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Episode 1x09: The Sea Witch

These aren't all of the locations used in this episode, just the ones I visited and have photos for!

For a more complete list of filming locations (and additional screencaps),
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Gore Ave south of W Hastings,
     333 Gore Ave [49.281757,-123.097692]
Nikki's apartment
Success Orange Hall, 341 Gore Ave

Richie walks up the street looking for Helliman's, which is on the same block as the exterior used for Nikki's apartment building entrance.


Intersection & Orange Hall



"Helliman's" is on the right, boarded up. "Nikki's apartment" entrance is on the left.

Empty lot
S of 309 E Cordova

Richie crosses the street and goes down the alley south of Cordova. The lot is still empty, although paved and used for parking now. The house visible in the background of the screenshot is still recognizable, although mostly obscured by trees now.

Screenshot Empty lot

Warehouse & Soviet dock
See Versatile Pacific Shipyard

Sea Witch II dock
1681 Columbia St, N Vancouver
See also: Season 1 Episode 8
& Season 3 Episode 7


looking north

looking south

Marina by bridge



River below bridge
under Iron Workers Memorial Bridge

From the very end of the episode.

Screenshot under bridge


Alley behind apartment
Firehall Arts Center, 240 E Cordova St
See also: Episode 4x03

The 'rear' exit for Nikki's apartment building is actually the back of the Firehall Arts Center, just up the street from Success Orange Hall and "Helliman's Antiques".

4x03: The Innocent

Arts Center





Antique store exterior
(establishing shot)

See Blood Alley Square

Antique store rear exterior
See The Bridge Studios


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