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1. Initiation 3000 BC M's first death and Quickenings
2. The Horsemen 2000 BC M meets Kronos
3. The Third Horseman 2000 BC M & Kronos meet Silas
4. Dawn of the Apocalypse 2000 BC M, K, & S joined by Caspian
5. Once We Rode Out of the Sun 1500 BC The 4 Horsemen go after imposters
6. Across the Eastern Plains 1400 BC Female Immortal joins the Horsemen
7. Desolation Games 696 BC M & K in Greece, compete in Olympics
8. The Winds May Change 132 BC M & K help slave rebellion in Rome
9. Damaged Goods 20 AD M & K captured in Rome, sold as slaves
10-13. Legends: I-IV 505-542 AD M as Arthur, K as Merlin
14. The World Inside 850 AD M & K trapped inside magician's mind
15. Three Kings 1066 AD M forced to help 3 kings vying for England
16. Beneath the Green Trees 1206 AD M & K help rescue Maid Marion
17. Visions of the End 1556 AD M & K in an earthquake in China
18. The Cult of Immortality 1666 AD M & K meet crazy Immie w/cult in London
19. Amid the Waves 1723 AD M & K kidnapped by Immie ship captain
20. The Raiders 1796 AD M & K help slaves escape from plantations
21. The Countessa's Jewels 1825 AD M & K as jewel thieves
22. Cosmosphere 1837 AD K builds steampunk spaceship
23. A Little Unscheduled Detour 1875 AD M is outlaw in Wild West
24. High Society 1909 AD M & Fitz date twins, murder occurs
25. Falling with Shadows 1918 AD K plays mindgames w/soldiers in WWI
26. One Night 1927 AD (Torchwood X) M&Jack fight Elementals on a ship
27. Reluctant Hero 1942 AD M fights Nazis in Africa, meets pre-Immie Nazi
28. The Treasure Hunters 1945 AD M & Amanda hunt for haunted German gold
29. Electric Fantasy 1967 AD Electric chair makes Immie crazy, K kills him
30. City Lights 1981 AD M helps Immortal rescue his bf from bad guys
After CaH & Rev
31. A Drive in the Country 1997 AD M grabbed & killed by bank robbers
32. The Assassin 1997 AD Horton's bro killing Watchers, kidnaps M
33. Holiday in the Hills 1998 AD DM, M, & Joe kidnapped by Hortons
34. If These Stars Should Fall 1998 AD Jennifer Horton tries to start W/Immie war
35. Comes the Dark 1998 AD Post-Indescretions, M & Joe stop Immie Nazis
36. Songs of the First 3000,1695 BC,
1998 AD
Young W researching 1st Immie hypnotizes M
37. In Consequence 1999 AD Immie friend of M in wheelchair
38. Blood Brothers I: Dark Places 1999 AD K haunts DM's dreams, K look-alike appears
39. BB II: The Involution 1999 AD M & DM brainwashed, Involution kidnaps Joe
40. BB III: The Thousandth Man 1999 AD Involution wants to bring K back
41. The Truth in Masquerade 1999 AD Cassandra lures M to her for revenge
42. Works of Art 2000 AD Immie w/priceless collection kidnaps M & K
43. Sweet is Revenge 2000 AD W seeks revenge on M for mother's suicide
44. A Parting of Ways 2000 AD M, K, & Joe captured by Involution
45. To the Death 2000 AD Involution pits M & K against the MacLeods
46. Closure 2000 AD M, K, DM, & CM destroy the Involution
47. White Orchid 2001 AD Kyle's ex is serial orchid murderer
48. The Girl From Aquitaine 2002 AD K encounters suicidal woman
49. Cursed 2003 AD K&Sophia visit M, K 'cursed' for saving M in #45
50. Tangled 2004 AD Amy meets K & Sophie
51. Welcome to Midnight 2005 AD M rescue man from being burned as a witch

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