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Day 2

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Distance walked: 6.7 km (4.2 miles)
(as estimated by Google maps)

Continued from Page 5

I still had a couple of hours of daylight left, so after a short rest at the hotel, I left a note for my cousins and set back out on foot to visit more locations near the hotel.

Orpheum Theatre
Episodes: 1x11 See No Evil, 3x05 Rite of Passage, 4x09 The Wrath of Kali
Both the lobby and the auditorium were used in several episodes, although the exterior was never shown.

The alley just to the left of the theatre was used as the alley by the dojo where Michelle and Axel talk in 'Rite of Passage'. After all the help Andy gave me with so many of the other locations I visited during this trip, I was thrilled to be able to identify this location for him. I took a short video of the alley, which is posted on youtube HERE.

Alley 'near' Joe's bookstore
Episode: 2x01 The Watchers
Down near Granville Bridge is the alley by Viva Tower where MacLeod and Joe walk-and-talk. Not even remotely close to the bookstore!

Viva Tower
Episode: 2x01 The Watchers
Location of Horton's condo.
Viva Tower entrance that Joe uses.
Alley that Robert falls into.

Burrard St Bridge
Episode: 1x01 The Gathering
Soldier's Bridge.
View from the opposite side, where Duncan pulls Connor out of the water.
Walking up onto the bridge.
On Burrard St Bridge, where Slan fights the MacLeods and loses his head. They actually fought Slan on the other side, but both sides look the same and it was easier to get to this side (the other side is for eastbound bike traffic only), so I decided I didn't care which side I took the photo of.

Episode: 1x05 Free Fall
View from Burrard St Bridge toward the beach where MacLeod fights Felicia.

Devereaux's apartment building
Episode: 1x05 Free Fall
Building used for establishing shot of Claude Devereaux's apartment, near Burrard St Bridge.

St. Paul's Anglican Church
Episode: 3x02 Line of Fire
The side door used by MacLeod.
View diagonally across the street from the church.

St. Paul's Hospital
Episodes: 1x08 Deadly Medicine, 2x15 Unholy Alliance II, 3x14 Song of the Executioner, 4x04 Leader of the Pack, 4x06 Reunion, 5x08 Little Tin God
Side entrance (north) used for establishing shots.
Hopefully they won't change the exterior!
View at front of St. Paul's where Richie was eating the hot dog in 'Leader of the Pack'. You can see the Electra building in the background.
This is where the hot dog vendor was.
Front of St. Paul's Hospital, seen in 'Leader of the Pack'. Roszca runs off to the left (south) toward the parking garage.
This alley is on the south side of St. Paul's Hospital, between it and the parking garage. Down past the metal gate/barrier is where MacLeod is followed by one of Kanis' Rottweilers in 'Leader of the Pack'.
Looking through the gate.

Back of the church across from the Electra.
Side of the church, with the Electra in the background. It's a cute little church, but I think its only Highlander significance is that it is seen in the background of a few of the scenes filmed at the Electra.

The Electra
Episodes: 1x03 Road Not Taken, 2x05 An Eye for an Eye
Diamond Mart and British Consulate
View from across the street (next to the church).
Looking back toward the church. This view is briefly seen in both episodes.
Where Annie Devlin's gang attempts to kill the ambassador in 'An Eye for an Eye'.
Further along the side of the building, where the Diamond Mart entrance is located in 'Road Not Taken'.

My tour of Vancouver was almost finished (and so were my feet!) but I had one more location to visit on the way back to the hotel... Robson Square!



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