'The Gathering'

Los Angeles
October 20-22, 2017

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(My apologies for the poor quality. My phone broke a few days before the trip, so I was using a cheap temporary phone that I bought at Best Buy just so I'd have *something*.)

Los Angeles vacation photos are posted HERE.

Friday, Oct 20

In the morning, I transferred from my hotel in West Hollywood to the convention hotel near LAX. After checking in, I sat in briefly on F. Braun McAsh and Anthony de Longis's masterclass "The Swordmaster's Tool-Chest: Katana vs. German Longsword", then attended an informal fanfiction panel and a panel by Joe Pearson, the creator of the animated films 'Highlander: The Search for Vengeance' and 'War of the Worlds: Goliath' (which featured the voices of a number of Highlander alumni). After lunch I took some photos of a friend and her mother in F. Braun McAsh's knife combat masterclass, then attended another fanfiction panel that evening in the hotel's restaurant.

Saturday, Oct 21: the main panels begin

Now is the Time of... - a look at the series pilot "The Gathering" with Adrian Paul (Duncan MacLeod), Stan Kirsch (Richie Ryan) and Don Paonessa (supervising editor).

The Amanda Mandate - Liz Gracen (Amanda)

Forever Young - Stan Kirsch

Who Watches the Watchman? - Jim Byrnes (Joe Dawson) and David Abramowitz (creative consultant)

Lunch break...

"I drink and I know things..." - Dr. Peter Wingfield (Methos/Adam Pierson)! I took some video of this panel, when he first came out and posed for photos, and then later when he talked about his introduction to the Highlander series, being cast and being on location in Paris for his episodes in season 3. I didn't get video of it, but he also explained why he chose anesthesiology, which basically was because when he met some anesthesiologists, he got along really well with them (better than some of the other specialists) and felt like they were 'his kind of people'.

Youtube video

The Write Stuff: Script to Screen - David Abramowitz (creative consultant), Gillian Horvath (associate creative consultant), Donna Lettow (script coordinator), Morrie Ruvinsky (writer, 9 episodes), and Ken Gord (producer... but not for season 1!), with a small Mountie statue representing David Tynan (associate/coordinating producer, seasons 4-6)

Then we all queued up for AUTOGRAPHS from EVERYONE!!! I had photos for some (including the Methos print Donna Rathbun had gotten for me years ago at Dragoncon) and we had all gotten info sheets for everyone in our convention folder that were useful for being autographed (except for Ken Gord - I had him sign the folder itself, since he didn't have an info sheet).

After the autographs was the charity auction. I have videos of the claymore signed by Adrian Paul, and Duncan MacLeod's leather coat from Endgame. There were a number of items auctioned, including Duncan Macleod's ponytail, Ken Gord's crew jacket, and blueprints for the loft and dojo soundstage sets.

Youtube video: Claymore
Youtube video: Endgame coat
A replica series katana.

That evening, I watched a screening of "Coherence", an intellectual thriller with Liz Gracen and Nicholas Brendan (Xander Harris - Buffy the Vampire Slayer). It reminded me of "Shadow Puppets", with James Marsters (Spike - BtVS) and Jolene Blalock (T'Pol - Star Trek: Enterprise). Completely different plot, of course, but same genre and 'feel', I think.

Sunday, Oct 22: the final day of the convention

What If, What Next? Surviving Biometrics - David Abramowitz, Gillian Horvath and Donna Lettow discussed how 'Highlander' would have differed in today's world of social media and smartphones.

Something Wicked This Way Comes? - the 'bad guys': James Horan (Grayson - 'Band of Brothers'), F. Braun McAsh (Hans Kershner - 'The Modern Prometheus') and Anthony de Longis (Kurlow - 'Blackmail'; Consone - 'Duende').

In the Online of Fire - 'Blood of Kings' podcasters, 'Highlander Rewatched' podcasters, 'Highlander Heart' Facebook group creator, and Gillian Horvath and Donna Lettow. Opportunities to take photos with some of the actors were going on simultaneous to this panel.

My photo with Peter Wingfield!

War and P.E.A.C.E. - Adrian Paul. The PEACE fund is AP's charity dedicated to helping children around the world. (I didn't get any good photos of this panel.)

The Gang's Back Together Again - Adrian Paul, Jim Byrnes, Peter Wingfield, Elizabeth Gracen and David Abramowitz (and then Ken Gord joined them partway through). I have several vidoes of this panel.

Youtube videos: PW & AP talk about Methos, watching the 'Finale II' harem scene,
AP tells stories about filming in Paris, Abramowitz talks about Fitzcairn

Lunch break...

Radio Play
Anthony De Longis - FBI Agent Doggerty
??Don Paonessa's wife?? - Blanche, short-order cook
Elizabeth Gracen - Lenny Carlton, station manager
David Abramowitz - Martin Westbrook, a tailor
Adrian Paul - FBI Agent Templeton
Peter Wingfield - Byron Tinker III, of the Southampton Tinkers
Jim Byrnes - Lola Lautrec, professional dancer

Youtube video

One, Two, Three Direction - Richard Martin (9 episodes), Don Paonessa (post-production consultant) & Clay Borris (8 episodes)

Hans Kirschner: The Movie - fan movie starring F. Braun McAsh as his Hans Kirschner character from 'The Modern Prometheus'

To Be, Not To Be - Richard Martin (directed "To Be"), Elizabeth Gracen, Ken Gord, David Abramowitz, Adrian Paul, Peter Wingfield, Donna Lettow, & Jim Byrnes discuss the series finale.

Goodbye, Farewell, Amen... Now, Let's Head to the Bar! - A moment to remember cast, crew, and fans who had passed since the previous HLWW con in 2009, then a farewell toast in honor of Bill Panzer.

And then we adjourned to the hotel restaurant/bar, where I spent the next several hours chatting with Ken Gord, Clay Borris, and Richard Martin. That was fun.

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