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Day 2

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Distance biked: 17.3 km (10.75 miles)
(as estimated by Google maps)

Continued from Page 3

From Chinatown, I biked along the waterfront out to Stanley Park. My route took me back through Gastown, where I was able to get some interior photos of the coffee shop that used to be Joe's bookstore, as well as photos of some other locations I had skipped the evening before.

Main St Bridge
Episode: 2x09 Run For Your Life
The alley and walkway at Main Street Bridge. The zigzag ramp wasn't built until later.
The walkway is completely different now. There are stairs to the left, if you don't want to use the ramp.
The view farther up along Main St Bridge toward the harbor. I wonder if they added the extra rail guard AFTER 'Run For Your Life' was filmed. Mortals should not attempt to emulate Carl here.

Main Street Dock
Episodes: 3x01 The Samurai, 3x11 Vendetta, 5x11 Comes a Horseman
View from Portside Park beach toward Main Street Dock, where Kent's yacht and Simon Lang's boat were docked. (Also used for an establishing shot in 'Comes a Horseman'.

Portside Park
Episodes: 1x13 Band of Brothers, 3x11 Vendetta
Portside Park beach where Benny helps MacLeod out of the water.
View from Portside Park beach.
Asian artwork where MacLeod & Grayson fight but are interrupted. Only the base remains.

Pacific Heliport Services
Episode: 1x13 Band of Brothers
View from Asian artwork toward helipad were Victor Paulus lands.

Dojo Establishing Shot
Episodes: multiple
View of dojo from the parking lot next to Portside Park.

On a side note, you cannot take Waterfront Rd to Canada Place to get back over to Cordova. Waterfront dead-ends under Canada Place. (As I discovered when I tried.)

Sulfur Piles Establishing Shot
Episode: 1x13 Band of Brothers
The infamous sulfur piles (sort of) across the harbor. They were used for the establishing shot, but not the actual fight sequence.

I came back through Gastown on my way to Stanley Park. This is the intersection of Carrall, Powell, Alexander, and Water streets, looking toward Gaoler's Mews and Carrall St. This whole block of buildings has been renovated and looks almost completely different now. The Gassy Jack statue is on the right.

Al's Pizza
Episode: 1x12 Eyewitness
Richie walks down the end of Powell Street, past this location, with the girl he meets at Tessa's art show. It's still a pizza place, surprisingly.

Spinning Wheel Hotel/Cabaret
Episodes: 1x02 Family Tree, 1x05 Free Fall, 1x08 Deadly Medicine
Carrall St, and the building that used to have the Spinning Wheel awning on it.

back of 'Ken Gord Publications'
Episode: 2x01 The Watchers
The back of the building at the end of Blood Alley Square that was used as the back of the 'Ken Gord Publications' building across from Joe's bookstore. (Actually nowhere near Joe's bookstore.) The Spinning Wheel building is just visible behind it.

Joe's bookstore
Episode: 2x01 The Watchers
The bookstore is now a coffee shop. This was taken Friday evening, after the shop had closed.
Timbertrain Coffee Roasters on Saturday afternoon. I came back by so I could get some photos of the interior while they were open.
This angle mimics the one where MacLeod sees the laser beam on the Chronicle.
Inside the coffee shop (after asking permission). The balcony where Joe was sitting is still there.
View out to the street. If the shade were up further, you could see the 'Ken Gord Publications' building across the street.

Leaving Gastown, I scouted two parking garages at the intersection of Cordova and Granville, trying to find the one that was used in 'The Colonel'. I was able to rule both of those garages out, but there is another one I didn't check out, on the corner of Cordova and Horner across the street from "New Jessup", that might be the correct one.

UPDATE: We found the correct garage the next year, at 900 W Cordova.

La Belle's Jewelry Store
Episode: 4x07 The Colonel
Exterior of La Belle's at Hastings and Granville. Doesn't look much like a place worth breaking into at the moment. I tried to get a shot of the interior, but this was the best I could manage.

Waterfront Centre
Episode: 1x05 Free Fall
The building Felicia jumps from.
The fountain at the base that she throws her purse into.

Delio Enterprises
Episode: 5x04 Glory Days
Office building owned by Johnny K's target.

The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver
Episodes: 1x13 Band of Brothers, 2x07 The Return of Amanda, 5x02 The End of Innocence, 5x05 Dramatic License
Down the street from the Delio building. I took another photo of this later from the opposite direction, from Robson Square.

Renaissance Vancouver Harbourside Hotel
Episode: 3x01 The Samurai, 5x05 Dramatic License
Exterior/establishing shot of Midori's hotel, also used as an establishing shot in 'Dramatic License'.

Coal Harbor Quay
Episode: 5x10 The Valkyrie
Waterfront dock at the end of Broughton Street. Approximate location of the newspaper kiosks MacLeod & Methos visit.
UPDATE: Turns out the kiosks were down by the Westin Bayshore, not here.
View in other direction.

The Westin Bayshore
Episode: 5x10 The Valkyrie
Hotel where Ingrid goes after her target.

Path along boat docks
Episode: 5x05 Dramatic License
THIS IS NOT THE CORRECT PATH! This is just to the west of where Amanda & Carolyn actually walk. I couldn't get my GPS to connect to confirm the exact route they took, so I had to guess. I was close, but their route was actually in the other direction, back toward the Westin Hotel.

Nothing to do with Highlander, I just thought it was a neat-looking building along the marina waterfront.

From here I biked out to the Vancouver Aquarium in Stanley Park, where I briefly met back up with my cousins. I have a few photos from the Aquarium with the rest of my non-Highlander photos HERE.



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