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Day 1

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Distance walked: 9.1 km (5.6 miles)
(as estimated by Google maps)

Friday, July 11
Weather: Sunny, Hi 76

11:30 AMArrived in Vancouver at Pacific Central Station
(Amtrak from Seattle)
NOONchecked in Rosedale on Robson Hotel
1 PM-dusk explored Vancouver: Plaza of Nations, Science World, Gastown

We took a cab from the train station directly to our hotel, where we were able to check in early. We dropped our bags off at our room and headed out on foot to explore the area. I had done extensive research on Highlander locations in the area (with invaluable help from Andy Sloane), and I had a folder of episode screencaps and addresses and GPS coordinates with me. I had even used google maps to determine the best routes that would cover the most locations in the shortest path, and thus prepared, I led my cousins on an only-slightly-circuitous route from our hotel to *their* first location of interest, the TELUS Science World. (They waited on Cambie Bridge while I crossed over to Spyglass, and at Pacific Blvd while I ran up to the stadium for photos.) Then I took them along a bit-more-circuitous route up to gastown. They were pretty good sports about humoring me as I dragged them around to locations nobody but a rabid Highlander fan would have much interest in.

Spyglass Place
Episode: 5x11 Comes A Horseman
My very first Highlander location! This is the view from the stairs down from the Cambie Bridge pedestrian walkway to Spyglass Place.
The building and parking lot from the "Jimmy scene", where Methos and MacLeod have their confrontation.
Here's the camera view from that scene. Methos comes out of the building and carries his bags across to his vehicle.
Here I am at my first Highlander filming location. And it is from one of my favorite episodes!
Methos' vehicle was parked where the white car is sitting. And behind it is the pier where Methos promises Kronos that he can get the band back together again.
Under Cambie St Bridge, looking across False Creek toward BC Place Stadium. When Methos throws Cassandra off the bridge, she falls into the water over there to the right.

TELUS science dome
Episode: 1x12 Eyewitness
False Creek from Cambie St Bridge - Plaza of Nations on the right, the TELUS geodesic dome at the end.

BC Place Stadium: southwest ramp
Episode: 2x03 Turnabout
From Cambie Bridge, we walked up Pacific Blvd to the stadium. This ramp is where MacLeod & Michael meet.

BC Place Stadium: G Gate
Episode: 1x11 See No Evil
I took the walkway across Pacific Blvd and walked around the west end of the stadium to reach this location. It's not exactly easy-access for vehicles, but you can drive a car up the ramp that's off to the left in this photo.
Closer to the gate.
Here's the camera view from the scene where MacLeod pulls the T-bird up to the entrance.
Another "proof I was here" photo.

Plaza of Nations area
Episodes: multiple
View from the walkway, coming back over from the stadium. The building shown here is unfortunately NOT the one that was used as the Highlander production office (and Joe's bar). That one was torn down some time ago and is now a parking lot.
Even more unfortunately, the remaining building is scheduled to be torn down and replaced, so soon even that will no longer be here.
This is the parking lot where the Highlander production office building used to stand.
In the middle of the Plaza, next to the small amphitheater shell.

Plaza of Nations: west path
Episode: 2x03 Turnabout
This is the path MacLeod and Joe walk along while discussing Barnes.
Same path, looking the other direction. Unfortunately, the view used in Unholy Alliance is to the left of these photos.

Plaza of Nations: east path
Episode: 2x14 Unholy Alliance
This path is around on the other side of the casino. It is almost unrecognizable now, as most of the plants have been cleared away and the large rocks removed, but this is where Joe introduces MacLeod to Xavier's Watcher.
View slightly further along the path.

UPDATE: This is NOT from Unholy Alliance - that was actually the same path as Turnabout, but from the other direction.

Plaza of Nations: Casino
Episodes: 2x02 Studies in Light, 3x06 Courage, 3x09 Shadows, 3x12 They Also Serve, 4x03 The Innocent, 4x12 The Blitz
This is the west end of the casino building. Past the barrier, around the curve, is where the outdoor cafe was set up for several episodes. This building was most notably the art gallery in 2x02 and was seen briefly in several other episodes.
Some photos of the Plaza casino building as we walked around the end of False Creek to the science dome. (establishing shot from 1x11: See No Evil)

Found a mini-Quickening inside TELUS World of Science! :-)

Andy Livingston Park
Episode: 4x11 Timeless
After spending some time at the Science World, we walked up to Andy Livingston Park and over to the water feature where Methos and Alexa talked in the rain. No rain today... or water!
View from the other direction.

Jill's apartment
Episode: 3x08 Obsession
This was the empty construction lot where MacLeod fought Keogh. Now it is Paris Place condos. Jill's apartment building is just visible behind the trees.
We walked up the stairs to a better vantage point for photos of the apartment building, then continued on up the stairs to Beatty St and across to Cambie St.

Engraving shop
Episode: 2x07 The Return of Amanda
Across the street from Victory Square is the business that was used as the engraving shop.

Alley from 'Glory Days' flashback
Episodes: 2x07 The Return of Amanda
& 5x04 Glory Days
And just up the street from the engraving shop is the entrance to the alley where Johnny K was shot in the 'Glory Days' flashback.
In the episode, you can see the distinctive shape of the archway as the camera looks down the alley toward the street.

Cenotaph in Victory Square
Episode: 5x01 Prophecy
Unfortunately, Victory Park was full of people smoking joints and the air reeked. I snapped one quick shot of the monument and we quickly moved along.

Cambie St alley by Woodward's Development
Episodes: 2x07 The Return of Amanda, 4x12 The Blitz, 5x01 Prophecy
Just up the street from Victory Square is an alley used in several episodes: a flashback to 1936 Berlin (outside The Domino), a flashback to 1940 London, and as part of the Victory Square scene in 'Prophecy'.



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