who will tell him where to stick his beans. (Earth AU, no stargate)

10/16 fiercelydreamed (thedrifter) Unidentified series (also at LiveJournal)
1. Unidentified
2. Coda
3. Canon for Two Instruments
~ Rodney's brain hits ctrl-alt-del, giving him amnesia; since he can't remember his previous life as a physicist, he decides to become a pianist instead. (Earth AU, no stargate) This fic introduced me to Bach's "Goldberg Variations", which I proceeded to fall in love with.

8/16 Icarus Dragonlord
(Dragonriders of Pern x-over) - Benden heir John unexpectedly Impresses a dragon. (no Stargate)
10/16 No More Quasi-Religious Alien Sex Rituals
~ John has to explain an incriminating video.

10/16 igrab Pegasus Non-Verbal
~ Before Antarctica, John had never realized that a mute person could be incredibly, offensively *loud*.

10/16 Isagel Until Love Can Find Me
~ After 5x19 "Vegas", Vegas!John transfers to New Orleans.

10/16 Isis Double Occupancy
~ John gets stuck inside Rodney's head. (written pre-2x04 "Duet")

10/16 Jilly James Option C
~ John & Rodney must undergo a bonding ceremony.

10/16 Kass Brainstormed (with Sihaya Black)
~ rewrite of 5x16 "Brain Storm" - John goes to the conference with Rodney instead of Jennifer.

2/17 keefaq Stained Glass Window (at Speranza's site)
~ Victorsverse fic (See Speranza below)

10/16 kho Santa in a Stetson
~ AU of 2x04 "Vegas" 'verse - John is a bartender.

10/16 LadyRa Four Military Men
(NCIS/Sentinel x-over) - An invite to their 20-yr high school reunion reunites Tony with his geek friends Rodney, Daniel, and Blair. (Gibbs/Tony, John/Rodney, Jack/Daniel, Jim/Blair)

3/17 lavvyan Male Enhancement (at LiveJournal)
~ The original story that led to Taste_is_Sweet's "Scruffy AI" series.
10/16 Two Years After Tomorrow
~ McKay goes back to Earth shortly before Earth is annihilated.
10/16 Who Could Claim the Sky
~ Changelings, wingfic; Wraith rule the world. (fantasy AU, no stargate)

10/16 LdyAnne But for Grace
~ post-2x14 "Grace Under Pressure": sabotage, Trust operatives, a sentient Ancient ship, and a wraith attack
10/16 Stealing Atlantis
~ The IOA announces they are keeping Atl on Earth. John, et al, disagree. (post-series)

10/16 Leah (Taste_is_Sweet) Gifts series (with springwoof & Squeaky)
~ For 10% of Earth's population, like John Sheppard, the ATA gene also gives them Gifts: special abilities that make them admired, envied, and feared.
1. Aegis (by Leah & springwoof)
~ Rewrite of Season 1
2. Bad Dates (by Leah)
~ Lorne's Gift
3. Winking Out (by Squeaky)
~ During/after the seige; a member of Stackhouse's team is killed.
4. Pinpoint (by Squeaky)
~ When Stackhouse's team is missing, Chuck & a new Gifted medic help find them.
5. Enthrall (by Leah & springwoof)
~ Because of his resemblance to a woman's dead husband, Rodney is kidnapped, given amnesia, & bought by her as a thrall.
6 through end -- SKIP THE REST

7/21 LitGal Lord John Sheppard Versus Earth
~ Lord Yu needs a new host, captures John's SG team.
12/16 Not in Kansas Anymore series (NCIS x-over, Gibbs/Tony)
1. Lions and Tigers and Igigi, Oh My
~ Tony had never heard of goa'uld or tok'ra or igigi, and he sure as hell hadn't known Gibbs had a passenger riding around in his head.
2. Lions and Igigi and Wraith, Oh My
~ Tony, Gibbs, and Samas are part of the Atlantis expedition.
3. Lions and Guides and Igigi, Oh My
~ Atlantis must prepare for the possibility of Earth falling to the Ori.
4. Lions, and Boyfriends, and Beds, Oh My
~ Relationship vignettes during a brief respite from trouble on Atlantis. (John/Rodney, Gibbs/Samas/Tony, Weir/Ladon Radim, Radek/OFC, Anne Teldy/OFC, Lorne/Abby)
5. Lions and Plots and Ancestors, Oh My
~ Atlantis' AI is acknowledged, John gets a bit glowy, & Todd has a plan for the Wraith.
6. Lions and Tigers and Snippets
~ Meanwhile, in the Milky Way galaxy....
7/21 The Outside Point of View
~ After Arcturus, Sam sends Rodney a much-needed administrative assistant.

10/16 Luna (lunasky) Failsafes
~ Setting off Atlantis' self-destruct engages a 'Groundhog Day' failsafe, giving them a chance to avoid destruction.

12/16 Mad_Maudlin Tongues of Men and Angels
~ When SG-4 is attacked by Jaffa, Sheppard is rescued by a Tok-ra named McKay.

12/16 maisierita Forget Me Not
~ A planet where criminals are given Treatments that remove their memories and violent inclinations.

12/16 mayachain Our blessings one by one
~ What if David Sheppard picked up his brother at the airport after Afghanistan? (Earth AU, no stargate)
12/16 That Keeps on Giving
also at (1224169)
1. Three gifts Rodney wants to give his team
2. That keeps on giving
~ Rodney's gifts for Ronon, Teyla, and John.

12/16 melagan The Providence of Stars (also at LiveJournal)
~ John & Rodney escape from a secret military facility where doctors are performing illegal medical experiments. (Earth AU, set in 1943; mpreg)

12/16 melannen Oolon Colluphid Was Right
~ The gang needs to have a private conversation but the stargates act as a universal translator. Rodney has a solution.

12/16 mific Beyond Strange
~ An alien virus pandemic (RAITH: Retrovirus-A Infected Trans-Humans) has created fear and paranoia in the US. (Earth AU, set in 2029; no stargate)

7/21 MrsHamill Pegasus Purgatorio
~ McShep stranded in Pegasus, rescue some Runners, then find an awesome alien spaceship.
11/23 MrsHamill Raising Madison series*restricted - log in to read
1. Life Lived as Bell's Theorem
2. Molehills into Mountains
3. Undertow
4. Revenge of the Mommy
5. Preparations, Procrastinations and Princesses
6. Full Circle
7. Fractures
8. Hunting of the Snark
9. Courtship Rituals
10. Boojums and Bandersnatches
11. Repercussions
12. Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes
13. Nancy Drew is Alive and Well
14. Beyond the Blue Horizon
~ Rodney and John raise Madison after her parents' deaths, and eventually move back to Atlantis. (NOTE: Author says there are 2 stories not yet written.)

8/16 Orithain & Rina (Rina9294) Sentinels 101: Right in Front of Me
(Sentinel trope) - Rodney's a Sentinel w/out a Guide, then he meets John.
12/16 The Wrong Side of the Looking Glass series
1. Six Impossible Things
2. Yesterday I Was a Different Person
~ John wakes up in McMurdo on an Earth with no Stargate program. Meanwhile, Rodney wakes up with the wrong John in his bed.

12/16 Pennyplainknits Location, Location, Location
~ John is a realtor; Rodney needs a new place to live. (Earth AU, no Stargate)
12/16 The First Annual All-Atlantis Paper Airplane Championship
~ The first annual Atlantis Fun Day.

5/17 perryvic East or West (with Zaganthi)
~ John goes the other direction when trying to rescue Holland in Afghanistan, ends up as a PoW, and therefore doesn't go to Antarctica or Atlantis.

12/16 Persiflager A Distinct Lack of Glitter
~ DADT is repealed, but not much changes for John & Rodney.

12/16 pir8fancier Damned If You Do, and Damned If You Don't
~ When the IOA detains and tortures Sheppard, Rodney sneaks him off Atlantis and hides him until they can come up with a plan. (post-series)
12/16 It's a Small World After All
~ FUBAR happens on Atlantis, John disappears, & two years later Rodney finds him working at Disneyland. (post-series)
12/16 Last Man Reshuffle
~ Two timelines get confused -- one where "Last Man" happened, one where it didn't. (post-series)
12/16 Sheppard's Law of Martyrdom
~ Rodney proposes to Keller, then starts sleepwalking. (post-series)

12/16 puddleofgoo Divergent Paths: Glimpses of the Future
(Hawaii Five-O x-over) - McKay, a billionaire scientist living on the Isle of Mann, needs a pilot.
(FYI, taking a 6-wk-old kitten to Hawaii is impossible IRL, due to their strict import requirements. Also, pet microchips aren't GPS-capable.)
12/16 The Journey Home series
1. John's Story
2. Rodney's Story
~ John is kicked out of the military after 3x10 "The Return" for disobeying orders. McKay resigns in protest. John goes to work at his family's company; McKay moves into his sister's basement.
1/17 A Life Less Ordinary series (graphic BDSM, porn-with-plot)
1. Leap of Faith
~ After 1x11 "The Eye", Rodney is forced to participate in an alien ritual, leading to revelations for both Sheppard and McKay. (1st time)
2. Dancing on the Edge
~ During/after 1x12 "The Defiant One", R&J explore their new relationship & R's newly discovered sub kink.
3. Deconstructing Doubt
~ After 1x13 "Hot Zone", John battles self-doubt about leading Atlantis' military. Meanwhile, they discover R enjoys the dom/sub dynamic as much as J does.
4. All Play and No Work...
~ Jumper sex... and an entire day of playing with a kinky Ancient sex toy.
5. What Hurts the Most
~ from 1x14 "Sanctuary" through 1x16 "The Brotherhood" -- Chaya throws a wrench into J&R's relationship.
6. Boys Will Be Boys
~ After 2x01 "The Siege", the boys get some vacation time back on Earth & go to Vegas.
7. Long Road Home
~ Preparing for their return to Atlantis, & the Daedalus trip to get there.
8. Song in C Minor
~ 2x04 "Duet, in the LLO 'verse.
9. In Fate's Hands
~ After Lorne & Sheppard are ambushed & tortured offworld, J & R deal with the fallout.
10. The Owned
~ The team is ambushed and sold at a slave market.
11. Chasing Shadows
~ During 2x05 "Condemned" & 2x06 "Trinity" -- John testifies at a court martial on Earth, then he & R reconnect and make a D/S contract.
12. Dance Monkey Dance
~ a series of "milk runs"... which all seem to involve some type of dancing.
13. Bumps in the Road
~ During/after 2x08 "Conversion", in which John turns into a bug.
14. Mind Over Matter
~ A run of bad luck has J & R each separately doubting themselves.
15. What I Did On My Summer Vacation
~ After 2x13 "Critical Mass", a trip back to Earth and vacation at a BDSM resort.

8/16 Quasar273 Criss-Cross series (2-6 are Sentinel x-overs)
1. Cross Product
~ Ancient device switches John w/ alt reality self.. (McShep 1st time)
2. Cross Multiplication
~ Alt!John settles into his own reality's Atl. Jim & Blair are there. (Jim/Blair)
3. Cross Training
~ J&R on Ellison's team, explore Atl, help relocate Genii prisoners.
4. Cross Country
~ more missions for Team Ellison
5. Cross Talk
~ Jim & Blair after Blair's injury in 4
6. Crossing Paths
~ A surprise connection between John and Jack is discovered. (jossed by SGA 'Outcast')
7. Crossed Wires
~ emails from clone-Jack & John to JackPrime

1/17 Rheanna A Matter of Death and Life
~ John's problems started the day they nearly blew up San Francisco and he didn't die. (post-series)
1/17 Gravity
~ While John is in stasis waiting for the solar flare, the Rodney AI makes a discovery. (4X20 "The Last Man")
1/17 Rewind, Reboot, Restore
~ An Ancient device erases 7 years from Rodney's memory.
1/17 Teenage Kicks
~ An Ancient device sends J & R's consciousnesses into their 15-year-old selves.
1/17 The Hard Prayer
~ Post-apocalypse; a year after plague wipes out Earth's population, Sheppard meets another survivor.
1/17 Theory of Everything
~ 'Flowers for Algernon', Pegasus-style, thanks to yet another Ancient device (written *before* 5x06 "The Shrine").

8/16 RosiePaw Lost and Found
(Sentinel trope) - Sentinel John joins Atl expedition, discovers R is his Guide.

8/16 Seaward What Started in a Box series (Sentinel trope)
1. John and Rodney in a box
~ R is Sentinel in secret, aliens trap J&R in a box, they discover they have Sentinel/Guide bond
2. Beyond the Box
~ Ancient device erases R from existence
3. Little Boxes Made of Ticky Tacky
~ alt reality R&J find each other

1/17 seekergeek Surrogate
~ John finds an Ancient facility, power almost depleted, and makes a snap decision in order to give Rodney something he couldn't have. (post-series, mpreg)

1/17 seikaitsukimizu Adrift Part 1: Tabula Rasa (SKIP Parts II & III)
~ What if the cure didn't restore their memories? (4x06 "Tabula Rasa")

2/17 Seleneheart Exile (at Speranza's site)
~ Victorsverse fic (See Speranza below)

11/21 Sentient Cities
Survival + Snippets series
1. Survival [of the Foolish]
2. Survival [of the Bravest]
3. Survival [of the Mean]
4. [No] Survival
5. Survival [of the Worthy]
6. Survival [Methods]
7. Survival [Customs]
~ Sometime post-series, Atl is back in Pegasus when Earth is suddenly destroyed.

1/17 sgamadison Chaos Theory (with the_cephalopod)
~ The real story behind the Rodney/Ronon/Jennifer love triangle. (around 2x05 "The Tracker")
1/17 It's a Wonderful Life, Rodney McKay
~ Rodney has just returned home after installing his hologram program in Atlantis, when he receives some unexpected visitors. (4x20 "The Last Man")
1/17 A Kiss is Just a Kiss
~ Unique use of DH's imdb page.
8/16 A Lesson in Evil
(Sherlock x-over) - AR-1 chases a Wraith across dimensions, gets unexpected help. (Watson's PoV; Johnlock & McShep) - has nods to RDJr movie (Gladstone, sword cane) but overall reads more like a generic version of ACD's characters
1/17 A Modest Proposal
~ Rodney invites John out to dinner, then makes a proposal. (post-series)
1/17 The Spirit of Christmas Yet to Come
(Castle x-over, no stargate) - Rodney is a detective in NYC; John is a mystery novel writer. On Christmas Eve, McKay catches the flu and has a series of dreams/visions.
1/17 Tainted
~ What if all it took was one time for the reverse feeding of the Wraith to be addictive? (AU, post-3x07 "Common Ground" but set before 2x03 "Runner"; BDSM)
1/17 Unfinished Business
~ John falls from a 7th floor ledge on Atlantis. He should be dead, right? (post-series)
1/17 Unforgettable (with the_cephalopod)
~ Those with the ATA gene take a while longer to recover their memories. (post-4x06 "Tabula Rasa")

2/17 shaenie Indelible
~ When Rodney breaks a planet's rules, John takes his corporal punishment, which involves a memory-enhancing tea.

2/17 sheafrotherdon Acidimia
~ John Runs.
10/16 Nantucket AU series: 1-60 (with aesc, dogeared, Siria)
~ In which John and Rodney live on Nantucket, MA. (Earth AU, no stargate until Pt 43)
2/17 No Light and Transient Cause
~ Atlantis' Pegasus allies give an ultimatum: they want the expedition to go back to Earth. AR-1 proposes an alternative. (S5)

2/17 sian1359 Apocalypse Rising
~ An unknown alien force attacks Earth, and Sheppard, on leave in the States, ends up in the middle of things at Area 51. (pre-Atlantis AU)

2/17 Sihaya Black (beledibabe) And Hope
~ John finds the Pegasus equivalent of a genie in a lamp.
10/16 Brainstormed (with Kass)
~ rewrite of 5x16 "Brain Storm" - John goes to the conference with Rodney instead of Jennifer.

10/16 Siria Nantucket AU series: 1-60 (with aesc, dogeared, sheafrotherdon)
~ In which John and Rodney live on Nantucket, MA. (Earth AU, no stargate until Pt 43)
2/17 1. heads, tails
~ 5x19 "Vegas" - how John ended up as a cop in Vegas
2/17 2. How Your Heart is Wired
~ Post-"Vegas", John goes to Atlantis.

2/17 Sorka Missing Scene: An Appreciation fic for 'Written by the Victors' (at Speranza's site)
~ Victorsverse fic (See Speranza below)

2/17 Speranza Learn Something New
~ a physics conference at Berkeley and surfing
2/17 MVP
~ Rodney reads Sheppard's confidential personnel file.
2/17 OK Computer
~ Rodney finds an Ancient VR entertainment program, then John is killed on a mission.
2/17 Sheppard's Law
~ An Ancient device screws with Sheppard's timeline, and it's up to Rodney to keep him from dying throughout his life.
2/17 The Group-W Bench
~ pre-Atlantis, a chance encounter on a US base in Germany.
2/17 War Bride
~ J&R's 1st time backstory, intermixed with a trip to the Sheppard estate
2/17 1. Written by the Victors
~ excerpts from books, newspapers & interviews tell the story of Atlantis' declaration of galactic sovereignty.
2/17 2. Exile by Seleneheart (at Speranza's site)
~ Evan Lorne does his duty and comes back to Earth. (Lorne/Parrish)
2/17 3. Missing Scene: An Appreciation fic for 'Written by the Victors' by Sorka (at Speranza's site)
~ What happened to the Daedalus and Critias.
2/17 4. Key Largo
~ Rodney reminisces about his old mentor, Dr. Faraday.
2/17 5. Stained Glass Window by keefaq (at Speranza's site)
~ 50 yrs later, Rodney's final days.

10/16 springwoof Gifts series (with Leah & Squeaky)
(See Leah above)
2/17 Thousandmother
~ AR-1 discovers an alien race and secrets about the Ancients and Ascension.

2/17 spuffyduds Five Planets Atlantis is Never Contacting Again, or At Least If They Do, They're Sending Another Damn Team, Not John's*restricted - log in to read
~ The title says it all.
2/17 Grounded*restricted - log in to read
~ After learning about the AU timeline from old-Elizabeth, Rodney can't sleep. (post-1x14 "Before I Sleep")

10/16 Squeaky Gifts series (with Leah & springwoof)
(See Leah above)

2/17 Stormheller Hello, I Must Be Going
~ While waiting for reassignment, John goes to a bar & has a one-night stand that changes everything. (pre-Atlantis)

2/17 synecdochic freedom's just another word series
1. freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose
2. and the band's playing hail to the chief
~ After Atlantis, McKay takes a job teaching at a small American university. (AU post-S2-ish)

3/17 Tarlan Bugboy
~ Carson's retrovirus didn't return him to fully human after the Iratus incident. (post-2x08 "Conversion")
3/17 Draconian Measures
~ Continuation of the SG1 10x13 "The Road Not Taken" parallel 'verse.
3/17 Gender Immaterial
~ It takes seeing an openly gay Marine on Atlantis for all the clues to slot into place for Rodney.
3/17 In Pursuit of Destiny
~ McKay ends up trapped on Destiny and it's up to Sheppard to find a way to rescue him. (AU from SGU 2x15 "Seizure")
3/17 The Lonely Sea
(Waterworld x-over) - The Ori destroy Earth by melting the polar icecaps.
11/21 Luminescence
~ Rodney has an epiphany after Jennifer asks him to choose between her & Atlantis. (post-series)
3/17 Momentary Distraction
~ An explosion, and two words from Rodney, give John the courage to deepen their friendship into something more. (post-series)
3/17 Not a Girl Thing
~ Rodney is temporarily turned into a girl on the day he planned to propose to Jennifer. (post-series, genderswap)
3/17 The Perfect Choice
~ Rodney stays at Area 51 instead of joining the Atlantis expedition.
3/17 Sentience series
1. Into the Blue
2. Down to a Sunless Sea
3. City of Dreams
4. Of Time and Distant Stars
5. Oceans of Space
6. Empty Paths Across the Void
7. To Lose It All
~ When the expedition gates to Atlantis, the city's AI allows only the gene carriers to stay.

3/17 Taste_is_Sweet The Fundamental Things
~ J & R are held captive on a decrepit Ancient ship, forced to use a control chair that's giving them both progressive amnesia.
10/16 Gifts series (by Leah, springwoof, & Squeaky)
(See Leah above)
3/17 Keepsakes
~ McKay creates a habitat for bug!Sheppard when they can't change him back. (2x08 "Conversion")
3/17 Scruffy AI series
1. Male Enhancement (The Soul and the Company Store Remix)
--. Male Enhancement by Lavvyan
2. Muscle and Blood and Skin and Bones
3. Another Day Older
4. Iron and Steel
5. Born on a Morning
6. Crash Down -- SKIP
~ Drs. Zelenka & Lee have been working together on an AI robot project. The result: John and Cameron.
3/17 Snakeheads: A Love Story
~ John is leader of an SG team when he becomes the host of a Goa'uld named Mer'deth. (no Atlantis)
3/17 The Spaces Between
~ Ancient communication stones allow the AU McKay from 10x13 and the AU Sheppard from 5x04 to interact. (SG1 10x13 "The Road Not Taken" & ATL 5x04 "The Daedalus Variations")

3/17 Telesilla I Only Want Your Trust series
1. All the Answers Are In Cosmopolitan
2. It Don't Come Easy
3. With You There's No Easy Answer
4. I Really Want To Feel You
5. Got To Pay Your Dues
6. Someone You Could Know
7. What I'd Do to You
8. Carry that Weight
~ After "The Storm", sub John and dom Rodney become involved. (BDSM universe)
3/17 It's Growing Day by Day
~ When an Ancient outpost collapses, burying the Stargate, AR-1 has to travel across a continent to find another way off the planet.
3/17 No Rest At All In Freedom
~ John is kidnapped and 'changed' by a group of cultists. (wingfic)
3/17 The World Breaks Everyone
~ Rodney wakes up in the infirmary, after a mission gone awry, missing 13 years worth of memories.

3/17 telperion_15 The Seventh Circle Of Hell
~ An insular, homophobic people have John whipped and zap his brain to remove his 'unnatural desires'.

1/17 the_cephalopod Chaos Theory (with sgamadison)
~ The real story behind the Rodney/Ronon/Jennifer love triangle. (around 2x05 "The Tracker")
1/17 Unforgettable (with sgamadison)
~ Those with the ATA gene take a while longer to recover their memories. (post-4x06 "Tabula Rasa")

3/17 tigs Of Two Hours
~ Zelenka has a breakthrough in the quiet early morning hours. Fortunately he knows where to find McKay.

3/17 Toft String Theory: A Concerto for Violin in D Minor
~ Rodney is a composer looking for a violin soloist for his concerto. (orchestra AU, no Stargate)

3/17 toomuchplor Dichotomy
~ Rodney plays "Who'd You Rather" with John. (episode tag for 4x16 "Trio")
3/17 The Hold-Out
~ On vacation, Rodney discovers John has been holding out on him. (PWP)
3/17 How Not to Fly series
1. How Not to Fly
2. It Isn't That Amazing
3. Holy Matrimony, Batman
4. Hot Box
5. Things Beyond Your Ken
~ Post-series, John's brother dies in a car accident, leaving his two kids orphaned.

3/17 torakowalski Skin Deep series
1. With Bones Like That
~ John's old college friend shows up one day, inexplicably female. (AU)
2. The One You Believe
~ missing scene, from Carson's PoV

3/17 torch About a lamp
~ (S1) The expedition has a run of fortuitous events... and John's Ancient lamp keeps showing up in Rodney's room.

8/16 velocitygrass Disqualified
(Sentinel trope) - S John & G McKay; sexual relationships are forbidden between Sentinel & Guide. (no Stargate)
5/17 Falling for the First Time
~ What if John and Rodney were in high school together? (high school AU, no stargate; set in more modern times, with smart phones, post-DADT)
5/17 Grounded
~ After spending a decade researching for his book, Rodney has lost his money and home. The grandson of an old friend offers him a place to stay in his boarding house. (AU, no stargate)
5/17 "John"
~ Rodney's mind wanders during sex with Katie. (post-4x09 "Miller's Crossing")
5/17 Knowing
~ Post-series, J & R visit the Millers & John's brother.
5/17 Life After
~ Earth is destroyed (how is not explained) & Atlantis is on its own. J & R grow close as a plan is developed to defeat the Wraith. (S4)
5/17 Like Fine Wine
~ Growing older (but still hot), a brief conversation between J & R. (post-series)
5/17 New Shores
~ Rodney, a scifi author, and John, a chef, both want to buy the same beachfront house in WA. (AU, no stargate)
5/17 Our Own Reality
~ John gets stuck in an Ancient machine that shows him a possible future... with Rodney.
5/17 Protector
~ Atlantis is a walled city in Pegasus, a land threatened by the cannibalistic Wraith. (AU, no stargate)

5/17 whizzy Black Helicopters series (mild UST only)
1. Black Helicopters at Dawn
~ Rodney picks up a transmission while cleaning his giant satellite dish radio antenna.
2. Big Dish Guy
~ prequel ficlet
3. Wrong End of the Rescue
~ John is rescued (J's PoV, during 1)
4. Tensile Strength
~ John's mission to fetch McKay (J's PoV, during 1)
5. Black Mountainside
~ John brings Rodney to the Mountain

8/16 Xanthe BDSM Universe series
1. The Colonel & Dr. Sheppard
(SGA only) - An Ancient device pulls a John & Rodney from a BDSM universe onto Atlantis.
2. Coming Home
(SGA only) - how BDSM J & R got together
3. Hiding in Plain Sight
(SGA/NCIS x-over) - In the BDSM 'verse, NCIS visits Atl to solve a series of murders. (Gibbs/Tony)
4. The First Collar
(NCIS only) - how Tony joined Gibbs' team

5/17 Xela Next Gens series
1. Children of Lantean Design
~ Following a power surge, a group of children (from an alternate universe) appear in Atlantis.
2. Children Dossier
~ stats & short stories about how the children came to be, how their parents reacted, etc.

5/17 Xparrot Out in the Open
~ Post-5x14 "The Prodigal", the team is searching for one of Michael's labs & is caught in an avalanche.

5/17 yin_again Complimentary Colors
~ Rodney is a talented artist; John is working as an art model. (AU, no stargate)

5/17 Zaganthi (Caffiends) East or West (with perryvic)
~ John goes the other direction when trying to rescue Holland in Afghanistan, ends up as a PoW, and therefore doesn't go to Antarctica or Atlantis.

5/17 Zinnith Entangled Particles series
1. Entangled Particles*
2. Common Tangent
3. Cake Story
4. A Little Comfort
5. Thermal Conduction
6. Spatial Separation
7. External Forces
8. Yield Point*
9. Transformation Theory
10. Aviation*
11. Scatter Chart
12. Fundamental Force
13. Migration Patterns
14. Canis Major
15. Hooke's Law*
16. Probability Theory
17. Great Void
18. Coupling Constant
19. Shroedinger's Cat Had It Easy
20. Fractals and Reindeer
21. Concrescence
*restricted - log in to read
~ John is a former Air Force pilot and Rodney is a writer in Sacramento, California. (AU, a few hints of the stargate existing, but J&R don't know about it)


AUTHOR STORY (links are all to AO3)

3/17 Tarlan In Pursuit of Destiny
~ McKay ends up trapped on Destiny and it's up to Sheppard to find a way to rescue him. (AU from SGU 2x15 "Seizure")

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