Episode 1x04: Innocent Man

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Mountain roads
Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve

Leo heckled
just north of Spur 4, LSCR
Also in Season 1 Episode 7

1x04: Innocent Man

1x04: Innocent Man

1x07: Mountain Men

Road to Steveston

Side of road
on Spur 4, LSCR

Mob ambush
Spur 4 turnoff, LSCR

Desiree's cabin
'MacGyver cabin'
Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve
(cabin no longer there)
Also in Season 2 Episode 13
& Season 3 Episodes 4 & 7

1x04: Innocent Man

2x13: Bless the Child
3x04: Cross of St. Antoine

2x13: Bless the Child

2x13: Bless the Child

3x07: The Lamb

Antique store exterior
(establishing shot)

See Blood Alley Square

Antique store rear exterior
See The Bridge Studios

City bridge
Cambie St Bridge

Driving to Steveston
Sanderson Way [49.248829,-123.009152] &
Gilmore Way, Burnaby [49.250911,-123.010764]

George C. Reifel Bird Sanctuary in Delta


A substantial portion of this episode was filmed on Moncton Street in Steveston, a historic salmon canning village in Richmond. Moncton St also happens to be the location of Storybrooke, Maine from ABC's "Once Upon a Time" series.

Arriving in Steveston
3rd Ave & Moncton

Sheriff's Office
southeast corner of 2nd Ave & Moncton

Net Shed Cafe
3820 Moncton St


actual view

used in episode (reversed)

Street in Steveston
3700 Moncton St [49.125118,-123.183324] to
3580 Moncton St #140 [49.125118,-123.183974]

Seacouver skyline
See Episode 1x02

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