A Highlander Fan's
Guide to Vancouver

Episode 1x06: Bad Day in Building 'A'

My phone got waterlogged in the rain the day before we visited these locations and was still drying out in a bag of rice that morning. I will post photos if/when I can get copies from my fellow travelers.

These aren't all of the locations used in this episode, just the ones I visited!

For a more complete list of filming locations (and additional screencaps),
please visit my Episode Transcript & Episode Screencaps pages.

Click on for additional scene screencaps.

Driving to courthouse
Boundary Rd, Burnaby:
driving north [49.262737,-123.023636],
driving south [49.264121,-123.023772], &
Lougheed Hwy intersection [49.265652,-123.023721]


BC Institute of Technology
3700 Willingdon Ave, Burnaby



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