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AUTHOR: Cindy Combs (Sentinel/MacGyver x-over series w/ other genres here & there)
1. The Maze Sent/MG Mac meets Jim & Blair, Galileo returns PDA
2. Control Sent/MG Jim's senses overload when shot by baddies PDA
3. Coatlicue Sent/MG Sam & Blair & an Aztec figure PDA
4. Ares Bugle Sent/MG Mac & Jim rescue Blair from Kincaid PDA
5. Heirs to a Nightmare Sent/MG Murdoc chases Sam & Blair thru winter woods PDA
6. Neutral Party Sent/MG Mac talks to Jim after 'Sentinel, Too' PDA
7. Hot Time in Chicago Sent/Due South/
MG/Early Edition
all main characters help stop church bombing PDA
8. In the Genes Sent/MG Mac, sick w/ malaria, kidnapped by baddies PDA
9. Road Not Taken Sent/MG during Sentinel series finale w/ Mac present PDA
10. Weardians & Witans Sent/MG/SG1 SG1 team finds sentinels thru gate, contact Blair PDA
11. Haunting of Christmas Past Sent/MG Christmas: Sam's missing, Mac's depressed PDA
12. Refuge Sent/MG/
Magnificent 7
present day Mag team work w/Cascade PD PDA
13. Charming the Hawk Sent/MG/
the trio saves Sam from evil Sentinel & warlock PDA
14. Synchronization in Chaos Sent/MG/Mag7 Sam rescues Ezra from undercover job gone bad PDA
15. Follow the Tiger Sent/MG Murdoc strikes again, Sam finds his Sentinel PDA
16. Brothers, Fathers And Sons Sent/MG Cory's father shows up PDA
17. The Promise of Christmas Future Sent/MG Sam finds a surprise in his motel room PDA
18. Chance Destiny Sent/Witchblade the Wielder and the Guardian
19. Revenge for the Scorpion Sent/MG/SG1 another girlfriend disaster for Blair
20. A Christmas To Belong Sent/MG/SG1 clone/teen Jack finds a new family

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