Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve


1x04: Innocent Man - Road to Steveston
2x13: Bless the Child - mountain establishing shots
3x05: Rite of Passage - mountain road / crash site
3x07: The Lamb - Virginia woods (near Twin Bridge?)
4x01: Homeland - Flashback stream
4x01: Homeland - Flashback village
4x01: Homeland - Debra's grave
4x01: Homeland - Flashback blood eagle sacrifice
4x01: Homeland - Quickening clearing
4x13: Something Wicked - mountain road
4x13: Something Wicked - mountain establishing shots
4x13: Something Wicked - searching for Kern, holy ground dream sequence
5x01: Prophecy - Glenfinnan village (by a pond)
5x07: Haunted - stream near homestead
5x10: Valkyrie - German bunker

Seymour Lake [49.440593,-122.970735]

1x01: The Gathering - Shaman Island establishing shot
3x02: Line of Fire - Lakota Sioux lake



Spur 7 beach [49.35226,-123.015654]

1x07: Mountain Men - River
3x02: Line of Fire - Lakota Sioux camp
3x04: The Cross of St. Antoine - Snake River
4x09: The Wrath of Kali - Hindu temple, Kush countryside

Middle Clearing [49.398455,-122.991761]

2x13: Bless the Child - crash site, mountain road, pile of trees
5x07: Haunted - homestead cliff

MacGyver cabin (across from Middle Clearing) [49.397066,-122.989197]

1x04: Innocent Man - Desiree's cabin
2x13: Bless the Child - empty cabin
3x04: The Cross of St. Antoine - establishing shot for teacher's cabin
3x07: The Lamb - Crystal Lake, Virginia bridge - Virginia cabin

Forest (by MacGyver cabin) [49.397492,-122.989731] & [49.398167,-122.9898] (smaller circles)

4x01: Homeland - Flashback forest
5x01: Prophecy - Flashback forest

south of MacGyver cabin [49.396881,-122.988847]

4x01: Homeland - suicide cliff

north of mid-valley gravel pit [49.396314,-122.989228]

4x01: Homeland - Grave robber killed by Kanwulf (in teaser)

Mid-valley gravel pit [49.394331,-122.989592]

4x01: Homeland - Glenfinnan cemetery

just N of Spur 4 [49.390836,-122.994269]

1x04: Innocent Man - Leo heckled
1x07: Mountain Men - mountain road

Spur 4 turnoff [49.390787,-122.995189]

1x04: Innocent Man - mob ambush

on Spur 4 [49.390696,-122.994759]

1x04: Innocent Man - T-bird stalled at side of road

Spur 4 bridge [49.390263,-122.990012]

2x13: Bless the Child - river / bridge
3x13: Blind Faith - Spanish Civil War bridge

reclaimed gravel pit [49.383024,-122.998428]

4x13: Something Wicked - US Army outpost

utility buildings near base [49.35226,-123.015654]

1x07: Mountain Men - Big John's Outpost

Twin Bridges bridge on Fisherman's Trail [49.342490,-123.002191]

3x07: The Lamb - Crystal Lake, Virginia bridge

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