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Day 2

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Distance walked: 6.7 km (4.2 miles)
(as estimated by Google maps)

Continued from Page 6

One last location to complete my 'Seacouver' tour...

The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver
Episodes: 1x13 Band of Brothers, 2x07 The Return of Amanda, 5x02 The End of Innocence, 5x05 Dramatic License
Robson Square, with the hotel in the background.

Steps/ramp leading up to the top level of the waterfall fountains.

Robson Square waterfall fountains
Episode: 3x09 Shadows
Top level where Garrick's gargoyle exhibit was located (north side).
Top level where Garrick's gargoyle exhibit was located (south side).
Top level fountain (waterfall not running).
The mid-level waterfall.
View across mid-level pool toward the walkway that overlooks the lower waterfall.
Mid-level walkway above the lower waterfall.
Mid-level walkway, looking down toward the lower level -- this is where the cloaked figure appeared before attacking MacLeod.
Mid-level waterfall, from walkway.
Street-level waterfall pool. Just picture water cascading down and a cloaked figure standing up above.
Street-level pool, looking toward street where T-bird was parked.
View down the sidewalk.
Sidewalk on the other side of the square. (I was trying to decide where MacLeod & Anne were walking before reaching the T-bird. I don't think it was along this side.)

UPDATE: Pretty sure it's actually on the top level, behind where the sculpture exhibit was.

Vancouver Art Gallery
Episode: 3x03 The Revolutionary
Capitol building
Looking toward the art gallery.

Robson Square Conference Centre
Episode: 3x03 The Revolutionary
Below street level, under the 'dome'.
The steps up to ground-level where MacLeod chases the guy who tries to shoot Karros.

Vancouver Art Gallery
Episodes: 2x03 Turnabout, 2x10 Epitaph for Tommy
Southeast side of art gallery -- it was actually the northwest side used for the courthouse establishing shot in 'Turnabout'.
'Establishing shot' lion on north side of art gallery.

Sunday, July 13
Weather: Sunny, Hi 81
nooncheck-out Rosedale on Robson Hotel
until 2 PM final exploration(s)
5:00 PMms Statendam departs Vancouver (room DA #540)
I had originally planned to spend Sunday morning visiting the Vancouver Art Gallery in Robson Square, the Vancouver library (very cool architecture), and MacLeod's Books. I did briefly visit the library, but mostly I spent the morning relaxing and uploading photos to facebook while my cousins visited Robson Square. (I *did* get to visit the bookstore on my return trip the following year.)

It wasn't until we were on our ship preparing to depart from Vancouver that I suddenly realized I would have an opportunity to get a few more location photos. I should have realized this sooner, but ships have to travel under Lions Gate Bridge to get out of the harbor, and they also pass Lighthouse Park.

Canada Place
Episode: 1x10 Revenge Is Sweet
Sadly, the Prow Restaurant was demolished when Canada Place was made longer in 2001 (so more cruise ships could dock there).

Lions Gate Bridge
Episode: 2x07 The Return of Amanda
State Street Bridge, where MacLeod and Amanda confront the FBI agent.

Episode: 2x05 An Eye for an Eye
Actual distance to the lighthouse as we passed by.
Some zoomed-in photos (the best my phone's camera could do).

The End.


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