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Day 2

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Distance biked: 17.3 km (10.75 miles)
(as estimated by Google maps)

Continued from Page 4

After visiting Vancouver Aquarium, I biked across Stanley Park to the opposite shoreline and back down to Reckless Bikes.

Stanley Park Mini Railway
Episode: 4x03 The Innocent
This area looks different than it did in the episode. Also, I didn't get a photo of the train, but apparently it is green now instead of red.

Stanley Park Pavilion
Episode: 4x03 The Innocent
The lot near the Pavilion where Mikey spills the empty water containers.
And here's the Pavilion.

Stanley Park rose garden
Episode: 1x10 Revenge Is Sweet
The trellis in the distance is seen in the episode, and Tessa's donut sculptures were to the right of it.
Closer to the trellis, and to the left of the trellis.
Looking back across the road, from the trellis.

Lost Lagoon
Episode: 2x07 The Return of Amanda
I took photos at multiple locations along the path -- basically anywhere there was enough of a break in the bushes to get a good view of the opposite shoreline.
This is to the right of the above composite.
Second location along the path.
Third location along the path.
And here's the final location -- the platform where MacLeod & Amanda talk in 'The Return of Amanda', right before the Berlin flashback featuring the stone bridge that is just west of this location.
Composite of final location. The path on the right leads around to the stone bridge.

Stone Bridge
Episode: 2x07 The Return of Amanda
View from stone bridge at west end of lagoon, toward bike path. This is where MacLeod and Werner talk in the Berlin flashback. (Very overgrown now!)
This is what happens when you try to hurry. This is completely the wrong side of the bridge. They were facing the opposite side in the episode.
View from bike path back toward the stone bridge. Everything is so overgrown, you can't really see the bridge from here, but this is where the German quartet was playing in the flashback.
I was feeling rushed because I had a long way to go and a lot more to see and the day was half over already. So I completely missed the park area by the bridge... ON THE OTHER SIDE... that I passed in my hurry to get TO the bridge, and then I got it stuck in my head that the scene was filmed on this side instead.

I meant to stop by the location of Richie's 'Chivalry' apartment on Gilford, [49.288663,-123.142018] & [49.288677,-123.142598], but I passed it before I realized and I didn't want to waste time backtracking to it. (Another mistake due to trying to hurry along.) Fortunately, I was able to visit this location the next year.

Photo shoot, Quickening beach
Episode: 4x10 Chivalry
View toward seawall path where Kristin's photo shoot took place.
Beach to the right of the photo shoot location, where the fight & Quickening were filmed.

Granville Bridge from Bicycle Route
Episodes: 1x01 The Gathering, 2x03 Turnabout, 2x09 Run For Your Life
Granville Bridge, from the Seaside Bicycle Route near Burrard Bridge

Kinghorne Mews under Granville Bridge
Episode: 3x10 Blackmail
Lisa's apartment under Granville Bridge, from 'Blackmail'.
Looking back toward the water and across at Lisa's apartment.
View farther up under the bridge, as seen in both 'Blackmail' and 'Something Wicked'.

'SIGNS' building under Granville Bridge
Episodes: 3x10 Blackmail, 4x08 Reluctant Heroes, 4x13 Something Wicked
To the left is where the Chinese restaurant from 'Something Wicked' used to be. Way back behind the fence on the right is the 'SIGNS' building that was seen in 'Blackmail' and as an establishing shot in 'Reluctant Heroes'. Unfortunately it was all fenced off, so I wasn't able to get closer.

By this time it was very close to 7 pm, which was when I thought the bike rental shop closed (although it turns out they were open longer). I hurried back to the rental shop, returned the bike, then walked back to the hotel for a short rest. My cousins weren't back yet; it's a good thing the rental shop *didn't* close at 7, because they'd gotten themselves a bit lost coming back from Stanley Park.



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