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DAY 7: Wednesday, Sept. 23
8:00 am Explored Lighthouse Park. Tried to identify the location of the training montage where MacLeod shows Richie how to defeat Annie but were unsuccessful. (An Eye for an Eye)
10:00 am Visited the church from The Messenger. A parishioner happened to be there and let us inside to take additional photos, although only the exterior was used in the episode.
10:45 am Visited the marina from The Messenger. Not open to the general public, but we were able to have someone take us around inside.
11:10 am Stopped by the 'switchyard' train tracks. (The Innocent)
11:30 pm Explored the hiking trails around the Capilano Salmon Hatchery. (Something Wicked)

'Supernatural' Filming Notice

12:10 pm Visited Capilano University. (Leader of the Pack)
12:25 pm Walked around North Vancouver Cemetery. (Band of Brothers / Rite of Passage / Leader of the Pack)
12:35 pm Got permission to look around the boarding kennels across the street from the university. (Leader of the Pack)
1:00 pm Stopped by Karros' house. (The Revolutionary) Unfortunately the owners were not at home for us to ask permission to take photos, but there were some guys there doing yardwork who let us go around to the back to take photos of the dock.
1:25 pm Visited the Seylynn Community Recreation Centre & Park. (The Lamb)

We thought the fishing scenes were filmed here, but Andy & I later decided that Seymour River by the Twin Bridges bridge was the likely location instead.

Lynn Creek at Seylynn Park





1:45 pm Found a 1965 Thunderbird on our way to the marina under the Iron Workers Memorial Bridge, around the corner on Columbia St. A year newer than MacLeod's model, and obviously not black, but we still had to stop to take some photos.


2:00 pm Asked for permission to take photos at the Marina Grill (Clancy's) and around Lynnwood Marina under the Iron Workers Memorial Bridge. (Deadly Medicine, The Sea Witch, & The Lamb)
3:40 pm Looked around Shipbuilder's Square, where the Versatile Pacific Shipyards used to be located. (multiple episodes)

While we were at Shipbuilder's Square, Andy was able to get a wifi signal and review the opening scene from Unholy Alliance I so we could identify the location in the parking garage across the street where Xavier kills the Immortal in New York.

4:00 pm Found the area in the parking garage where Xavier beheads Talbott.
5-6 pm Drove down to explore the VanDusen Gardens. I could have spent a full day here, but unfortunately, we only had about an hour before they closed, just barely enough time to visit the cypress pond, waterfall, and hedge maze. We had fun going through the maze, although there were a LOT of spiders overhead! (The Samurai / Blackmail)

We found this minotaur on our way over to the waterfall.

6:40 pm After the Gardens closed, we came back to downtown Vancouver & visited Burrard Bridge, where the MacLeods fight Slan Quince. (The Gathering) Nearby are the exterior of Devereaux's apartment and the beach where MacLeod fights Felicia Martin. (Free Fall) And across the water is the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre, which we visited on Day 2. (Unholy Alliance I & The Wrath of Kali)

I was going to go out on the side of the bridge that was used for The Gathering, then realized the reason why I hadn't done so the previous year is because that side is for bike traffic coming from the other shore only.

7:15 pm Visited Richie's apartment from Chivalry, which I had planned on visiting in 2014 but then got rushed and missed it.
7:25 pm Took photos of the nearby Seawalk and beach, where Kristin's photo shoot and Quickening fight were filmed, respectively. (Chivalry)
7:45 pm Drove over to Kinghorne Mews under Granville Bridge. It was getting dark and I had gotten good photos in daylight the previous year, so didn't I didn't take any this time of the area around Lisa's apartment. (Blackmail)

The 'SIGNS' building was no longer visible - there was a giant construction hole where the parking lot used to be. Glad I got photos on my first visit! (Blackmail / Reluctant Heroes / Something Wicked)

I did photograph the specific area where the Dark Quickening was filmed, which I hadn't identified on my first trip. (Something Wicked)

8:00 pm Supper at a Mexican restaurant in Gastown. Not exactly 'On the Border', but it was all right. We parked by the 'dojo', and took some night-time photos there before and after supper.



DAY 8: Thursday, Sept. 24
7:25 am Photographed the parking lot at the airport where Charlie tries to snipe Cord. (Brothers in Arms)
8:25 am A man who was working at the Richmond Gateway Theatre when Highlander filmed there (and who is STILL working there) gave us a thorough tour of the theatre, including up in the overhead 'fly loft'. (Song of the Executioner)
9:00 am Drove to Steveston, arguably better known (these days, anyway) as "Storybrooke, Maine" from 'Once Upon a Time'. I did take photos of the locations seen in Innocent Man, but I took a lot more of the Storybrooke shops.
9:50 am Briefly visited what's left of Fantasy Garden: one solitary building, sadly. (Shadows /Blackmail)
10:15 am Visited the roads Richie chases Amanda & Cory along, and the ditch he splashes into. (Money No Object)
10:40 am Visited Front St in New Westminster, location of the bar Kern trashes and the Money Express where Amanda runs into Corey. (Line of Fire & Money No Object)
11:20 am Drove out to the abandoned Riverview Hospital. Spookiest building I've ever seen in person! (Turnabout)
12:00 pm Explored the area around Deer Lake, including the paths and beach on Sperling Ave, and MacLeod's Victorian on nearby Deer Lake Drive. (Multiple episodes in Season 4, plus Dramatic License)

I thought the lane where Kinman shoots Kaayla in Reluctant Heroes was possibly at the end of Deer Lake Drive, which wasn't viewable on Google maps, but once I saw it in person, I realized I was wrong.


end of Deer Lake Dr

As you can see from the photos, the road isn't paved further down, and is NOT the correct location.

1:15 pm Stopped for a few quick photos of the exterior of the Fairmont Hotel. (Band of Brothers / The Return of Amanda / The End of Innocence / Dramatic License)
1:30 pm Talked a security guard at the Vancouver Art Gallery into taking us up to the area used in The End of Innocence as the interior of Haresh Clay's hotel and as the Metropolitan Museum sword display.

Also walked around the outside of the Art Gallery, where establishing shots for Turnabout / Epitaph for Tommy / were made.

1:45 pm Dropped Nicholas & Jill off at the airport.
2:50 pm Visited the former motorcycle shop (now a bakery) at the corner of Broadway & Carolina, and the 'boarding house' and alleys nearby. (See No Evil / The End of Innocence)
3:00 pm Stopped by the private residence used as the Columbus House apartment building. (See No Evil)
3:15 pm Visited Markum's store on Commercial Drive. (Reluctant Heroes)
3:30 pm Took photos of the exterior of the church where David Keogh planned to marry his fiancée. (Obsession) Andy thought the residence used for the flashback in Obsession was nearby, but upon review, it doesn't match.

Stone wall is WAY too short!! :-(

3:40 pm Walked over to the house owned by Jill's sister in Obsession, which is around the corner from the church. Found a really old house on the way there.



4:15 pm Stopped by St. Paul's Anglican Church on Jervis St. It was locked when I was there the previous year, and was locked again this year, so no chance to take photos inside. (Line of Fire)
4:30 pm Drove up Jervis to the location of the alley where Ian is killed by Rita in They Also Serve. The building that held the pool where May-Ling was diving when Michael Christian finds her is across the street, but is no longer a pool. We ended up walking around the entire block trying to figure out which apartment complex that little building was associated with. Turns out it was the one at the end of the alley! Considering how hard it was to locate, I took a photo with the building in the foreground for reference.


5:00 pm I was disappointed the previous year not to be able to visit MacLeod's Books. I'm glad we were able to fit it in on this trip. It has a different sort of charm than Recycled Books on the square in Denton, but a similar sense of never knowing what's around the next corner.


5:40 pm My last Highlander-related (sort of) location of the trip. I couldn't leave Vancouver without eating at Joe's brother-in-law's, right?




DAY 9: Friday, Sept. 25
5:00 am Dropped off at airport, left Vancouver. :-(
7:00 pm Andy & Tyas got to have drinks with Jay Brazeau! He played a police lieutenant in a couple of episodes in season 1. I was very sad to have missed meeting him, more so for his role on Stargate SG1 -- he played Harlan in the two android-SG1 episodes. But Andy was AWESOME and got him to sign an SG1 photo for me, in addition to one from his Highlander appearance. Comtraya!!!



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