DISCLAIMERS: Regarding the stories suggested on this page -
I liked them when I read them, so if they suck just assume
I was in a weird mood that day . . .

Regarding the content of the stories -
I'm a 'shipper, so expect lots of Mulder/Scully.

Adult stories, including slash, can be found HERE.

NOTE: I have most of these stories archived as plain 'txt' files.
If you would like one or more sent to you,
please let me know: cjspratt at

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The Gossamer Project (updated 10/11/16)
             a fanfiction archive

Arvy - Futures Past: X-F/Hlr/Forever Knight/Star Trek x-over
            Chronologic order: 1-7, 10, 9, 11, 8
      ~ Scully's cancer makes her Immortal & Mulder's
             Immortality is triggered by a vampire attack

Suzie Bagley
             1. Paradox (Hlr/Stargate/SeaQuest x-over) 2/04
                        - Immortal Scully is dying, can SG1 help?
             2. Parallel (Hlr/Stargate/SeaQuest x-over) 12/10
                        - an alternate reality device causes big problems

X-Philes Shipper Fanfics Archive - adult M/S stories
             - Anne Haynes (UST leading to MSR)
                        1. 12 Rites of Passage
                                   ~ search for missing woman leads to Samantha
                        2. 12 Degrees of Separation
                                   ~ the X-files are disbanded, M & S grow closer

Seventh Dimension Highlander Archive
            Crys - Chessman Chronicles (Hlr/FK/X-F/JAG/Tom Clancy) 1/06
                           See my Highlander section for details.
            Michelle Lynn Martin - The Witness (Hlr/FK/X-F/Starman/QL) 8/09
                           (with a dash of MacGyver, Probe, & Battlestar Galactica)
                           ~ M&S investigate a string of beheadings in Toronto

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