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Moncton St in Steveston, Richmond, BC



September 2015
Storybrooke, Maine

While visiting Vancouver on a quest for Highlander filming locations, I was able to visit Steveston, where Storybrooke, Maine from ABC's "Once Upon a Time" is filmed. I took the opportunity to photograph some of the buildings around Moncton Street that can be seen in the series, as well as the locations that were used in Highlander.

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 North side of Moncton, from west to east:

Crafts & More
3471 Moncton
"Jolene's Arts & Crafts"

Steveston Coffee Co.
3511 Moncton
"Storybrooke Coffee"

was Nikka Fishing & Marine
3551 Moncton
"Storybrooke Free Public Library"

(the clock tower is CGI)

Cannery Cafe

3711 Moncton

"Granny's Diner"

Steveston Museum / Post Office
3811 Moncton
"Storybrooke Post Office"

Budget Appliances
3831 Moncton
"Bravura Appliances"

 South side of Moncton, from east to west:

Harmony Dental Studio
3700 Moncton
"Hats" shop

Romania Country Bread
3680 Moncton
"Storybrooke Country Bread"

Serenity Home Decor Boutique
3580 Moncton #170
"Modern Fashions"

"Dr. Archibald Hopper, MD"

next to "Modern Fashions"

3580 Moncton #150
"Standard Clocks"

Splash Toy Shop
3580 Moncton #140
"Neighbor's Five & Dime"

Toy Shop window display

3580 Moncton from "Granny's"
Shop on far right:
Pieces (#100)
"Purbeck Shoe Store"

Steveston Marine & Hardware
3560 Moncton
"Storybrooke Hardware & Paint"

It's Posh - 3480 Moncton

"Mr. Gold - Pawnbroker"


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