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    The Gossamer Project -
    AO3 - Archive of Our Own -
AUTHOR STORY (links are all to Gossamer unless otherwise indicated)

10/10 19 Invisible Games
~ rogue invisible-camo soldiers in the woods
10/10 Of Mothmen and Militant Nationalists
~ a partnership seminar

10/10 Adrienne (icedteainthebag) Let Go (also at AO3)
~ M/S 1st time at end of 'all things'

10/10 Agent Diana Fowley The Call
~ 'Per Manum', M calls S from clinic, having trouble 'donating'.

11/10 aka "Jake" Annelid
~ M & S investigate giant snow worms in Alaska.
10/10 The Case of the Christmas Stalking-Horse
~ S6, M & S attend a Christmas ball.
10/10 The Mountain Man
~ Montana, 1865 (historical AU)

10/10 Alli A Well-Prepared Shipper series
1. Behind the Counter (Tooms)
2. in the Trees (Detour)
3. With Better Aim (The End)
4. Who Moonlights As A Beekeeper (movie)
5. Versed In Voodoo (Fire)
6. M.D. (Triangle)
7. On the Web (Arcadia)
~ A 'shipper interferes in various episodes: iced tea, sleeping bags, etc.

10/10 Ambress All The Places
~ Post-Biogenesis, M at psych ward when S comes to get him.

10/10 Analise Lucky Lizzy
~ M & S investigate a haunted silver mine.

10/10 Anjou Beating the Darkness Back (also at AO3)
~ After IW2B movie, reunite w/ William.
11/10 A Winter's Tale (also at AO3)
~ M finds another little girl like Emily.

11/02 Arvy Futures Past series (X-F/Hlr/Forever Knight x-over)
1. The Awakening
2. The Light of Day
3. My Funny Valentine
4. Crossover
5. Flying Lessons
6. Hazel + Gold = Green
7. Phoenix
8. Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This (VOY)
9. From the Ashes (TNG)
10. Tchaikovsky Unbound
11. Fallen Skies (DS9/VOY)
Chronologic order: 1-7, 10, 9, 11, 8
~ Scully's cancer makes her Immortal & Mulder's Immortality is triggered by a vampire attack.

2/04 Suzie Bagley 1. Paradox
(Hlr/Stargate/SeaQuest x-over) - Immortal Scully is dying, can SG1 help?
12/10 2. Parallel
(Hlr/Stargate/SeaQuest x-over) - An alternate reality device causes big problems.

1/06 Crys Chessman Chronicles series
(Highlander, Forever Knight, JAG, Tom Clancy x-over)
~ the adventures of a Watcher turned Immortal
1. New Immortal in Town
2. Doing the Right Thing
3. Hunter of Watchers
4. Traveling
5. Helping the Newcomer
6. My Nightlife in Toronto
7. A Wedding & Decision
8. In the USSS
9. Tracking Them Down
10. Moral Q's & A's
11. Trouble in DC
12. Hunt, Home, and Harm
13. Harm's Decision
14. Killers in the Night
15. Haven

8/10 Ecolea Future Winnings series (Star Trek crossover)
1. Future Winnings
2. Cafe Americano
3. Snookered
4. Oil on Wood
5. The Way of the Cross
~ Voyager rescues Mulder from 300-year stasis on an alien ship.

11/02 Anne Haynes 1. 12 Rites of Passage
~ Search for missing woman leads to Samantha.
11/02 2. 12 Degrees of Separation
~ The X-files are disbanded; M & S grow closer.

11/02 Julia Kosatka In the Dark (with Kellie Matthew-Simmons)
(Star Trek/Highlander x-over) - M&S investigate beheadings; Duncan meets Guinan at Joe's and again on the Enterprise. (DM/G)

11/02 Rhondda Lake Dogged Determination series (x-over with Watchers by Dean Koontz)
1. Dogged Determination I: Watched
~ Scully helps a stray Dog. (MSR)
2. DD Interlude I: Linen and Steele
3. DD Interlude II: Grapes of Wrath
4. DD Interlude III: Icy Hot
5. DD II: Hadinio'gwe'oek
~ M & S investigate deadly Indian Spirits.
6. DD III: Pandora's Box
~ girl looking for birth-dad, hunted by Consortium
7. DD Interlude IV: Endless Knot
~ The Wedding
8. DD IV: Suffer the Children (Vampire Masquerade x-over)
~ Mulder suspects vampires in a string of murders.
9. DD V: Watched Over
~ The Hyatt kids are kidnapped, M & S help out.

8/09 Michele Martin The Witness
(Hlr/FK/X-F/Starman/QL x-over, with a dash of MacGyver, Probe, & Battlestar Galactica)
~ M&S investigate a string of beheadings in Toronto.

11/02 Kellie Matthew-Simmons In the Dark (with Julia Kosatka)
(X-Files/Highlander x-over) - M&S investigate beheadings; Duncan meets Guinan at Joe's and again on the Enterprise. (DM/G)

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